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Bill Burrell and The Hutton Toohey Disaster at Radio Bean June 23, 2018   Leave a comment


Sean Toohey and Matt Hutton pic by Tim Lewis

I just got back from seeing some great music at Radio Bean. I arrived early and caught a set by Bill Burrell. He sang and played electric piano and was joined by a super relaxed spot on drummer. With a long finer reach that could hit interesting simultaneous notes, he had a bit of an Elton John sound. He sang about not being able to disarm memories and things not coming easy, and staying right here ’til this blows over. His set was strong and lovely.




Bill Burrell pic by Tim Lewis

The set break was reasonable then Sean Toohey and Matt Hutton took the stage. Armed with microphones and electric guitars they opened with Under Northern Sky. They popped back to the Warner Brothers album for Very Underground, then took a dive into the deep past. Seasons Change from the Spray 9 days was still cool today. They went back to the WB album for Mary then did another Spray 9 song called I Turn Around which filled my soul. Sean took off the guitar and sat with a six sting lap slide guitar and made Gold In California shine. He kept the slide going for Jet Pilot high, which had me singing almost all the words. They popped back to the Venus Envy days for 1,000 Lies then hit us in our love spot with Bloodboy. They stayed with the Envy theme for Falling In And Out Of Sleep and I Am Sunday. They hit us hard with Bomb and said that was going to be the last one, but previously a couple of people asked for another. The Possibility Shop filled my soul and made me sing it into the world. They called it a night after that and left us wanting to see what they would do two years from now, which seems to be their time frame. It was the kind of night that just makes you smile and fills you with joy.



Sean Toohey and Matt Hutton pic by Tim Lewis


Doomfuck, Smokestack Lightning, A Film In Color and Phantom Suns at Big Heavy World and The Onlees and Long Neck at ArtsRiot June 22, 2018   Leave a comment


Doomfuck pic by Tim Lewis

I had so much fun seeing music in the south end of Burlington tonight. I took the lovely walk downtown and got some food at one of the trucks behind ArtsRiot. The music was set to start a little later than I thought so I popped over to Dedalus Wine Shop, Market, & Wine Bar and had a stunning glass of Burgundy, and a nice chat with Emma, while standing on the lovely patio. I headed over to Big Heavy World and caught a set by the super-heavy Doomf*ck. With a woman on stand up bass and a woman on violin and guy on drums, they had a nice groove and a metal sound. Their instrumental songs had a rich doom and gloom sound that lit up the room. They were so luscious and heavy. I loved every moment and want to see them again soon.


Smokestack Lightning pic by Tim Lewis

I hung out for the super short set break and Smokestack Lightning hit the stage with fury. The played mostly instrumentals with a Sabbath sound. The guitar had a bass sound to give it bit of extra depth. They sang one song from an upcoming album, I think it was called Voyager. The rest were instrumentals that rocked hard. One guy danced hard for one song and the interplay between him and the bass player was classic. I think Chrusty Barnacles and Phoebe Zorn caught it on video.

There seemed to be some space between them and the next band so I popped over to ArtsRiot and caught a song by Three Onlees. It was a pleasant breezy pop song that sounded really nice.


The Onlees pic by Tim Lewis

I popped back over to BHW and A Film In Color were about to hit the stage. A recording of some ambient conversations played for a bit then the band exploded They quickly built into a sonic hailstorm at blistering volume. Have you ever heard a band that plays so loud that the sound is almost distorted but is somehow perfectly clear, and it feels like it’s cutting through space and time, and it lights up every fiber in your being? A Film In Color are that kind of band. They played several songs, none with vocals, and ebbed and flowed between staggering peaks, soundscaped lows and pummeling highs. It was a magnificent set.


A Film In Color pic by Tim Lewis

Again, the set break seemed not instantaneous, so I popped back over to ArtsRiot for a drink and a few songs by Long Neck . It’s always fun when people let out a whoo at the end of a song and the singer picked up on that and ran with it. The phrase “Where are my wolves at” was hilarious and spot on. They played with a nice rock sound and pleasant melodies. I think they played a song called Lichen that was pretty cool and a song about disassociating when driving. I think that was Milky Way. They played a sad song about a 10,000 year old woman then closed the set with a fast fun rocker. They were just great.


Long Neck pic by Tim Lewis

I popped back to BHW and Phantom Suns were on and rocking hard. Their ’90’s grunge sound is fierce and fun and it’s such a joy when they play. I caught a bunch of their songs and loved them all.

When they wrapped up, I headed out quickly. I said hi to David Zeidler who put on the show, then took the long walk home, with a Doomfuck t-shirt in one hand and A Film In Color album in the other.



Phantom Suns pic by Tim Lewis


Joe Adler & Jaco Schiller and Dan Blakeslee at Radio Bean May 26th at Radio Bean   Leave a comment


Joe Adler and Jaco Schiller


I had a great night of seeing music May 26th at Radio Bean. It had been a challenge to get out and see music. With lots of paperwork to deal with after mom’s death and working five 50 hour weeks in a row, I’ve mostly been coming home and collapsing. I put in a 10 hour day that Saturday but still had a little energy left.

I took the short walk down to the Bean and got in and settled. Joe Adler got up to sing and play acoustic guitar and was joined by Jaco Schiller on accordion. He added a nice flow to Joe’s strong songs. They began with a breezy Relax then ordered up some Coffee & Eggs. Joe leaned into the phone microphone for a beautiful version of Brothers And Sisters. They pulled out covers of Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel and Beck’s Asshole. They took a ride with Midnight Jones And The Jimmer then sang about how the friends you see every day slip away, and how tomorrow is just a game that we play. They sang about a Little Bird then took us on a trip to Atlantic City. They introduced us to Mr Siegal then sang about Old Mary. They had us sing along to Many A Girl and the room was hopping. What a great way to end the show.

I had heard great things about Dan Blakeslee but had never seen him. I hung out for his first set and enjoyed his singer/songwriter country sound. He sang about a bonfire in Burlington. He sang about being between the darkness and you. He graced us with a new song about not being a gambling man then told us how to stick it to the man any way you can. He pulled out a countrified cover of Just Like A Woman then sang about carrying you with me wherever I go. I think it was about being on tour. He was lively and fun when chatting with the audience between songs. He sang about a kitten and about how home is in the heart. I missed the details about the song that closed the set but it was as cool as the others.

I had to work early in the morning so I ducked out quickly after his set was done. I’m so glad I finally got a chance to hear him play and sing, and it’s always a treat to listen to Joe. What a great night.

Yea music!!



Dan Blakeslee


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The Nancy Druids at Light Club Lamp Shop May 29, 2018   Leave a comment


I had a great time seeing music Tuesday May 29th at Light Club Lamp Shop. I worked until 9, did a quick turnaround at home and walked downtown. I got in about 5 minutes late for the 9:30 show but the band were not on yet. I got nicely settled then The Nancy Druids opened with Sky. Just Another Day rocked hard and Vondle Park blew through my mind like a cool breeze. That is such a magical song. December had a nice shimmer and By Design caught everyone in the room. Sean’s singing and guitar playing were nice and it was cool to concentrate on the many leads that he let loose on us. Ann Mindell rocked the drums and gave most of the songs a sassy ending. Salvation soared then Bitter Days began with John getting a nice Rickenbacker thump. Can’t Remember Who You Were rocked hard and Disappear had a nice solo at the end. Halo blew the room away then they followed with the super catchy Sign. They closed the night by rocking The Space Between into the stratosphere. I wish you were there to see it.

I hung out for a bit then took the short and lovely walk home. I’m go glad the timing worked out so well and I was able to catch them again.

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Matt The Gnat And The Gators featuring Miss Saxy at Red Square June 7, 2018   Leave a comment


I had a great time seeing music at Red Square yesterday afternoon. Usually, it’s hard to get out on a Thursday to see music due to my radio show. I put it together in the morning, caught a nap in the early afternoon and thought I could make it downtown for the 4-6 show then make it home in time for the write-up.

The walk downtown was lovely and went quick. I could hear the band playing as I zipped by the alley and slid into the bar. I got a drink and wandered to the front of the stage as Matt the Gnat and the Gators were playing Done Saving Bones. Matthew Bryan Hagen has a deadpan lyric delivery and his hands quickly create simple sounding chords on the guitar. Caroline Marie mixes backing vocals and sax, and sang a section of one of the dark tales. Each song is a story that slowly unfolds, seldom with pleasant results. They sang about a drunk abusive mermaid on She Loved Selling Seashells By The Seashore. They sang about how Kids Run From A Falling Star. They sang about a man sitting in a bar wondering if he is Jack The Ripper on Born On Cobblestone In 1847. Remember when you were in a high school band and you looked at the moon and wondered if it was evil and out to get you? If so, Lady Moon is the song for you. Everyone has hitchhiked and been picked up by the Devil so One Day Closer To The Devil should become an international hit soon. Sweet Jesus told the tale of a man who had to break out of prison so he could get more cookies from his uncle Jesus to appease his fellow inmates. It did not turn out well. The band did an about face with the happy tale of how Miss Saxy lost her coat one winter night and found a replacement in the lost and found at the club. On the walk home she fell through the ice but the coat acted as a float and saved her. Since then they have been searching for the person who forgot the coat in the club, and exemplified it in song with Looking For Forgetful Louis Brown. They told a story of a woman who was about to cross the road but got her foot run over on the first step. One Wheel Mama never did let us know if she made it to the other side. Paper Doll was cool with the being flat and being an alcoholic wet nap jokes. They sang about a Cereal Killer in the morning and lamented how I Forgot My Baby At The Reunion Dance. They sang about A Rough Day For A Blue Collar, then things took an even darker turn. The story about the assassin who makes gumbo out of his victims came alive in The Snake Doctor’s Gumbo. There’s A Loss In Finding Innocence rang true as did I Love Your Perfect Disguise. They told the tale of the doomed spaceman about to burn up in the atmosphere and become A Cut In the Night Sky. They sang of the dangers of the man on the street begging for money and reaching for your ankles on Dalton Delaney. You know the old insult saying your daddy is the mailman? In Gatorland it became My Mama Was The Mailman. You’ll have to stick around until the end to find out who daddy is. They closed the set with A Monster’s Holiday.

I ducked out quickly and took the lovely walk home. I had plenty of time to get settled and let folks know what was happening on my radio show that night. I’m so happy the timing worked so well and I got to hear so many gators

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David Rosane & The Zookeepers at Cork Wind Bar and Market April 21, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturday’s ago at Cork Wine Bar & Market. The day began with the memorial service for my mom at the Williston Federated Church. After the service, and spending time with friends and family, my brother Ken and I thought we could use a little music.

We took the long drive to Waterbury and finally found the place. David Rosane was onstage singing and we were enthusiastically greeted by Jennifer Grossi and Don Sinclair. David played songs about no scary monsters and burying them and rocked out a nice Freeway. Soon after that Jen and Don took the stage and David Rosane & The Zookeepers were complete. They played a song about having a merry effing Christmas and one about having a fascinating life. They played a cool version of Grandma then played one about going home. Urban Country was great and so was the one about Devils and Angels. They played a song about telling the children what I’ve done and one that asks where my magic carpet is, before I hit the ground. This City was fun and Judgement Day kept me from being afraid. Ba Doom made me a feminist (and a lot of other ists) and Stardust For Dessert sent the usual chills. Hope In The Dark shone a powerful light and Sugar & Cream was sweet. They sang of a world with no enemies and one about my life out west. The Real World was cool and Break A Leg had a nice swagger. My Suicide was poignant and Today Is Mine took a hopeful turn. Waking up on the sunny side was nice and Paris Is For Love made me smile. They closed with something about liquid sunshine.

We hung out and chatted for a bit then took the long drive home. It was a long and beautiful day.


Zeus Springsteen and Edensong at The Monkey House April 14, 2018   Leave a comment


Zeus Springsteen pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturday’s ago at The Monkey House. It was one of those nights where the main band seemed cool and the opener would be great, so off I went.

I got in and settled and Zeus Springsteen started to rock. They had a huge sound and I think Chris Farnsworth had a new keyboard effect for his guitar. I didn’t know the opener, but loved it. It may be called Ossuary. They rocked out Rental and took a nice prog turn in the middle of What‘s Inside A Thing. Landlord and Signal Loss were fun then they pulled out a cover of Madman Across The Water. Your Funeral was cool and they talked about the video they did for it. They rocked out a couple more and closed the night with Lights Of Montreal. It was a glorious show.

Up next Edensong took the stage. They played a set of classic prog rock. They opened with a huge long song that followed a fun path. The whole set followed that vibe and I was in a happy place. They sang about the sixth day and asked us to fill in the blanks. They played a rocking fun song that took a lovely mellow turn then rocked hard. It should have ended the set but one guy asked if they would play more. They played a song about a cold city that should have ended the night. The guy asked for another and they played another 10 or 15 minute epic piece and I loved every moment. They finally called it a night and I took the lovely walk home with a smile on my face and epic song journeys in my heart.



Edensong pic by Tim Lewis

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