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Matt Hagen’s Shocktober series at Light Club Lamp Shop part 2, Matt The Gnat And The Gators featuring Miss Saxy, October 24 2019   Leave a comment


Photos by Luke Awtry Photography

I had a great time seeing music last night at Light Club Lamp Shop. I got going at the last minute and took the quick walk downtown. The clock finished striking 7 as I was 50 feet from the door. I slid into the club and Matt the Gnat and the Gators featuring Miss Saxy were on stage singing a song about a witch doctor making gumbo. The fourth night of the weekly Shocktober series was off to the usual dark start. Matthew Bryan Hagen‘s stark guitar and deep voice were nicely complemented by Caroline Marie‘s mournful sax and choice backing vocals. They continued on with a tale of someone who was Done Saving Bones then sang the tale of a man who’s dog found a human bone in the neighbor’s back yard. It was called Two Dirty Dogs. Up next was a true story of a man who’s life was saved on a frigid night by finding an abandoned winter jacket. Much time was spent afterwards Looking For Forgetful Louis Brown. Paper Doll was fraught with several hilarious jokes, then things took a darker turn when a hitchhiker got picked up by a nefarious character. I believe the song was called One Day Closer To The Devil Man. A cheery tale followed from a man who lived on a cobblestone street in 1847 and suffered blackouts and wondered if he is Jack The Ripper. I believe the proper title is Born On Cobblestone In 1847. From there we went from tremendous highs to stupendous lows in Frozen Winning Streak Of A Gambler. A tale of a man in a space capsule that was out of energy and heading towards the atmosphere, in a bad way, changed perspectives to that of a child on earth who sees the capsule burning up and experiences it as A Cut In The Night Sky. They closed the night in a joyous fashion and celebrated A Monsters Holiday.

I said a couple of quick hellos, but was out the door with haste. The walk home was quick and I had enough time to get that night’s radio show running. Next week’s show is Surf Sabbath and I may need to go see that one too, since I’ve made it four of the four so far.

Thanks for the pictures Luke Awtry Photography   





The Radio Bean Birthday party with many bands November 3, 2018   Leave a comment


Danny LeFrancois

I had a great time seeing music Saturday at Radio Bean and Light Club Lamp Shop. Every year, at this time, The Bean throws a birthday party and celebrates with music all day and night. This year they turned 18 and had 102 scheduled acts. I got going nice and early and arrived a little after 8am. I chatted with Molly King and Loren for a bit then Danny LeFrancois took the stage. Apparently, his band The Parts slept in, so he played the show solo. He began playing acoustic guitar and built a loop. He added a bit of voice and let it go as he moved back to the drum kit and rocked for a bit. He returned to guitar and vocals for a cover of a Petty song that was subtle and cool. He played a couple of sweet original songs that made me smile, then said thank you good morning.



The Steph Pappas Experience

Up next Loren grabbed his bass and headed to the stage. He was joined by Ted Looby on guitar and the mighty The Steph Pappas Experience began to rock. Steph has a strong voice and is a great guitar player too. Several audience members joined in on percussion as she sang about cowyboys and waterboys. She wrapped the three song set with one about going out on the highway. She’s so cool.



Seth Eames and Miriam Bernardo

I hopped into the car and drove to work. I put in a 9-5:30 shift then zipped home. I dropped the car and took the lovely walk downtown. I wasn’t sure where they were on the schedule and did not recognize who was a the Lamp shop, so I slid into the Bean and caught a couple of songs by Miriam Bernardo and Seth Eames. He had a nice voice and played acoustic guitar. Miriam has an incredibly soulful voice and it’s always a treat to hear her sing. They sang a duet on a song about going away to the promised land then she regaled us with a song about how surely you were meant to be mine. It was wonderful.




Joe Adler and friends

I stayed at the Bean as Joe Adler and his huge band scrunched themselves onto the stage. Joe’s deep voice lead the way as they rocked out a song about going down the road. They followed with Tom Waits’ Bella Ciao then let it slowly slip into Come Together. The audience had fun singing along. It was a great set.



Caroline O’Connor and Adam Frehm

I peeked into the Lamp shop and someone was setting up so I hustled back to the Bean and soon it was time for Caroline Marie to take the stage. She played keys and laid her sultry voice on us as Adam Frehm added some sweet electric guitar. Her long flowy gentle smokey rock sounded great. The first song had a nice trance vibe as did her second, Disco Shaman, through that was a little more uptempo. Both sounded great and I was in a happy place for every moment.



Navah Stein

I stayed at the Bean as the next act, Navah Stein, set up a table on stage. A couple sat at the table and poured spagettin out of a pot onto the plates and grated some Parmesan on top then began to eat. I wasn’t sure where they were going with it and took a chance and headed over to the Lamp shop.



I timed it perfectly as Ryan Ober and The Romans began to play. They oozed talent and played a couple of really cool rock songs. They played an older cover that I did not know from 1951, and had the crowd rocking. Bob Wagner sat in on the last song and it sounded like an old blues rock song. Towards the end Ryan and Bob had twin ripping guitar leads going and it was a wonder to behold.



Brett Hughes and the Honky Tonk band

I popped back to the Bean and Brett Hughes and the Honky Tonk band were on. They played a song about a lawyer then a sweet one about hearing a whistle blowing last night. The last song had a ’50’s noir surf rock feel as they sang I’m coming home. Lowell Thompson ripped out a sweet lead that kept me smiling.



Francesca Blanchard

I popped back to the Lamp Shop and Francesca Blanchard was about to start. She sang a song about an ex-girlfriend that was pretty amusing. She played a delightful new song about how the world is turning slightly off kilter. She closed with a gorgeous cover of Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love. I love her music so much.




I meant to head back to the Bean to catch Kim Jordan but they said it was at capacity so I ducked back into the Lamp Shop. Ivamae got up to play and the room became pin drop silent, as usual. With a strong voice and a quiet electric guitar she emits a ton or power and melted me from the first note. Her second song was a cool one called Honey Bee and she wrapped up the enchanting set with one that ended tell me what you might be.




It was getting close to a crucial time so I ducked back to the Bean and was able to get in. I got settled as SWALE took the stage. They opened with Eric Olsen singing a powerhouse version of Eighteen. I love that Alice Cooper song and they did a great version of it. Up next was a brand new song called Shrug It Out that was cool. I think it was about how we can see everyone you’ve ever been. They closed with a cover that I did not know but loved. It was a dark heavy rocker and Amanda Gustafson let loose her powerhouse voice. It was an amazing set.




I think Brett and Kat were going on in the Lamp Shop but it looked crowded so I stayed at the Bean to catch Yes Darling. They were a duo with Ryan Montbleau singing and playing guitar and Haley Jane unleashing her powerful voice on us. They had a whole act of a bickering couple that was quite amusing. They played songs about kissing your lips then punching you in the face and how you would be cool if you reached your potential. It’s hard to describe how good it was, but everyone in the room had a smile.



Yes Darling

I hung out at the Bean as Anal Knievel took the stage. You can guess what he began talking about.



Anal Knievel



Paper Castles

I ducked over to the Lamp Shop as Paper Castles began to play. Their relaxed off kilter flowing pop music was a beautiful place get lost in. The music was airy and joyous and I loved going with the flow. They ended the three song set with one about how I’m all right and kept me smiling.



Paper Castles

I headed back to the Bean and Osage Orange were on and playing a song about a medicine girl. They had a cool low fi indie sound that kept me in a happy place. They did a nice version of Buddy Holly’s Everyday then closed with a song about seeing my ghost in the darkness. They are so cool.



I had been bopping between the Bean and the Light Club Lamp Shop, but at this point, I just settled into the Bean for the rest of the night.

Up next, the mighty Miku Daza took the stage. Their sax player was missing but the power trio charged ahead at full rock throttle. They sang about not needing you and how you don’t make it easy so I’m gonna make it hard. They played a powerhouse version of Flaca Daza, and late in the song Sugar the clown made an appearance. She stood on the bar at the back and dove into the arms of the audience. She was carried to the front then danced madly on and off the stage. The band let Flaca transition into Panic and we danced hard. Before the last song the band removed their shirts. Don’t worry, Miku had a bra and the guys had tape over their nipples so no one had to be shocked. The band ripped up a killer version of the song about the tree I’m climbing and called it a night. Wow.



Miku Daza

Up next, Jeremy Rayburn got up to speak. He was very glad that the eighteen year old Radio Bean would not be drafted, and said other nice things about the wonderful place.



Jeremy Rayburn

As he spoke, the band set up behind him. When ready, Cave Bees hit us hard and heavy with Juliet. They followed with another cool new song called Happy Man. It had a ripping bass line and Creston let loose a killer lead guitar break. They followed with another brand new one called Future Now that was really good too. They kept the pace at full speed for Golden Goose and closed the set by rocking the Queen City tonight. It’s always a great time when they play.



Cave Bees

Dre followed with a story about meeting someone at the Bean and going on an adventure. It was fun, and she used it to describe how many people have met at the Bean and gone on to create wonderful stories. She did a nice job capturing the magical community that inhabits the Bean.




As she left the stage Nico Suave and the Bodacious Supreme began to play. They opened hard and heavy with Over The Hills And Far Away. Nicole’s powerhouse voiced filled the room. They stayed with Zeppelin for the whole set and ripped up Heartbreaker. I thought they might let it go into Living Loving Maid but they took a turn and dropped it into Communication Breakdown. It was glorious.



Nico Suave and the Bodacious Supreme

On the side of the stage Matt Matthew Bryan Hagen MC rapped out a couple of amusing songs. I missed the details of the first one, as I got another drink, but was locked in for the second as he spilled the beans. Such an appropriate song.



Matt Hagen MC

A trio who identified as robots and binary followed. The Tsunamibots taught us to surf and rocked us hard. They sang of the surfing craze in the robotic age and murder robots on holiday. They wrapped the set with a song about a young robot trying to catch its first wave, then sang CO2 You Later. I love them so much.



The Tsunamibots

Up next, The Eames Brothers Band band took the stage and turned the night a little bluesy. The first one had slow smokey sound and was about missing you in the night. They took us back to the days of old and locked into a long cool relaxed blues jam. They sang a song about how it’s been a long time coming up to this day, then closed with a fun funky song. They are immensely talented.



The Eames Brothers Band

The stage emptied then filled with Kat Wright and her amazing band. It was late at this point and I was tired but basked in the gorgeous glowing music that they treated us to. Kat’s voice was right on and the band were super tight, even if the horn players had to be on the other side of the sound desk. Bob Wagnerr played a sweet lead on guitar during the second song and the whole room swayed for their entire set. They closed with a super cool version of The River. I don’t see them nearly as often as I would like, so I’m really glad I stuck around.



Kat Wright

Lee Anderson came up to speak and told a couple of stories about this wonderful place he has created. A cake appeared and we all sang Happy Birthday.



Lee Anderson


The Birthday cake

At this point I needed a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains, but I had to hang out. Julia Caesar opened the set with a brand new song about singing, for it’s the thing that they do. They followed with a familiar song about how it was winter when she chose to blur the lines. Megan Wild Rice had a ripping guitar lead break on Nosedive, then they closed with another brand new one. I think it was about Mars changing direction. They are always amazing.



Julia Caesar

I was exhausted but loved the next band too, so I had to stay for one more set. Preece came on as a trio with Jer Coons playing bass. Their blistering fast loud indie rock was full of joy. They opened with Waste Of Time then followed with Girl In My Bed. I missed the names of the last three but rocked hard to all of them. Preece are truly amazing.

There was at least one more band, but I just had nothing left. I ducked out and took the short walk home. The Radio Bean birthday party is a great opportunity to check out music and I’m so glad that I did.




Physics Club and Swale at Light Club Lamp Shop December 23, 2017   Leave a comment


Physics Club with Tyler Bolles pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at Light Club Lamp Shop. The walk downtown was a little challenging with lots of puddles on the sidewalks hidden by snow, but I made it intact and got in and settled in plenty of time for the show.

The evening began with a sad note as Abraham was unable to attend. This left Irene and Rex as Physics Club to face off in a battle of wills, and judging from the white tops, potential judo. They sang cheery songs about how nobody wants to see your business in Washington DC and about spending Christmas time alone and not going out. They sang a delightful piece about how they were gonna be mad and one about eating too many candy canes. Delicious honey ham was a recurring theme. The songs were so wry the audience was on the verge of cracking up for the whole show and often went over the edge. The band wondered what Santa was mad about and how Christmas is a time we give gifts to Jesus, since it’s his birthday. They hoped we were happy with what they made us since they did not have any money and sang about fruitcake. The whole show was measured with restraint and surly discussions between the band members that were played for maximum enjoyment. They were joined by a banjo player for a song about drunk Uncle Ricky at the holiday party then Irene ripped off the white robe and clad in bright red and belted out a song about how everything smells like Christmas. I doubt I came close to capturing how funny the show was, but if you ever get a chance to see them, do so.



Physics Club turning into Swale pic by Tim Lewis

Up next SWALE took the stage. Amanda Gustafson was still in the post Irene red and Jeremy Frederick left Rex aside. They began the evening by calling Ashley Betton to the stage. She has a huge voice and made Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) sound amazing. Tyler Bolles sang about Christmas in the drunk tank on a fun version of Fairytale of New York, then they brought John to the stage to sing about Dominic The Donkey. It was silly and fun and featured some serious Hee Haws. Ryan Ober joined them for I Can’t Have A Merry Christmas Mary (Without You) which rocked nicely. Mele Kalikimaka added a little warmth to a chilly evening. Caroline Marie was just there to see the show but the band pressed her into service for Wham’s Last Christmas and of course she rose to the occasion and made it sound great. Swale rocked us around the Christmas tree then played a funky instrumental Jingle Bells. They brought Ashley back for This Christmas Shake A Hand then referenced their video for Baby It’s Cold Outside as Amanda sang It’s time to take a break, then stopped. Tyler picked up the banjo and everyone in the room recognized Hallelujah until he started singing the delightfully altered lyrics about Santa and the Grinch and about how Leonard hated what people did to his song. The crowd was in awe and sincerely sang the title part at the end of the song over and over a few times. It was magical. They brought Ryan back for a rocking Run Run Rudolph, and he stayed for a hop hop song (Christmas In Hollis?). Urian Hackney was just there to see the show but the band pressed him into service to sing Merry Christmas I Don’t Want To Fight and his deep voice sounded great. Tyler sang a song about dancing the Christmas polka then Eric Olsen surveyed the crowd to see who would sing the next one. A woman named Emily agreed and took the stage and did a great job on Feliz Navidad. Brett Hughes was sitting in the audience but played the bells on the next one as they brought Ashley back to sing Happy X-Mas (War Is Over). They closed the night on a quiet note. Swale played gently and let Matt LaRocca’s violin lead as the audience sang Christmas Time Is Here and you could feel the gentle joyous emotion floating in the air.

I did not stay too long after it ended and took the challenging walk home with a heart full of joy.


Ashley Betton


Matt LaRocca on violin


John singing about Dominic the Donkey


Ryan Ober




Urian Hackney




Radio Bean Birthday Party November 5, 2016   Leave a comment

Joe Adler and the Rangers of Danger at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Joe Adler and the Rangers of Danger at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music at Radio Bean and Light Club Lamp Shop last Saturday. For their birthday each year the Bean always throws a huge party with tons of bands. The show goes from 8am to 2am with almost every band in town. I usually stop in early, then go to work, then come back in the evening. Last year I took the day off and stopped in several times. This year my work schedule changed and I open on Saturdays and did not think I could be at work at 8:20 after stopping in.

It was a long tricky work day. I got out at 5, stopped quickly at home and arrived at the Bean at 5:30. Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger had just finished a Pj Harvey song as I got in and settled. Joe Adler was joined by Dalton Muzzy, Caroline O’Connor, Eric “Regal Segal” Segalstad, AaYa Segalstad. It was a nice version of the Rangers, who always seem to be a slightly different band. I did not know the two songs they played. The one about the wicked witch and the Dead Sea Scrolls sounded familiar and was nicely rocked out. The closer about I’ll go soon featured a hyper distorted frenzied guitar workout from Eric and I was in a happy place.


Note from Joe Adler & The Rangers Of DangerAlways a pleasure to see you in the audience Tim! Glad you made it. The second song was an original called Fight or Flight, the final song was a Radiohead deep cut called How Can You Be Sure.”



Honky Tonk Band at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Honky Tonk Band at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


It was a quick changeover then Brett Hughes and the Honky Tonk played some old school country songs. He played guitar and was joined by a bass player I did not know, Jeremy Frederick on drums, a pedal steel player I did not know and Marie Claire Johnson on vocals. Brett sang most of the songs though Marie took lead on the second one. It’s been far too long since I have heard her sing and she always sounds great. They played three songs, mostly about whiskey, then called it a night. It’s not my favorite genre but they played it so well that I had a great time.



Swale at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Swale at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



SWALE were up next and came out rocking. I did not know the opening song with the lyric “sound the alarm” that Tyler Bolles sang (Lawn Fire by The Pants per Tyler), but it was pretty cool. The band rocked hard on Jack Sharp then eased off with the lovely Waiting For You. Since they had learned the Paranoid album for a show they played last week, they ended the set with a blistering Fairies Wear Boots. It was great.



Cave Bees at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Cave Bees at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


Another quick changeover resulted in Cave Bees taking the stage. They rocked as loud and hard and as fast as always. They opened with Sweet Pussy then played the newer song Juliet. Another newer one that I don’t know the title of kept things rocking hard. The song about being saved by rock and roll, I think it might be called Queen City, was brilliant. They closed the set with Flight Of The Alligator and the whole room was rocked.



Caroline O'Connor at Light Club Lamp Shop November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Caroline O’Connor at Light Club Lamp Shop November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I was not sure who was on left, so I looked at the schedule then immediately ran to the Lamp Shop. Caroline Marie was on stage playing Ritual as I settled in. She created the usual loops with voice and guitar then picked up the sax and blew through the lovely end section. For the next song she set up a backing track with herself on bass and Jane Boxall Percussion on drums and played guitar and sang the gorgeous song Fly. I was elated for every note and that song ended the set.



Silver Bridget at Light Club Lamp Shop November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Silver Bridget at Light Club Lamp Shop November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


The next band looked familiar so I did not move. Silver Bridget have a beautiful sound, rock a bit, and play some familiar songs. They feature John Townsend on acoustic guitar and kick drum, Matt Saraca on electric guitar and Johnnie Day Durand on the musical saw. They played great versions of Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon, Love Me Tender, and caught the full room by surprise when they pulled out Creep. It was short, but magnificent set.



Tom Banjo at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Tom Banjo at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I popped back over to the Bean and saw one song from Tom Banjo and his Cranky Show. He seems pretty happy and optimistic and it was his visual aid that is cranky. He has a box with a scroll of thin paper with lots of images and a strong light behind it. Lee Anderson stood behind the machine and turned the cranks to load in each image as Tom told a story of a cat getting into lots of adventures, but always coming back. It was fun.



Osage Orange at Light Club Lamp Shop November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Osage Orange at Light Club Lamp Shop November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I popped back to the Lamp Shop and Osage Orange were on. They are a trio with a low-fi indie sound and have something compelling about their songs. One song may have said something about they could not stop us from dreaming. They finished with a new song about an arms dealer who falls in love with an herbalist. The constant refrain of I Would Sell My Guns For You was pretty cool.



Brian Parmalee at Light Club Lamp Shop November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Brian Parmalee at Light Club Lamp Shop November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I caught a couple of songs from Brian Parmalee. He played keys and set up loops and played bass and sang. It was a nice lush sounding set and I think the last song was called Fetch.



Steady Betty at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Steady Betty at Radio Bean November 5, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I headed back to the jam packed Bean and found a place to stand in the back and got into the swing of Steady Betty‘s set. Kat Wright and Miriam Bernardo sounded fantastic as always on the lead vocals. Caroline played bass, so I got to see her in thee bands, which is always cool. They opened with Cupid then played the one about anything to stay boy. Linda Bassick took lead vocals for her song about change is coming. Joy In The Morning followed and was divine. They closed with the song about still being in love with you boy. Everyone in the room was dancing and having fun.

At that point the length of the day caught up with me. I headed out and had a lovely walk home. I only saw 10 of the 80 bands who played but had a great time while I was there.


The Ramparts, Sad Turtle, Caroline O’Connor, The Canteens, The Mountain Says No, Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band, Zeus Springsteen, and Heavy Plains at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016   Leave a comment

South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I had great time seeing music Friday night at the Art Hop. There were a ton of great bands playing, and I knew I could not catch them all, but had a few that I thought I really wanted to see. Most ended up playing in the same place. I knew where most of the bands would play but was not sure when they would go on, despite putting a little effort into researching times. I knew I wanted to catch Sad Turtle and they were playing around 6 at the Green Door showcase, but most of the rest of the times were a mystery.

I got out of work, did a quick stop at home, grabbed a half of a sandwich to eat and took the long fast walk to the south end of Burlington. The show location was listed as 4 Howard St and it only took a bit of walking around, and listening, to find the alley behind the building where the show happened. I walked in and The Ramparts were on and playing a groovy tune. I think I completely missed the first song and walked in on the end of the song that mentions without warning. As I settled in they began Spaceship and I recognized it immediately from last Wednesday. I happily settled into the groove and loved it much more than before. The next song had a nice refrain of always be giving and seemed to be about destiny. Since there were lots of bands playing all the sets were short. They wrapped up their fun dancey grooving rock set by being joined by Sareet Rosenstein for a fun cover of Your Love by The Outfield.



The Ramparts at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Ramparts at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



During the set break I chatted with some friends and noted the board that listed the bands who would play and their set times. Almost every band that I wanted to see would be right in that alley, so that made it easy.

The set break was fairly quick and soon Sad Turtle took the stage. I had never seen the band but knew most of the players. They play all instrumentals and have some cool grooves punctuated by some rocking guitar and sharp drumming. Lead by the keyboard player, who’s name eludes me, they have an indie rock jam jazz sort of sound and have a nice flow to the music. Jake Styles bass keeps a nice groove while the keys flow along and Justus Gaston rocks out a bit on guitar and the super fun to watch Jeremy Gartner hits each drum beat with dramatic flair. The songs all have fun titles such as The Words Are Colliding And George Is Getting Upset and Detective Norman, and Bidets And Confused. A couple of the songs had some solid rock and roll moments and I enjoyed the six songs that they played. I will have to check them out again soon.



Sad Turtle at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Sad Turtle at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



During the set break I wandered through some of the nearby buildings and saw a ton of fantastic paintings and other forms of art. We have a lot of talent in our town.

Up next, Caroline Marie took the stage and played a solo set of electric guitar, her lovely voice, and looped songs. Her music has an elegant style and a beautiful flow. The songs tend to start a bit simple and get more complex as she adds the earlier parts of the song into the loop. By the end of the first song, True, she had such a full sounding song going she put down the guitar and played a gorgeous sax solo into the mix. It sounded fantastic. The second song was similar without the sax and had a refrain of feel my strength. Since the whole show was running 30 minutes late she was going to stop there but they said she could play another one. She triggered a backing track with her on bass and Jane Boxall Percussion on drums and played guitar and sang over it. Fly is such a cool song and sounded great.




Caroline O'Connor  at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Caroline O’Connor at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



During the set break I saw even more art and was even more impressed by the talent in this town.

The Canteens were up next and played some ethereal soft rock songs about whiskey and other things. With Justine Poole on acoustic guitar & vocals & drums, Kelsey Ackerman on violin & vocals, and Michael Sheerin on cello their sound was almost country or Americana but not quite either. Soft rock does not quite describe it either since the sound is mellow and quiet but the songs have a huge strength to them. I really enjoyed listening to the five songs they played. The third song opened with Ackerman playing something in a box that sounded like chimes before the song went into a heavy rocking section and they added a little bit of Chim Chim Cher-ee towards the end. They finished the set with a song about following the rain which had a driving rock ending. I definitely need to check into them soon.



The Canteens  at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Canteens at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



In the next break I ventured into the bar area and said hi to Matthew Stephen Perry. I got a small easy to drink beverage and headed back to the alley quickly.

With a nice dark alley and eerie lighting The Mountain Says No took the stage with a roar. They opened with a killer version of The Bomb. They shifted into the moody and intense Be Like Ryan then went back to full on rock for Restaurant. They rocked another newer one that I don’t fully know yet, but really like, then kept it hard and heavy with You Say You’re Alive. Ricky The Rider kept the party going then they eased up a bit for Blanket’s Fine. They came back at full force for I Know Right and called it a night. They are such a fantastic band and that was another legendary show.



The Mountain Says No  at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Mountain Says No at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I knew Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band were on behind the Maltex building so I ducked out of the alley, walked down Howard and across Pine st, which had been turned into a pedestrian zone, and without entering the packed tent, caught a song and a half from the band. I was pretty close to the stage and the sound was surprisingly good considering the speakers were not facing me. The band sounded great as they played a smooth easy song that had the refrain of who’s your fool. The song had a long couple of endings and was expertly played.



Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I headed back to the alley, thinking I had plenty of time. Apparently the set break was super short and I walked in on the last note of the first Zeus Springsteen song. Rats. I settled in as the rock trio made up of singer drummer David Evan, guitarist Chris Farnsworth and bassist Josh Shedaker rocked as hard as Mountain. All of the songs are well written and have a unique flow and are really good. I’m just getting to know them. I loved the first fours songs I saw and loved the fifth, Lights Of Montreal, even more. They wrapped the set with TV On The Radio’s Wolf Like Me and I was happy.




Zeus Springsteen at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Zeus Springsteen at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I knew Heavy Plains were playing at Speaking Volumes at some point but did not know when. After Zeus I raced over, and they were on the stage. I walked up fairly close as the band, who were playing in a garage door, looked out at the audience that was shrouded in the darkness of the night. With a brand new rhythm section they had a bit of a different sound, but still brought some rock and roll firepower. I did not recognize any of the 5 songs that I caught but there was some blistering rock and roll and it was so great to see Luke Awtry play some super lead guitar. Hopefully, they will start playing a bunch of shows soon and I’ll really begin to catch their new vibe.




Heavy Plains  at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Heavy Plains at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



It wasn’t super late at that point, but I had to be at work super early the next day, so I took the long walk home. Despite all the intense rock and roll that I heard all evening, the super bouncy Spaceship ran through my head as I bounded home. That sound is surprisingly addictive.




Caroline O’Connor at Light Club Lamp Shop and The Snaz at Radio Bean August 5, 2016   Leave a comment

Caroline O'Connor at Light Club Lamp Shop August 5 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Caroline O’Connor at Light Club Lamp Shop August 5 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Friday night at Light Club Lamp Shop. I got out of work at 7:30 and had plenty of time to make it down to Radio Bean by 8:30. I’ve appreciated Caroline Marie‘s music for ages and was happy to get a second listen of some of the songs on her upcoming solo album. All of the songs had that drifty ethereal sound most recently heard on the second Vedora album. For the show Caroline created lots of loops to get a nice full sound and sang and played electric guitar over them. Two of the five songs that she played saw her creating a full song out of the loops and she put everything down, picked up the sax and just wailed away. New songs like True and Forward were pretty cool, the latter of which had intense lyrics about moving on after relationships end. The reworking of Ritual was pretty cool as was the closing song Fly. The set was short, but the songs were pretty sweet and I was in a happy place.



Caroline O'Connor at Light Club Lamp Shop August 5 2016 pic by Tim Lewis  2

Caroline O’Connor at Light Club Lamp Shop August 5 2016 pic by Tim Lewis 2


The Snaz at Radio Bean August 5 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Snaz at Radio Bean August 5 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I originally thought The Snaz would play at Radio Bean, then saw they were scheduled to go on after Caroline at the lamp shop but they ended up playing at 10pm at Radio Bean. Fortunately, it’s just a few steps away. I did not have to wait long until they hit the stage with their swinging rock sound. All of the songs have a nice bounce to them and plenty of lyrical and musical hooks. They played classics like Try And Try And Try and Running Away From Home, but the real stars of the show were the new songs. They played a few, including one that will have a video coming soon. It was fun to try and figure out where they were going. I really enjoyed the 14 song hour long set and am excited about the possibility of a new album soon. After the last note rang out, I took the short happy walk home with their music giving me a little extra bounce with each step.



The Snaz at Radio Bean August 5 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Snaz at Radio Bean August 5 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

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Caroline O’Connor at Radio Bean Wednesday March 30, 2016   Leave a comment

Caroline O'Connor at Radio Bean March 30, 2016 photo by Tim Lewis

Caroline O’Connor at Radio Bean March 30, 2016 photo by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music at Radio Bean Wednesday night. I saw the listing for the show last week so I eagerly anticipated hearing what Caroline Marie O’Connor would play.

I ran into Samara Lark Brown as I approached the Bean, then ran into Eric Segalstad and Joe Adler. Just before Caroline went on, Christopher Larrow stopped in. With everything set to go, Caroline took the stage solo. She played guitar and sang over prerecorded bass and drums. She used lots of loops to created a lush full sound. The set was short, she only played 5 songs, but they were all really good. All of the songs were from her upcoming solo album. They have that flowing powerful sound that graced the second Vedora album, and I really enjoyed all of them. She played Into My Skin, True, one that I missed the title of, Fly and an especially transfixing song called Ritual.

Even though I really wanted to hear more of her wonderful songs, I was content to realize that the show was what it was. I hope she has a bunch more songs and that her solo album will be great. Judging from what I heard Wednesday, I think it’s a sure thing.