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Milton Busker And The Grim Work at Summervale August 15, 2019   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Thursday in the Interval in Burlington’s swath of farmland. Throughout the summer there is a fun festival on Thursdays with lots of families, fun activities, food, and music. I had a long day, but the schedule looked like there was a bit of a gap, so I took the lovely walk to Summervale. I chatted with a couple of cool people and stood in line to get some food. The band went on earlier than expected so I listened from afar for the first couple of songs.

The sound was pretty good off to the side as Milton Busker and the Grim Work lit into a song about letting you down. They followed with a cool version of The Basement Song, and followed with That Person Aside You. It was lovely as always, and I finally got settled into a nice spot on the ground in front of the band. They kicked up the pace for Glad To See You Go and I was in a happy place. Up next was a song I did not know. It was a wry tale of how we thank good guys with guns, set to a funky musical flow. It made me smile. Lost Cause followed and had some especially nice guitar mandolin interplay between Dave and Jom. Jesus In Chains has that great message and sounded powerful when Milton let his voice loose at the end. They slowed it down for a gorgeous Baby Let My Money Keep You Warm, then they raved it up for a fun cover of Men At Work’s Overkill. This got the little kids up and dancing and running and having a blast. They played a song that sounded new that was about how it all comes down to the face you wear or market share or something. It was very cool. They kicked up the pace for a cover of Driver 8 and closed the set with their take on Eleanor Rigby.

At that point it was about 7pm. I thought about staying for a couple more songs, but realized that it would really be best to just go home and get set for my radio show later that night. It was a really lovely time and I’m so glad I caught what I did.

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Joe Adler And The Rangers Of Danger at Summervale in the Intervale August 8, 2019   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music yesterday in the Intervale Burlington. I have the radio show and the full write-up about it to do on Thursdays, but thought it would be nicer to catch 45 minutes of music than none. A little after 5:30 I took the lovely walk down to Burlington’s farmland, and wandered into the event space. I got some tasty food and found a seat on the ground near the band.

Joe Adler and the Rangers Of Danger opened with a funky cover of One World (Not Three) and kids began to dance from the first note. They followed with a soaring Brothers And Sisters and I was in a happy place. They mostly stayed with Joe’s album Many Things And Many Scenes, but a cover of Canary In A Coalmine was fun too. They sang about cloudy minds and how there are many lines to tow. After a bit, my clock said there was time for one more before I had to go work. One More Cup Of Coffee seemed an appropriate last song.

I dropped my food remains in the compost bucket and walked up the hill listening to the band play Relax. It would have been nice to be there for the full show but I’m so happy I caught what I did.

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Joe Adler & The Veils Of Summer at Summervale and Zeus Springsteen, When Particles Collide & Dino Bravo at The Monkey House August 30, 20118   Leave a comment


Joe Adler & The Veils Of Summer pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a week ago Thursday at Summervale and at The Monkey House. I usually do a local music radio show on Thursday, but back to school issues made it difficult for the person who triggers it to do so, and I was out seeing shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I would have had to record it on Monday, and I was planning to be out on Thursday, so I could not trigger the show, so we agreed that a day off would be nice.

I had a relaxed day and a little after five Mike Luoma, his friend Vicky (sp?), and I took a walk down to the Intervale. We found a seat on the lawn near the band, ate some food and Joe Adler & The Veils Of Summer took the stage. With a well played relaxed sound they jammed out a bunch of Joe’s super cool songs. He was joined by Zach Nugent on guitar, Caleb Bronz on drums, and Ed Grasmeyer on bass. All were total pros. Joe’s deep voice led the way as he added to the nice texture with his rhythm guitar. They opened with Cloudy Mind and played most of the songs on Joe’s album. They played a mellow version of One World (Not Three) and as it ebbed and flowed toward the end it fell into Fire On The Mountain. Many of the children in the audience started dancing and it felt like watching the seeds of the Grateful Dead get planted in the rich soil of people’s hearts in Burlington’s farmland. Chelsea from the Intervale Center got up to speak about the important work they do. I got up to walk around a bit and say hi to Nathan Curtis, but soon the band were back playing A Quiet Pun and I had to rush back to the stage. They played a glorious version of Brothers And Sisters, rocked out The Mime and Mirror Mirror and made my heart sing for the whole show. After they wrapped up, we took the long walk up the hill.



Zeus Springsteen pic by Tim Lewis

I hung out at home for a bit, then took the long walk to Winooski. I got in and settled as Zeus Springsteen hit the stage. They opened hard and fast with What’s Inside A Thing. When it took that cool break in the middle, I was filled with joy They played a couple of cool new ones then rocked out I’ll Find You Dindone Fontain. They played a new one maybe called Specific Kind Of Hell then got a little drifty with Joey Is A Robot. They played a fun old Lobot song then another new one about going to the river and taking what they are giving. It had a bit of a Five Years vibe and was cool. They wrapped the set will a killer version of Lights Of Montreal and called it a night. There is something compelling about their songs and sound and they always put me in a happy place.



When Particles Collide pic by Tim Lewis

At some point Nathan had arrived and we hung outside and chatted with some cool people. After a bit, When Particles Collide hit the stage hard. I did not know the opener but it was something about coming a little closer and looking in the mirror. It rocked hard. They played a cool version of Fight that featured drummer Chris Viner mouthing out the fun bass part in the middle. Sasha Alcott‘s vocals and guitar playing were fierce as they lit into a heavy rocker about living at the base of a mountain. They sang about laying my body down for you and rocked out a song about a good girl. I think a bunch of the songs were new and they all sounded great. They sang about how those days are gone forever and finding your way home. They closed with a ripping Constant Disaster and called it a night. They are always amazing. I love it when they come to town.



Dino Bravo pic by Tim Lewis

We hung outside for a bit then it was time for the rock to continue. Dino Bravo VT opened with an instrumental rocker that sounded like a freight train at top speed. They played Past The Mark in a huge epic way then rocked out Two Car Garage. Pop Music sounded lovely then they played a Ween song. Birthday Boy was loaded with sentiment. Chuck Berry wasn’t, but it rocked hard. The harmony guitars of Strawberry Blonde lit me up and we kept rocking with Sugar Coated Candy Stix. A cover of Running Down A Dream was just great then they returned to epic land for a majestic Song About The Ocean. Matthew Stephen Perry ended it kind of like how Liz from Julia Caesar ends Falter, you know, guitar on the ground screaming as pedals and knobs shriek their way to the conclusion. It was such a great show.

We chatted with fun people for a bit then I caught a ride home from Nathan. It was an amazing evening.



Dino Bravo pic by Tim Lewis



Julia Caesar at Summervale August 23, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Thursday at Summervale. It’s a fun festival throughout summer to raise funds and awareness of the Intervale Center, which helps supply a lot of the food consumed in Burlington.

I steeled myself up to be sure I left at 7:15, even if that meant leaving early, and took the lovely walk into Burlington’s farm land. I got some food and found a seat on the ground not too far from the band. I chatted with several cool people then it was time for the show.

Julia Caesar opened with The River then followed with the one about how ashes ashes all fall down. At some point, some of the younger kids started to approach the band and bop around a little. The band played the one about the person who told a girl she took up too much space and Meg let loose some heavy guitar riffs. They played a great version of Chosen Names then Meg took the drums and Stephen played guitar on the one that followed. All night long Katy Hellman had been swaying to her bass grooves and singing beautifully. Meg and Liz joined in often and the harmonies were lovely. They played a killer version of Hear Me Now then pulled out the single Crimson. They played the one about letting it be with out a sound and being able to breathe again. I think they said it was called Holy Ghost.

At that point, Chelsea from the Intervale center got up to speak about the good work that they do. Dan Rome from Soundtoys spoke about how nice it was to be able to sponsor the event. I wandered around a little and chatted with some friends and didn’t catch the song that Julia came back with, though it sounded nice. They played the one that begins with a vocal round and may be about the holy and profane. Liz took the drums and Stephen played guitar on a song about how it’s hard to connect with people and hidden loneliness. I think the lyric was about wanting to swim inside your soul. They returned to the regular instruments and rocked out Nosedive. Stephen left and Katy put down the bass and the next song just had three voices and two guitars. It was something about hoping to forget your sacred sin. It was close to the time I had to leave, but they said they only had one more. I hung out as they let loose a huge version of Falter. As it wound it’s way to the conclusion Liz pushed her guitar into a feedback haze as the rest of the band rocked out. It’s such a treat to hear them play it live.

They wrapped up the set and I slid through the crowd and quickly walked up the long familiar hill. I’m so glad I put the effort in.

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High Summer at Summervale in the Intervale August 16, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a week ago Thursday at Summervale. I had not made it to any of the shows that happen beside the Intervale Center this year, and had been meaning to see the band. The timing was pretty great so a little after 5 I took a walk down the hill into Burlington’s farmland.

I got in and found some food and a beer and soon enough, it was time for High Summer to play. They opened with an instrumental that had a nice rock groove and a ’60’s detective show theme kind of feel. Miriam Bernardo came in on the second song and her lovely voice filled my heart. The song had a mellow Traffic vibe. The third song was about infinity and fluid dreams and rocked a little harder than the second song and a little less than the first. The next one had a reggae feel and featured a nice Jacob Deva Racusin sax solo at the end. They played songs about fleeting memories and seeing the sun. An instrumental written by the guitarist followed. It had a jam opening, a prog middle and was quite cool. They stopped for a bit when Chelsea from the Intervale got up to speak about the event and about all the great work the Intervale center does. The band returned for a song with just Miriam and the guitar player that was about loving you forever. The band came back and they added a little guitar muscle to a cover of They Way You Make Me Feel. They moved a bit towards reggae for a song about how time and space keep stretching then moved to a rock steady feel for one about seeing the morning sunshine. They kicked it up a notch and let the brass rock out a song about how long is our lifeline. They sounded great, but I had work to do. About 7:15 I reluctantly ducked out but still enjoyed their lovely sound as I walked up the hill.

I’m so glad I finally caught up with them and will do so again soon.


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Swale at Summervale in the Intervale July 6, 2017   Leave a comment


Swale pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music at the Summervale festival in the Intervale on Thursday. It was a lovely lightly windy day and a little before 6 I took the familiar walk to the site which is right next to my workplace. I got a burger and had just enough time to eat it when SWALE took the stage. Often bands will take a bit of the edge off the music since it’s a family event every Thursday throughout the summer, but Swale opened strongly and brought the rock. Release Your Records had a nice edge They stayed with the new album with All Down Tonight which has a nice groove and rocks at the end. Loser and Elevator were buoyant as the kids ran around and danced in front of the stage. They took a quick break as Chelsea from the Intervale Center got up to thank a few people and a gentleman from Citizen Cider did the same. They came back with the slow ebb of the swale with Dimedrop and kept things mellow with a sweet version of Middlesex. A song about what goes on followed then they covered Dylan’s The Man In Me (I think). They played a slow dark song about having a hard time living the good life then showed us how to do it Old School. They turned on a dime and went into full rock mode for Jack Sharp then delighted the crowd with a family song called Surrender. Mommy, Daddy, we’re all alright. Amanda Gustafson stepped off the stage and belted out Rebel Girl then danced around the circle with the kids as the band rocked at full blast. It was cool that the kids in the audience liked the faster songs. It bodes well for the future. James Kochalka happened to be in the audience so they brought him to the stage. He entertained the kids with a song about hockey and monkeys. He told us about a new shape and asked what’s the deal with the Triangle. He had the audience participate on Why Is The Sky Blue and purred out part of the song. He left the stage and Swale stayed in peak rock mode for Faeries Wear Boots. They eased up a bit for the gorgeous If You Get Lost. They did a slower than usual Popular Crowd then sang a song about seeing the bright lights tonight. They rocked out Joyless then eased off for the searing Black Boys On Mopeds. Eric Olsen made the lyrics to Everyone Likes To a little more kid friendly and they closed the night with Waiting For You.

I said a quick hello goodbye and Eric gave me my copy of the new album There’s No One Here. I raced home and did the write-up of that evening’s radio show then relaxed a bit and listened to it. I played a lot of Swale songs on my show that night.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the pictures!!!  All pictures in this post are from Luke.







Jame Kochalka singing with Swale


Rebel Girl!!!


Francesca Blanchard at Summervale August 18, 2016   Leave a comment

Francesca Blanchard at Summervale August 18, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Francesca Blanchard at Summervale August 18, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music yesterday afternoon at Summervale. I ran a little late and arrived at 6:05 and Francesca Blanchard was on stage singing and playing electric guitar. She was joined Matthew Kloss on bass and Charles Smyrk on drums. She sang many of the songs in French and a couple in English and they all sounded great. I did not know most of the songs so I just sat and listened as Mark Haworth Harlan snapped lots of photos. She played a couple of covers such as You Belong to Me and a Carla Bruni song with lyrics that flowed so fast I was amazed at how she kept up. Throughout the show the music had a lovely sound but it was her voice that shaped all of the songs. Her guitar playing has a cool sound like she’s plucking a banjo but her voice brings the songs their melodies. She played a few songs on her own then was rejoined by the band. I had to leave early to do my radio show later, but got to hear a large number of songs in the 70 minutes I was there. It was tough to leave and I will have to make it a point to see her play whenever I can.



Francesca Blanchard at Summervale August 18, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis 2

Francesca Blanchard at Summervale August 18, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis 2

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Mal Maiz at Summervale Thursday August 4, 2016   Leave a comment

Mal Maiz at Summervale August 4 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Mal Maiz at Summervale August 4 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a good few minutes of seeing music last Thursday at the Intervale. Usually, I have Thursday’s off but it was busy at work that week, so I had to work until 7pm. Fortunately, the Summervale festival is a few dozen steps from my workplace at Gardener’s Supply so I was able to get in and seated around 7:05. I had a radio show to do that night at 9pm, so I had to leave at 7:30 but I was able to hang out and enjoy a few songs. Mal Maiz play Latin music that swings and sways and compels you to dance. The band is pretty huge and mostly fit on the stage. The accordion player wandered around the dancing green in front of the stage but everyone else fit on the stage. With a drummer, a bongo player, a bass player, an electric guitar player, a keyboard player, a trumpet player, a trombone player, a singer who played a hand percussion instrument, and Maiz Vargas Sandoval on acoustic guitar and vocals, the band have a lush full sound. The rhythms were tight and compelling and a couple of the songs had a nice dramatic edge. With the area in front of the stage filled with small children I found a seat on the ground but the music still kept me swaying back and forth. I was only able to catch four or five songs, but they all sounded nice. As the clock changed to 7:30 I took the long walk up the hill, stopped briefly at home, then headed downtown to get set for my show.


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The Wee Folkestra and Vermont Suzuki Violins at Summervale in the Intervale in Burlington Vermont July 21, 2016   Leave a comment

The Wee Folkestra at Summervale July 21 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Wee Folkestra at Summervale July 21 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music yesterday in the Intervale. On Thursdays throughout the summer they have a family oriented festival called Summervale in Burlington’s Old North End. It is very close to the farms that grow much of the city’s food. There are food vendors, arts and crafts, and or course, music. It was a beautiful day as I took the walk down the hill to the festival that is a couple of feet away from my amazing employer Gardener’s Supply Company. Comfortable with the layout of the gathering, I wandered in, found a strawberry thyme basil soda to drink and took a seat on the ground close to the band. At 6pm The Wee Folkestra filled the stage. They play a mix of acoustic and electric instruments, have four great singers and play folk versions of pop songs from the ages. They began the set with Samara Lark Brown belting out Sitting On the Dock Of The Bay. Of course she sang most of the lead but was joined by the other singers for the harmonies Aya Inoue lead the next song about Jackson then the band played a song about being sick of that same old love. I think that was the one where I really appreciated the dynamic between lead guitarist Eric Segalstad, bassist Eric Daniels, and drummer Houston Illo. They had something pretty cool going on. The kids in the audience began to dance a bit at the end of that one and really let go as Joe Adler lead A Good Man Is Hard To Find. The played a song about a moonlight mile on down the road that Jackie Buttolph lead, and closed the first set with Don’t Dream It’s Over.

They took a break as several Vermont Suzuki Violin students played in front of the stage. They played together quite tightly and sounded great for such young kids. They played five songs and left to a solid applause.

The Wee Folkestra returned to the stage with I’ll Fly Away and followed it with Roar. They pulled out a little CCR with Have You Ever Seen The Rain, always a daring song to play when you are outside, then did a great version of Bonnie Raitt’s Home. Throughout the entire show Johnnie Day Durand added a magical touch with her musical saw. There is so much talent in the band and yet her playing just makes the whole sound better. They continued through the set with songs like Gillian Welch’s One Little Song, the Stones This Could Be The Last Time and Dylan’s One More Cup Of Coffee. They pulled out the spiritual Old Mary then played a gorgeous version of Ghost In This House. At that point the clock said 7:30 and that was my cut off point so I could get downtown to do my radio show at 9. I enjoyed hearing the song about raising up your hands as I took the long walk up the hill. It sounded nice for a long time until it finally faded away.


Sarah Blacker at Summervale August 9, 2012 and the Skinny Pancake August 10, 2012   Leave a comment

Woo hoo, Sarah Blacker was coming back to town. I read about all of her travels across the north-eastern US (and beyond), but love it most when she comes back to Burlington. She was set to play the Summervale weekly festival on Thursday August 9th in Burlington’s Intervale, then Red Square and the Skinny Pancake on Friday August 10th. My schedule for Friday made the Square show impossible, but made the other two pretty easy.

On Thursday afternoon, I wandered the familiar path to the Intervale. There were a few people milling about and a few food vendors. I patiently impatiently waited, and soon enough Sarah Blacker and Eran Shaysh headed into the barn to set up. They worked with Joe Adler for a bit to get the sound right, and off they went. She opened solo with a gorgeous version of Sandpiper then brought Shaysh up to play percussion for the rest of the set. Several people came into the barn to listen, and a few songs in, even the little kids were dancing. Sarah and Shaysh plowed through a beautiful set of songs highlighting the new Perfectly Imperfect ep, and her most recent album, Come What May. Knocked the Winds had a nice sweep to it, and really turned up the energy. I was really hoping for When I Was New, and she played it third. I just love how catchy that song is. Coyboy was lots of fun and Shoeshine had a lot more going on by the end than it seemed it might at the start. She played a Joni Mitchell song that I did not know, but loved hearing Sarah unleash her voice. Leo the ukelele came out for The Most Beautiful Thing and the wonderful Perfectly Imperfect. The guitar came back for a rousing Bad I Been then closed the night with a powerhouse These Summer Nights. What a great song. What a great set. All I had to do was walk down the street and see her play. I feel like I put in so little effort and was rewarded heavily. I love live music.

I did not stay long after the show. While I was looking at the stage, the Summervale Festival crowd arrived, and there were tons of families everywhere. I bought the new ep, chatted a bit, then headed home. Rich and Chris stopped by and we played lots of rock videos all night long. At the end, I was still thinking of Sarahs songs.

I worked Friday until 7, went home and ate a quick bite of dinner, then headed out to the show. I made it to the Skinny Pancake in good time, went in, got a beer, and soon enough they were set up and ready to play again. The room was full of diners, so the opener Knocked the Winds did not blow the place away, as it would have if everyone was paying close attention. She kept the set a bit slow and built it step by step until people just had to pay attention. Just when things were starting to pop, a rowdy bunch of festival goers came in. They talked a lot and soon she realized she needed to change the energy. She said something about Marshall Tucker then began playing Can’t You See. Soon the whole audience was singing along. As she moved back into her set, the rowdy crowd began to chat, and wonderful songs were talked over. At one point she asked the audience if they could quiet down a bit since her throat was sore, and she wanted to sing I’m Like A Train My Lord. They chatted through it anyway. I was pretty focused and did not let it bother me, but it would have been cooler if everyone was listening. She played most all of the songs she played in the barn, plus lots more. She played a couple of new songs. She played a version of Smitten that made me think she should try and cover the Genesis song Entangled sometime. We got to hear most of Come What May, including the elegant title song, and she was set to wrap the night with the two ukelele tunes from the new ep. The Most Beautiful Thing and Perfectly Imperfect were great to hear, but another group of Maritime festivalers came in and broke the spell. She switched gears and put the guitar on for an up tempo rocker, then closed the night, like she did the night before, with a blistering These Summer Nights. What a great set closer. The show was somewhat satisfyingly unsatisfying. She brilliantly played a whole bunch of great songs. The interplay between her and Shaysh was perfect both nights. She just did not have the audience that she deserved. That said, you’ve got to love the staggering effort she is putting into finding it. Maybe someday I’ll have to pay more money to see her in a sit down theater with a wrapt audience. Here’s hoping! Until then, I will go see her wherever I can.


Here’s a video of These Summer Nights.  It’s not from either show, but will give you an idea…




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