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Plastique Mammals, Ruckzuck, and Floral Amoral at Nectar’s May 22, Ruckzuck at Radio Bean May 22nd, and Ruckzuck at The Monkey House May 23, 2017   Leave a comment


Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Monday and Tuesday at three venues in town. It began a few months ago when singer Faith Kelly posted a question in the Facebook group Vermont music live and I replied and we chatted a bit. I listened to her band Ruckzuck, liked the sound, and put a note on the calendar that they were playing at The Monkey House on Tuesday.

As the show approached I realized they would play three shows in two days and decided to go check out the first show and see what it was like. On Monday, May 22nd, I worked from 11:30-8, dropped my stuff at home then took the lovely walk down to Nectar’s. There was a duo on stage as I got in and settled. Plastique Mammals are a keyboard/bass player and drummer and have a trippy sound. The songs start slow as they build loops then tend to get crazy by the end. Keyboard parts get added to the mix. Bass riffs get added to the mix. At one point he played a wicked bass solo into the mix and added another one over the top. I only caught five songs but their mini epics were fun to experience.



Plastique Mammals pic by Tim Lewis

Up next Ruckzuck took the stage. With Mack Bedo on drums, Nick Bedo on guitar and Faith on keys and vocals, the band had a hypnotic flow to their music. They opened by saying “Welcome to the Spaceship” and dove into a fun spacey jam. They stayed there for the second song then rocked hard on Alan’s Garden. The fourth song was more poppy and Faith played the reverb soaked Ukulele to tremendous effect. The band closed the set with an over the top huge song that made me swoon.



Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis

I hung out for a bit as Floral Amoral took the stage. With a singer/electric guitar player, electric guitar player, bassist and drummer they had a low-fi indie psychedelic sound that was really fun. The second song was more of a rocker and the third jammed hard. The clock said it was time to go to the next show so I sadly left. It was a quiet night in town and as I walked up Main st and took the turn up Church st I could hear their music flowing all over downtown.



Floral Amoral pic by Tim Lewis

I arrived at Radio Bean just after the midnight start time but the band were still loading in. I got in and settled and soon enough it was time for Ruckzuck’s “second set”. They opened with a song about what goes on in your mind and it was easy to dive back into their spacey grooves. The second song had a bit of a Hawkwind flow and I was in a happy place. The next couple had more of a pop feel then they played another epic where Faith’s voice reached for the stars and Mack’s drumming became hypnotic. Nick laid in some cool rhythms as the keys flowed their way through the songs. They wrapped up around 1am then it was time for the short walk home.



Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis



Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis


I chatted with Nathan Curtis at work and said the two shows were fun and he said he was up for checking them out. I worked until 9:30 and we met up and headed to The Monkey House. Despite the rotary in Winooski being partly closed, we somehow got in and parked and walked in as Ruckzuck were starting their set. We had missed Floral’s opening set, but what can you do. I headed to the front and got right back into the groove. The songs have a hazy spacey flow and my body just seemed to remember where they would go. I couldn’t tell if the second song was really long or if it flowed into the third but I was in a happy place as the music washed over me. At some point Nate had called another coworker, Billy Greer, and he showed up and checked out some of their set. The band did another killer rocking version of Alan’s Garden with a long rocked out ending. Faith played the ukulele for the next song and a kazoo through a heavily reverbed mic for the next one. The effect was beautiful. They took a chance and played a brand new song and I’m so happy they did. It was wonderful. They wrapped the night with an over the top epic rocker that made me swoon.

We hung out and chatted with the band for a bit then Nathan dropped me at home. It’s amazing how easy it was to catch all three shows and Ruckzuck are so much fun, it made me want to keep coming back. Hopefully, they will journey this way again.



Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis



Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis


Radio Show 209 Thursday May 25, 2017 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


gneiss at Robot Dog Studio pic by Jeff Arbor


Tonight’s local music radio show will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time Thursday May 25th and can be heard on both sides of the Champlain Valley on 107.1FM or streamed here: WBKM It will go as follows:

Song before: Memories In Future Tense – The Church Band


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I want to thank Higher Ground for sponsoring our station. Let’s begin with an artist who played a delicate and beautiful show to a pin drop quiet audience at ArtsRiot last Saturday.

1.) True Hue – Ivamae
2.) Let me Be – Peter Burton
3.) Faded Movie Reel – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter
4.) Agree To Disagree – 1881

That’s the next song from Lights, Camera, Action, the album I’m playing all the way through, song after song, week after week. Great songs from Jeremy Gilchrist and Peter. Both were recorded live at Robot Dog Studio. Last night I brought the band Gneiss into Robot Dog for an interview and some songs. Let’s listen to it now.

5.) Three Feels Right – gneiss
6.) Endless Sunkissed Lover – gneiss
7.) Lovely Day – gneiss
8.) Haze – gneiss

Thanks gneiss for playing such lovely music. Thanks to Ryan Cohen for making us sound great and Jeff Arbor for helping us out. OK there is a new group of people promoting music in our town called Noise Ordinance. They will bring a couple of cool artists to Foam Brewers including this one.

9.) Barstools (live) – Hammydown (Abbie Morin)
10.) The Coast – The High Breaks
11.) Just Another Day – The Nancy Druids
12.) Loose Tooth – Clever Girls

The Girls and Druids songs were recorded at Robot Dog also. The Breaks will be at Nectar’s on Friday to help Josh Panda release his new album. It does not appear to be out yet, so hopefully I will have Josh’s album for next week. Great song from Abbie. Last Saturday Ivamae opened the show at ArtsRiot and this next band recreated Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. Here is one of their songs.

13.) Saturation Brain – Arc Iris
14.) There Are Bigger Men Than Me – Plastique Mammals
15.) They Try To Compose Themselves – serene – Floral Amoral
16.) Oh You! – You’re You! – Ruckzuck

I got to see Ruckzuck play Monday at Nectar’s then later at Radio Bean and I saw them Tuesday at The Monkey House. Mammals opened the Nectar’s show and Amoral finished it. Amoral opened the Monkey House show. Thanks for visiting. See you next time? OK, this next band are back in town on Saturday at ArtsRiot.

17.) Dreaming Too Much – Alpenglow
18.) Sunflower Street – David L Jarvis
19.) The Naked Garden – Peg Tassey MUSIC
20.) Ex-Files – Better Things

Due to a technical glitch the gniess interview and songs played after Ex-Files but the show played in order on 107.1FM – TL

Better are playing a show on Sunday at Jim’s Basement. With all the new music I’m playing tonight I thought I should throw in a couple of Burlington classics. Peg and Dave well qualify. Great songs. Hmmm, I love Alpenglow. OK, this next guy is playing his last show tomorrow at ArtsRiot.

21.) Old North Ender – James Kochalka
22.) The Road – Anders Parker
23.) Silver And Gold – Waylon Speed!
24.) Coming Up – Ruckzuck
25.) Future Shock – Ruckzuck

I thought I should play three of their songs since I saw them three times this week. Classic rocker from Waylon. Anders is just amazing. Thanks for all the music James! Reunion tour 2018??? OK, let’s play a few more.

26.) So They Say – The New Siberians
27.) Every Last One Of Us – SWALE
28.) Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? – Bob Wagner and the Book ‘Em Blues Band

Three great songs from three great bands. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we? Farewell.

29.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit

Songs after:
Raingods Dancing – Fish
Wake Up Call (Make It Happen) – Fish
Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath
Empire Of The Clouds – Iron Maiden
Heart Of The Sunrise – Yes
Higher And Higher – The Moody Blues
From Now On – Supertramp
River – Joni Mitchell
Love And Affection – Joan Armatrading
Not I – Andriana Chobot
In The Blue Light – jane siberry
Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits
Megaphone – Joshua Glass Music


Ivamae and Arc Iris at ArtsRiot May 20, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at ArtsRiot. I worked a long 8-4:30 day and was pretty stressed by the end. I hung out at home for a while then took the long walk to Pine st. It was a lovely day and the walk helped take me away from the work focus. I arrived a bit after 8:00pm doors opening and well before the 8:30 start time. I was about to wander in when Luke Adam called me over to the outside bar. I chatted with him and a couple of his friends for a while, then it was time to head in.

I settled in and found a nice post to stand and lean up against. The crowd was small and mellow and most of the seating area was filled. It was not long until Ivamae took the stage. Playing solo, she walked up the the mic and began singing. Though the room had filled a bit, it was pin drop silent as she mesmerized the room with her voice. She picked up an electric guitar for the second song and sang about true colors. She introduced the next song as The Reality Of It All and the room was still silent and listening. She sang a song about taking care of me and nobody else. I looked around and the standing area was filled with people quietly sitting on the floor. She followed with a cover of the Amy Winehouse song You Send Me Flying. I think the next one was about guilt and fear and she closed the set with a very new song about not being able to find the truth. Her strong voice, powerful presence and intent audience made it a stunning show.





I hung out during the set break and chatted with Joe Adler, then it was time for Arc Iris. They were set to play their reconstructed version of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. The band play a beautiful blend of pop, progressive rock, and jazz, or something like that. They played all of the songs in very unique ways that left Joni’s path intact but sounded like Arc Iris could have written them. They rearranged the order of the songs and began with A Case Of You. Jocie has a captivating voice and is a perfect front woman. Her keyboard and guitar playing just add to the mix. It’s a joy to watch Zach plays keys. He’s all over them and looks so happy doing it. Ray Belli is a tremendous drummer. When you listen to the arrangement and find the groove and swing to the beat, he’s already thrown in a few notes you weren’t anticipating. All three could likely do engaging solo shows but their power together is over the top. I tried to soak it all in as they played Carey and This Flight Tonight. My Old Man and Little Green were challenging and fun. California had a bit of madman jazz to it. They followed with The Last Time I Saw Richard and rocked River super hard. They closed the set with All I Want and Blue. They came back for an encore and I’m not sure what they played. It was jazzy and proggy and fun to listen to.

I headed out fairly quickly and ran into Luke again. We chatted until his turn off then I brought the body up to full speed for the long walk home.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the pictures















Jeremy Gilchrist at Light Club Lamp Shop May 18, 2017   Leave a comment


Jeremy Gilchrist at Light Club Lamp Shop pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Thursday night at Light Club Lamp Shop. The show was set to start at 7 and Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter usually does not play super long shows. I thought I could duck down and catch the show and be back in time to do the radio show write-up and get it out before my show started at 9.

I headed downtown about quarter of seven and it was bright and sunny and in the ’80’s. I made good time then slid into the shop and settled in. Jeremy picked up his acoustic guitar at 7:15 and played a beautiful 45 minute set. There is something about the way his songs sound and the lyrics spark ideas and the way his voice flows that keeps me coming back. He opened with Great Filter and followed with Thunder From Mansfield To The Lake. He told the story about that one being the first song he wrote after moving to Vermont and it raining continuously for weeks. He played a Floyd sounding cover of Down By The River and tossed in a little bit of Breathe in the late middle and at the end. He played one of his newer songs called Threaded and it kept me in a very happy place. Another new song, Faded Movie Reel, was up next and he tossed in a bit of Hunger Strike at the end to honor the life of Chris Cornell. He returned to Floyd for Two Suns In The Sunset then went back to his songs with The Time Traveler. The Endless War sounded as great as it always does and he wrapped the night with his unique cover of Round Here.

I let the last note fade out before ducking out the door and taking the quick walk home. There was one song of his that I still really wanted to hear but luckily enough, I had it set to play as part of my show that night. The timing was tight to get the write-up done, but I finished just in time and am so happy I put in the effort




Jeremy Gilchrist at Light Club Lamp Shop pic by Tim Lewis



Jeremy Gilchrist at Light Club Lamp Shop pic by Tim Lewis


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The Mountain Says No at Manhattan Pizza May 13, 2017   Leave a comment


The Mountain Says No pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at Manhattan Pizza and Pub. It was a long work day and the next day was another long one but I thought I might be able to see a band play from 10-11 then scurry home and get some sleep. I almost just skipped it but one of my favorite bands was playing.

I pushed myself out the door and took the misty rainy walk downtown. I got in and settled and said hi to some cool musicians as The Mountain Says No got set up. A repeated recorded voice started up and the band lit into Ricky The Rider and rocked it hard. They kept the pace nice and solid for Machu Picchu. At some point there was a huge amount of feedback between songs and they worked to make it stop but unfortunately, had to keep the microphones low and that took out most of the vocals for most of the show. I was close so I could hear a bit. Nevertheless, the band soldiered on and the music sounded great and they seemed to focus their intensity on it and I was in a happy place. They played a cool version of Nothing In This. They slowed it down for the eerie 3,000 Incubators then revved up to full throttle for Restaurant. Eggshell rocked nicely then they eased back a bit for Game Of Thrones. They played a song they said was new that had a metal grind, a spaced out middle section and a rocking end. It was really cool. They mellowed way out for Blanket’s Fine and the quietness of the song let the vocals come through reasonably. They switched back to full rock mode for I Know Right, The Bomb then capped the night with Long Term Sermon.

I headed out the door quickly. The spirit wanted to stay for Near North but the body said no. It wasn’t the greatest of their shows, but musically it was tremendous. It would have been so easy to miss but I’m glad I put in the effort.


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Swale, Screaming Females, and The Cush at Waterworks as part of Waking Windows May 5, 2017   Leave a comment


Swale pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Friday as part of Waking Windows. I love that festival but it’s always on a weekend at the busiest time of the year so I always miss much more than I see. I worked a 10 hour day and got out right at 9. I dropped the car at home then took the speedy walk to Winooski. I was about half way there when a car pulled over and said get in. Urian Hackney and Julian Hackney were so kind to give me a ride. Thanks guys!! Urian dropped me right at the box office so I got in and got my wrist band. I saw Justus Gaston as I walked out then I ran into Darlene and Marc Scarano. We wandered down to Waterworks and got in just as SWALE were doing a soundcheck of Joyless.

It wasn’t long then Swale began the show for real. They opened with an endearing version of Fella then played about cause and effect and a matter of time and skin in the game and letting it all come down tonight, and that was all in one song. I don’t know what the third song was but Jeremy Frederick sang most of it and Amanda Gustafson might have said it was a Journey song. Jeremy began the steady wicked drumming as the band began to chant we can all be that way. Every Last one Of Us took a long slow steady build into a giant epic and Eric Olsen just took it apart with a phenomenal guitar solo. The full room was charged but didn’t realize who long the ending takes to work itself out. I was enchanted for every note. A new one that I’m still getting to know was lovely. It was something about seen the best of me. They went into full rock mode, complete with Tyler Bolles charging bass, for Everyone Likes To and the epic Drug Laws. Whew! What a set.


Copy of LUKE AWTRY PHOTOGRAPY - Waking Windows - Day 1 - 05052017-156

Screaming Females pic by Luke Awtry Photography

I ran into lots of cool people between the sets like Joe Adler, Shawn Connolly, Caroline Marie, Peg Tassey, Jeff LaBossiere, Maryse Smith,Brent Hallenbeck, Max Tracy,Jacob Deva Racusin, Luke Adam, and many others that I’m forgetting. One of the cool things about festivals is seeing bands you know nothing about. I hung out at Waterworks as the room began to get packed with kids. A band called Screaming Females hit the stage. They played as a trio with a woman singer/guitar player, boy on bass, and boy on drums. They opened with something that had a trance metal feel. The next song had a slow heavy bluesy feel and the next one had a punk Zeppelin sound. Around that point the whole front of the stage became a mosh pit. It was more of a push you around pit than a real slamming mosh pit but was just enough to encourage me to move back a bit. They followed with a sting of cool rock songs. Some had a pop feel and they all had tons of energy. I really enjoyed the set and am so happy WW brought them to town.


Copy of LUKE AWTRY PHOTOGRAPY - Waking Windows - Day 1 - 05052017-147

Screaming Females pic by Luke Awtry Photography


Copy of LUKE AWTRY PHOTOGRAPY - Waking Windows - Day 1 - 05052017-138

Screaming Females pic by Luke Awtry Photography


Copy of LUKE AWTRY PHOTOGRAPY - Waking Windows - Day 1 - 05052017-168

The Cush pic by Luke Awtry Photography

The house cleared a bit but those in the know stuck around and it was soon time for the Cush. Gabrielle Douglas took the bass and vocals and Burette Douglas took the guitar and vocals and they were joined with the Texas band on guitar and drums. I’ve slacked about understanding their newest album so the first couple of psychedelic rock songs might have been from there or might have been new but were completely fantastic. For the third song they rocked I Shout Love At The Heart Of The Atom as hard as it should be. They followed with the glorious Orange Like Water and rocked us with The Vigilant Ones. Summer’s Gone surged along and I missed the name of the next song. The opening strains of The Drone lit up my soul and they played a version that soared through the air. I missed the name of the next song but loved it. They wrapped the set with a jammed out melt your face off psychedelic version of Highway Brain and called it a night.

It was close to 1 so I settled my tab and took the long happy walk home. I got to bed at 2, was up at 6:30 and at work at 7:50. It was another 10 hour day and I had a headache and could barely see straight by the end. I missed going back to WW on Saturday and after another 10 hour day on Sunday did not make it back that night. It was OK. I saw a band I love, and band I might begin to love and one of the best returning friend bands ever. I’m happy.


Copy of LUKE AWTRY PHOTOGRAPY - Waking Windows - Day 1 - 05052017-160

The Cush pic by Luke Awtry Photography

Copy of LUKE AWTRY PHOTOGRAPY - Waking Windows - Day 1 - 05052017-162

The Cush pic by Luke Awtry Photography

Copy of LUKE AWTRY PHOTOGRAPY - Waking Windows - Day 1 - 05052017-165

The Cush pic by Luke Awtry Photography

Radio Show 208 Thursday May 18, 2017 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

Swale 016


Tonight’s local music radio show will air on 107.1FM, can be streamed at WBKM and will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time Thursday May 18th. It will go as follows:

Song before: Oliver’s Army – Elvis Costello


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I’ve got a bunch of new music to play for you tonight so let’s dive in.

1.) Via Champlain – Some Hollow
2.) High Flying Bird – Anders Parker
3.) Dance Of The World – Satori Bob
4.) Science Fiction – Hana Zara

Great classic from Hana who enraptures crowds with that song. That’s a brand new song from Satori. Their singer, John Baumann used to play around Burlington all the time so many years ago. Great new song from Anders. Hollow just put out the Green EP and it’s really good. OK, here is the next song from Lights Camera Action.

5.) Sometime Next Week – 1881
6.) It’ll Be OK – Let’s Whisper
7.) Children Of The Stars – Madaila
8.) Great Escape – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter

Jeremy just played a cool show at Light Club Lamp Shop from 7:15-8. It’s such a pleasure to hear him. Great songs from Madaila and Whisper. 1881 are so much fun. OK, let’s get a bit moody and spacey.

9.) Rainy Alley – Totally Submerged
10.) Jungle Rot – The Edd
11.) Alan’s Garden – Ruckzuck
12.) Survey Says – Senders

Senders are so much fun. You should be their friend if you are not already. Ruckzuck will play some psychedelic rock on Monday at Nectar’s and Radio Bean so that should be fun. That’s a new song from The Edd. Submerged are playing acoustic on Saturday at Farnham Ale & Lager VT starting around 6. This next band just put out the What?!?!? album.

13.) Sin Is Funner – Swillbillie
14.) Tell Me No – Clever Girls
15.) Wing To Me – Alice Austin
16.) Say It – Anachronist

Great songs from Anachronist and the legendary Alice Austin. The Clever song was recorded live at Robot Dog Studio. Great fun song from Billie. This next band will be at ArtsRiot on Saturday.

17.) Paint With The Sun – Arc Iris
18.) The Feeling Is Strange Binger
19.) Complex Vermont – Self Portrait
20.) 2,000 – The Pants

That was a classic from Burlington’s ’90’s. Nice song about VT from Portrait. Binger are so wonderful, even if Facebook will not let me tag them. Great song from Arc though they will be playing Joni Mitchell’s Blue album so who knows if they will play any of their own songs. This next band play next Wednesday at The Monkey House.

21.) Bridge To Panda Chaos – Zeus Springsteen
22.) Sky – The Nancy Druids
23.) The Great Forgetter – The New Siberians
24.) Highway Brain – The Cush

They played a great version of that one at Waking Windows. Great song from the Siberians. The Druids song was recorded at Robot Dog by Ryan Cohen. Zeus should have a lot of music coming soon. It’s been warm and hot and I’ve been driving with the windows down.

25.) Windows Down – Lendway
26.) Every Last One Of Us – SWALE
27.) ETI – The Contrarian

Great cover of the BOC song by Casey Merlin Rae. Swale are so amazing. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:

Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors (live) – Fish
Lost In America – Alice Cooper
Jackbooted Thugs (Have All The Best Drugs) – Anders Parker
Ninjas Vs Zombies – Phil Yates
Tonite It Shows – Mercury Rev
All In My Mind – Love And Rockets
Carbon – Tori Amos
Cascade – Andriana Chobot
Strange Phenomena – Kate Bush
Gift Shop – The Tragically Hip
Grind – The Church Band
Dying Stars – Slingshot Dakota
It’s Just A Ride – Bill Hicks
Man On The Side – Joshua Glass Music
regular programming.