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Phil Yates & The Affiliates at The Skinny Pancake, Maryse Smith and Arc Iris at Light Club Lamp Shop and Wave Of The Future at Finnegan’s October 30, 2015   Leave a comment

Light Club Lamp Shop photo by Tim Lewis

Light Club Lamp Shop photo by Tim Lewis

There was way too much music happening tonight in town. I had to work until 9 so I totally blew off all the music that was happening earlier. It was slow at work and they let me out early, and asked me to come in late tomorrow. Plans changed quickly.
I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to The Skinny Pancake and arrived just as Phil Yates & The Affiliates were about to go on. I said hi to Charlie Messing and watched the band play a killer version of Elvis Costello’s album Blood And Chocolate. Instead of doing the sane thing, staying for their second set of originals, I booked out the door and up the hill.
I headed for Light Club Lamp Shop and walked in the door. I had a vague idea of stopping in at Hotel Vermont for a drink and a couple of songs by The High Breaks, but hoped the timing would be tight. I should have taken that bet.
For every moment that no one went on at the Light Club it made me wish I had changed my mind, but after 15 minutes or so, Maryse Smith took the stage, and I was completely content. Her songs are a bit subtle and very personal, and for whatever reason, the audience listened close and it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen her play. Her singing and playing were delicately soft but filled the silent room. The stunning power of the lyrics and music radiated through all lucky enough to hear it. She resisted the urge to play all new unwritten songs, and pulled out several classics like Good Thing, and Liar, and I Forgot, and The Way It Is. I was so glad I was in the room for every note she played.
I knew The Mountain Says No were on at Finnegan’s soon, but was not aware of the exact time and knew the band after Maryse Smith was pretty amazing. I chatted with Joe Adler and Kevin Bloom and Max Tracy, and Mike Luoma, and Alyssa Solomon, and soon enough, Arc Iris hit the stage. It’s hard to quantify their genre, it’s hard to quantify their sound. It’s easy to say it’s Jocie Adams with the guitar and keys and vocals and clarinet and angel wings that runs the show. It’s easy to say the stunning drumming of Ray Belli is really what makes the band great. It’s like he’s a male version of Jane Boxall Percussion, or she’s a female version of him. It’s easy to say that Zach Tenorio Miller’s Rick Wakeman style doubled handed keyboard playing makes the band great. It’s easy to say that Robin Ryczek’s cello that follows the song from mellow to mega-intense and her stunning backing vocals make the band great. In reality, it’s the combination that makes them so amazing. Their set was stunningly beautiful and stunningly powerful I’m not sure if it lasted twenty minutes or two hours, but it was glorious note for note.

Arc Iris at Light Club Lamp Shop photo by Joe Adler

Arc Iris at Light Club Lamp Shop photo by Joe Adler

After the last note ended, I went back to my supposed first stop, you know, the future, and headed to Finnegan’s. Most of the band were dressed as Doc Brown and I walked into the Flux Capacitor. A killer 1.21 Jigawats followed. The pulled our the cover of Rock Lobster->Mesopotamia. They scared us with the Space Weed Zombies, and kicked the night with a rousing Kiss Your Ass Goodbye. During the set it was cool to say a quick hi to Jedd Kettler, Ben Maddox, Johnnie Day Durand, Kevin Lynam and Matthew Bryan Hagen. After the last note I headed for the door, but had to hug Samara Lark Brown, just ’cause she’s so brave and strong. The walk home was easy and smooth. I know there was a lot of great music that I missed, right Bobby Hackney Jr. and Manhattan Pizza and Pub, but I caught what I could.

The Death of Tim Lewis written by Tim Lewis October 28, 2015   1 comment

The Death of Tim Lewis
by Tim Lewis

Fanatically happy
he died like he lived
fully soul realized
’til nothing was left

The club was dark
beyond day or night
the music was loud
the band oh so tight

Pounding drums
and surging bass
caressed by singers
sweet embrace
Keys so filling
keys so strong
they together
built this song

Guitars of glory
guitars of power
Tim rode the notes
hour by hour

Follow along, follow the song
follow along, follow the song

His shoulders looked for the rhythm
his feet found the beat
his ears searched for changes
his fingers tapped his drink

His soul followed along, his heart loved the song
his soul followed along, his heart loved the song

He went to the show
night after night
no more than three venues
in one single night

And on that day
or was it night
his beautiful soul
shone a little too bright

It glowed more and more
’til he could no longer contain it
light left the body
leaving an empty container

EMT’s moved his body
a brave try to save it
but nothing could help
this empty container

And the band soldiered on
and a light lit the room
making friends wonder
if they could really feel gloom

The band ripped it up
enchanting the room
until the last note
when the light left the room

The sadness was brief
in the annals of time
since something odd happened
in a short span of time

The next time his favorite
band took the stage
a bright little light
appeared out of the way

It glowed and it pulsed
though could barely be seen
it blinked with the notes
both played and in between

It shone a bit brighter
when the music was great
then showed up more often
and always stayed late

Bands could tell by the way
the light flickered and bopped
that Tim’s body was gone
but his soul was not stopped

In many a club
year after year
when rockers would rock
Tim would appear

And so it is now
and so it was then
if you take to the stage
you’ll always have a friend
in Burlington

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Radio Show 133 Thursday October 29, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM window by Tim Lewis

WBKM window by Tim Lewis


I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only It’s a couple of days before Halloween so time for the scariest and spookiest of local songs.

regular programming
lined up before:

Ghost of A Texas Ladies Man – Concrete Blonde
Bury My Lovely – October Project
Don’t Fear The Reaper (live) – Blue Oyster Cult

recording begins
Song before: The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. It’s very dark and almost time for Halloween, so tonight I will play some spooky scary songs. This is the time of year when the line between our world and the world beyond is very thin. I usually invite my friend from beyond, Mr E. Ghoul, to join me, but it’s just a little too early and the line between our worlds is still to far to cross. Yes, he is having an issue with Incarnation Dysfunction. There are several ways ghouls can cross into our world. Let’s begin with one of the more fun vehicles.

1.) Voodoo Camaro – Wide Wail
2.) Crazy Hearse – Barbacoa
3.) With The Dead – Vultures of Cult
4.) Oh My God – Sarah Blacker

Nice tale of angels and devils from Sarah. She lives in Salem, MA but comes up to Vermont to haunt us now and then. Fun, seasonally appropriate song from Vultures. Some souls prefer to travel in the crazy hearse and some the voodoo camaro. It’s just matter of choice. Up next, is one of the scariest concepts that mortals can deal with, sarcasm.

5.) I’m Thrilled – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
6.) Day Of The Dead – Hana Zara
7.) Funeral – Dirtminers
8.) Raising The Dead – Carraway
9.) Ninjas VS Zombies – Phil Yates

Such fun tales of terror from Phil and Carraway. Funeral is a cool song from the Miners. Great song from Hana. Hopefully, she will come back and play for us sometime in the near future. Phil and the band will be at The Skinny Pancake tomorrow and will play a set of Elvis Costello and one of their own. They are one of every band in town who is playing in the next couple of days. This is a great song from a classic Burlington artist.

10.) Graveyard Before Dark – Alice Austin
11.) One More Grave – The Contrarian
12.) Gothic Bloodsucker – Zola Turn
13.) Vampyre – Dave Jarvis Band

Classic from Burlington’s ’90’s. The Zola song is from the first album. Killer tune from Casey Merlin Rae who was a writer and musician in town for many years. So, we’ve heard songs about specific beasts like zombies and vampires, so here is one about the generic category of monsters.

14.) Monsters Are Due – Doom Service
15.) Monsters – Cold Sweat
16.) A Place Both Beautiful And Strange – Vultures Of Cult
17.) Demon Moon – Crazyhearse

Killer doom and gloom song from hearse. I love the moody instrumental from Cult. Sweat make the point that monsters don’t have to be supernatural. Great new Doom song. Let’s now turn our sights to magic for a song recorded at the Radio Bean

18.) I Put A Spell On You – Marco Benevento and Kat Wright
19.) Devil – farm
20.) The Death Of Tim Lewis (poem read over the end of Devil and beginning of Devil Knows) – Tim Lewis
21.) Devil Knows My Name – Great Western

Killer version of their new song recorded live at Nectar’s. Great song by Farm about the struggles in life. Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band will be at Nectar’s on Saturday. This song is about a bar that burned down and people died and their ghosts still reside.

22.) Black Cat – Black Rabbit
23.) Ghostified – Persian Claws
24.) Killing Ghosts – Better Things
25.) Ghost Train – Jerichovox

I love the spooky sound of that song. Ghoul called me and let me know some ghosts prefer to take the train to the other side, not just a car. That one is dedicated to him. Killer song from Better. Great rocker from Persian. This next band weren’t around long but played some solid shows.

26.) Planning My Funeral – Poxy
27.) Space Weed Zombies (live) – Wave of the Future
28.) JC And The Beast – The Mountain Says No
29.) Children Of The Grave – Jesus Christ and the Hallucinogenic Allstars

Killer cover of the Sabbath song from the Saratoga NY band who come to town now and then. Mountain and Wave will play at Finnegan’s tomorrow at 10. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town, and that it didn’t scare you too much. Goodbye. Sayonara.

30.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit


Song after: Crucifix Corner – Fish
Please Mr Gravedigger – David Bowie

recording ends
War Pigs – Black Sabbath
Child In Time – Deep Purple
New Orleans Is Sinking – The Tragically Hip
Time Of The Season – The Zombies
Detroit Rock City – Kiss
Hells Bells – AC/DC
End Of The World – Gary Moore
Hallelujah The Hills – Hallelujah The Hills
Funeral In His Hear – October Project
Day Of The Dead – The Church Band
Burning Times – Rumors Of The Big Wave
Don’t Talk To Strangers – Dio
Wake The Raven – Kimberly White Project
The Raven – read by Willem Defoe
Edgar Allen Poe – Lou Reed
Violence – Peg Tassey MUSIC
Whiskey Man – Arc Iris
Welcome To My Nightmare/School’s Out – Alice Cooper
Forgotten Sons – Marillion
All Lovers Are Deranged – David Gilmour
Old Souls Of Chatham County – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter
Megaphone – Joshua Glass Music
Dear God – Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band
regular programming


Jeremy Gilchrist, Spencer Goddard and Bad Smell at Light Club Lamp Shop October 10, 2015   Leave a comment

Light Club Lamp Shop photo by Tim Lewis

Light Club Lamp Shop photo by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music at the Light Club Lamp Shop a few Saturday’s ago. I had wanted to check out Bad Smell and did not think I’d get a chance, since Jane moved away, but she came back to town for a few days and she and Raph scheduled a show. I got there early and Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter began the night with songs of time travel and life in Vermont. His voice has an inviting tone. His songs have a pleasant structure to them. His acoustic guitar playing is solid and nice, but it’s his lyrics that truly set him apart. The small audience was pretty attentive and he played a bunch of really cool songs. He tossed in a cover of Down By The River and gave a small tease of Breathe at the end. I really enjoyed his set.

Spencer Goddard came on next and sang and played acoustic guitar. He released his new EP at the show and played the whole thing. I listened as intently as I could, but even 10 feet from the stage, the chatting of the audience overwhelmed the sound. Most of the people seemed to be there to hang out in the cozy space and were not at all focused on the music. Nothing really jumped out at me in any of his songs, but it was hard to tell and I barely caught any lyrics. The small crowd really was that loud. I may have to check him out sometime when I can actually hear.

After a bit of setup, Bad Smell took the stage. It was just Jane Boxall Percussion on drums and Raph Worrick playing with three sets of keys and one control panel. All of the songs were instrumental and just had a cool fun feel to them. Raph had a bit of a mad scientist feel to his playing and Jane was so spot on it would make a metronome blush. Each song seemed to kick off with Raph triggering an electronic beat and Jane matching it and augmenting the sound with double taped drum sticks, brushes or whichever tool in her arsenal that she chose to use. Raph would go off in some crazy fun direction and Jane would fill out the sound one beat at a time. It’s really hard to describe but as Marc Scarano pointed out, it was a lot more fun than it seemed like it would be. They played a short set but it was all really fun. I’m so glace Jane came back to town for a few days and they did the show.


The High Breaks at Red Square, Seth Yacovone and The Mountain Says No at Nectar’s October 23, 2015   Leave a comment

Nectar's photo by Tim Lewis

Nectar’s photo by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music Friday night. I got out of work at 6 then stopped home for a quick bite of food. I knew Mountain would be on around 9:30, but had some other options before that. I finally got out the door around 8 and took a brisk walk downtown. I was debating just going to Nectar’s early to see Seth Yacovone play solo, but was leaning towards heading up to the Zen Lounge to see Small Change, a Tom Waits cover band. I’m one of the few people I know who is not really into Tom’s music, but Robert Gagnon is a really talented guitar player so I thought it would be fun to check out the band.
I was walking down Church st when I heard a band playing at Red Square. Curious, I looked to see who it was, and The High Breaks were on stage and rocking. I wandered in and grabbed a drink. The band were super tight and their surf rock sound is super cool. There was a couple dancing to the tunes and the full room really liked the band’s sound. Matthew Bryan Hagen told the usual fun stories that begin the instrumental songs. Ankle Breaker has a nice slow build until it rocks hard then eases off and builds again. Sidewinder starts with some simple riffs but as the song keeps going each member of the trio rock their instruments hard. When they announced they had one more in this set, the first of three, Matt said they would do a familiar song then said “Hit it Todd.” Todd Gevry did the shrieking laugh and called out Wipe Out and the band played a killer version of the classic. When the last note rang out, I headed out the door.
Since it was getting late, I headed right to Nectar’s. Seth Yacovone was on stage playing a song on acoustic guitar and singing with his ragged voice. As I settled in he played a song about a lady in France then played a fun song about going along on an intergalactic ride. It was pretty fun and a nice way to wrap up the set. His singing is strong and powerful and his guitar playing is just outstanding. I’m so glad I caught a couple of his songs.
After a bit of a wait, The Mountain Says No were set up and ready to go. They opened with Ricky The Rider, but something was off and it just did not gel like it should have. They slugged their way through a couple of songs, but I got a bit worried, since something was just off in the sound. Statistik was the fourth song and it was OK, but just not as glorious as usual. I think it was the fifth song where Justus began a nice drum riff and suddenly the band were locked in and sounded as perfect as always. From that point on, everything sounded great and I was ecstatic. They played a couple of new songs that I really liked and did killer versions of King Grifter and Restaurant. As they headed toward the end of the set, the time shortened and their plan to play three more turned into one more. The Bomb rocked as hard and wonderfully as always. I headed out shortly after the last note finished and took the long walk home. I was quite content.

The Snaz and Vows at The Skinny Pancake October 17, 2015   Leave a comment

I had a great time seeing music that Saturday night. I had been interested in both The Snaz and Vows but had not caught up with either. The show was listed as 8:30-11 at The Skinny Pancake, so that seemed easy enough. I got out of work at 5:30 and was home by 6. I grabbed a bite to eat and headed out around 8. The walk was quick and lovely, though just chilly enough to want an extra coat. I walked in pretty close to 8:30 and The Snazz were set up and ready to go. They did not have the curtain pulled to keep the performance room separate from the dining area, so I could see that I needed to pick up the pace. I got in and settled as the band opened with Try And Try And Try. It rocked nicely and set a great tone for the evening. They are a four-piece band with electric guitar/singer, keys/backing vocals, bass and drums. The music has an upbeat alt rock swing to it. The songs are short and poppy, but have a bit of a sweep to them. Most songs had an opening riff that slid into some nice changes and just made you want to bob around. The singer had a nice and solid voice that drove the music and the keyboard players backing vocals, including a killer scream at one point, filled the songs out nicely. They played a song they said was very new, that had a little extra sweep to it, which was pretty cool. The keys had a nice flow to them and the bass and guitar precisely drove the songs. The drumming was super steady, but had a few extra fills that could turn the direction of the songs on a dime. Each part was played well and the whole show jelled into some pretty sweet songs. The highlight was late in the set when they pulled out Running Away From Home. Their other songs are just as good, but they had just a little extra poise on that one. There is a lot to like about this band.

I hung out for the set change and soon enough, Vows took the stage. They played as a five-piece with singer/guitar player, guitat/keys, keys, bass and drum. They were super tight and the music ranged from off-kilter dancey pop to almost progressive rock. They are the type of band that I hate to write about since I don’t know how to describe them. That said, I greatly enjoyed their set and they kept me engaged for the full 45-60 minutes. Each member played with passion and precision and The set was lots of fun. I think I need to see them again sometime to see if I can get more of a handle on the music.

After the last note, I took the long walk home. It was so great to check out a couple of bands I had been meaning to see, and it was even greater that I enjoyed both so much.


My Letter to Rep Trey Gowdy   Leave a comment

Dear Representative Gowdy,

As a Vermonter, I’m a supporter of Bernie Sanders in the upcoming election.  However, if Hillary Clinton wins the primary, I am now very content to vote for her.  I was not sure before, but the hearing yesterday proved she is capable of standing up for America and has all of the qualifications needed to be an excellent President of the United States.  What you did to her was just wrong and she stood strong and tough and proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that she will make a great President.  Assuming you are still in office when she is elected, please work with her to move America through the 21st century in the most wonderful way that we can.



Radio Show 132 Thursday October 22, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM window by Tim Lewis

WBKM window by Tim Lewis


I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only I began with yesterday and moved into the future.

regular programming
Glastonbury Song – The Waterboys
In The Walls – Stellastarr

recording begins
Song before: President Gas – The Psychedelic Furs



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. Yesterday was the day they used as the long future date in Back To The Future Part II, October 21, 2015. Let’s begin with some local music about those implications.

1.) Flux Capacitor – Wave of the Future
2.) 1.21 Jigawatts – Wave of the Future
3.) All I Want Is A Hoverboard – Wave of the Future

Wave have so many great songs about Back To The Future. They are playing October 30 at Finnegan’s with The Mountain Says No. Last week I saw two really cool bands at The Skinny Pancake and enjoyed them both in different ways. I’ll begin with one from each.

4.) Who’s Fault Was That? – The Snaz
5.) Sound Island – Vows
6.) Wiser – And The Kids
7.) What’s In California? – Joshua Glass Music

Josh was just at Waterworks Food + Drink and I’m bummed I missed the show. ATK just released their new album on vinyl. Check it out if you are into that. Vows and Snaz played killer versions of those songs last week. This guy is playing at Nectar’s tomorrow both solo acoustic and with an electric band.

8.) The Singing Of The Song – Seth Yacovone Band
9.) Release The Beast – The Mountain Says No
10.) Silver And Gold – Waylon Speed!

Waylon can rock pretty hard, especially when playing that one. I’m psyched to see Mountain tomorrow!! OK, here is the next song on No Need To Beg. This is one of the great rock songs to come from Burlington.

11.) Little French Earthquakes – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
12.) Alienation – Black Rabbit
13.) Still Life Scene – Envy
14.) Womb With A View – Heavy Plains

Heavy are playing at The Monkey House Sunday. They were great the last time I saw them. Classic from Envy. Killer Rabbit song and great song from Phil Yates and the band. Let’s keep rocking.

15.) Black And Red – ROUGH FRANCIS
16.) A Place Both Wonderful And Strange – Vultures of Cult
17.) Christmas In Afghanistan – The Wards
18.) Green Peaks/Dark Valleys – Get A Grip
19.) Monsters Are Due – Doom Service

Doom and Grip are playing at Higher Ground Sunday as part of Colin’s Roar a benefit for Cystic FIbrosis. Killer song from the Wards and still unfortunately appropriate. Cool song from Vulture and great song from Francis. This next set is about our understanding of God or the Gods.

20.) These Stories – When Particles Collide
21.) Hermaphroditus – Rue Mevlana
22.) Dear God – Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band

One song about asking God to help you get out of something and a couple about the ancient Greeks and others. Big Joe passed away 10 years ago and in a couple of weeks the Unknown Blues Band will play a show in his honor.

23.) Every Time I hear That Mellow Saxophone – Big Joe Burrell & The Unknown Blues Band
24.) Jan Michael Vincent – Chin Ho
25.) All My Life – Wide Wail
26.) Green Apple Girl – Dave Jarvis

4 classics from the ’90’s. In Vermont, there are lots of wonderful apples around. It was such a beautiful day today and I had to run errands and drove around with the windows down.

27.) Windows Down – Lendway
28.) Dancing In Dreamtime – Jerichovox

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we? Goodbye.

29.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit



Songs After: Raingods Dancing/Make It Happen – Fish

recording ends
Witch Hunt – RUSH
Lionized – The Tragically Hip
Once Upon A Time In The West – Dire Straits
Light My Fire (live) – The Doors
Best Way To Travel – The Moody Blues
Hearts – Jon Anderson
Starship Trooper – Yes (official)
Empire Of The Clouds – Iron Maiden
Wow – Kate Bush
Is This Where You Live? – The Church Band
White Russian – Marillion
Gates Of Babylon – Rainbow
Burning Times – Rumors Of The Big Wave
Images – Saga
Mimi On The Beach – jane siberry
New Americana – Halsey
Satellite – Guster
Sparks – The Color Exchange
The Night Syd Barret Died – Colin Nicholas Clary
All The Same To You – Milton Busker
New York My Lovely – Josh Glass
By My Side – Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band
regular programming


Radio Show 131 Thursday October 15, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM by Tim Lewis

WBKM by Tim Lewis


I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only I decided to take an in-depth look at a few local artists.

Before the show I lined up:

Lying In The Wind – The Cush
What Sarah Said – Death Cab For Cutie
Calendar Girl – Stars
Strange Phenomena – Kate Bush
recording begins

Song before: New Americana – Halsey



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Tonight, I’m going to select a few of the great artists who have played in town and let you listen to a few of their songs to let you really get to know them. Let’s begin with a woman who has been making magnificent music for a long lovely time.

1.) When She Sleeps – Peg Tassey MUSIC
2.) My Baby Goes Straight For Ecstasy – Peg Tassey
3.) Rosary Beads – Peg Tassey
4.) Angle Of The Sun – Peg Tassey

Four great songs from a woman with a strong voice, great words and a great spirit that lets them out. This next set of music features most of the great musicians of the ’80’s. This was recorded a long time ago but the musicianship is great and the consistency of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was nicely shown at the debate on Tuesday. He’s always been fighting for the poor and middle class and is doing so at the top of his game right now.

5.) Where Have All The Flowers Gone? – Bernie Sanders and 30 Vermont Musicians
6.) We Shall Overcome – Bernie Sanders and 30 Vermont Musicians
7.) This Land Is Your Land – Bernie Sanders and 30 Vermont Musicians

Run Bernie Run!! It’s so exciting that he is in the race and getting a chance to fight for the little guy. This next artist is on the side of the little guy too.

8.) Oh Susannah – Linda Bassick
9.) Tell Me – Linda Bassick
10.) One From Two – Linda Bassick
11.) You Are My Sunshine – Linda Bassick

She’s a great musician and a great supporter of local music. OK, it’s time for the next song on No Need To Beg. This song was the one that made my decision to play the album all the way through. A local critic called the song cringe worthy, but Phil Yates has been undaunted and plays it now and then. After my father passed, I had not made it out to music for a while and one night I went to Nectar’s and saw Phil Yates & The Affiliates. This song really stood out for me, and that was the moment I knew I would add it to the list of albums I’ve played all the way through.

12.) Masterpiece – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
13.) Three Cheers – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
14.) Ninjas VS Zombies – Phil Yates

Phil writes and performs lots of fun and delightful songs. I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did. Last Saturday I ran into Phil and Marc Scarano who were at Light Club Lamp Shop to see Raph Worrick and Jane Boxall. Jane was in town for a couple of days and I had to go check out Bad Smell, her project with Raph. Jane has been in a ton of bands and has really added to the sound of Burlington.

15.) The Downfall Of Paris – Jane Boxall Percussion
16.) AV6 – Bad Smell
17.) Floating – Vedora
18.) Tic Toc – Doll Fight
19.) Alienation – Black Rabbit

Whether it’s the sultry sound of Vedora, the oddly fun Bad Smell, her work on marimba, her drumming for Steady Betty, or her blistering punk rock with Doll and Rabbit, she is just incredible. OK, I had been meaning to see this next band for ages, and finally caught up with them Friday at Radio Bean.

20.) Wino – REDadmiral
21.) Bullet – REDadmiral
22.) Stop – REDadmiral

Great stuff. If you like that go check them out tomorrow at The Monkey House. This was the first local band that I ever truly loved, and still do.

23.) The Movie – Ninja Custodian
24.) That’s When I Reach For My Revolver – Ninja Custodian
25.) Las Vegas

Since I was talking about the debate earlier, I just had to play Vegas. This next singer opened the night Saturday at the Lamp Shop.

26.) Great Filter – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter
27.) Threaded – Jeremy Gilchrist
28.) The Endless War – Jeremy Gilchrist

One from his Causality album and two new ones. OK, let’s hear one more from Jane to take us out.

29.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit


Song After: Faith Healer – Fish
recording ends

Hymnalayas – Gong
Adore – Tilt
Moonlight In Vermont – Willie Nelson
Almost Cut My Hair – Bob Wagner and the Book ‘Em Blues Band
Long May You Run – Aaron Flinn
So They Say – The New Siberians
Two Sleepy Arms – Lendway
Institution Street – The Red Telephone
Media Boss – The Lindbergh Baby
Speed Of Light – Iron Maiden
Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
Popular Crowd – Swale
New Americana – Halsey
Someday You Will Be Loved – Death Cab For Cutie
Canadian Cowboy – Arc Iris
Bloodletting – Concrete Blonde
Moving – Kate Bush
Opus 40 – Mercury Rev
Aura – The Church Band
Fugazi – Marillion
Catch The Rainbow – Rainbow
Ordinary Day – Milton Busker
What’s In California? – Joshua Glass Music
By My Side – Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band
regular programming



The High Breaks and Vultures Of Cult at Club Metronome October 5, 2015   Leave a comment

Nectar's photo by Tim Lewis

Nectar’s photo by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music on Monday at Club Metronome. I had been a bit antsy all day, so after work, I thought going out would be a great idea. I knew The High Breaks were kicking off Metal Monday, so I thought I’d go check them out and see how long I could make it when the metal started for real. I grew up loving Heavy Metal, but once bands started with the cookie monster vocal, I moved away. It’s such a waste to have powerful music then to not be able to catch any lyrics, since well intertwined lyrics and music can be over the top great. It was a nice walk down to Metronome and I arrived just about at the 9:30 start time. The stage was set and I got a chance to chat with each of the HB’s. After a bit they headed to the stage, but did a sound check instead of starting right off. It took a while to get through, but when done, they hit the stage for real and rocked hard. I was not sure how a surf-rock band would go over to the metal crowd, but the music was heavy enough and the band skilled enough, that everyone had a good time. They played classics like Ankle Breaker and Banana Seat. Each original song had a story before it which added to the fun. All of the songs are instrumental and have a fun dark rocking vibe. Tood’s drumming is super strong and fast. Kevin’s bass playing drives the songs perfectly and gives plenty of space for Matt to rip it up on guitar. Their set was not long, but every note was fun. They closed with a classic surf song, but it was really the originals that made the set so fun.

I hung out for the set break, and another quick sound check, then Vultures of Cult hit the stage. They opened with a long slow building moody doom sounding piece that just built and built until it was at full metal fury. The four piece, two singer/guitar players, bass, drums, had one singer doing the doom and gloom vocal but the other one really sang and kept me glued to the stage. Their set was short, maybe four or five songs, but each one took it’s time and the molten music just filled the soul. I hung back a little, not sure if the medium sized crowd would mosh, but everyone was more just listening to the music and having a good time. I really liked all the songs, but as the last note rang out, I slipped down the stairs and took the long walk home. The antsy feeling was gone and I was left in the cool afterglow from the heavy rock music.