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Ivamae and Best Fern at Radio Bean and Thanya Iyer and The Mountain Carol at Light Club Lamp Shop November 22, 2017   Leave a comment


Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Wednesday at Radio Bean and Light Club Lamp Shop. I had a pretty quiet day off but as the clock approached 9, I got motivated and got out the door. I took the lovely walk downtown and got in and settled as Ivamae got ready to play. It was just her with an electric guitar and a powerful voice and a crowd who was willing to listen. I’ve seen her a couple of times and the audience seems to quickly become reverent when she begins. That night was no exception. Her songs don’t have catchy hooks or choruses but there is something magical to the sound that makes her shows compelling. She opened with a stunning version of True Hue then sang about how freedom is just a state of mind. She sang about tender me then covered a song called Sober. She played another cover about being a victim of a foolish heart then played one of her own called Homecoming. She just shot a video for the song Reality Of It All and regaled us with a lovely performance of it. She played a Feist song about wishing I didn’t miss you. She closed with a jazzy song called Nope which featured the line I can’t change the truth. It was a wonderful show.



Thanya Iyer pic by Luke Awtry Photography

I popped over to the Lamp Shop and a band from Montreal called Thanya Iyer were onstage and playing. This was the last night of a long tour before heading home and they sounded completely locked in. They were playing some infectious synth pop as I got settled but then the sound turned to jam then rocked a bit as it came to a close. I think it was about rising up. I’m not sure if the next song was one long song or a series of them but it started with bird sounds and lovely keys then fell into a jazz jam prog rock sound. The drummer gave the song a hypnotic feel and I was just amazed. They wrapped up the set after that and I’m so glad that I caught as much as I did. They are definitely a band to watch for.



Thanya Iyer pic by Luke Awtry Photography

I popped back to the Bean and another band from Montreal were ready to play. Best Fern said they were really good friends with Thanya and neither knew the other was playing that night. Kudos to whomever booked those shows. Fern are a duo with a woman on guitar and vocals and a guy on electronics. They began with a soft mystical sound lit by chimes and wispy vocals. They played delicate and gorgeous songs about waiting and wondering if you love you. They sang about how you can do anything that you want to and remarked about how present the audience was. They sang a song called I Will Try and closed the set with a song about when you’re dead. It was a beautiful show.



Best Fern pic by Tim Lewis



The Mountain Carol pic by Tim Lewis

I headed back to the Lamp Shop and got in and settled as the other band I meant to see started to play. The Mountain Carol began with a Roxy Music sound and played a long song or a series of songs about having the vision. As it went along and took fun twists and turns I was elated. At one point it had a bit of a Doors sound and went for about 20 minutes. Up next was an upbeat jazzy song about dancing alone that made me smile. They played a couple more that were really cool and called it a night. That was the second time I’d seen them and would go back again in a heartbeat.

I popped back to the Bean and caught part of a song by Guthrie Galileo. It was just him on keys and vocals and he played a pop song with a big sound. I was pretty wiped out by then so I took the easy walk home, but I really should check out his music soon. Even on the night before Thanksgiving there is amazing music in our town.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the pictures of Thanya Iyer



The Mountain Carol pic by Tim Lewis


Eastern Mountain Time at Light Club Lamp Shop and The Green Flames and Zeus Springsteen at Radio Bean November 15, 2017   Leave a comment


Eastern Mountain Time pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Wednesday’s ago at Light Club Lamp Shop and Radio Bean. When I was young we would sing country songs at family gatherings, and it was nice but when I discovered rock and roll, music became exciting. My mom played organ in church so I had a love of huge swirling sounds ingrained early and that continues to this day. I was a metal kid until I started dating girls and learned to like more gentle music too. In the last few years I’ve opened up to enjoying music that doesn’t rock, but could never quite get a love for country music.

I’d seen Eastern Mountain Time a few times recently, and on paper I should not like them, but in reality, I find something compelling about their music. I even really enjoyed the eight, or so, times they played Gary Stewart that night at The Monkey House. I was genuinely excited for the album release show at the Lamp Shop and took the lovely walk downtown and got settled in just before the show began.

They opened with the first two songs from Mountain Country. Done My Time and Berlin After The War are both fascinating songs to listen along with. The sound was lush and driving and I was in a happy place. They followed with an older pretty rocker about bright lights and stormy weather. They sang about being pushed southward when it’s starting to snow. They sang about taking it anyway you want it, though drummer Danny LeFrancois said it was about sitting in a bar on a Wednesday. They played an older rocker that said please please, I can change, tell me what you need. Jason Pappas was steady and strong on the bass and Ben’s pedal steel and keyboard work was phenomenal. The band left for a bit and Sean Hood sang and played guitar on I’ve Had Enough Too and Birds Of Park Slope, both of which are outstanding songs. The other three returned to the stage and they played something about maybe he fucked up the time change or just couldn’t wait. The line about having should have left but ordering a double instead in There’s A Gary Stewart Song About this is just great. They played a poignant version of Tom Petty’s Crawling Back To You, then played a song about it being cold in December. They played a song that said it’s all that I am and they closed the set saying don’t knock on the door like you’ve been here before. The audience would not let them go and demanded an encore. They took us for a drive down to Galveston and called it a night. They were absolutely wonderful and filled my heart with joy.



Eastern Mountain Time pic by Tim Lewis

I popped next door to rock out and checked out the band that was playing first. The Green Flames had a jazzy sultry funk sound going and played an instrumental with a big rock section. They lent their musical style to covers such as Down Under, Spooky, Billie Jean, Run Through The Jungle and Sledgehammer. A jazzy version of Golden Slumbers closed the set with a big rock finish that kept me smiling. They were a lot of fun.



The Green Flames pic by Tim Lewis

About 12:30 Zeus Springsteen hit the stage with a roar. They played a blistering rock set that had me entranced. They opened with the old Lobot song Light’s Of Montreal then played a bunch of songs that I hope are on their upcoming album. They played Your Funeral and Signal Loss. They played Space Whales and Landlord. They sang about wormholes and car bombs. They played a song called Eventual and followed with an Interstate Love Song. They capped the hour long set with Dindone and What’s Inside A Thing and I really want to get an album so I can get to know their music inside and out. Every time I see Zeus I have a great time and love the melody and power of their music.

I took off pretty quickly after they finished, but did manage to set a date for a Robot Dog session that was confirmed the next day. That should air December 21st. I’m so lucky to be able to get to hear three completely different bands in one space. Our town is constantly amazing.



Zeus Springsteen pic by Tim Lewis


Aaron Flinn, Seth Yacovone, and The Full Cleveland at Nectar’s November 11, 2017   Leave a comment


Seth Yacovone and Aaron Flinn pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturday’s ago at Nectar’s. I had taken the day off and spent the afternoon at a friend’s wedding. I got home at 6:30 then did a quick turnaround but still arrived about 7:15. Aaron Flinn was on stage with an acoustic guitar. His voice is strong and his guitar playing otherworldly and I quickly became enchanted. I think he was playing something about walk on son. He tossed in a few riffs of The Beatles song Birthday, since it was the WBKM birthday concert that night. He followed wtih his unique take on Here Comes The Sun. He played a new song about how there is so much love locked away in the world. He played a Randy Newman song called God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind) which was pretty great. He played an instrumental where his hands danced over the guitar strings seeming to never touch them yet still evoking staggering notes. He played the super-fun Miss Ready Blossom that made me smile all the way through. After that song Seth Yacovone came to the stage and sat next to him. Seth played an acoustic too and they played a cool version of Aaron’s song Raise Your Hand. A couple of notes into the next song made my jaw drop as they settled into Cowboy In The Sand. By the end Seth’s guitar lead was so furious it sounded like he was playing an electric. Who would have imagined that two players with acoustics could have such a huge sound? Up next was a Seth song about Martha which sounded great. Aaron left the stage and Seth continued solo with a song about rocking to the end of the line. He played songs about the end not controlling the means and being on the run when the highway is his home. He played something that was surely dangerous and a song about time fading away. He played a fiery song about how everyone is exactly like you where he used a slide and got a tremendously furious rock sound going. He kept the slide for the next song but it was more mellow and bluesy and was about having no expectations. He played a song about the spirit that lives in this place and gave it a huge rocked out ending jam. He rocked hard on a song about being a union man then played a blistering Mr Reed. Since it was Neil Young’s birthday too, he played a super cool version of Powderfinger. He brought the energy to full blast for Little Richard Will Rise Again then called it a night. Between the two of them I got to see 22 glorious songs. What a way to start a birthday.



The Full Cleveland pic by Tim Lewis

Still to come was Craig Mitchell’s Prince cover band but before that The Full Cleveland took the stage. They filled the room with people happily dancing. They opened with a song with a reggae vibe about being only a fool. They followed with something about get it right and seeing the light. From there all of the songs became familiar. They settled into a series of ’70’s soft rock songs like I’d Really Love To See You Tonight and I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You. The audience loved it as I slipped to the back of the room. They played instantly recognizable songs like I Want To Kiss You All Over and How Long Has This Been Going On. They Sang Baby Come Back and Steal Away. They Played Sailing and Reminiscing. I was pretty firm in my decision to stick it out for the next band as Cleveland played She’s Gone and Thunder Island. At that point it was getting late and I had to work the next morning. When they began to sing about Pina Colada’s, with no end in sight, I made my escape and took the lovely walk home.

I heard later that the Prince tribute was amazing. I wish I had caught a little of it but can only do as much as I can do.



The Full Cleveland pic by Tim Lewis

Radio Show 233 Thursday November 16, 2017 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

Swale 016

Click here to listen:

Tonight’s local music radio show will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time Thursday November 19. It can be streamed at WBKM.ORG or from our Facebook page here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Beautiful Day – U2


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a heck of a day.

1.) Judgement Day – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
2.) Stormy Day – Robin Gottfried Band
3.) Ordinary Day – Milton Busker
4.) Just Another Day – The Nancy Druids

Any day in a well lived life can be any of the above. OK, let’s move on to the last song on the Surf Sabbath album. This is a surf rock mashup between Penetration by The Pyramids and Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath

5.) Sweet Penetration – Surf Sabbath (The High Breaks)
6.) The Summer Of Andy – The Cancer Conspiracy
7.) Immigrant Trio – Soule Monde (Ray Paczkowski & Russ Lawton)
8.) Loser – SWALE

Great song by a band who specialize in speaking about hard feelings and who wrap their words in beautiful melodies. We all feel like losers now and then so make sure you have a few good friends to help you out of that feeling when you get there. Great music from Ray and Russ. Andy is a classic from the ’90’s. Cool surf mashup from the Breaks. I’ll start a new album to play all the way through in a couple of weeks. This next band just released a great new album. Here are a few songs.

9.) I Guess I’ve Had Enough Too – Eastern Mountain Time
10.) Since I Quit Drinking – Eastern Mountain Time
11.) There’s A Gary Stewart Song About This – Eastern Mountain Time
12.) Done My Time – Eastern Mountain Time

Great songs from their new album Mountain Country. This next artist just put out a great new album too. It’s called Caveman Blues.

13.) Sit Right Down – Ryan Ober and the Romans
14.) Caveman Blues – Ryan Ober and the Romans
15.) Supernatural – Ryan Ober and the Romans
16.) Cemetery Walks – Ryan Ober and the Romans

Ryan’s been playing great music in our town for a long time and his new album is excellent. Last Saturday was WBKM’s 10th birthday party at Nectar’s. This next gentleman opened the night and played a great version of this song.

17.) Miss Ready Blossom – Aaron Flinn
18.) I’ll Get Wise – Anachronist
19.) Under Bright Stars – Alice Austin
20.) The Night Syd Barrett Died – Colin Nicholas Clary
21.) Be Like Ryan – The Mountain Says No

You should be yourself but if you ever want to be like someone else, being like Ryan is cool. Great song that name checks many local venues by Colin. We were so lucky to have Alice play in our town for so long. Great songs from Anachronist and Aaron. This next band just put out a brilliant new album called Justice Or Else.

22.) Skybot – Blowtorch
23.) S. Fiction – Blowtorch
24.) Clockwise – Blowtorch
25.) Gamma Ray – Blowtorch

Great stuff from a great band. OK, let’s keep rocking.

26.) Frank’s Hot Sauce – Green Chapel
27.) Purple Sorceress – KiefCatcher
28.) Bridge To Panda Chaos – Zeus Springsteen
29.) Cowgirl In The Sand – Seth Yacovone
30.) Mr Reed – Seth Yacovone Band

Seth also played the WBKM birthday party. He played a great version of Mr Reed and he was joined by Aaron Flinn for an amazing version of Cowboy. Zeus rocked Radio Bean last night. Cool rockers from Green and Kief. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. I’m off next week for Thanksgiving but will be back the week after to do it all over again.


Songs after
Sunsets On Empire – Fish
Killing Time – The Tragically Hip
I Love The Night – The Contrarian
Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip
Song About The Ocean – Dino Bravo VT
The Naked Garden – Peg Tassey MUSIC
Moving – Kate Bush
Not I – Andriana Chobot
Lovely Day – gneiss
Tic Toc – Doll Fight!
Fractured Mirror – Ace Frehley
On And On – Michael Schenker Group
Megaphone – Joshua Glass Music
regular programming.



Sarah Blacker and Aaron Katz at Club Metronome November 10, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Friday at Club Metronome. I was sure I was going to the Blowtorch and Rough Francis show at ArtsRiot but checked the schedule and saw that Sarah was in town and playing at a time that made it a one or the other choice. I’ve seen her many times in town and she is amazing so I set that plan. I got out of work, did a quick turnaround at home, then took the chilly walk downtown. I got in and settled a little after 9 and soon it was time for Sarah Blacker & New England Groove Association to take the stage. This version was just Sarah and Aaron Katz (from Percy Hill). She sings and plays guitar and he masterfully plays the Djembe. Sarah’s songs are strong and melodic and sound great when she is solo but Aaron’s percussion added a nice drive. His sharp notes exploded and his quiet notes added grace to the beautiful songs. They opened with the steady and catch Plugging Away and we were off. She has put out a few singles since her last album and both Blood From Your Gun and Walkabout were really cool. She placed another new song called John in between them and I really liked it. The growing audience was standing close to the stage and when Sarah put down the guitar and started a stomp clap rhythm that was accented perfectly by Aaron. It really brought the audience into the show. Next, she picked up the ukulele for The Most Beautiful Thing and it warmed my heart. She picked up the guitar and rocked out These Summer Nights and they went into a long cool jam at the end. They closed the set with a song that was in Sarah’s style but turned out to be Don’t Worry Be Happy and that was that.

I hung out for a bit but had to work early in the morning and left a little way into the headliner’s first song. Despite everything, seeing Sarah is always the right choice.



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The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean November 8, 2017   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Wednesday at Radio Bean. I arrived a few minutes before the 10pm show and hung out and chatted a bit. It was not a long wait then the The Nancy Druids hit the stage with a shimmering rock haze. They settled in and rocked out a cool version of Sky. It was one of the first chilly evenings of the fall so December had a perfect feel and sounded so great. They rocked hard on Halo and Ann Mindell hammered out that massive drum part. They sang about the way things might have been then sang a luscious bucolic song about walking through a park and feeling fine. They played a brilliant version of By Design then rocked out the new song Salvation. Just Another Day had a nice stomp and some wicked feedback drenched lead guitar work. Sign had a nice bounce to it and was so catchy I found myself singing it for the the next day or two. They played another new song with a shimmering guitar over a rhythmic stomp and may have been about a bitter taste. Falling just made my heart soar then I Can’t Remember Who You Were rocked hard. Since You Left Me has a pleasant pop feel with plenty of rock muscle then they lit up the room with The Space Between. They had made a casual reference, earlier in the evening, to a well know rock song, but I thought they were just kidding. They brought up a guy named Lucas to sing a couple and as the band started the slow intro I realized that they were really going to do Sweet Emotion. They made it sound great as Sean, John, and Lucas surrounded the mic to sing the title part. They followed with Blitzkrieg Bop and it was great. I thought that was the end and Lucas left the stage but the Druids stayed for one more and played a cool version of The Ghost In You.

I said a couple of quick goodbyes, then took the cold and happy walk home. It’s so great to be able to walk such a short distance and see such great music.




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Radio Bean 17th Birthday Party November 4, 2017   Leave a comment

Amanda selfie at Radio Bean Birthday November 4 2017

Just before Swale began to play pic by Amanda Gustafson


I had a great time seeing music on Saturday at Radio Bean and Light Club Lamp Shop. It was the Bean’s 17th birthday party and they had music going from 8am until 2am. I had to work until 5:30 but it was a little slow and I was able to get out a little early. I arrived just as they were finishing up the group photo and said hi to a couple of dozen cool people. I wandered into the Bean and a duo were on stage. One gentleman sang and played guitar and the other played clarinet. They played a jazzy version of Bye Bye Blackbird which was cool. I think they were Trio Gusto.

I wasn’t sure where they were on the impossibly crazy schedule so I popped over to the Lamp Shop to see what was up. AM Radio were on and playing a bouncy country song about what it’s going to take to be my man. They followed with a simply elegant song called San Francisco that put me in a happy place.

I ducked back to the bean and caught a couple of strong acoustic songs by Tiffany Pfeiffer and The Discarnate Band, though it was just her solo. The music was enchanting and mournfully sweet. I missed the name of the first song but am pretty sure the second was called Dakota. It was lovely to hear the way she sang the title.

I was pretty sure a band I was aching to see was ready to go on so I bopped back to the Lamp Shop as Matt the Gnat and the Gators were getting set up. The began with a cool stark sunglasses in the club in the afternoon kind of sound. I took a couple of photos and donned the pair Matt gave out at a High Breaks show last year and settled in as they played a stunning version of A Cut In The Night Sky. It’s a tale of an astronaut who runs out of power and who’s capsule returns to Earth and how a boy on the planet looks up and sees it burning against the black of space so it looks like a cut in the night sky. It’s such a great song. They followed with a fun romp called A Monster’s Holiday and I’ll let you guess what that is about. For their final song they gave us a choice of the super cool and fun Paper Doll or one that I had not heard yet and we all voted for the latter. I Forgot My Baby At The Reunion Dance worked out well for Matthew Bryan Hagen and Caroline Marie but not so well for the character in the story. I just love the Gators.

I headed back to the Bean and The Shane Hardiman Trio were set to go. They took us on a long instrumental jazz jam that kept me smiling for every note. For their second song they brought up Kat Wright to sing Shane’s song Half Way which sounded like a jazz standard. It was gorgeous.

I hung out at the Bean for a bit and caught the set from Marcie Hernandez. Her voice is so strong and passionate that it invites you into her songs. She sang the first two in Spanish. One was about time and she brought up a violinist for the second one about a black dove. She closed the set with a cover about where did you sleep last night. It was a wonderful set.

At that point, I had a couple of things to take care of at home so I took the lovely walk to the old north end and got myself set up for round two. Details soon.

Let’s see, where was I? Oh right, I had wandered down to Radio Bean and Light Club Lamp Shop for a bit in the afternoon and saw some amazing music. I headed home for a bit then headed back. I arrived about 5:30 or so and Josh Panda & the Hot Damned were on stage rocking out. I only caught part of a song but it was really cool. I think it was called Dirty Little Secret.

I popped over to the Lamp Shop and a lovely trio called Nina’s Brew were on stage. They had a folky Southern California soul sort of sound. I really enjoyed a song that I think was called Music Maker. It was quite touching. I hung out for another lovely song then headed back to the Bean.

Brett Hughes was on stage rocking out with a killer band. Lowell Thompson Music joined him and they were playing a song about maybe I will. They kept the rocking Honky Tonk music going with a song about coming home to make sweet love to you. Lowell sang the next one that might have been Turn Me Home Again. Those guys are hugely talented and just a joy to experience.

I headed back to the Lamp Shop and a duo was on stage singing into an old fashioned looking microphone that somehow also looked shiny and new. I think the band is called Old Sky and is made of Andrew Stearns & Shay Gestal. They sang about how it was just about love and missing something. They were rather enchanting.

I headed back to the Bean and Lee Anderson took a moment to talk about his friend Al who is also a club owner and who encourages and makes music. The band were a jazz fusion quartet who opened with an instrumental called Joy. It was pretty sweet. I hung out for the next long song that has a bit more of a dark and sinister vibe and it was really cool.

I headed back to the Lamp Shop just as Francesca Blanchard said thank you, goodnight. Nooooo!!!! Rats. I should have skipped the second Al song, but what can you do?

I stayed at the Lamp shop as Ivamae got set up. She opened with a Feist song that went something like I wish that I didn’t miss you. She followed with a new song that she was really excited to play and was warmly received by the reverent audience. I think the next one was a new song called Note and was really cool too.

I headed back to the Bean for one of the shows I was most waiting for. Fauxbots were playing their debut show and featured Eric Segalstad, Aya Segalstad, Caroline Marie and Dalton Muzzy. They opened with a bouncy prog-pop song with soaring twin vocals from Caroline and Aya. They followed with a fun electronic pop song with dirty fuzzy keys that lit up the room. They closed with a song called Shine that had a nice pop beginning and end and a soaring rock middle. I’m very excited to see where they go from here.

I headed back to the Lamp Shop and caught a couple of magic songs by Brett Hughes and Kat Wright. They played a song about when they finally come home and one about living it down and were just magnificent.

I bopped back to the Bean and Skeleton Dancer were set to play. I had heard of them but did not know what to expect. They lit into some high energy punk that had a hint of ska and klezmer. They rocked hard and got me bouncing. They played three super cool rockers and the accordionist jumped into the audience for the last one and moshed pretty hard, while still playing. They were lots of fun and I need to go see them again soon.

I moved back to the Lamp Shop and Erin Cassels-Brown was on stage singing and playing an acoustic guitar. He wrapped that one up then was joined by Margot on trumpet. He sang a country song about peace of mind and laying his hammer down. He sounded nice and the trumpet added a soulful counterpoint. The next song was about a house at the edge of the road and was really cool too.

I headed back to the Bean just as Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger were about to play. He sang and played guitar and was joined by Johnnie Day Durand on saw, an acoustic guitar player, a drummer, Kirk Flanagan on bass, Marcie Marie on vocals, and a harmonica/flute player. I think that was everyone. They lit into a cool rocking version of You Wreck Me and the crowd was going wild. Joe gave a bit of space in the late middle of the song for the saw to rise to the front then the acoustic guitar player did a fiery solo. The next song was something about she’ll do anything to make you feel like an asshole and dropped it into there’s no way to know if you’re an asshole. It was fun and perfect and and the end of the second song they went back for a bit of the first and called it a night. It’s always a great time when the Rangers play.

I moved back to the Lamp Shop and Tom Banjo was on stage doing his cranky show. He mostly stood by and told the story of a horse going to the market. He cranked the background screen along as his assistant moved the horse in front of the screen. It was very enjoyable.

I moved back to the Bean and Blowtorch were about to start. They lit into some super intense punk rock and I was all smiles. With messages like we’re all in this together and we don’t need a riot here, they played five fast and furious rockers. They were brilliant as always.

I headed back to the Lamp Shop and Silver Bridget took the stage. Johnnie played saw and was joined by Matt Saraca and John Townsend. They play acousticish instrumental covers of classic songs. They opened with the beginning of (When I Was Seventeen) It Was A Very Good Year then dropped it into Paint It Black, which lit up the room. They followed with Karma Police then took us for a ride on the Wild Horses. They wrapped the enchanting set with Blue Bayou.

I ducked back into the Bean and caught the last half of the last Barbacoa song. It rocked hard and was super fun.

I hung out at the Bean as SWALE got set to play. Amanda Gustafson took a selfie with the crowd then the band lit into Rebel Girl. They stayed on the cover song format for an intense version of Faeries Wear Boots then played The Pants song Lawn Fire. I’m not sure what the next one was, something about that’s the song I hate, but it rocked hard and was really fun. They closed the set with a blistering Drug Laws. It was another truly stunning Swale set.

I thought about checking back in at the Lamp Shop but they were at capacity so I settled into the Bean. Blue Button came on with a rocking instrumental then played the slow beginning of My Bitter End. It ended at full fury then they kept the volume at 11 for Destroying Everything You See. We’re Closed rocked hard as did Fucking Burning Bridges. They closed with Hit and the packed room was elated.

Cave Bees hit the stage next and kept up the furious pace. They opened with Flight Of The Alligator and the crowd sang oh oh oh oh oh. They kept the heavy rock going for Juliet then eased up for Muskrat Love. They returned to full speed for I Don’t Need This Anymore and Mine All Mine. The heavy stomp of I Need A Raise ended their amazing set.

Up next, Nico Suave and the Bodacious Supreme took the stage. They stayed with the cover theme and Nicole’s voice did Robert Plant proud as they opened with Heartbreaker. They dropped it into Living Loving Maid and the crowd danced along. Since I’ve Been Loving You was breathtaking and they wrapped the set with The Ocean.

At that point, I was pretty drained. I stepped outside to get some air and just realized that I was done. It was about 11:30 and I had just seen about 6 hours of music. I headed back to the old north end with a smile on my face and a catalog of songs in my heart. What a great day and night.



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