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Miku Daza and Faun Fables at Light Club Lamp Shop July 10, 2018   Leave a comment


Miku Daza pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music at Light Club Lamp Shop. It was one of those 8 hour work days where everything was far more needlessly complicated that it should have been. I soldiered through and brought a reasonable solution to most problems, then zipped home and settled.

I didn’t settle for long since I knew Miku Daza were going to throw some fiery music into the world. I took the walk downtown and caught a furious pace and sailed into the Lamp Shop just before showtime. They were still setting up so I chatted with a couple of cool people as I settled in.

Miku hit the stage hard and fast with their blend of klezmer/ska/punk/glam or whatever fury they bring us into. Parasite rocked and Flaca Daza rocked even harder. They took more of a punk turn on the next one then sang about paparazzi. We got off on a new one then they sang about how we sing and we dance. We Panicked on the next one then went to the funeral. They played a song with a gypsy vibe and a hip hop lyric which makes it what, gyp-hop? They closed the set with Frosty Pink Skies and the crowd was elated.


Mycelium My pic by Tim Lewis


The set break took a bit but Mycelium MC helped time go by with a couple of poems, and audience participation for car and bike sounds. I think he spoke about love and living.

Soon after, Faun Fables graced the stage. The lovely and powerful duo mixed up drums, acoustic guitar, electric 12 sting guitar, bass and wove a beautifully powerful spell. They sang about sleepwalking then followed it with a rocking Polish song about this youth of ours. They took us on a journey to a country house then sang about relationships that aren’t important. I think that one was called Roadkill. They featured a mournful flute on the next one then played a song with a classic, subtly powerful, Bay area sound. They sang a song about birthdays that I think was called Madmen And Dogs, then did their best to break my heart. The song about a mother and a piano stirred feelings that had been running though me all day. You’ve got to love it when an artist just cuts to the heart of the power and delicacy of life. The Lemmy reference in the intro to the one about moving backwards in time was joyous. They took us to the witch’s garden then ended with something that might have been about a burning sun. Their set was gentle and powerful and beautiful and fun and evoked a strong response from the crowd.

I hung out and chatted for a bit then took the lovely walk home. I love how much fantastic music arrives in our town.



Faun Fables pic by Tim Lewis





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Katy Hellman at Light Club Lamp Shop, Seth Yacovone at Nectar’s and Swale at Radio Bean July 29, 2018   Leave a comment


Katy Hellman pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music at Light Club Lamp Shop, Nectar’s, and Radio Bean. The days and weeks have been long, with occasional small promises of settled times in the future. I took a dive back into our scene on Wednesday, and I took a dive into Thursday. I was able to catch a nap in the late afternoon today and woke up in reasonable time for the first show. The promise of the chicken that my roommate barbecued kept me a little after my scheduled departure time, but set a nice base for the evening.

I walked out the door at 7:30 and waled in the Lamp shop door at 7:4. Katy Hellman was on stage playing bass and singing beautifully. I didn’t catch any details of the song, as I got settled,,but loved the way it sounded. She sang a song about unwanted pieces then followed with a Julia Caesar song about sticks and stones and mortar and bones that are used to build a home. She picked up a guitar and sang a song about not seeing women play guitars so she thought it was not an option. She played a song called Darling Thing. I think it was about the life cycle of peaches and flying. All the songs had the Caesar flair, but were so quiet, it was impossible to miss the messages. She pulled our an old song called Muted Green, then played a new song about the challenges in connecting with someone when you are constantly changing. She closed the night wit a song about how they are trying to take her mind. I’m so lucky to live in a place where I can walk down the street and hear music like this.



Seth Yacovone pic by Tim Lewis

She wrapped up around 8:30, and soon I booked out the door and headed to Nectar’s. Seriously, if you have any free time on a Friday from 7-9, you will find beauty, grace, and power when Seth Yacovone plays. He played a song about how everyone is stupid and how everyone is smart, and I was in a happy place. He sang a song about having the moon and the cheese that made me smile. He sang a song about just being free to breathe easy as his fingers hit magnificent heights on the fretboard. He read the crowd and tossed in Folsom Prison Blues then closed the night with Like A Rolling Stone. The end section where he chanted think, it ain’t legal yet, was super cool.

I wandered back to Radio Bean, got in and settled, and chatted with a couple of cool people. Soon enough, it was time for SWALE to play. Sometimes they open with tuning that seems to fall into a song, but tonight it sounded like they began by soundscaping, or Swalescaping. As the music coalesced, they rocked out Bright Lights Tonight. Release Your records referenced tons of vinyl jokes, and kept up the fun pace. They kicked it up hard with Safe To Say then unleashed Drug Laws. What a massively intense song. They slowed it down for the poignant Both Eyes Closed then pulled out an old song called Pay Attention. They started slow, built it into an epic, ripped out the sky, then let it ease back on Every Last One Of Us. They kept poignancy at peak level for Elevator and closed with a blistering Lawn Fire.

I did not hang out long, and took the lovely walk home. What a great night of music in our town.



Swale pic by Tim Lewis


The Nancy Druids at Light Club Lamp Shop May 29, 2018   Leave a comment


I had a great time seeing music Tuesday May 29th at Light Club Lamp Shop. I worked until 9, did a quick turnaround at home and walked downtown. I got in about 5 minutes late for the 9:30 show but the band were not on yet. I got nicely settled then The Nancy Druids opened with Sky. Just Another Day rocked hard and Vondle Park blew through my mind like a cool breeze. That is such a magical song. December had a nice shimmer and By Design caught everyone in the room. Sean’s singing and guitar playing were nice and it was cool to concentrate on the many leads that he let loose on us. Ann Mindell rocked the drums and gave most of the songs a sassy ending. Salvation soared then Bitter Days began with John getting a nice Rickenbacker thump. Can’t Remember Who You Were rocked hard and Disappear had a nice solo at the end. Halo blew the room away then they followed with the super catchy Sign. They closed the night by rocking The Space Between into the stratosphere. I wish you were there to see it.

I hung out for a bit then took the short and lovely walk home. I’m go glad the timing worked out so well and I was able to catch them again.

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Milton Busker at Light Club Lamp Shop March 5, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Monday at Light Club Lamp Shop. The show was billed as Milton Busker and the Grimish Work but it turned out to just be him. That was fine since it had been ages since I’d seen him play solo. With a grey suit, a rich mellow voice capable of soaring, and an acoustic guitar he began with a song about how nobody loves you down there. The next song was about grieving and loving and praying that you will stay with me. He played a song about turning your orbit around and one about liking my disguise. He played a great version of Tom Petty’s Angel Dream and followed with the meanest thing he’ll ever write. He let his voice fill every fiber of the room on that one. He sang about Jesus In Chains and about being without you. He had a tablet at his feet and used his toes to lay the eerie tone for Dogs At The Door. He played a song about traveling and making money called Baby Let My Money Keep You Warm. He sang a song with sad words and a happy melody about being a lost cause. He sang about all of the ghosts that he has known. He played a cover that I did no know about how God gives us problems to see how much we can take. Ordinary Day is one of the most catchy songs I’ve ever heard and he added a little foot keys in the late middle section. He sang of being made of stars and did a great version of Redemption On Pearl. He let us know there is nothing left to do but sing to the day and sing to the night then extolled us to settle down with Gravity. He played a song with no surprises and closed the night with My Fear Of Losing You.

I headed out quickly and was so grateful on the lovely walk home.


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The Nancy Druids and Cricket Blue at Light Club Lamp Shop March 3, 2018   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a week ago Saturday at Light Club Lamp Shop. I had a productive day at work, visited with mom for a while, then made it downtown just in time for the show. I got in and settled and noticed two people I was not expecting to see. They had their instruments.

My focus shifted to the stage as the semi-acoustic The Nancy Druids began to play. Joined by Ariel Toohey on cello they opened with a shimmering December. The Space Between and By Design let themselves shine in that gentler guise. John switched from bouzouki to accordian for a cover of Because. Ariel left the stage and the usual trio played a version of Vondle Park (?). that felt like a cool breeze flowing through a warm summer day. John moved to electric bass and the band rocked a bit as they found Salvation all around. Sean switched from acoustic guitar to electric 12 string and they pondered the way things might have been. They picked up the pace and rocked us with I Can’t Remember Who You Were. They played a new song called Bitter Days then regaled us with the shimmering pop of Disappear. They brought the pace back up with Halo and Ann Mindell showed us how hard you can hit the drums with brushes. I think they were pretty much done at that point but a few late arrivals missed Ariel’s performance so she came back for By Design and Because to close the night.

I hung out for the break and the previously mentioned unexpected duo took the stage. Cricket Blue opened with a kind of rocking song that may have been about incandescence. The way they weave their guitars and voices feels like magic and they continued on with a song about kissing frogs. They borrowed heavily from the book of Psalms for the next one and closed with a song cycle about burning effigies to ensure a bountiful harvest. Hearing Cricket play is always a treat and I’m so happy I was there.

I was pretty tired at that point but did hang out for one song by LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike, mostly for the name. They had an old school Burlington low-fi indie sound that brought back memories as I wandered out the door.



Cricket Blue pic by Tim Lewis


Ivamae and Thanya Iyer at Light Club Lamp Shop February 20, 2018   Leave a comment

IMG_8026 (1)

Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Tuesdays ago at Light Club Lamp Shop. I got in and settled right before showtime and Ivamae took the stage. She mixes a beautiful soft voice with a gentle electric guitar and has a way of transfixing the audience. I happily went along for the ride as she played songs like Underheard and Reality Of It All. She’s been hinting about an upcoming video for the latter and I can’t wait to see it. Nope had that “I can’t change the truth” lyric that is easy to fall into. I missed the details of the next few enchanting songs but reveled in every note. She closed the set with a song about falling out of place that featured looped vocals and guitar so it had a lovely lush feel. She was as amazing as always.

I caught Thanya Iyer once last year and loved their show. I was very excited to see them again. Their album Do You Dream features 19 songs and themes that flow as a whole. I listened to it a bit in the days before but was still delightfully lost when they began to play. They dove in and weaved a lovely spell of jazz and prog and several other genres. The songs flowed as one piece and I happily took the journey. At one point they settled into a drums only piece and Thanya chatted with us. She said that they caught Ivamae last time they were here and had to steal her to open this show. She spoke about it being the first night of their show then they dove in for the second part. All the songs flowed with grace and power and were truly delightful. It’s hard to describe how wonderful it was.

After they wrapped up I took the lovely walk home. It’s so cool when you see a band and like them and they come back and you have high expectations and they easily meet them. I’d go see them again in a heartbeat.



Thanya Iyer pic by Tim Lewis

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Maryse Smith with Michael Chorney and Francesca Blanchard at Light Club Lamp Shop February 19, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Mondays ago at Light Club Lamp Shop. It was the third night of the Maryse Smith residency and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I got in and settled and Michael Chorney took the stage with an acoustic guitar and began to play. He opened with a couple of winter themed songs. One was about going from the east coast to the west and I missed details about the second but it was well crafted and as lovely as all of his songs are. He said he was from down south in Bristol and told stories of jam sessions at a local establishment. He continued on with songs about not doing what we just did again and singing out loud. He closed his set with a song about Caledonia and everyone was in a happy place.

Maryse and Francesca Blanchard joined him, with Maryse singing and playing acoustic and Francesca just singing. Their voices blended as beautifully as they did the week before. Maryse’s and Michael’s guitars similarly wrapped themselves around each other in a breathtaking way. They opened with Good Thing and followed with I Forgot. They sang the song about heading off for the stars and the song she wrote in Philadelphia about grabbing your pen and writing about it. They sang about having half a mind and about wine clouding your mind. Hold Me was wonderful as was New And Strange. Liar was as sharp and poignant as ever and they closed the night with the lovely 15 Steps.

It was another brilliant night of music in our town.