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Swale at Signal Kitchen June 26, 2015   Leave a comment

Signal Kitchen photo by Tim Lewis

Signal Kitchen photo by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Friday at Signal Kitchen. I had to work until 7, and she show was scheduled for 7, but the band was not on until 9, so there was plenty of time. I talked Christopher Larrow into going and he arrived just after 8. We headed out around quarter of nine and were in and ready for the band. The party was thrown by the makers of a new app called divvi. They had a few people involved speak about it and it sounds like a way to connect people to things they want and need and might be a step from moving away from the concept of brand. I’m still without a smartphone and appless so I was curios but not fascinated. That said, it was interesting to hear about, and it was their party and I was a guest. The show was free to the public and Divvi planted a tree for everyone who showed up.

The half full room focused its attention on the band as Swale took the stage and emitted a beautiful version of Soul Piggy Bank. They upped the energy a bit with Cancer, which has that huge build. I think it was Popular Crowd next, which is always high energy fun. After that, they said they had a new one. I missed the name, but it had a funky groovy sound with a non-stop mega-intense guitar riff driving it along. I love when my favorite bands pull out great new songs! Joyless was gorgeous and powerful as always. Beaten Down rolled along nicely then they followed with a stunning cover of Maybe I’m Amazed. Amanda Gustafson sang her heart out and the room was very impressed. As their set drew towards a close they pulled out the melange of War Pigs and Runaway. They kept things at full throttle for Everyone Likes To, which I incorrectly though would end the night. Amanda sang an oddly paced gentle cover that I did not recognize, in honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling saying it was against the Constitution to make a law to prevent gay marriage. The band followed the song though its curves nicely, then they said good night. Richard, the “Chief of Crazy Ideas” who hosted the party, asked for an encore and the crowd readily agreed. Amanda took the mic and belted out a killer Rebel Girl and the band were on fire as they charged through it.

What a wonderfully easy evening it was. The show was free and they planted a tree for all of us. We got to learn about some new way to connect to people and Swale, Swale are all you need!!



To quickly sum up   Leave a comment

Running late this morning, so no time to write up the Swale show last night. To quickly sum up, maybe I’m amazed we have such a rebel girl as Amanda Gustafson, who’s gorgeous and powerful voice kept us safe from the fear of being lost, even if the band were playing a new song that had a funky intensity that reminded me a little of The Mountain Says No. I’ll find out for sure when I see the latter tonight. Everyone likes to be with the popular crowd and listen to a melange of Black Sabbath and Kanye West.


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Radio Show 116 Thursday June 25, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment




I just got back from doing my local music radio show on internet only It started slow and classic then began to rock, then opened up to the world.

Song before: Closer To The Heart – RUSH



From our small city to the great big world, these are the sounds of Burlington. On Sunday I went to Montreal with my brother Ken to see Rush, and listened to a couple of old shows. This song jumped out at me so I wanted to start the night here. This is Yardsale by Lendway on WBKM and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) Yardsale – Lendway
2.) Twisted – Guppyboy
3.) You Home (Keep Safe Mix) – Eef
4.) Good Witch – Cricket Blue

Cricket have been getting a lot of mentions for their beautiful music. I just checked out their EP today and it’s quite nice. Eef are getting back together for some shows. Cool. I can’t believe I don’t play Guppyboy more often. This next singer is in town for a few days.

5.) Left One In The Rain – Alice Austin
6.) All The Same To You – Milton Busker
7.) Glory Bound – Maryse Smith
8.) The North – Hana Zara

Love the reference to the old north end of Burlington in that song. Maryse Smith played a killer show at Signal Kitchen last week. Milton will be at Radio Bean tomorrow at 8:30. OK, let’s rock with the next song from JV.

9.) Ricky The Rider – The Mountain Says No
10.) Nicky Says – Black Rabbit
11.) Destroying Everything You See – Blue Button
12.) Lunacy – Cave Bees

Killer rocking song from the Bees! BB are a great band too! Black Rabbit have a new album out called Red Flannel Hash. It’s really good and that was the first song. This next band are playing tomorrow at Signal Kitchen.

13.) Popular Crowd – Swale
14.) Little French Earthquakes – Phil Yates & The Affiliates
15.) Alienation – Black Rabbit
16.) Sugar Coated Candy Stix – Dino Bravo VT

Dino will play with The Mountain Says No Saturday night at The Monkey House when Mountain officially release JV. Another killer new Rabbit song. I just can’t get enough of Earthquakes. Tonight at Light Club Lamp Shop Jeff Howlett is taking tintype pictures of Burlington people. I stopped in earlier and had my picture taken. I’ll stop by later to pick it up. He used to be a Burlington rocker and this is one of his bands.

17.) Null – Five Seconds Expired
18.) Morning Again – Doll Fight
19.) Void – The Lavas
20.) Blue Sky – Black Rabbit

Another great new Rabbit song. Zola Turn evolved into Queen Tangerine who evolved into The Lavas. I’ve always liked that song. Doll Fight used to rock this town hard, and featured Jane Boxall Percussion who also plays drums on the new Rabbit album. This is another classic band from the ’90’s.

21.) Throw Me Away – Spill
22.) Linea – Vetica
23.) Space Weed Zombies – Wave of the Future

Killer song recorded live at Nectar’s. I just loved Vetica. So, this week a couple of things happened in the psyche of America and we took a couple of small steps towards dealing with racial issues. The Fair Housing Act was upheld and many businesses have started disassociating themselves with symbols that promote ideas of separation, when in fact, we all started from the same root. Here are some songs about getting past the physical and seeing people for who they are, not just what they look like.

24.) Brothers And Sisters – Joe Adler
25.) It’s Just A Ride – Bill Hicks (AMERICAN The Bill Hicks Story)
26.) We Shall Overcome – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and 30 Vt musicians

Bernie has been fighting for everyone to get an equal chance for decades. Run Bernie Run! Bill told it like no one else could. Joe just nailed the idea of inclusion on that one. Binger do the same on these three.

27.) Sequoia I, II, and III – Binger
28.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Arc Of The Curve – Fish


Rush at the Bell Center in Montreal June 21, 2015   Leave a comment

Rush Montreal R40 June 21 2015 picture by John M Whyte

Rush Montreal R40 June 21 2015 picture by John M Whyte

It was the longest day of the year. It was the summer solstice. It was Father’s Day. It was RUSH in Montreal.

I woke up around 9am and met mom, dad, and Ken for lunch at 12:30. We ate and chatted for an hour then mom and dad headed off. Ken and I took the other car, and after a slight detour, I drove north. The drive up went smooth, but as we approached the border, there was a huge line of cars waiting to cross. We arrived around 3, and made it through just before 4:30. The rest of the trip into Montreal was uneventful and we quickly found parking downtown. I knew of a potential get together with Elephants of Scotland at Brutopia, but must have arrived too late. We grabbed a quick bite then headed to Centre Bell for the show.

Our floor seats towards the back, on the right side facing the stage, were fine, and we patiently waited for showtime. About 7:45 the lights went down and an animated film of the band began to play. It started with them when they were young and showed then aging and many of their logos and symbols and the way their facial hair changed over the years. There was one sign that said Montreal bring back the Expos, which got a nice cheer. As the video wound down, the screen rose and Rush charged into The Anarchist. The band was perfectly on, as always, and rocking hard. They continued on with two more from Clockwork Angels, including the title song and Headlong Flight, which had a quick and bombastic Neil Peart drum solo. After those three they went back in time for Far Cry, which had some cool fireworks going off, and jammed out The Main Monkey Business. From there, they went back in time for a killer version of One Little Victory, which Geddy said was very important to them, and featured a video of the dragon, which breathed pillars of real fire onto the back of the stage. From there, they went back in time. As the show progressed the stage slowly and continuously changed. A couple of workmen moved items in and out, making the stage look like it did on the tour for whichever album they were playing. The effect in the moment was subtle, but the effect from the beginning of the show to the end was quite tremendous. Animate followed and rocked hard. The crowd sang along with the chorus as the words flashed on the background screen. They went back in time for Roll The Bones, which had a fun video for the rap part. Several people appeared in it but the ones with the biggest cheers were Peter Dinklage and the Trailer Park Boys. Again, they went back in time. As Geddy announced Distant Early Warning, the place erupted with the loudest cheer of the night. The lights had changed from the robotic lights from the beginning part of the show to the round circle of lights that lowered and changed angles, like they did when the song was new. The old video played with the boy riding the missile. They went back one more time for a killer Subdivisions and wrapped up the 75 minute set just about 9.

Ken and I just hung out at our seats and waited and around 9:20 the lights wend down and a movie started playing on the screen. No Country For Old Hens seemed to be a bunch of outtakes from all the videos they’ve used during their shows over the years. As it wrapped up, the screen rose and Rush lit int Tom Sawyer. The place went nuts and everyone was having a great time. They followed with Red Barchetta and Alex Lifeson’s guitar took us on a high speed ride through wandering roads. From there, they went back in time. Wide lasers filled the room as they played a killer version of Spirit Of Radio. They followed with a version of Jacob’s Ladder that was just dropped from the sky. They stepped back in time again, and let the songs run long and deep as they pulled out the prelude to Cygnus X-1 Book II and let it go into most of Cygnus X-1. It was a long and joyfully adventurous ride through the essence of Rush. Neil had another bombastic drum solo and the audience was through the roof. Everyone pulled out their best singing voices for Closer To The Heart, then the band launched another epic with a beautifully long version of Xanadu. From there, they stepped back in time. Shimmering lasers filled the room as they worked their way through a chunk of 2112. They did the full Overture and Priests then went into the “Another toy will help destroy the elder race of man” part, then jammed it into the Grand Finale. Wow, that was up there with the best sets of music I’ve ever seen a band play.

The band left the stage and the screen dropped down. They went back in time, from 2112, with a video of Eugene Levy introducing this new band who were really something. These kids had even opened for Kiss. Sure, they are just a trio, and that does not a rock band make, but maybe they will add some horns in the future. That’s not exactly what he said, but pretty close. The screen raised and Rush drove into Lakeside Park with red curtain as a background and white lights illuminating the band. They dropped it into Anthem and the crowd rocked right along. Then, they went back in time. The red curtain parted to show the background of a high school gymnasium and they closed the night with What You’re Doing and Working Man. The screen came down the final time and a video showed the band heading back to the dressing room, only to be denied entry by the characters from all of their album covers.

As we headed our of the Bell Center, just about 11pm, there was a long bunched up group of people looking towards the exits but not moving at all, We found an exit near the metro that worked nicely and made it back to the car, as a light rain fell. There is a great road that goes out of downtown that will take you along the river and put you on the Champlain. Unfortunately, there was construction, and three lanes had to merge into one. It took forever to get through, but once on the highway, I thought I was all set. As we approached the bridge traffic was stopped. The Champlain was having work done and they merged three lanes of traffic into one and it took forever to get through. About 90 minutes after leaving downtown, we were finally on the other side of the bridge and beginning the long ride home. There was a wait at the US border, maybe 10 cars or so, but it went smoothly. I drove to Shelburne and dropped Ken at home. I drove back to Burlington and got in just about 3:30. Wired from the road, I hung out a bit and saw the world begin to light up at 4:15am. What a long and lovely day.


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Maryse Smith at Signal Kitchen and Questionable Company at Radio Bean June 19, 2015   Leave a comment

Signal Kitchen photo by Tim Lewis

Signal Kitchen photo by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night. Friday’s are always hard. I never get enough sleep Thursday night, so always want to take it easy. Of course, when I have a song running through my head all day, sometimes I have to force myself.

I got out of work at 7, went home and ate a quick dinner then headed down to Signal Kitchen. I got in and settled and almost immediately Maryse Smith began to play. She was joined by Brennan Gregory Mangan, and I couldn’t tell what instrument he was playing on the first song, but he played drums on all the others. Maryse played a bunch of new songs on a green electric guitar, and it was cool to hear her songs a bit more orchestrated, since I’m used to hearing her play solo on acoustic. They opened with The Way It Is, then played a bunch of lovely songs I did not know. I’m not sure if I need to play all of her music again to see which ones they are, but really think most were brand new. Either way, it was fun to just listen close and try and follow along. She has a great voice and a super cool structure to her songs. Her lyrics get intensely personal, and sometimes remind you of thoughts and feelings deep inside yourself. They played nicely together, and the music they made had a nice sweep to it. I went in with high expectations and was completely blown away. When they finished the lovely set, she checked on time and had enough for one more, but said that is all they had worked out. After the intense concentration of playing together she unleashed a solo version of Liar that seemed to effortlessly roll out of her. I love that song and she did a killer version. I’m so glad I put in the effort.

There were two more bands playing, but I started the night tired and headed out. I wandered up Church st and headed over to Radio Bean. There was a band billed as dream pop that I thought might be fun, but my timing was off, and they were going on at 10. I hung out for a drink and caught a few songs by Questionable Company. They had a nice airy jazzy flow to them. The quartet was made up of a woman singer, a woman electric guitar player who sang also, a guy on stand up bass and a guy on a minimalist drum kit. It was easy to get into their groove and sway to the breezy songs. The vocal harmonies were quite lovely, but when they brought up another singer for one song, her voice mingled with the lead singer’s voice sounded eerily like Joe Adler‘s voice. It was kind of cool. A couple of songs later I recognized one and they did a great job with Skynyrd’s Simple Man. They played one more after that. I briefly though about staying for a bit, but weariness led me out the door for the smooth walk home through the twilight.


Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


Radio Show 115 Thursday June 18, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only It had a swing at the beginning then rocked through the end.

Song before: Distant Early Warning – Rush



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. Life in Burlington has seen a ton of rain and lots of sunny beautiful days, or parts of days. This is a song from the early 2000’s from a band from Rutland. This song has been playing in my head a lot lately, so now I’m going to play it for you. This is If I Go by Will on WBKM and this is Burlington’s Kind of Music.

1.) If I Go – Will
2.) Waiting For You – Swale
3.) Think I’ll Go – Great Western
4.) Precious Time – The Cush

The Cush built their first album in Texas then moved to Vermont for a few years. I saw as many shows as I could and that is such a great song. Killer song from Western. Hopefully, they have new stuff coming soon. That’s such a fun Swale song and sounded as good coming out of the Will song as I hoped. This next singer is playing this weekend in Hinesburgh at the Northern Sun Music Festival with a bass player and drummer. I bet it will rock.

5.) Scattered Birds – Aaron Flinn
6.) Einstein-Rosen Bridge – Jeremy Gilchrist
7.) The Whole – Milton Busker
8.) I Forgot – Maryse Smith

Maryse Smith is playing at Signal Kitchen tomorrow. What a great song. I have not caught up with Milton in a while, but hope to soon. Cool lyrics that make you think from Jeremy. Hopefully, I will get to see Aaron and his band really rock sometime soon. Like the first song in the set tonight, this song has been going through my head a lot lately.

9.) The Territory – Hana Zara
10.) Let It Shine – Rachel Brown
11.) Sunflower Street – David L. Jarvis
12.) In The Rain – Plan B

It’s been raining like crazy lately and was supposed to rain today. No sign of it yet, it’s really been a beautiful day. I’ve always loved that Dave song. Rachel used to unleash her killer voice in this town a lot. OK, it’s time for the next song on JV, the album I’m playing all the way through, song after song, week after week. It will be released July 27 when they play The Monkey House.

13.) Iron And Metal – The Mountain Says No
14.) Bomb – Envy
15.) Original Original – Black Rabbit
16.) Weapons Factory – The Wards

Classic song from the band that lead the punk wave in Burlington back in the ’80’s. Killer new Rabbit song! Killer classic from Envy. Sean Toohey and Ann Mindell who played in that band are in a new band called The Nancy Druids. Definitely check them out when they play Radio Bean a couple of Monday’s from now. Hmmm, Mountain. OK, let’s keep on playing some recent Burlington punk music.

17.) Planning My Funeral – Poxy
18.) Black Oil – Doom Service
19.) Asphyxia – Better Things
20.) Blue Lights – As We Were

If you want a heavy rock band, you could not do better than Rough Francis. They are at Higher Ground tonight opening for Bad Religion. As play it fast and hard and fun and I’ve loved the couple of times I’ve seen them. Better keep writing music and playing shows and I cant’ wait to see where they go next. Doom always rock hard. I miss Poxy. This next artist used to play all the time in Burlington. She’s coming back for a visit. Will she play a show? I hope so.

22.) Vicarious – Alice Austin
22.) Sequoia II – Binger
23.) These Are Some Things – When Particles Collide
24.) Stop – REDadmirial

I’ve got to get out and see admiral. They are playing the Northern Sun Music Festival too, but I have to work on Saturday and Sunday I’m meeting Mom and Dad and Ken for a Father’s Day lunch then heading to Montreal to see Rush with Ken. Killer song from Particles who are on the road now. Go check them out! Cool song form Binger. It’s almost the Solstice and the longest day of the year. It makes me feel like this song.

25.) These Summer Nights – Sarah Blacker
26.) Don’t Cough Me Out – Slowdim
27.) Can’t Feel It – Vetica
28.) Relief – Death World Wide

Killer song from the bands new album N.E.W. Love that Vetica song. Killer song from Slowdim. I’d love someone to bring that Boston band to town. Sarah’s on the road. Check her out if she comes to your town! I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the release of Misplaced Childhood, so the songs after were: Childhood’s End->White Feather (live) – Fish

After wrapping up the show, the rain came. It was a very wet walk home with shifting winds. The umbrella helped, but it was a very wet walk.


Aaron Flinn at Radio Bean June 2 and The High Breaks at Jazzfest on the top of Church St June 10, 2015   1 comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


I’ve been slacking about writing about shows that I’ve seen lately and wanted to write about a couple of them. On June 2nd I had the day off as my floating holiday for working Memorial Day. Aaron Flinn was set to play at Radio Bean opening for Honky Tonk Tuesday. I took the quick walk over around quarter of 9 and arrived as he was setting up with a bass player. I’ve mostly seen Aaron play acoustic lately, but that night he brought the electric and he and Tom Carvey played a pretty intense set. Aaron is a killer guitar player and did a lot one hand soloing, and just generally threw his hands towards the strings and made the sounds he wanted emerge from them. Tom was pretty amazing too and was able to bend a few notes just by his handling of the bass guitar. It was quite the sight to absorb. Of course, with a killer guitarist and bass player, I was kind of wanting a drummer to push things over the top, but thoroughly enjoyed the show nonetheless. After the show I said a quick goodbye and Aaron mentioned they would be playing with a drummer soon. I can’t wait.

The next week was Jazzfest and very rainy and I did not make it out to much. I have Wednesday’s off so when I saw The High Breaks were playing on the stage at the top of Church St as part of the event, I had to go. I walked around a bit and heard a bit of jazz at various places on Church st, but nothing that caught me. I stopped in at the OP for a drink and headed back to the show and the band were on. With slick grey suits, dark sunglasses and a mellow but fun attitude they alternated surf rock songs with Matt Matthew Bryan Hagen droll and funny comments. He introduced most of the songs with a fun story and the trio played like crazy. Kevin Lynam‘s bass was rock solid and Todd Gevry‘s drumming was quick and powerful. Matt’s guitar lead the set through a mix of originals and classic covers and it was quite fun. The weather was threatening but there was only a misty rain now and then. They played a killer first set, and fun as it was, I was a bit damp and tired and skipped out on the second one. It was a cool time and I’m glad I put in the effort.