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Milton Busker And The Grim Work at Summervale August 15, 2019   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Thursday in the Interval in Burlington’s swath of farmland. Throughout the summer there is a fun festival on Thursdays with lots of families, fun activities, food, and music. I had a long day, but the schedule looked like there was a bit of a gap, so I took the lovely walk to Summervale. I chatted with a couple of cool people and stood in line to get some food. The band went on earlier than expected so I listened from afar for the first couple of songs.

The sound was pretty good off to the side as Milton Busker and the Grim Work lit into a song about letting you down. They followed with a cool version of The Basement Song, and followed with That Person Aside You. It was lovely as always, and I finally got settled into a nice spot on the ground in front of the band. They kicked up the pace for Glad To See You Go and I was in a happy place. Up next was a song I did not know. It was a wry tale of how we thank good guys with guns, set to a funky musical flow. It made me smile. Lost Cause followed and had some especially nice guitar mandolin interplay between Dave and Jom. Jesus In Chains has that great message and sounded powerful when Milton let his voice loose at the end. They slowed it down for a gorgeous Baby Let My Money Keep You Warm, then they raved it up for a fun cover of Men At Work’s Overkill. This got the little kids up and dancing and running and having a blast. They played a song that sounded new that was about how it all comes down to the face you wear or market share or something. It was very cool. They kicked up the pace for a cover of Driver 8 and closed the set with their take on Eleanor Rigby.

At that point it was about 7pm. I thought about staying for a couple more songs, but realized that it would really be best to just go home and get set for my radio show later that night. It was a really lovely time and I’m so glad I caught what I did.

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Joe Adler And The Rangers Of Danger at Summervale in the Intervale August 8, 2019   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music yesterday in the Intervale Burlington. I have the radio show and the full write-up about it to do on Thursdays, but thought it would be nicer to catch 45 minutes of music than none. A little after 5:30 I took the lovely walk down to Burlington’s farmland, and wandered into the event space. I got some tasty food and found a seat on the ground near the band.

Joe Adler and the Rangers Of Danger opened with a funky cover of One World (Not Three) and kids began to dance from the first note. They followed with a soaring Brothers And Sisters and I was in a happy place. They mostly stayed with Joe’s album Many Things And Many Scenes, but a cover of Canary In A Coalmine was fun too. They sang about cloudy minds and how there are many lines to tow. After a bit, my clock said there was time for one more before I had to go work. One More Cup Of Coffee seemed an appropriate last song.

I dropped my food remains in the compost bucket and walked up the hill listening to the band play Relax. It would have been nice to be there for the full show but I’m so happy I caught what I did.

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Swale at Summervale in the Intervale July 6, 2017   Leave a comment


Swale pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music at the Summervale festival in the Intervale on Thursday. It was a lovely lightly windy day and a little before 6 I took the familiar walk to the site which is right next to my workplace. I got a burger and had just enough time to eat it when SWALE took the stage. Often bands will take a bit of the edge off the music since it’s a family event every Thursday throughout the summer, but Swale opened strongly and brought the rock. Release Your Records had a nice edge They stayed with the new album with All Down Tonight which has a nice groove and rocks at the end. Loser and Elevator were buoyant as the kids ran around and danced in front of the stage. They took a quick break as Chelsea from the Intervale Center got up to thank a few people and a gentleman from Citizen Cider did the same. They came back with the slow ebb of the swale with Dimedrop and kept things mellow with a sweet version of Middlesex. A song about what goes on followed then they covered Dylan’s The Man In Me (I think). They played a slow dark song about having a hard time living the good life then showed us how to do it Old School. They turned on a dime and went into full rock mode for Jack Sharp then delighted the crowd with a family song called Surrender. Mommy, Daddy, we’re all alright. Amanda Gustafson stepped off the stage and belted out Rebel Girl then danced around the circle with the kids as the band rocked at full blast. It was cool that the kids in the audience liked the faster songs. It bodes well for the future. James Kochalka happened to be in the audience so they brought him to the stage. He entertained the kids with a song about hockey and monkeys. He told us about a new shape and asked what’s the deal with the Triangle. He had the audience participate on Why Is The Sky Blue and purred out part of the song. He left the stage and Swale stayed in peak rock mode for Faeries Wear Boots. They eased up a bit for the gorgeous If You Get Lost. They did a slower than usual Popular Crowd then sang a song about seeing the bright lights tonight. They rocked out Joyless then eased off for the searing Black Boys On Mopeds. Eric Olsen made the lyrics to Everyone Likes To a little more kid friendly and they closed the night with Waiting For You.

I said a quick hello goodbye and Eric gave me my copy of the new album There’s No One Here. I raced home and did the write-up of that evening’s radio show then relaxed a bit and listened to it. I played a lot of Swale songs on my show that night.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the pictures!!!  All pictures in this post are from Luke.







Jame Kochalka singing with Swale


Rebel Girl!!!


Swale at Summervale in Burlington’s Intervale July 2, 2015   Leave a comment

Swale at Summervale Julu 2 2015 pic by Tim Lewis

Swale at Summervale Julu 2 2015 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Thursdays ago. Every summer there is a festival that happens each Thursday in Burlington’s Intervale. It’s an area of farm land on the north side of town, just off Riverside ave, and about 2 feet away from my job at Gardener’s Supply Company. There are lots of food vendors, fun and informative workshops for kids, and they always have a band. You never get bands at their full intensity, since they take it easy on the volume and a large percentage of the people dancing to the music are under 10 years old. Even still, sometimes a bit of musical magic can happen.

This year the festival began on July 2nd with one of my favorite bands, Swale. They were set to go on at 6 and I was a little slow, thinking they might go on closer to 6:30, but as I neared the entrance they began with a sweet version of Old School. I grabbed some dinner from Bluebird BBQ, found a seat on the ground close to the band and was delighted as they moved through their set. They kept things smolderingly mellow with Soul Piggy Bank and Waiting For You, then picked up the pace a bit with I’ve Got A Feeling. They followed with a cover that I did not know, but liked, the went back to their own songs for Dimedrop and Golden Crutch. Some stage announcements about the Intervale Center followed, then they went back to the music with a gorgeous version of Middlesex. They let Joyless rock out a bit and kept up the energy with C’est La Vie. They followed with another cover song I did not know, but loved the way Amanda Gustafson belted it out. They followed with a stunning version of If You Get Lost, then let things really rock with Everyone Likes To. Eric Olsen effortlessly swapped a couple of lyrics, too many jackals trying to get in, and stuff like that, in honor of the young crowd, and rocked the guitar hard at the same time. Tyler Bolles‘ bass kept all the songs super solid and Jeremy Frederick‘s drumming gave the push and articulation to make all the songs wonderful. His harmony backing vocals were quite nice too. They followed with a cool cover of The Velvet Underground’s What Goes On then played another cover I did not know, but liked. A killer version of Maybe I’m Amazed followed and Amanda sang it like a champ. A cover of the Mama’s & The Papas Make Your Own Kind Of Music was great to hear while sitting on the lawn on a sunny day. Another cover followed then they played Beaten Down. At this point, I was checking the time, since I had a radio show to do later. Who would have guessed they would have played such a long show? They played a couple more covers then pulled out a great version of This Is Not The Photograph. At this point it was 10 of 8 and I had to go. I reluctantly walked away as they released a highly appropriate version of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day. As I walked up Intervale road I could still hear them playing the song as I passed the depot. I’m assuming they ended the set at some point, and I was sad to miss some of it, but was elated to catch all that I did. When I made it downtown to to do the local music radio show that starts at 9, I had to open with Soul Piggy Bank. Hmmm, Swale. Is there anything they can’t do?