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Ouzkxqlzn, Community Garden, Grivo, and Father Figuer at The Monkey House September 11, 2019   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Wednesday night at The Monkey House. The walk to Winooski went quickly. I got in and settled, then wandered to the front and stood in awe as Ouzkxqlznbegan to play. She began by playing some cello parts and putting them into the loop. She added a little guitar and even had a microphone on a bowl so when she tapped it, a cool sounding beat entered the mix. The sound of a radio playing Runaway Train by Tom Petty entered the mix and the swirling sound was intoxicating. Characters arrived and told their stories then faded back into the music. Late in the set a character said we gotta move toward love then the distressed tape sound of Runaway Train returned. Lauren Costello finished the set on cello and I swear she was playing to the distressed sound rather than the song. It was a mesmerizing set as always.







Up next Community Garden began with a big flowery sound and a nice rocking flow. The bass was especially insistent all night long, whether the song was slow or fast. Though they played as a guitar, bass, drums trio there were some keyboard sounds triggered in the mix somewhere. They played songs about the new normal and about not sweating it. A song about brushing it off was cool then they played a really fun rocker. They played an appropriate song called Planting then closed the set with a song about being high. It was a really nice set and I’m very glad I was there.



Community Garden

A band from Austin called Grivo followed and let loose a huge wall of rocking sound. They began a bit slow with a song that was kind of bright and shiny and dark and sleepy at the same time. The sound built and built and cascaded in waves from the stage. They sang a bit but the voice was more of an instrument in the mix and the lyrics floated behind the veil of the music. It was a huge heavy show and I’m so glad I was there.




The set break was reasonable then Father Figuer took the stage. Armed with a new bass player, the band let it’s music flow from quiet gentle parts to a ferocious rock sound, before easing back down again. Most of the set was that familiar sound but a few songs were a bit more concise and almost poppy. The show was super fun and it’s cool to watch them progress as a band. They mentioned that they were recording a new album, so I guess we will find out where they are going soon. I had a great time listening to them play as always.

I hung out for a little bit then took the long walk home. It was another great night of music in our town



Father Figuer

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Troy Millette and Bethany Conner at On Tap Bar and Grill February 23, 2019   Leave a comment


Bethany Conner and Troy Millette


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at On Tap Bar & Grill in Essex. I had to work that early evening, but as soon as I could, I hopped into the car and drove to the show. I got in and settled as Troy Millette Music was finishing up a song. He dove into Mr Jones and may have changed the opening lyric but I wasn’t quite settled enough to be sure. I’m On Fire had a little Dancing In The Dark in the middle, then he filled my heart with Magnolias. I think the next one was a Taylor Swift cover then he brought up Bethany Conner Music to join him on his song Home. It sounded lovely.


He left the stage but she continued on with a song called Home. Her dad Greg Conner played cajon on a few songs and she played solo on several. She has an endearing voice and bright attitude. Her stories are as much fun to listen to as Troy’s so it’s great that they play together so often. She encouraged her friends to step back from that ledge then said hey soul sister. She played a cool song called Clearer from her upcoming album that I’m anxious to hear. Wonderwall was fun, then she played one about how even the best fall down. She played one about the boy who went away to college and didn’t come back called I Miss You, then played a newer one called Anchor that is quickly becoming a favorite. The line about how they call it the real world because you’re not allowed to dream always catches me. Drops of Jupiter sounded great then she played a song about the one that got away. She sang 1 2 3 better come back to me, then wrapped her set with Landslide. I really enjoy her songs and am enjoying watching her evolve. The future is unlimited.

Apparently, I had missed Bethany’s first set, caught some of Troy’s first set, caught all of Bethany’s second set, so it was time for Troy to finish off the night. He opened with an Atlantic City/Fast Car medley, then played a beautiful version of his song Brothers. He played a new song that said something in your love feels like home. He followed with Ghosts (Of What We Used To Be) and I was in a very happy place. He played another medley of ’90’s songs and emphasized the dance with somebody Whitney inspiration that he has found. He brought up Jesse and Steve from Shake and played a song about running around this town. They capped the night with Running On Empty and the crowd was in a happy place.

I chatted briefly then took the long drive home. I missed a lot but did catch 25 songs and had a great night.

Doom Service and The Bronzed Chorus at ArtsRiot July 31, 2018   Leave a comment


Doom Service


I had a great time seeing music Tuesday night at ArtsRiot. I wasn’t sure about headlining band Brit Brigade, who were playing music to a video game, but was sure about the openers. I got in a little early and had some tasty food from the restaurant. The music room was pretty full when I wandered in and it was soon time for Doom Service to start. They opened fast and hard and Jeff Foran broke a guitar string. Being the pro that he is, he grabbed his backup guitar for the second song and the band rocked out Monsters Are Due On Maple Street, complete with the Twilight zone opening. They got really heavy for Welcome To The Hellmouth then had the other Iron Sheik wake us from our awful dreams. They played a song for fans of Back To The Future and I was happily rocking hard. Scooby Doo introduced the Miner 49er They kept the show supernatural for Ectocooler and capped the furious 30 minute set with Jurassic Bark. They always put on a great show.

After a short break The Bronzed Chorus took the stage. With a fast guitar player, a super fast and precise drummer and a running keyboard sound they played instrumentals that sound like they would go great with video games. I loved the energy that they had but the songs would get into one groove and they would play it a while then get in another groove and they would play it a while. The second song had the same pattern and I knew I would not last long. I made it until the end of my drink and took the long walk home. It was a long hike to see Doom Service and was entirely worth it



The Bronzed Chorus

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Radio Show 254 Thursday April 19, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

Swale 016


Click here to listen


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm US Eastern Time Thursday April 19. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range – Roger Waters


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Since my last show America has attacked Syria and all sorts of salacious stores are crawling through the news. Let’s begin tonight with a couple of songs that speak about what news we consume and looking at the bigger picture.

1.) Film At 11 – Jason Baker
2.) Endless War – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter
3.) Practicing – Steady Betty
4.) Get Lost – Kelly Ravin Music

That’s the second song on Kelly’s new album Engine. The third song will come next week. Yea, I finally have a song by Steady Betty to play. Yea. Great songs from Jeremy and Jason about the information we receive and how we deal with it. OK, I’ve got a treat for you tonight. Let’s go back in time to a hot summer night out on a ferry boat. It was the first time they played in town and it made them legends. They’ve since played Vermont many times for many years to huge adoring audiences. This is the night that it all began.

5.) I’ll Believe In You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight) – The Tragically Hip
6.) She Didn’t Know – The Tragically Hip
7.) Blow At High Dough – The Tragically Hip
8.) Twist My Arm – The Tragically Hip
9.) All Canadian Surf Club – The Tragically Hip
10.) Every Time You Go – The Tragically Hip
11.) Bring It All Back To Me – The Tragically Hip
12.) Boots Or Hearts – The Tragically Hip
13.) Cordelia – The Tragically Hip
14.) The Luxury – The Tragically Hip
15.) Three Pistols – The Tragically Hip
16.) Fight – The Tragically Hip
17.) Little Bones – The Tragically Hip
18.) New Orleans Is Sinking – The Tragically Hip
19.) On The Verge – The Tragically Hip
20.) Last Of The Unplucked Gems – The Tragically Hip
21.) Another Midnight – The Tragically Hip
22.) Long Time Running
23.) Train Kept A Rollin’ (Get Along) – The Tragically Hip

That was the complete show that they did on the ferry. I hope you enjoyed the rock and Gordie’s wonderful rants. OK, so this next band just released a new album and are having a party at ArtsRiot tonight. Here are a few of the songs.

24.) Daily Mail – Paper Castles
25.) Acceptionalism – Paper Castles
26.) Monster Of The Week – Paper Castles
27.) Honest Little Me – Paper Castles

Great stuff from Padraic Reagan and the band. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:
13th Star – Fish
Born In The Water – The Tragically Hip
When Men Did Rock – Derek Smalls
Get Out Of My House – Kate Bush
My Old House – Andriana Chobot
Who Are These Gods? – Dam Kat
Give It Up To The Night – Bad Smell
East Jabip – REDadmiral
Caveman Blues – Ryan Ober and The Romans
Paycheck – Slingshot Dakota
Testify – Stevie Ray Vaughan
‘Till The End Of The Day – The Kinks
On And On – Michael Schenker Group
Yours Is No Disgrace – Yes
Smalls Change – Derek Smalls
Bel-Air – The Church Band
Forgotten Sons – Marillion
Ball Of Confusion – Love And Rockets
Heavy – Clever Girls
It’s A Miracle – Roger Waters
Amused To Death – Roger Waters
regular programming



Radio Show 250 Thursday March 22, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

Swale 016

Click here to listen


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG can be streamed from the website or here WBKM It will run from 9-11pm US Eastern Time tonight and go as follows.

Song before It’s Hard – The Who


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. It’s nice to see Spring and all that sunshine today. Let’s begin with a band of humans who will stand up to their robot overlords The Tsunamibots

1.) Complacent – The Brand New Luddites
2.) Garabato Funderal – Mal Maïz
3.) Tenderness – The New Siberians
4.) Acolytes – The Brand New Luddites

I can’t wait until they release the album where the Luddites and the Bots have it out. Great rocker from the Siberians and cool piece by Maiz. This next band rocked this song hard last Saturday at The Skinny Pancake Burlington

5.) Everyone Likes To – SWALE
6.) Destroying Everything They See – Blue Button
7.) Mad Reactor – Blowtorch
8.) Captain 20 – Barbacoa
9.) Mad Mary Jonnes – THE VACANT LOTS

The Lots will be in town tomorrow at Foam Brewers. Blowtorch and Barbacoa will be at ArtsRiot tomorrow. Button rock hard. Swale too. This next band will be at Rathaus on Saturday.

10.) Super Battle Droids – Grease Face
11.) Monsters Are Due – Doom Service
12.) Ornan – Dirty Blondes
13.) Sugar Coated Candy Stix – Dino Bravo VT

Cool rockers from Dino and the Blondes. Doom will be at Big Heavy World on Saturday. OK, let’s keep rocking.

14.) Queen Of Hostility – Doll Fight
15.) Nowhere Feels Like Home – Fire The Cannons
16.) Falling In And Out Of Sleep – Envy
17.) A Different Machine – Elephants of Scotland

That’s a nice new remix of the song. Envy rocked us in the 90’s, Cannons rocked us in the 00’s and Doll rocked us in the ’10’s. OK, lets keep rocking.

18.) You Will Fall – Kelly Ravin
19.) Send Him The Bill – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
20.) Waiting – ROUGH FRANCIS
21.) Can’t Feel It – Vetica

Vetica always rocked hard. Francis just booked a show in May. Cool song from Phil’s upcoming album. Kelly is amazing. OK, let’s keep rocking.

22.) What’s Inside A Thing – Zeus Springsteen
23.) Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely – Black Rabbit
24.) No Magic – Hellascope
25.) Willow II – Tyler Daniel Bean

Great rocker from Tyler. Hella are amazing. Great Husker Du cover from Rabbit. The Zeus and Rabbit songs were recorded at Robot Dog Studio. As we move into spring the darkness is ample but the light is shining in.

26.) Shadow And Act – Invisible Homes
27.) Shadow Puppets – The Mountain Carol
28.) Give It Up To The Night – Bad Smell
29.) Alone In The Night – Andriana Chobot
30.) When The Nights Get Long – Carraway

I hope you enjoyed the journey between dark and light and the rest of the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:
The Field – Fish
Little Bones – The Tragically Hip
The Devil went Down To Georgia – The Charlie Daniels Band
Evil Never Dies – Judas Priest
Something I Drew – farm
Part III The Nightmare – Children in Paradise
Children Of The Grave – Black Sabbath
Children Of The Sea – Black Sabbath
Children Of The Sun – Judas Priest
Stargazer – Rainbow
Signify – Porcupine Tree
Then – Yes
Smalls Change – Derek Smalls
Man On The Side – Joshua Glass Music
regular programming.

The Nancy Druids and Cricket Blue at Light Club Lamp Shop March 3, 2018   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a week ago Saturday at Light Club Lamp Shop. I had a productive day at work, visited with mom for a while, then made it downtown just in time for the show. I got in and settled and noticed two people I was not expecting to see. They had their instruments.

My focus shifted to the stage as the semi-acoustic The Nancy Druids began to play. Joined by Ariel Toohey on cello they opened with a shimmering December. The Space Between and By Design let themselves shine in that gentler guise. John switched from bouzouki to accordian for a cover of Because. Ariel left the stage and the usual trio played a version of Vondle Park (?). that felt like a cool breeze flowing through a warm summer day. John moved to electric bass and the band rocked a bit as they found Salvation all around. Sean switched from acoustic guitar to electric 12 string and they pondered the way things might have been. They picked up the pace and rocked us with I Can’t Remember Who You Were. They played a new song called Bitter Days then regaled us with the shimmering pop of Disappear. They brought the pace back up with Halo and Ann Mindell showed us how hard you can hit the drums with brushes. I think they were pretty much done at that point but a few late arrivals missed Ariel’s performance so she came back for By Design and Because to close the night.

I hung out for the break and the previously mentioned unexpected duo took the stage. Cricket Blue opened with a kind of rocking song that may have been about incandescence. The way they weave their guitars and voices feels like magic and they continued on with a song about kissing frogs. They borrowed heavily from the book of Psalms for the next one and closed with a song cycle about burning effigies to ensure a bountiful harvest. Hearing Cricket play is always a treat and I’m so happy I was there.

I was pretty tired at that point but did hang out for one song by LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike, mostly for the name. They had an old school Burlington low-fi indie sound that brought back memories as I wandered out the door.



Cricket Blue pic by Tim Lewis


My mother is dying and I’m trying to stay strong. February 15. 2018   Leave a comment


Carol Lewis pic by Tim Lewis


Is it Friday yet? I kind of hope not.

Four Friday’s ago I went up to the ER because they brought my mom in due to a very painful headache. Her cancer returned this fall and she went through radiation in November and early December. I thought that by four Fridays ago she’d be healing. They checked her out and did a scan that didn’t show anything bad. They guessed that it might be a reaction to coming off the pain meds she had been using. I drove her home.

Three Fridays ago I was on lunch break when my supervisor said they took your mom to the ER. I headed up and met her there. She had been reaching up into a cupboard for something, felt faint, then almost passed out and fell into a chair. She has had a blood clot for a while, likely brought on by one of the cancerous nodes pressing on a vessel. They though it was just that motion that blocked the blood flow, and the blood thinners would lessen the blockage soon. I drove her home.

Two Fridays ago we had an appointment to check in with the radiation oncologist at the hospital. No need to go to the ER at all. She had a PET scan earlier in the week and we would see the results of the radiation therapy. That oncologist sat down with Ken and I and explained that the treated area showed improvement but the cancer had spread to a mass behind her eye, a spot in the back of her head, spots in her lungs and in her clavicle. We spoke to the chemo oncologist and he was ready to help her get a bit stronger and start immunotherapy. She was feeling weak and wanted to be admitted to the hospital. I didn’t drive her home that night.

Last Friday Mom, Ken, and I met with the oncologists and palliative care nurses and doctors to discuss the best plan going forward. Mom had gone through too much pain and was too weak and decided that going through rehab would be too much. She would move to Respite House where they could make her comfortable. She was moved over into a lovely room on Saturday. The staff have been inundated by the staggering amount of visitors. She has touched a lot of lives. Ex-Governors and movie stars would be jealous of the amount of love she is receiving. I visited her on Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday but not Wednesday. Ken visited her that day. I saw her today and she is alert and my Mom.

I will spend as many moments with her as I can, but I’m beginning to hate Fridays.




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Happy Spangler and The Nancy Druids at The Monkey House and Julia Caesar and Clever Girls at Radio Bean January 27, 2018   Leave a comment


Happy Spangler pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music on Saturday January 27th. It was one of those days where there were six or ten great shows in town and decisions had to be made.

I got out of work and hung out for a bit then took the long walk to Winooski. I got in and settled at The Monkey House and realized that the first band on was one that I knew nothing about and really wanted to see. Happy Spangler took the stage for their debut show. With Barbara Richmond on bass, Kirk Flanagan on guitar and vocals and Michael Bradshaw on drums and backing vocals, they had a pop punk sound that brought me back through the history of Burlington’s music scene while firmly planting me in 2018. Kirk was a great front man and introduced most of the songs and they opened with one called Dave Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. They played a song about bringing you flowers when you wanted drugs. They played a song called Baby Please and one about breaking the night. They played the brand newest of the new songs called Never Let Me Go then played another love song. They sang about a sweet bit of honey and told the true story of having never seen it coming. They played a fun song called Hawks and closed the set with Elvis Costello’s Waiting for the end of the world. It was a great beginning and I can’t wait to see them again.

Up next The Nancy Druids began playing their gorgeous rock and roll music. They opened with the Sky all around them then brought us back to December. They played a powerhouse version of By Design and followed with the newish song Salvation. Just another day had that heavy rock stomp and Halo featured Ann Mindell‘s explosive drumming. They played a cool new song called Bitter Days (?) then took us on a walk through Vondle Park (?). I Can’t Remember Who You Were was epic and Sean went way off on The Space Between to close the night. They are an amazing band.



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis

There was one more band at the Monkey House but I decided to try and make it to a second show. I walked back into Burlington and waited in line for a bit at Radio Bean. I had heard a lot about, but had never seen, Julia Caesar. I was still outside when they began but I could hear reasonably well and my first thought was Zola Turn. Their songs had nice melodies and rocked hard. I made it inside after a couple of songs and found a place to enjoy the rest of the show. The songs had a great strength to them and I reveled in their power. They played a song about the ground and a new one about a holy ghost. They played a song about being down below the ground and closed with one about hearing me now. I definitely need to see them again and get to know their music. They are amazing.



Julia Caesar pic by Tim Lewis

Up next Clever Girls took the stage and kept it rocking. They opened with Tell Me No then shouted out the 1 2 3 4 intro to Loose Tooth. They played a new song I did not know but really liked then played an intense version of 45. They played more songs from their upcoming album such as Catch And Release and Loom. They closed the set with a heavy rocker that always gets me going. They are such a great band. I can’t wait for a new album so I can get to know their songs even better.

I didn’t hang out too long but did chat with a couple of cool people. The walk home was short and easy and I was in a blissfully happy place.



Clever Girls pic by Tim Lewis


Andriana Chobot and Ivamae at Radio Bean December 29, 2017   Leave a comment


Andriana Chobot pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music on Friday at Radio Bean. It had been a long week and I was hoping for a quiet night since I had to work early on Saturday. My Facebook feed showed no shows that I was invited to but something was nagging somewhere. I went to Radio Bean’s site and looked at the calendar and there it was.

I got bundled up and took the lovely walk downtown. I got in and settled in time for the 8:30 show Andriana Chobot sometimes plays with a band and sometimes plays solo but either way her songs are amazing and she plays them so well. She was solo that night and opened by just singing and tapping out a beat on the microphone. It was a cool song about the day that I die that somehow made me smile happily. She fired up the keyboard for a song about going in for the kill and going in for the kiss and we were off. She sang about saying what love is and played a bouncy and appropriate song called Stay Warm. My Old House has a riff that has been stuck in my head every day since the show. Not I is just a gorgeous piece of music. She sang a song about driving your daddy’s T-Bird and spending the night on a hill overlooking the city. Dig Him rocked nicely then she sang that there is nowhere to go but here. She took a quick break then came back with a lovely version of Another Day. She played a song about a heart beating then jammed a bit on Neon. She closed the night with a gentle Cascade and my heart was just filled. Her songs and playing are so great that I always want to be in the room when she is on.

Of course, when I checked outt the Radio Bean calendar earlier I looked to see who was on after. Wow. I hung out for the long set break and chatted with Andriana for a while then Ivamae took the stage with her lovely voice and electric guitar. Usually, I get lucky when I see her as the audience gets quiet when she plays but at 10:30 on a Friday there were people who were chatting in the audience. She turned up the guitar a bit and nicely made her way through the din. She opened with a cover of a song called Plastic and alternated covers and originals throughout the show. She played a song about seeing sunshine and rain. She played a song that will have a video soon called Reality Of It All. She sang a song called Tender Me and one about how every day feels like a holiday. She tossed in another cool cover then played Mama and Homecoming. She played a song called Sober, one called Alone then played a Feist cover. Just Like A Star sounded nice as did Just The Two of Us. She played a song called Nope and closed the 15 song set with a song about how you shall be fine.

I headed out pretty quickly and took the lovely walk home. It was a lot of effort to get out the door but I was heavily rewarded for it.



Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis

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Linda Bassick at Radio Bean December 18, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Monday at Radio Bean. The show was set for 8:30 and I had to work until 8. I got home at quarter after, almost faded, then pushed myself out the door. I made good time but it was about 8:45 when I arrived and Linda Bassick was on stage and sounding great. I caught a little bit of a song (ain’t nobody?), as I settled in then she played a new song maybe called anything about you. She followed with an older song about what to say and do then tried to bring on some holiday cheer with a bluesy rocking Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. She mentioned that it was almost time for her to play on the next Moody Blues Cruise and extolled the virtues of Rod Argent and The Zombies. She loved the chorus in their big hit song that goes Hold Your Head, Woman, Hold Your Head High then played the song. She followed with an old Lulu song called To Sir With Love that Mellow Yellow often cover. She sang about loving you more than yesterday, said how she recorded and album with Kirk Flanagan, played One From Two, and closed the night with a song about it not being over. She is such a great singer and strong guitar player that even though I missed a quarter of the show, I was so happy that I put in the effort.


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