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Radio Show 301 Thursday April 18, 2019 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


Smokestack Lightning live at Robot Dog Studio

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Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Easter time Thursday April 18. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows,

Songs before
Easter – Marillion
Paris Is For Love – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
I Wanna Be A Lifeguard – Blotto


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin with a wonderful woman who will be playing with a cool band this week.

1.) Now Or Then – Meg Rice
2.) Water Is Wide – Clare Byrne
3.) Kentucky – Cricket Blue
4.) Plastic Baby – SoundBrother

I saw them play a cool show a few weeks back. I think their album is coming soon. Great first song. I love how Kentucky starts so slow then rocks so hard. That’s another great song from Clare’s upcoming album Celestials. She will release it April 27 at the Rose St Gallery in Burlington. Meg plays guitar in Julia Caesar but just put out her own cool EP. OK, so last night the sunset was a blazing orange and it made me think of this song.

5.) We Are The Beautiful Sunsets – The Cush
6.) Spine – Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms – KMGA
7.) Makarov – James and the Giant Sleep
8.) Hollow – The New Siberians

Yet another great deep cut from the Siberians. It’s a good thing I’m playing that whole album for you. I played Makarov a couple of weeks ago and really liked it and wanted to play it again. What do you think? Kali Ma played a cool show at The Monkey House on Saturday. I liked it so much I went to see them again on Sunday at midingit at Radio Bean. They are amazing, and so are the Cush. OK, I’ve got a treat for you now. Let’s head over to Robot Dog Studio for an interview and live performance.

9.) Grim Ripper – Smokestack Lightning
10.) Lung Buster – Smokestack Lightning
11.) The Cave – Smokestack Lightning
12.) Humble Pie – Smokestack Lightning.

Thanks Raf Soto and the rest of the band for knocking it out of the park. Thanks Sam Mark for the lovely recording and thanks to Phoebe Zorn and Christian James for filming. Thanks also to Ryan Cohen for being such a great host for these events. OK, let’s keep rocking.

13.) Golden Goose – Cave Bees
14.) Carnage – Black Rabbit
15.) Space Odyssey – Aliendog
16.) Metalhead – Blotto

Sarge Blotto just passed away. They made such great music and had a lovely insight into life. Aliendog will be at Drink on Saturday. It’s been ages since I’ve played Carnage or Goose and thought it was about time. OK, let’s keep rocking.

17.) Don’t Look Back – ROUGH FRANCIS
18.) Monsters Are Due On Maple Street – Doom Service
19.) Liquor Store – Why Nona
20.) Untitled (4) – Adrienne Cooper Smith

I love the ripping banjo in that song. She will be at Gloom Garden on Monday. Doom and Nona will be at The Monkey House next Wednesday. Great song from Francis. OK, this next band is coming back to town tomorrow for a show at ArtsRiot.

21.) Secret Makeout Factory – And The Kids
22.) Chosen Names – Julia Caesar
23.) Slippin – Claudia Verona
24.) Icon Of Ego – Arc Iris

Arc will play Light Club Lamp Shop on Friday and Saturday. Cool new song from Claudia. Julia and the Kids will play a show at ArtsRiot on Friday. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:
Crucifix Corner – Fish
Fireworks – The Tragically Hip
Too Much Fun – Blotto
Dynamite Road – Alice Cooper
Goodbye Mr Bond – Blotto
Give It Up To The Night – Bad Smell
My Baby’s The Star Of A Driver’s Ed Movie – Blotto
Still I’m Sad – Rainbow
Even Less – Porcupine Tree
Jacob’s Ladder – Rush
In Trance – The Scorpions
Paint It Black – Silver Bridget
(We Are) The Nowtones – Blotto
Radiance – The Church
Jigsaw – Marillion
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Heavy – Clever Girls
regular awesome programming


Radio Show 300 Thursday April 11, 2019 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   1 comment

WBKM poster

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Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern time Thursday April 11. You can stream it from the website or here WBKM It will go as follows.

Songs before:
The North – Hana Zara
Kings – The Church

From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin with a band who are coming up from Boston to play a show tomorrow at Light Club Lamp Shop.

1.) Stateline Hills – Grain Thief
2.) Broken – Abby Sherman
3.) Somebody Get Me A Brown Paper Bag – Jesse Taylor
4.) State Line Diner – Kristina Stykos Music

State Line is a great song from a cool local artist. I haven’t caught up with Jesse in a while, but hope to soon. Abby is at Zenbarn tonight. Nice song from Grain. OK, this next artist is about to release an incredible album called Celestials on April 27 at the Rose st gallery. Here’s a first listen.

5.) Oh My Rose – Cricket Blue
6.) The Heart Is King – Pinhead
7.) Wolves – Clare Byrne
8.) Lion Tamer – Carraway

Those lions do need to be tamed. Nice songs about kings and roses and wolves. Have you noticed the theme for tonight? If not, this will help.

9.) Game Of Thrones – The Mountain Says No
10.) East Jabip – REDadmiral
11.) Doomed Convoy – Wolfhand
12.) We Tried – Clever Girls

That’s a great song about ambition by the Girls. They will rock Club Metronome tomorrow. Wolfhand will bring doom to The Monkey House on Tuesday. Nice song about politics and the east and the west by Admiral. They will be at the Lamp shop tomorrow. Great song about Breaking Bad from Mountain. OK, this is the next song on the New Siberians album that I’m playing all the way through. You can find these creatures after the battle.

13.) Vulture – The New Siberians
14.) Frosty Pink Skies – Miku Daza
15.) An Obscene Amount Of Debt – Sink or Swim
16.) Six Month Winter – Suburban Samurai
17.) Warmonger – Smokestack Lightning

Cool song about war from Smokestack. Winter is leaving us but is coming for our characters. Debt seems to be a central theme. Cool song about climbing from Miku. Great song from the Siberians. Here’s another song about kings.

18.) King Grifter – The Mountain Says No
19.) Drown – Green Chapel
20.) Knight Ov Swords – The Contrarian
21.) Death Is Just A Door – Vultures of Cult
22.) Resurrection – Death World Wide

I want to send that out to my buddy John Snow. Vultures were so great and that lovely character did such a huge job holding the door. Casey Rae is still great. The Chapel song is for the Greyjoys. OK, let’s keep rocking.

23.) Wolf Bait – Villanelles
24.) Death Of Me – Aaron Flinn
25.) So Good (I Could Die) – J Bengoy
26.) Hungry Like The Wolf – Joe Adler and the Rangers Of Danger

That’s such a fun rocking version of the song and it was recorded live at Nectar’s. I figured I had to toss in a few songs about death. Great song about wolves from Villanelles. I’m probably running late but have a few more for you.

27.) Direwolf – Blues for Breakfast, the band
28.) King Vice – Binger
29.) Stardust For Dessert – David Rosane & The Zookeepers

That was a song about the dead, as David mentioned in the intro. Great songs from Binger and Breakfast. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after
Moving Targets Fish
Membership – The Tragically Hip
In The Court Of The Crimson King – Greg Lake
Sign Of The Gypsy Queen – April Wine
Kill The King – Rainbow
King Of The Night Time World – Kiss
At The Foot Of The Eternal Throne – A Film In Color
King Of The Mountain – Kate Bush
Castle Of The Assassins – analog missionary
Amused To Death – Roger Waters
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
Wheat Kings – The Tragically Hip
The Surprising – Deep Purple
King – Marillion
Song Of The Swords – Hawkwind
The Dog Is The King Of The Losers – Bee Bee Sea
Heavy – Clever Girls
regular awesome programming


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Radio Show 299 Thursday April 4, 2019 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



WBKM poster

Click here to listen:


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern time Thursday April 4. You can steam it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Alone In The Night – Andriana Chobot


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I was off last week and a ton of music has just been released. Let’s begin with a cool artist.

1.) Stevie – Nick Awad Music
2.) Clocktower – John Townsend
3.) Hold On To Truth – Jason Baker
4.) The Strawman – decker.
5.) Garden Flower – Maryse Smith

Maryse is so amazing. Last week the WBKM crew went to The Skinny Pancake to see Decker play an amazing show. I had to toss some of his music into tonight’s show. There will be more soon. Great song from Jason. Cool song from John’s new album Seattle Songs. I’m really getting to know and enjoy Nick’s music. OK, it’s spring and the gardening season is beginning.

6.) The Garden – Decker
7.) In The Garden Of Mystic Lovers – Francis Dunnery
8.) The Naked Garden – Peg Tassey MUSIC
9.) Alan’s Garden – Ruckzuck

It’s been a while since Ruckzuck have come back to town and it’s about time to happen again, I hope. Great song from the amazing Peg Tassey. Francis lived in Vermont for a few years and used to play that song a lot at Club Metronome a lot. Great song from Decker. OK, here is the next song on the New Siberians album.

10.) In The Garden – The New Siberians
11.) Peculiar Spring – The Red Telephone
12.) Makarov – James and the Giant Sleep (Christian James)
13.) Outside – Father Figuer

Yea, Figuer finally released some music. I’ve been waiting to play it for you. Christian is one of the film crew from the Live From Robot Dog Studio sessions and just released that cool song. This spring has been odd. Great song from the Siberians. OK, here is a spiritual song about recognizing the souls of all living beings.

14.) Smudge – Decker
15.) Good Enough – JUPTRband
16.) Magenta Man – Rue M.
17.) Sway – The Mountain Carol
18.) Hear Me Now – Julia Caesar

Great song from Julia. The Carol played a lovely show at Light Club Lamp Shop recently and that song just jumped out. I love the smooth strength of Magenta. I finally have JUPTR’s music to play for you. Yea. Smudge is such a great song. So, it’s been a bit of a rough week and this song seems appropriate.

19.) Dragged Around The Universe – Queen Tangerine
20.) What To Do – Claudia Verona
21.) Lifetime – Radio Underground
22.) Louder – Slingshot Dakota

Yea, new music from Slingshot. Hopefully, they will come back to town soon. Cool song from Underground. Claudia and her band just played their first show at Radio Bean. Keep your eyes out for her. Cool song from QT. This next band have been rocking us hard lately.

23.) Hannah Wants To See You – Clever Girls
24.) By Design – The Nancy Druids
25.) Every Last One Of Us – SWALE
26.) My Hero The Enemy – Gregory Douglass

Gregory comes back to visit now and then. Swale and the Druids just played a cool show at an indoor soccer field in Shelbune. CG are so amazing. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after
Garden Party – Marillion
Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip
Thompson Girls – The Tragically Hip
One More Time – April Wine
Take Off – Bob and Doug McKenzie
Take A Long Line – Angel City
The Stars (Are Out Tonight) – David Bowie
Bloodletting – Concrete Blonde
Running Hard – Renaissance
Fractured Mirror – Ace Frehley
Rainbow In The Dark – Liliac
Man On The Silver Mountain – Rainbow
Now I’m Here – Queen
Panic In Detroit – David Bowie
Heavy – Clever Girls
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
regular awesome programming


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Girls Rock Vermont Rock Lotto showcase with You’re Doing Great Sweaty and Paul at Light Club Lamp Shop and Claudia Verona at Radio Bean March 31, 2019   Leave a comment


You’re Doing Great Sweaty


I had a great time seeing music at Light Club Lamp Shop and Radio Bean last Sunday. I had a long rough work day, did a quick turnaround at home, then walked to the Lamp Shop. I got in and settled and You’re Doing Great Sweaty were on and rocking. Their fun punky pop sounded a little rough but since the band was created that morning, it was to be expected. Yes, it was Rock Lotto day. In the morning several musicians get broken up into bands and they have to write songs and perform them later that day. The crazy event is a fundraiser for Girls Rock Vermont and is always a good time. Sweaty played songs about being kind to me and monsters and I had a good time.

Up next was a band called Paul who featured Cassandra on bass, Cassafrass LOve on guitar and Linda Bassick on drums. They opened with a song with a bass line borrowed from a classic opera which had a slow sultry rock sound. They played a song about lies then mixed it up a little with a pop punk song called Hard Telling Not Knowing. It was very Vermont. You can’t really judge a band who are hours into their existence, but I really enjoyed what I heard. They could turn it into something cool, if they want.




I think Paul was the last Rock Lotto band and the timing was perfect. I took the long walk to Radio Bean and got settled as Claudia Verona took the stage. She and her band had a nice rock feel and opened with a song that wondered about ever being in love like this. What To Do was a cool song then they slowed it down for one about remembering the day. They played songs about Mother Nature and about reading them and weeping. A song about misunderstanding had a bit of a country feel then they rocked one about being my lover. They romanticized the next one then funked up the one after that. They had us dance the night away, not a cover, then closed with a rocker. The End Of The Show had a bit of a Joan Jett vibe and I was all smiles. I think that was their first show and I would happily go see them again anytime.



Claudia Verona


The Nancy Druids and Swale at The Shelburne Filed House March 30, 2019   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at the Shelburne Field House. It was a very stressful work day but I had a bit of time to settle at home before taking the drive south. I stopped and picked up my brother Ken then went to the indoor athletic field. We walked in and the giant room housed two soccer fields and the kids were just wrapping up. We grabbed a beer then headed for the stage which was in the middle of the room. We chatted with Bob from Big Heavy World for a bit then the house lights went down.



The Nancy Druids

The stage was lit with solar powered lights and The Nancy Druids opened with Sky. Most of the crowd were sitting on lawn chairs but I had to stand in front of the band. December had a nice shimmer to it and Vondlepark (sp???) had a breezy pop air that put me in a happy place. They brought the energy up and rocked Remember Who You Were nice and hard. By Design kept us rocking until we found Salvation all around. We remembered some Bitter Days then Ann kicked the drums hard on Halo. Sean sculpted guitar feedback in an epic way on The Space Between and played a blistering lead. They closed with fun covers of Give A Little Bit and I Am The Walrus and called it a night. It was another wonderful show.




The set break was short then SWALE took the stage. They began slow and searing with Soul Piggy Bank then played some slow pop on Beaten Down. Felon filled my heart with joy then they encouraged everyone to Release Your Records. They slowed way down for Old School then treated us to the glory of If You Get Lost. They played a cover of the Pants song Both Eyes Closed that lit up my soul. Every Last One Of Us started with a slow steady chant and the song just built and built and built until Eric ripped out an incredible guitar lead then it slowly dissipated. It’s such a tremendous song. Elevator followed with a glorious pop sound and dark lyrics then Drug Laws surged and surged. They wrapped the night with a hard and heavy version of Everyone Likes To that left me in a happy place.

We hung out and chatted for a bit then I drove Ken home, then drove back to Burlington. It was a fun night in an unusual setting and it was a benefit for Shelburn’s Pierson Library. I’m so glad I went.








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Clever Girls and Miku Daza at Foam Brewers March 29, 2019   Leave a comment


Clever Girls


I had a great time seeing music a week ago Friday at Foam Brewers. I got in and settled and found a place to stand near the stage. Clever Girls played a cool instrumental as a sound check then launched into Dumb Smile. They brought the energy up slowly with Catch and Release and rocked out a new song called Remember Pluto. Loom had a cool vibe and Get Out soared in the chorus. Woman had a swamp rock groove and rocked hard at the end. Owen was loud and huge then a new one called Spark rocked nicely. They began slow and ended huge with Hannah Wants to see you then shredded the room with Heavy. Clever Girls seem to be at the peak of their powers and I’m thrilled to see where they go from here.



Miku Daza

The set break was short then Miku Daza hit the stage. The band was a little different with an extra guitar, no sax and Jeremy Gartner on drums, but they rocked as hard as usual. They opened with Parasite then hit us with a bunch of super intense songs. I was in a happy place and loved it all. They played a blistering version of panic then things got a little weird. They had a few dancers with them from the beginning but in the mini set break Sugar the Clown came out and handed balloon swords to people in the audience. She jousted with several as a giant doll walked in and cruised around the room. After everything settled a bit the band came back and brought the pace back to overdrive. Flaca Daza soared and Sugar Rush rocked hard. They gave us a little bad advice then played a cool slow dramatic song. Sicko had a pounding drive then then closed with Frosty Pink Skies. The show would have been amazing if it was just the music, but all the other effects put it over the top. What an amazing night of music in our town.






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Decker and Troy Millette at The Skinny Pancake March 28, 2019   Leave a comment


Troy Millette

I had a great time seeing music Thursday at The Skinny Pancake. My friends were running on their own timeline so I got going a little early and took the lovely walk down to the waterfront. I got in and settled and almost finished eating when Tony Gallucci from WBKM stopped in and hung our banner behind the stage. Mike Luoma showed up shortly after that and Troy Millette Music began to play. He opened with a cover of I’m on Fire and tossed a little Dancing In The Dark into the middle. He followed with a couple of originals. Magnolias was just gorgeous and I’m really beginning to like his new song about how something in your arms feels like home. He returned to Bruce for Atlantic City but tossed in some Fast Car and something about walking 1,000 miles for you, ’cause in this day and age, he would totally do that. He played a song about not being sure if he wanted to fix this and make it right and kept the theme going with Anna Marie. He lit me up with his version of Ghosts (Of What We Used To Be) then closed with a fun medley. It began with something about wanting it that way, went into something about a blank space. He walked on water for a while then ended by bringing out our inner Whitney for Dance With Somebody. He always plays fun shows and I love when I get to hear him play.

In the past few months Mike has been doing a lot of music programming at WBKM.ORG and has turned me on to a lot of cool music. He invented a series called Virtual In Studio where artists can film themselves playing stripped down versions of their songs. decker. was the first artist to sign on and came to town, which is why I skipped my usual Thursday night show. I had listened to his song The Matador a couple of times but wasn’t entirely certain what to expect.

The set break was short then Decker took the stage with a microphone, and acoustic guitar, a stomp box gadget for one foot and a tambourine for the other. A series of effects pedals gave the songs a lush sound. He opened with a song called Burning Grass that he said was a tribute to Tom Petty. He chatted between songs and took the subjects to deep thoughtful places that kept the audience captivated. He sang a song called The Garden that was about being in favor of all of humanity that really lit up my soul. He sang a song called Holy Ghost that sounded like cruising on an Arizona highway listening to Chuck Berry while on LSD. He followed with cool songs about a State Trooper and The Phantom. He played a gorgeous song about finding a dead deer in the Arizona desert and praying over its carcass. It’s called Smudge and is quickly becoming a favorite. He hit home with a song called The Saint which was about spending time with his grandmother in hospice. I went through that with my mother just about a year ago. Sometimes, it’s nice to know we all go through the wonderful and terrible parts of life together. He followed with a song called Awake that is both staggeringly positive and a really cool song. Usually, songs like that get a little sappy musically, but his version is strong.

He took a quick break and a couple of us stepped out for a little air. I chatted with Troy for a bit then we went back in. Decker was sitting in a chair in front of the audience playing and singing with no microphone. Rats, I should have gone in sooner. I hate making unforced errors. I think I missed the song Mexico but caught most of The Matador. He closed the night with a song about JFK called Patsy.

It’s really hard to describe just how beautiful the whole show was. I was phenomenally impressed. I’d go see him again anytime.






The Mountain Carol and Rose Yellowthorn at Light Club Lamp Shop March 23, 2019   Leave a comment


The Mountain Carol


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at Light Club Lamp Shop. It was a long work day but I had a little time to settle at home before taking the lovely walk to the club. I got in and settled then lost myself in the graceful flow of The Mountain Carol‘s music. They opened with more questions than answers and let it flow into something cool which flowed into Adventure Safari. They played their new song Last Night and one about justifying my love. They almost veered into pop territory with a song about cause and effect and played a new one about never saying die. Sway had a nice groove to get lost in as did the next one. They told us that The Party’s Over then played The Mountain Carol. They closed the elegant show with The Neverending and it left me in a happy place.

Up next Rose Yellowthorn took the stage. They had a sweet pop sound and opened with a song about talking about her. They played one about turning into myself and followed with a new one about the wrong way. As the show went along they played songs about missing me when the anger burns out and being a factory man. They played one about a vampire and one about a child in chief. They closed the 14 song set with one about laying here with me and I was in a happy place. They have lovely songs and I’m so glad I got to see them.

I hung out and chatted for a bit then took the lovely walk home. It was another great night of music in our town.



Rose Yellowthorn

Samara Lark and Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band at Radio Bean March 17, 2019   Leave a comment


Samara Lark


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Sundays ago at Radio Bean. I had a long day at work and did a quick turnaround and arrived at the Bean as Samara Lark Brown sat at a piano and began to play some classic Irish songs. She sang of an orange father and a green mother and followed it with a song about roving. She sang of keeping your hands off red headed Mary and followed with a song about a fickle girl in black velvet. Up next was a Cranberries song that I think was Ode To My Family and then came a song about the unicorns missing their ride on Noah’s ark. She played a lovely version of Beer Beer Beer and followed it with the theme song to Cheers. She wondered what a guy is to do when he meets a girl who’s hair is black and her eyes are blue. She got into the hard stuff with Whiskey In A Jar then played one I did not know that had an English Civil War vibe. She returned to the Cranberries for Zombie and left us with an Irish blessing and some smiling eyes. The show was graceful, elegant and fun.

Up next Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band took the stage and shifted the needle from elegant to unruly. They opened with a rousing Fuck You I’m Drunk and a fun version of Beer Beer Beer. The crowd had songbooks and we loudly sang along. Wild Rover was fun then they tossed in a little bit of For Those About To Rock. We sang the story of Molly Malone in Cockles And Mussels then they tossed in a little bit of More Than Words. I think the next one was The Fields of Athenry but band and audience were starting to feel the drinks at this point. They sang about drinking 100 beers, which is easier than walking 100 miles, then encouraged us to drink because In Heaven There Is No Beer. They played Dirty Old Town and then we all sang aye aye aye. Danny Boy started slow and poignant then they upped the speed at the end and rocked it out. They played all the traditional songs like Jackie Wilson Said and One then followed with one about being as drunk as drunk could be. They played a couple more and called it a night. It’s hard to describe how much fun Efids shows are.

I hung out for a bit then happily staggered home. What a great day.



Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band

Radio Show 298 Thursday March 21, 2019 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM poster



Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern time Thursday March 21. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Take The Skinheads Bowling – Camper Van Beethoven


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin tonight with a guy who just wants to get to the other side of the lake.

1.) Wally Rides The Ferry – Zoot Wilson
2.) Every Time I Hear That Mellow Saxophone – Big Joe Burrell
3.) That’s That Is Is – Ninja Custodian
4.) Reagan – The Wards

As a kid I dove right into the punk scene that was blossoming. I saw the Wards many times. I used to work with Doug McAllister and one day he said I should come check out his band. Ninja were one of the best I’ve ever seen. I love walking by the statue of Joe on the top block of Church st. He’s an absolute legend and worthy of the statue. Zoot was a blues guy who could rip it up on guitar, and wrote some fun songs. OK, back in the ’80’s a Nu Wave scene evolved out of the punk scene and this band straddled that line.

5.) Almost Human – Pinhead
6.) Green Apple Girl – Dave Jarvis Band
7.) Lizard – Construction Joe
8.) Spiral – Strung Out.

As the ’80’s gave way to the ’90’s Pinhead played some amazing shows. We rocked hard with quirky songs like Apple and had a funky rocking pop thing going with bands like Joe and Strung. At that time, an organization called Good Citizen began to promote the heck out of our town. They released a few compilation albums including one of Burlington bands covering other Burlington bands. Here’s a band covering a band called Ken Sleeps Naked.

9.) It Is – Be That Way
10.) 2000 – The Pants
11.) Pseudo – Peg Tassey MUSIC
12.) Tastes Like Nothing – Zola Turn
13.) Imaginary – Envy

As the ’90’s went on Envy came out with this huge melodic rock sound that sent repercussions through our town that you can still hear playing out in bands today. Zola played a ton of great shows and wrote many great songs. The pants inspired countless musicians, and while most of their songs had a quirky edge, they really soar on 2000. Charlie Messing recently said he was in Be That Way and they wanted to overdub a guitar solo but didn’t have time or money and used the sound of paper ripping for the solo. Charlie can shred. OK, here’s another epic song from the ’90’s

14.) All My Life – Wide Wail
15.) Happy Again – The New Siberians
16.) Trading Bullets – Fire The Cannons
17.) The Day I Met You – Dirtminers
18.) The Drone – The Cush

As the ’90’s gave way to the ’00’s bands like Wide Wail went away and I had to find new bands to rock out to. Cannons filled that void for a couple of years until the Siberians entered the scene. I remember seeing Dritminers at Higher Ground a couple of times and having fun. The ’00’s were fulled with the lovely sounds of The Cush. We are so lucky they chose Burlington as the place to try something new. Somewhere in the ’00’s I fist found love for this band.

19.) Too Drunk – Dirty Blondes
20.) Terrarium – Vedora
21.) Edible – SWALE
22.) Already In It – Blue Button

In the early ’10’s Blue Button became a punk supergroup and rocked us hard. Swale began playing killer shows and taught us things we otherwise would not have known. Vedora rocked us hard for several years before they faded away. They are the first entry on my rock blog from 2012. Swale were the second and Button the third. This next band evolved out of a couple of local bands and are still playing great rock shows.

23.) A Song About The Ocean – Dino Bravo VT
24.) Falter – Julia Caesar
25.) Heavy – Clever Girls
26.) By Design – The Nancy Druids

Sean Toohey and Ann Mindell used to be in Envy and formed the Druids a couple of years ago. Clever are one of the most amazing bands in town now. Same for Julia. This next band have been playing for a few years and recently put out this great album. I want to dedicate this to everyone who is having a rough year.

27.) The Bad Year – Carraway
28.) We’re Gonna Fall – The Smittens
29.) Leave Me Low – Jason Halogen
30.) Happy Funeral Song – John Townsend

It was nice to run into John on Sunday. He’s back from Seattle with a cool album and another new song. I picked that one to set up the Fish and Tragically hip songs coming up. I’m sure I’ll be playing more soon. Jason used to be in a band called The Halogens and just released that new song. The Smittens began playing in the ’90’s but just put out a great new album so I saved them for the end. Well, I’ll be off next week for a WBKM event but will be back the week after and the week after.


Songs after
Blind To The Beautiful – Fish
Save The Planet – The Tragically Hip
Rainbow In The Dark – Liliac
Ever Reach – analog missionary
Moving – Kate Bush
I Shouted – Bee Bee Sea
Today Your Love Tomorrow The World – The Ramones
Without You I’m Nothing – Ace Frehley
The Revenge Of Vera Gemini – Blue Oyster Cult
I Shouted II – Bee Bee Sea
Icon Of Ego – Arc Iris
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
regular awesome programming

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