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As part of its 2015 Broadband Progress Report, the Federal Communications Commission has voted to change the definition of broadband by raising the minimum download speeds needed from 4Mbps to 25Mbps, and the minimum upload speed from 1Mbps to 3Mbps, which effectively triples the number of US households without broadband access. Currently, 6.3 percent of US households don’t have access to broadband under the previous 4Mpbs/1Mbps threshold, while another 13.1 percent don’t have access to broadband under the new 25Mbps downstream threshold.

FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler was vehement in his support for the new broadband standard. “When 80 percent of Americans can access 25-3, that’s a standard. We have a problem that 20 percent can’t. We have a responsibility to that 20 percent,” Commissioner Wheeler said.

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Radio Show 96 Thursday January 29, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only Wbkm Dot Org. I promised it would start a little slow, get a bit experimental, then end with a bang. I think I delivered nicely.

Show before: The ’80’s Ladies playing some ’80’s Genesis

After their show I played:

Firth of Fifth (live) – Genesis (With Peter Gabriel)
To Be Over – Yes (official)
Weeping Willow – Persian Claws

Song before: Lake Song – The Decemberists



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. It’s fairly warm for a January night, through the wind is a little cool. It was a nice walk in this evening and it was a nice walk downtown last night when I saw this first singer at Nectar’s. This is Better Half by Abbie Morin on WBKM and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) Better Half – Abbie Morin
2.) Hopin’ That I’m Wrong – Will
3.) Powder – The New Siberians

Great song from the Siberians last album. They achieved their Kickstarter goal but if people keep chipping in, they will make the album cooler. Love that song from Will. I’ve got to check out Abbie again, maybe sometime when a killer band did not just play before her. OK, on to the next song from Joe Adler‘s Many Things & Many Scenes.

4.) Many A Girl (Back of a Sail) – Joe Adler
5.) Secret Makeout Factory – And The Kids
6.) Lawnfire – The Pants
7.) Burn It Down Bernadette – Phil Yates & The Affiliates

Great song from the upcoming new Phil album. Classic ’90’s band The Pants, and I had to play a song of theirs following the ATK song. Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger played a nice version of that at Nectar’s last night, as well as some stunning versions of some of his other songs. I’m slowly getting to know this next band.

8.) This Machine – Invisible Homes
9.) Space Opera – Aram Bedrosian
10.) AV6 – Bad Smell
11.) Give Me All Your Love – Madaila

I should check out their music more. I really like that song. Nice music from Raph Worrick and Jane Boxall Percussion. Burlington is such a small town, I ran into Aram in the grocery store before the show. Last week I played two new Alice Austin songs but she put three out. I would be remiss if I did not play the third one.

12.) What If I Don’t Go? – Alice Austin
13.) Ordinary Day – Milton Busker
14.) Lithuania – Hana Zara
15.) The Time Traveler – Jeremy Gilchrist

Jeremy is doing the Rock Lotto thing Saturday morning. It’s where a bunch of musicians form new bands for the day, write three songs and do one cover and play the songs later that evening at Club Metronome. Any other musicians up for the challenge? It’s a benefit to raise money for Girls Rock Vermont. Great song from Hana. I can’t wait for the new album. It’s going to have tons of great songs!! I love that song by Milton. I saw this next band once, and would like to see them again.

16.) Singing Songs In Your Sleep – Carraway
17.) Grounded – Invisible Jet
18.) Open Road – Death World Wide
19.) Hungry – Heavy Plains

HP have their debut album coming out. They are playing Saturday at The Monkey House. Nice song from Death’s third album. Cool song from the ’90’s in Burlington. OK, let’s rock for a while.

20.) Hello World – Screaming Skulls
21.) Extouring – Jesus Christ and the Hallucinogenic Allstars
22.) Tic Toc – Doll Fight
23.) Vestibule – Blue Button

Killer song from BB. I miss Dollfight. I’ve got to catch JCHA sometime. In Burlington, there is a part of town called the Old North End and its residents are proud.

24.) Old North Ender – James Kochalka Superstar
25.) North Street – Death
26.) Wino – REDadmiral

That song was recorded live at the Old North Ender Pub on North St. Nice song from Death’s third album. It’s almost time to go but let’s rock a bit more.

27.) Everyone Likes To – Swale
28.) Institution Street – The Red Telephone
29.) Carnage – Black Rabbit
30.) Trading Bullets – Fire The Cannons

Nice eponymous song from FTC. Wow, they rocked hard for a couple of years in town. Killer song from Rabbit. I love that rocker from RT. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Lost Plot (live) – Fish



Joe Adler and The Rangers of Danger, Abbie Morin, and Grundlefunk at Nectar’s January 28, 2015   Leave a comment

Nectar's photo by Tim Lewis

Nectar’s photo by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at Nectar’s. I got going a little early and settled in with a drink and some food. As usually happens, a few bites in, the band started playing.
Last night Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger was Joe and Grundlefunk as the Rangers. They opened with a super tight and sweet version of Relax. I hung out at the bar eating as quickly as I could. For the second song, a huge sound, not unlike a spaceship landing, emanated from the stage and I ran up front as it coalesced into a staggering version of Brothers And sisters. With three horn players, I though they would take the saw part, like the Mammal Dap version of the Rangers did recently at Radio Bean, but no, guitarist Marshall Dominguez played a powerful and gorgeous lead, and that may have been the best version I’ve ever heard. At the beginning, the audience was me, Jeremy Gilchrist and a handful of others, but that did not stop the band from being epic. They lightened things up a little with Many A Girl, with fun vocals from Joe and Nicole D’Elisa , then launched back into the rock with a blistering version of The Mime. Dan Bishop’s bass playing was so melodic it gave the songs all the drive they needed. Alex Furdon’s drumming pushed them forward and Joe and the horn section filled them out and made them sound huge at times. Again, the guitar just ripped and I was ecstatic. After that, they eased back for a breezy version of Many Things & Many Scenes, then went back to epic rock territory for a killer version of Mirror Mirror. It went on forever, had a huge build and was just glorious. I live for shows like that.
That was the end of the set and the band made way for Abbie Morin and her band. She took the stage with a microphone and an acoustic guitar. She had an electric lead guitar player, drums, keys and violin to fill out the sound. The songs were countryish popish fun and were nicely played and sung. One or two rocked a bit but most were a bit more mellow and dancey. A bunch of people showed up for the show, which is impressive late at night on a Wednesday in January, and people were having a great time. I really appreciated the music but after the glorious rock that came before, my time was limited. I hung out for several songs, but when my drink ended, so did I. She was fun, and I’m sure Grundlefunk’s set that followed would keep the party going, but I was pleasantly rocked out and headed for home.

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Fareed Zakaria “The conversation at Davos is often dominated by economics and this year is no different. But the shock of the Paris terror attacks lingers and discussion has often turned here this week to radical Islam.

The death of King Abdullah has underscored those concerns because of Saudi Arabia’s complicated relationship with Islamic fundamentalist ideology. I posited last week that the solution does not lie in more American military interventions in the Middle East.

But what, then, is the answer? The problem is deep and structural, as I wrote a few weeks after 9/11 in “Newsweek” in an essay titled “Why They Hate Us.” The Arab world has been ruled for decades by repressive, mostly secular dictatorship. That in turn spawned extreme, mostly religious, opposition movement. The more repressive the regime, the more extreme the opposition.

Islam became the language of opposition because it was the one language that could not be shut down or censored. Now the old Arab order is crumbling, but it has only led to instability and opportunities for jihadi groups to thrive in the new badlands.

Over the last few decades this radical Islamist ideology has been globalized. Initially fueled by Saudi money and Arab dissenters, imams, and intellectuals, it has taken on a life of its own. Today radical Islam is the default ideology of anger, discontent and violent opposition for a small number of alienated young Muslim men around the world. Only Muslims and particularly Arabs can cure this cancer.

That doesn’t leave America and the West helpless. Washington and its allies can support Muslim moderates, help these societies modernize and integrate those that do into the world. But that’s for the long haul. Meanwhile, they must adopt a strategy that has four elements — intelligence, counterterrorism, integration, and resilience.

Intelligence is obviously the first line of defense, but also attack. We have to know where jihadis and potential jihadis are and what they are planning. That means using sophisticated technology, yes, to search through various kinds of communications. But it also and crucially means developing good relations with Muslim communities. Because only they can early on identify the potential troublemakers.

Counterterrorism is the natural follow-on to intelligence. When you know where the bad guys are, capture or kill them. It’s easier said than done, of course, but the United States and other Western nations have had considerable success with this tactic, not only in war zones like Afghanistan and Pakistan but also in intercepting plots on their way to cities likes Paris and London.

We must always remember, though, counterterrorism has its down sides. For instance, while drone attacks look seamless from the skies, they inevitably produce civilian casualties.

Integration is third. It’s something America does well and with which Europe struggles. One of the chief reasons that America has not had as many problems as many predicted after 9/11 is that its Muslim community is well integrated, largely loyal, and believes in American values.

Finally, resilience. Terrorism is an unusual tactic. It doesn’t work if we are not terrorized. Bouncing back, returning to normalcy, these are all ways of ensuring that terrorism does not have its desired effect. We’ve not always managed to do this. In recent months, we have massively overreacted to the ISIS execution videos, which is why they were produced in the first place. The Paris attacks were barbaric, as were those in Ottawa, Sydney, London, Madrid and Ft. Hood. But one way to gain perspective might be to keep in mind the numbers. According to the global terrorism database, in the 12 years between September 12th, 2001 and 2013, the number of Americans who have died on U.S. soil due to terrorism is 42.

Meanwhile in one year alone, 2011, the CDC reports that 32,351 Americans died because of firearms in one year. The number who died in car and truck accidents in that same year was 33,783. So keep calm and carry on is more than a slogan to wear on a T-shirt. ”


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I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only Wbkm Dot Org. It was mostly new songs and highlighted some of the music in Burlington in the last week.

Song before: Heroes – King Crimson



From our small city to the great big world, these are the sounds of Burlington. It’s a cool winter evening in Burlington but there are lots of people out and about. Let’s begin with a new song from Alice Austin called Left One In The Rain on WBKM and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) Left One In The Rain – Alice Austin
2.) Is It Love? Aaron Flinn
3.) Old Souls Of Chatham County – Jeremy Gilchrist

Jeremy is at Nectar’s at 10 tonight and if I wasn’t on the air, I would be there! Aaron played a sweet version of that at his killer show at Juniper last Friday. Wow! Great new song from Alice!! OK, let’s go to the next song on Joe Adler‘s album Many Things & Many Scenes. He played a great show with Mammal Dap as most of the Rangers of Danger last Saturday at Radio Bean. This song had the audience dancing happily.

4.) Relax – Joe Adler
5.) Calypskango – Binger
6.) What’s In California? – Joshua Glass Music
7.) Eldorado – The Tragically Hip

The Hip played a killer show at The Flynn Theater on Tuesday. Thanks Mike Luoma for hooking me up with a ticket. I was a bit worried the show would be mellow, being in a theater and all, but the audience was on it’s feet from first note to last. Friday, after seeing Aaron, I went to Radio Bean and saw a few songs from Barbacoa and a couple of hours of music from Binger. I know they like the Joshua Glass song so I had to put it in that set. This next band are coming to the Flynn also. I hope the audience is just as rowdy as for the Hip.

8.) Politicians In My Eyes – Death World Wide
9.) Not A Nice Guy – ROUGH FRANCIS
10.) Sugar Coated Candy Stix – Dino Bravo VT

Woo hoo, I finally got some recorded Dino Bravo!! With Death and Rough Francis, that show is going to rock on February 13! The next two artists in the coming set are doing Kickstarters to release their new albums. If you like what you hear and want to kick in, I think both are going to be excellent albums!

11.) Really Doesn’t Matter – The New Siberians
12.) Santa Anna – Hana Zara
13.) Above The Frequency – Invisible Homes
14.) Waiting For You – Swale

Swale did well with their Kickstarter and made the album into a double with white vinyl. Wow, killer Homes song. I’ve got to check out that album more!! Great songs form Siberians and Hana from their last albums. OK, let’s jump back in time a bit and rock out.

15.) Not True – Peg Tassey MUSIC
16.) Guided By Whispers – Alice Austin
17.) Liar – Maryse Smith

I love that song from Maryse and can’t wait to hear her new stuff. Great new Alice song! This next band recorded this at The Old Northender Pub in Burlington.

18.) Stop – REDadmiral
19.) Tow Truck – David Jarvis Mark Crowther
20.) Never Satisfied – THE VACANT LOTS
21.) Linea – Vetica

Too bad they broke up. I love that song! Cool song from the Lots and a classic from Dave Jarvis. I just saw the video again of this song and it reminded me how much I love it.

22.) Ego – When Particles Collide
23.) Home Away From Home (live) – Elephants of Scotland
24.) Gas And Oil – Gas And Oil

Great song from Beano Parker’s non Wards band. Killer live Elephants song! OK, here’s another Dino Bravo song.

25.) Chuck Berry – Dino Bravo
26.) Destroying Everything They See – Blue Button
27.) Blow At High Dough (live) – The Tragically Hip

That’s how they ended the night at the Flynn. Wow. Great rockers from BB and Dino. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Songs after: What Color Is Got? – Fish
Life On Mars – David Bowie


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Larry Wilmore speaking about protests like the one in Ferguson “It’s not that these protests are less focused it’s just that the goals are less tangible.  In the old days it was about being able to sit at a lunch counter, or going to the same schools, or even voting.  Today, we’re just trying to not get shot on our way to work.  Now look, I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating, people may think Hey Larry, calm down, calm down.  Police aren’t targeting black guys  OK.  Roll 122”

Reporter Channel 6 “Tonight a South Florida family is outraged by this image right here and others.  They say North Miami Beach used it, and the images of five other minorities as targets during weapons training.”

Outraged family member “People that are out there supposed to be protecting us are using us as target practice.”

Wilmore “That story was reported way back in today.  The police in Florida are literally using pictures of young black men as targets.  Now, how can we see that and be surprised when it happens in real life?  I’m not surprised when Kobe hits a jumper, that dude practices.”

Joe Adler And The Rangers of Danger and Mammal Dap at Radio Bean January 17, 2014   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


As a music fan I’m pretty sated tonight. As a rocker I had to wait until the second Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger set at Radio Bean, but when it came it was magnificent. Burning Down the House was fun to start the Rangers second set, but the one two punch of The Mime into Brothers And Sisters was all the rock and roll glory I could ever want. Since Johnnie Day Durand was not there to play the saw I assumed Mammal Dap’s keyboard player would take the part, but it ended up going to Gnomedad’s sax player and he played it majestically. The slowburn ending with a bit of Horse Latitudes was pretty sweet. They lightened it up a little after that with Shoreline In Jersey, but mostly brought the rock. A Quiet Pun was great and Spit ‘N Fire Blues just rocked. They ended the night with a huge jammed out rocking ending.
The show started around 10:45 with Mammal Dap playing some powerful and precise jazz fusion, but I always have a hard time with that. I loved their sound and their playing was really intense, it’s just that none of the pieces made sense to me as songs. Consider that a comment about myself and not the band. They played 45 minutes or so then called for Joe. He was not there so they tossed in a Jeff Beck song that kept the audience dancing. Joe, Eric and Samara Lark Brown showed up after and joined them to be the Mammals Of Danger, and played most, if not all, of Joe’s album Many Things & Many Scenes. They opened with Mirror Mirror, then rocked out a fun Hungry Like The Wolf. Aya Inoue joined Samara on backing vocals for a bunch of songs like Many A Girl, Cloudy Mind, Relax and the title song. They wrapped the set with Walk On The Wild side then Mammal Dap took over for another set. It was cool but did not amaze me, again that’s my bias speaking, the band were hot. They played a few songs then brought it back to Ranger level to rock the night away.
Thanks everyone!!!


Aaron Flinn at Juniper and Barbacoa and Binger at Radio Bean January 16, 2015   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night. I got out at 6 then hung out at home for a bit. I was contemplating a nap when an old friend called then stopped by for a visit. Close to 9, I put on the black and headed downtown.
I was running a couple of minutes late and when I walked into Juniper at Hotel Vermont and Aaron Flinn was onstage and playing some incredible music. I grabbed a beer and a place to sit as he let it unfurl. He was playing solo with an acoustic guitar but it went through some effects and an amp and he had a pretty intense sound going, though it still sounded like a pure acoustic guitar all night. I though seeing the singer songwriter thing at Juniper might be OK, after seeing bands have to tone it down, but after that song, they asked him to tone it down and turn it down a little. He turned it down a little but still rocked the heck out of the room for the next two hours.
Most of the audience was made of people just having drinks in the lobby and not really paying attention, but a few hardy souls lent some attention and were heavily rewarded for it. His guitar playing is really intense and his hands just dance all over the guitar while hitting every note perfectly. His voice has a unique mixture of being deeply resonant and warm and inviting at the same time. He played a bunch of originals from his three albums and a bunch of new songs from his upcoming album. He tossed in fun covers with takes on Amazing Grace, Here Comes The Sun and for House Of The Rising sun he set up loop after loop until he had a full band sound and sang a beautiful version of it. He played the solo with guitar over his head and behind his back, just in case we had not noticed what a stunning player he was. As the set progressed songs like Better Angels, Names, The Wheel, and Is It Love were powerful and beautiful. Paper Tiger was in instrumental that was pretty over the top. Born A Man had a nice Johnny Cash feel and a great imitation on his voice in one part of the chorus. At one point in Dancing With My Heart he got a perfect heartbeat sound out of the guitar I Need Love was gorgeous and This Day Was Good sums up my feeling about the show. He closed the set with Raise Your Hand and did another behind the head solo and that was that. All in all it was a two hour set with no breaks and was truly stunning.
I said a quick goodbye and headed up the road. The clock at the bus station said 11:09 so I knew I was late for Barbacoa‘s 10:30 show at Radio Bean and was hoping the time was a little loose. I walked into the moderately filled room and settled in as the band rocked hard. Their psychedelic surf sound, as someone in the audience described it, was fun and fast. Jeremy Frederick‘s drumming was powerful and precise. Kirk Flanagan was locked in on bass. Bill Mullins stalked the audience and jammed out some killer riffs. It was kind of cool to watch him play guitar from every possible angle before he wandered back to the stage. I caught three or four songs including one surf rock spy song with pieces of Secret Agent Man and the Bond theme. Bill played a bit of tambourine, then when the band picked it up he used it to play slide on the guitar. It produced a cool sound but also broke a string. They rocked through the rest of the song, but then called it a night. I wish I had caught more, but there was just no way to leave Aaron’s show until the last note rang out.
After a 30+ minute switchover the room filled with college students and Binger hit the stage with a loose funky groove. They had just played about 7 hours of music at Red Square with Funkwagon, but lit into their set with gusto. They seemed to get tighter with every song. They had the crowd dancing for two hours of funky bluesy indie rock, or whatever you call the way the approach music. They mixed early originals like Cake with songs from the great album Roots In The Rabbit Hole. Buttonz, Sequoia 1 and Crow King were really nicely played. They played a ton of covers I did not know but everyone in the audience did. They played a fun and funky version of Rocky Raccoon and were joined by Aaron Burroughs, who created a new dance move in the middle section, then they effortlessly dropped it back into the song and played it out. They said they were going to play some Pink Floyd and pulled out an indie funky version of Fearless that was just brilliant. From there, it was late and I was tired, and am not sure what they played, but I bopped along and loved it. They closed with something that sounded like it was going to be Walk On The Wild Side but had different words. Either way it was pretty cool.
When the set was done, I settled up, saw the clock on the wall say 2am, and took the happy cold walk home.
Thanks for such a great night of music everyone!

Binger - Roots in the Rabbit Hole album cover

Binger – Roots in the Rabbit Hole album cover

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Lassana Bathily, who worked at the market that came under attack, led a group of customers into a cold storage from to hide from the gunmen. He then risked his life, taking an elevator out into the street to connect with the police and explain the layout of the store, the AFP reported on Thursday.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Bathily will be awarded French citizenship on Tuesday.

“We’re brothers. It’s not a question of Jews, Christians or Muslims,” Bathily told a French news channel. “We’re all in the same boat, and we have to help one another to get out of this crisis.”


Radio Show 94 Thursday January 15, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only Wbkm Dot Org. I played some new songs, I played some old songs, and I talked about of couple of “literary” characters in local music songs.

Song before: Fractured Mirror – Ace Frehley



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. It’s a cold night in Burlington but people are out and about, walking around, not letting it stop them. I was trying to make it to three shows this week and feel bad I only made it to one. Great Western played a great show lat Friday at Radio Bean, and did a killer version of this one. This is Into the light by Great Western on WBKM, and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) Into The Light – Great Western
2.) The Storm Within – Death World Wide
3.) Holy Family – Heavy Plains
4.) Burn It Down Bernadette – Phil Yates & The Affiliates

I made it to Western last Friday and after a long work day Saturday was dragging when it got close to the Phil show at The Monkey House. As it turned out the party ended up coming to me that night. I was going to go see Phil Yates solo at Radio Bean on Sunday but the afternoon nap was 4 hours and I woke up right as he was going on. I should have set the alarm. Rats. Great song from the upcoming Phil album. I just got the Plains album today and that one jumped at me. Sweet song from Death from the Burlington days. OK, on to the next song on Many Things & Many Scenes. This is a beautiful song that I’m sending out to my brother. It features Johnnie Day Durand on the saw.

5.) Brothers And Sisters – Joe Adler
6.) New Atlantis – Aaron Flinn
7.) The Next Instead – Swale

I thought Swale were going to play Radio Bean tomorrow night but the schedule changed and now it’s Barbacoa and Binger. Hmm. I think Aaron is playing at Juniper tomorrow. I may have to check that out. Joe is playing Saturday night at the Bean, so that will be fun. This next band is from Canada but have played Burlington and Vermont so many times, they are practically locals. They are playing the Flynn Theater on Tuesday. I’ve seen them many times but may miss this one. I had no money when tickets went on sale, and as soon as I could afford it, they were sold out. Oh well, maybe next time. On this tour they are playing a few songs, then all of Fully Completely.

8.) Fully Completely – The Tragically Hip
9.) New Orleans Is Sinking (live w/Nautical Disaster in the middle) – The Tragically Hip

That’s going to be a rocking night at the Flynn. The Flynn will also rock in February when Death and Rough Francis play. I’ve got tickets for that, for me and my brother Ken. Here’s another song from Spiritual Mental Physical.

10.) Can You Give Me A Thrill??? – Death
11.) Comm To Space – ROUGH FRANCIS
13.) Something I Drew – farm

Farm put on some great shows and I always loved that one. I though it would sound great coming out of Comm and was so right. OK, let’s slow things down a little. This next artist has an album coming in February. Until then I will have to just play this one.

14.) Dropout Generation – Hana Zara
15.) Better Half – Abbie Morin
16.) Our Work Is Never Done – PossumHaw

I love that song and really love the sentiment of it! I may not make it, but I’ll always try. I don’t know a lot about Abbie but she has a Wednesday night residence at Nectar’s this January. I’m sure Ill catch her the night Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger play. Love Hana, can’t wait for the new songs!. This next artist just started a Kickstarter to fund his new album. The last one was great, and here is a song from it.

17.) 1965 – The New Siberians
18.) Old North Ender – James Kochalka Superstar
19.) We’re Closed – Blue Button
20.) Hammerhead – Barbacoa

Barbacoa always rock. I’ll see how the energy goes tomorrow. I’d love to catch them at the Bean. I was going to play a song by Redadmirial but it was in a format the players did not recognize, so maybe next week. It was recorded live at a pub called The Old Northender so I had to play the James song. Love the BB song too. OK, time for two more songs. These are two “literary” characters of song from Burlington.

21.) Chester Allen – The World Famous Hanglows
22.) Errol McSquisitor (live) – Elephants of Scotland

Wow, that was just tremendous live. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Jack And Jill – Fish