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Duck Duck Goose at the Courtyard Marriott and Clever Girls and Fever Dolls at Club Metronome March 16, 2019   Leave a comment


Duck Duck Goose

I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at The Courtyard Marriott and Club Metronome. I worked during the day, did a quick turnaround at home, then took the long walk to Battery street. I wandered into the lovely lounge that feels like a living room and got a seat near the band. Soon enough, it was time for Duck Duck Goose to play.

The trio began a gentle version of Helpless with Julia Beerworth singing lead and playing acoustic guitar, Josh Glass playing keys and Aaron Flinn on electric guitar. They had a comforting sound. Up next, Aaron took the vocals and treated us to a rousing rendition of Miss Ready Blossom. Julia took the mic next to sing her song Tribeca then Josh treated us to What’s In California? I just love the strength of the melody of that song and really enjoyed the rocked out ending. Another fun song called Miles Above Me followed then Julia graced us with Angel Of Montgomery. Josh had some sweet piano licks on Scattered Birds and Aaron’s deep voice sounded great. Julia sang a gorgeous song that wondered if you will blossom then Josh sang a song about having nothing to do except love everything about you. They closed the first set with Julia singing lead on The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down. I got another drink and settled back in as they opened set two with One More Cup Of Coffee. I love that so many local artists cover that song and make it sound so different. Julia sang the song about the old Oak Tree then Josh sang about lovers on vacation in Adeline. Josh and Julia traded vocals on the one about nobody knows but me then Aaron dropped some endearing lyrics and killer guitar moves on Raise Your Hands. They closed the night with a fun version of Honky Tonk Woman and I was in a warm happy place.



Clever Girls

I said a couple of quick goodbyes then raced over to Metronome. Clever Girls were on stage and rocking hard. I got settled and moved close. They lit into Loom and let it soar and I was in rock heaven. Owen has slow verses and huge choruses and rocked us hard. They followed with that epic new swampy song that I think is called Woman. I love the immediate feel of the song and love how it builds and rips at the end. They followed with another cool song then took us to lovely heights with Hannah Wants To See You. They closed the set with Heavy and rocked the club to the breaking point. They were as amazing as always.



Clever Girls

I hung out for a bit and Fever Dolls began to play. They had a bright pop sound with hints of country and jam. They opened with a song called Turn Me Down that got a little cowpunk in the middle. They rocked out a song about it being a long way back to Oklahoma then played a song about having the power. As the set went along I caught a bit of a Meatloaf or Rocky Horror vibe to the music and I was in a happy place. After they wrapped it up they brought out the movie cameras and played one of their songs over the pa and shot a video with the singer in the audience. If you ever see it, and see a few long grey hairs flowing behind him, that’s probably me.

When that was done, I took the lovely walk home. It was another great night of music in town.



Fever Dolls


Zentauri live score to March Of The Penguins at Club Metronome March 12, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Mondays ago at Club Metronome. I had a nice day spending time with my cousins, then headed over to the show. I got in and settled and looked at the chairs and couch set up facing the large screen in front of the stage. I could see the drums on the left and Lauren Costello‘s cello to the right, but had to peek behind to see the guitarist and multi-instrumental musical genius Matthew Bryan Hagen. I chatted with Ryan Cohen and some other cool people, and soon enough, it was time for the movie to start The last time I saw Zentauri they performed an improvised live score to a horror movie. I wasn’t sure how it would go with the night’s movie, March Of The Penguins, but just went with it. They began a heavy Floydish tone as the opening credits rolled. The movie sound was turned down but the captions were on and it was easy to slip into the movie as the music wrapped itself around you. The music had a bit of swagger when the penguins were strutting around. The music had a bit of menace when the 100 mile per hour winds blew on the huddled creatures. It was a journey that is hard to capture with mere words, thusly echoing the travels documented in the movie. The crowd was quietly absorbed in the lush experience. When the end credits rolled it felt like coming out of a trance.

It was yet another amazing blend of art and music in our amazing town.



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Sarah Blacker and Aaron Katz at Club Metronome November 10, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Friday at Club Metronome. I was sure I was going to the Blowtorch and Rough Francis show at ArtsRiot but checked the schedule and saw that Sarah was in town and playing at a time that made it a one or the other choice. I’ve seen her many times in town and she is amazing so I set that plan. I got out of work, did a quick turnaround at home, then took the chilly walk downtown. I got in and settled a little after 9 and soon it was time for Sarah Blacker & New England Groove Association to take the stage. This version was just Sarah and Aaron Katz (from Percy Hill). She sings and plays guitar and he masterfully plays the Djembe. Sarah’s songs are strong and melodic and sound great when she is solo but Aaron’s percussion added a nice drive. His sharp notes exploded and his quiet notes added grace to the beautiful songs. They opened with the steady and catch Plugging Away and we were off. She has put out a few singles since her last album and both Blood From Your Gun and Walkabout were really cool. She placed another new song called John in between them and I really liked it. The growing audience was standing close to the stage and when Sarah put down the guitar and started a stomp clap rhythm that was accented perfectly by Aaron. It really brought the audience into the show. Next, she picked up the ukulele for The Most Beautiful Thing and it warmed my heart. She picked up the guitar and rocked out These Summer Nights and they went into a long cool jam at the end. They closed the set with a song that was in Sarah’s style but turned out to be Don’t Worry Be Happy and that was that.

I hung out for a bit but had to work early in the morning and left a little way into the headliner’s first song. Despite everything, seeing Sarah is always the right choice.



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Wren Kitz, Appalled Eagles, and Xiu Xiu at Club Metronome September 22, 2017   Leave a comment


Xiu Xiu pic by Luke Awtry Photography

I had a great time seeing music a week ago Friday at Club Metronome. It was one of those shows where I did not know the headlining band but I took a chance since it had been way to long since I had caught up with Wren Kitz, He was joined by Lauren Costello on cello and a bass player and a drummer. They began with an oddly beautiful pop song that may have gone I see the light I see the light… They began another cool song then let it drop into one of those magical middle sections where anything could happen. I think the drummer’s name was Ron and he had a Nick Mason flow as the bass and cello drove the music onward and Wren extracted all manner of sounds from his many electronic devices. At one point he switched from electric guitar to acoustic but it was heavily amplified and the resulting sound was almost as loud and intense as when Bob Mould played an “acoustic” show at Metronome so many years ago. The music continued to drift and swirl and Wren switched back to the electric and they finished the song or started another. It was a bit hard to tell since I had such a lovely time getting lost. It started with a slow electronic beat then the drums took over and they began to rock then eased back into the slow beat then built it back again and rocked the set to a close. It was a magical experience.



Wren Kitz pic by Luke Awtry Photography

Appalled Eagles took the stage next and played a set of electronic dance music with chaotic keyboards, a guy who played keys and effects and trumpet, and an electric guitar and drums. The songs all had an infectious subtly shifting beat with keys layered over the top. The drum both complimented and diverted from the beats and the guitar threw a little fire into the sound. The songs were instrumentals and the third one had a Middle Eastern feel and the trumpet sounded nice in the musical flow. Lee Anderson left his keys at the beginning of the fourth song and spoke about how much his family has sacrificed to our country and how painful it is to see what is happening now and how we should all become soldiers for love and soldiers for art and continually create a wonderful world. They closed with a song about being angry with the news and the drummer was especially amazing.



Appalled Eagles pic by Luke Awtry Photography

Xiu Xiu was a Jamie Stewart who sang and played electric guitar and Angela Seo who played drums and other percussion instruments. They started with a quiet song with both playing some keys but from the second song on, things got pretty bombastic. While most drummers sit and play, it was like she was doing an elaborate dance and the end result of each move was a strike to the drum, or whichever instrument she chose. Stewart sang indie rock songs with a rich tone though the lyrics were tough to catch. Some were mellow and some were intense and a couple of times both launched into attacking their cymbals to create cacophony. They played a 16 song set and closed with a song that had a bit of a Veterans Of The Psychic Wars vibe. An encore was heavily demanded and they played a final song about the moonlight.

I left quickly after the last note rang out and took the lovely walk home.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the pictures!!



Xiu Xiu pic by Luke Awtry Photography


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Mike McGonegal show with James Kochalka, Dino Bravo, Swale, and Led Loco at Club Metronome October 10, 2016   Leave a comment

James Kochalka at Club Metronome October 10 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

James Kochalka at Club Metronome October 10 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night, even if the reason for the show was so sad. It’s terrible when such a vibrant force in our community passes away too early, and as fellow humans, all we can do is come together in our mourning and to celebrate the moments that he lived. Many people loved Mike McGonegal and many people came out to hear some music and be together at Club Metronome last night.

The evening began with DJ Disco Phantom, aka Brian Nagle, spinning some of Mike’s favorite songs, and of course, he spun many more during the set breaks. Throughout the evening he played songs like Sympathy For The Devil, My Sweet Lord, Burning Down The House, Fucking Up, Under My Thumb, Give Me Three Steps, Psycho Killer, Little Red Corvette, Like A Virgin, Hungry Like The Wolf, Our Lips Are Sealed, China Girl, Money For Nothing, I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing, Kodachrome, I Wanna Be Sedated, and others.

The first band on was James Kochalka which featured James on vocals, Eric Olsen on bass, Creston Lea on electric guitar, Jason Cooley on electric guitar, and Jeremy Frederick on drums. They opened with Magic Finger and said it was one of Mike’s favorites. They played a cool version of Monkey Vs Robot that went into a Gloria section towards the end and a full out Doors meandering before returning to the crashing ending. Another song about Monkey’s followed. They played songs about having to wash your ass, not breaking plates or hearts and wondered what’s the deal with triangles. Apparently, Mike was into shapes. The 10 song set was as wild and rocking and as tongue in cheek as most of Mike’s Facebook posts.

I chatted with a ton of cool people in the set breaks and watched a bit of the slideshow of pictures of Mike that ran in the other room. I grabbed one of the flower bulbs they had out and will plant it somewhere soon.

Dino Bravo VT were up next and opened with the staggeringly appropriate cover of Ween’s Birthday Boy. Lyrics like “Help me now, I’m going down, And I don’t know if I’ll be ok, I’ll be around, I’ll be in town, If you need a place to stay” were right on the mark. They followed with a tremendous version of A Song About The Ocean with a long jammed out ending. They kept the show rocking with Pop Music and Two Car Garage then told the naughty naughty story of Chuck Berry. Past The Mark rocked hard and was followed by the harmony guitars of Strawberry Blonde. Matthew Stephen Perry‘s story about a drunken night where they played a terrible version of Comfortably Numb for Mike beautifully set up the majestic version of that song which Dino performed last night. Chris Farnsworth ably handled the solos. It was a very reverent tribute to Mike.

SWALE came on next and were joined by Mike’s brother Kevin on electric guitar and vocals for a spiritual song that requested that Jesus help me find my proper place. Kevin left the stage and Swale played a gorgeous version of If You Get Lost. Every Last One Of Us started as a slow chant with Jeremy’s over the top drumming then climbed to a staggering rock and roll height before easing back down to a quiet finish. That is such a wonderful song. In honor of Mike, they played a couple of hard rocking Pants songs then rocked hard with their new song Drug Laws. Jason Cooley returned to the stage to sing a brilliant cover of Where Is My Mind? to end their set.

Led LOCO took the stage to close the night with covers of Zeppelin and Ac/DC songs. They opened with the overly appropriate Good Times Bad Times then played a song about music called Rock And Roll. Cooley mentioned something about Olsen’s Union Jack codpiece and Eric said he wore it so he would not get Trumped. Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) had the still full room dancing hard. They used a Mike Mike Mike Mike chant to start TNT. If You Want Blood, You Got It followed. The Ocean rocked hard and so did What Is And What Should Never Be. They kept the club rocking with Black Dog and Whole Lotta Rosie then capped the night regaling us with stories of their Big Balls. .

It was about 1am when they wrapped up, so I headed out quickly and took the quiet reverent walk home.


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Madaila on Main St with Marco Benevento and Lady Lamb – and Lux Deluxe and Arc Iris at Club Metronome September 4 2016   Leave a comment

Madaila on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Madaila on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Sunday evening on Main st and at Club Metronome. As soon as I got out of work I headed downtown. I walked down a packed Church St and found the entrance to the show. They had blocked off Main st between Church and S Winooski ave and put up a stage. I arrived just before 5 but Marco Benevento was already on stage jamming out with a bass player and drummer. He sang and played keys and they played some happy grooves that seemed constantly ascending. They played a few cool songs then did all of side two of the new album The Story of Fred Short. The band rocked nicely and were lots of fun. They followed with a fun instrumental then closed the night with Bus Ride and At The Show.



Marco Benevento on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Marco Benevento on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


After a short break, with the sound filled out by DJ Disco Phantom, Lady Lamb took the stage. She sang and played some intense electric guitar riffs and was joined by a bass player who added some keys, and a drummer. The indie rock sound was full of angst and passion and kept moving in ways that I had to work to keep up with. I did not know any of her songs but greatly enjoyed all of them. There were several moments of serious rock and roll and her set blew me away.



Lady Lamb on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Lady Lamb on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



After that I headed up to the WBKM to load some files into my folder and hung out with another station DJ named Jordan. His brother D was there too and we chatted about music and listened to Madaila as they took the stage. They sounded great and played mostly original songs. I finally had to head back to the crowd but by the time I got there, the band was playing a Whitney Houston song, so I had to go take a walk for a while.



Madaila on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Madaila on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Madaila on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Madaila on Main St Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis




After a bit, I headed up to Metronome and caught the end of the set by Lux Deluxe. They had a smooth easy pop/rock sound. Most of the songs got into a groove and stayed there with minimal and subtle changes. They played really well and a couple of the songs had nice hooks. The singer joined the drummer for one song that rocked a percussive groove as the bass player drove the song forward, the guitar player added some quick riffs and the keyboard player filled the sound. The five or six songs that I caught were pretty cool.



Lux Deluxe at Club Metronome Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Lux Deluxe at Club Metronome Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



There was a long set break then Arc Iris hit the stage. They played as a trio with Jocie Adams on vocals and a little bit of electric guitar, Zach Tenorio on keys and Ray Belli on drums. They played Joni Mitchell’s Blue album in the context of their cool sound. Ray looked like he was eternally challenged or having a great time as they worked out the constantly changing songs. I’m not sure if they played the album as a prog jazz masterpiece or a jazzy prog masterpiece but the show had magnificently challenging elements of both styles and kept me captivated. I loved the show note for note, but as I had to work in the morning, when the last one faded out I headed down the stairs and took the easy walk home.



Arc Iris at Club Metronome Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Arc Iris at Club Metronome Spetember 4, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The High Breaks and Vultures Of Cult at Club Metronome October 5, 2015   Leave a comment

Nectar's photo by Tim Lewis

Nectar’s photo by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music on Monday at Club Metronome. I had been a bit antsy all day, so after work, I thought going out would be a great idea. I knew The High Breaks were kicking off Metal Monday, so I thought I’d go check them out and see how long I could make it when the metal started for real. I grew up loving Heavy Metal, but once bands started with the cookie monster vocal, I moved away. It’s such a waste to have powerful music then to not be able to catch any lyrics, since well intertwined lyrics and music can be over the top great. It was a nice walk down to Metronome and I arrived just about at the 9:30 start time. The stage was set and I got a chance to chat with each of the HB’s. After a bit they headed to the stage, but did a sound check instead of starting right off. It took a while to get through, but when done, they hit the stage for real and rocked hard. I was not sure how a surf-rock band would go over to the metal crowd, but the music was heavy enough and the band skilled enough, that everyone had a good time. They played classics like Ankle Breaker and Banana Seat. Each original song had a story before it which added to the fun. All of the songs are instrumental and have a fun dark rocking vibe. Tood’s drumming is super strong and fast. Kevin’s bass playing drives the songs perfectly and gives plenty of space for Matt to rip it up on guitar. Their set was not long, but every note was fun. They closed with a classic surf song, but it was really the originals that made the set so fun.

I hung out for the set break, and another quick sound check, then Vultures of Cult hit the stage. They opened with a long slow building moody doom sounding piece that just built and built until it was at full metal fury. The four piece, two singer/guitar players, bass, drums, had one singer doing the doom and gloom vocal but the other one really sang and kept me glued to the stage. Their set was short, maybe four or five songs, but each one took it’s time and the molten music just filled the soul. I hung back a little, not sure if the medium sized crowd would mosh, but everyone was more just listening to the music and having a good time. I really liked all the songs, but as the last note rang out, I slipped down the stairs and took the long walk home. The antsy feeling was gone and I was left in the cool afterglow from the heavy rock music.


Dino Bravo at Club Metronome May 21, 2015   Leave a comment

I had a great time seeing music on Thursday night. The show was scheduled for 10:30 at Club Metronome as an after show party for the Pixies, who played the Flynn Theatre earlier in the evening. I finished up my local music radio show on Wbkm Dot Org at 11 and took the few dozen steps to the club. It was around 11:15 when I walked in the door. The band were on stage and ready, but had not started yet. I got settled in and Dino Bravo VT hit the stage with a roar. Their music is pretty fast and heavy and they were right on from the beginning. I think a lot of the songs in the beginning of the set were pretty new, and I dd not recognize most. No matter, I just hung out, rocked back and forth a bit to find the groove, and had a great time. Somewhere in the middle of the set they invited Lily Sickles to the stage. She sang the heck out of Tom Petty’s You Got Lucky while Chris Farnsworth laid down some super cool guitar riffs. She stayed for several songs and her powerhouse voice added a nice dimension to songs like Bottleneck, Pop Music, and a killer cover of 20th Century Boy. Her singing soared on Song About The Ocean, and the band played a blistering version. She finally headed back to the audience and the band played three more heavy rockers and called it a night. All in all, they played just over an hour of fun heavy rock music and I could not have been happier.


Rock Lotto at Club Metronome January 31, 2015   Leave a comment

I had a good time seeing music Saturday January 31st at Club Metronome. Don’t get me wrong, it was not the greatest musical night. There were 5 bands, none of whom I’d heard of before. They each played three or four songs, so there was a lot of band changeover time. All of the music was rough and most was not fully formed. Some of the transitions didn’t quite flow and a few bands had trouble figuring out where their songs ended. The band members didn’t have that locked in feel they get when they’ve played together for a long time, but despite all that I’ve just written, that was completely OK.

The show was called Rock Lotto and is something that happens every year to benefit Girls Rock Vermont. In the morning 25, or so,musicians meet up, get broken up into bands, and have to write three songs and come up with one cover, and play them that evening, starting at 6pm. I know, it’s insane, right? In seven or eight hours you have to learn to play with people you’ve never played with, and write songs, and get them together well enough to be played on stage. Considering the work in front of them, I think all five bands did a great job. The songs come out in their starkest form, and have to get up and stand. Granted, a couple of bands had singer songwriters play one of their songs and the band filled in the background, but even getting that together in a couple of hours is impressive.

I got out of work at 5:30 and arrived at 6:15 and missed most of he first band. They were playing some cool heavy indie rock that sounded nice. The second band on had Justus from Wave of the Future and The Mountain Says No on drums, Kirk Flanagan on bass, I think his name is Harpster who played electric lead guitar, and a woman singer songwriter who’s name I did not catch. They played a couple of her songs and one from the other guitarist. He just played some sweet leads over everything. Kirk found some really fun bass rhythms, and Justus was constantly attacking the drums from all angles. No matter what was happening in the music, you could always just focus on him and have a good time. She set down her guitar and sang the last song, which was a cover I did not know. The reasonably large audience enjoyed it and cheered them on.

The next band had an older gentleman on vocals and mandolin, a keyboard player, a bass player, and electric guitarist, and Jeremy Gilchrist on acoustic guitar. The first song was a folk ballad sang by the mandolin player. The second was a 10 year old song of Jeremy’s that he sang. The third and final song was sung by the Keyboard player. I think he said it was called Whispers In The Sky. It was pretty cool, and in the late middle part the drummer just locked into a riff that drove the song to a powerful conclusion. The set was nice, and the electric guitar player had a great presence in all of the songs.

I had to catch my breath when the next band took the stage. Jedd Kettler and Ben Maddox had played in farm and currently are quite stunning in The Mountain Says No. Ben took the keys and Jedd took the bass. They were joined by a drummer, electric guitar player, and a singer. They played three songs, all written that day and all stunning. The singer had a good voice and nice articulation. The band had a funky heavy sound and the first song vaguely reminded me of D’yer Maker mixed with Wave Of The Future. It had a bit of a Farm and Mountain feel and was pretty majestic at times. It’s unbelievable that they could create all of that in one day, but there it was.

The final band had a guitar player, who I think I recognized from last year, an acoustic guitar player, a bass player, Andrew Frappier who plays bass with The Mountain Says No but was playing drums with this band, and a woman on keys that I think played at last years Rock Lotto too. They had a bluesy funky sound, and the guitar player had some nice blues leads throughout the four song set. My memory is fading, but they closed the set with a pretty tight cover of Kirsty Maccoll’s In These Shoes.

Their set wrapped up the show. It was around 8pm and I wandered home impressed with the sheer talent that exists in this town. If any one of those bands took a couple of weeks to get polished, I’m sure the songs would be tighter and more filled out. I suppose the only regret of the night was that since all four members of The Mountain Says No were playing, maybe a three song shot of Ricky->Statistic->Bomb would have capped the night with a glimpse of what you can achieve when you have the time. Oh well, maybe next time.


Dino Bravo and Savage Hen at Club Metronome December 18, 2014   Leave a comment

I had a great time seeing music at Club Metronome that Thursday night. I did my radio show on Wbkm Dot Org from 9-11 then ran the couple of doors down to the club. There was a huge noise coming out the door and it just got louder and louder as I walked up the stairs. I had missed the Miss Fits but Dino Bravo VT were on stage and rocking hard. I hoped I could catch a couple of their songs, but they were running a bit late so I was lucky enough to catch a bunch of them. They rocked hard on Sugar Coated Candy Sticks and Two Car Garage. They said they did not have any Christmas songs, so they rewrote the lyrics to My My, Hey Hey, switching the heys for hos and fun was had by all. Chris Farnsworth played some stunning leads as the band sang Hey hey, my my Santa Claus will never die, and stuff like that. I thought that might wrap it up, but they kicked out a killer Strawberry Blonde with Chris and Matt playing sweet harmony lead guitars. They wrapped the set with Past the Mark and that was that. What a killer set.

Up next was a band I’ve been meaning to catch for ages. Savage Hen took the stage with some heavy sludgy rock. They are a three-piece with a singer, Matt Matthew Bryan Hagen on bass, and Jeremy Gartner on drums. What? No guitar in a metal band? What? The music was heavy and dark and completely depended on Matt to turn the rock into songs. He did a great job. Jeremy pounded the drums with a Sabbath intensity. His head was down the whole time with arms and hair flying. The singer growled out songs about squid attacks and fun stuff like that. They tossed in a couple of Christmas songs. I think one was a vicious Jingle Bell Rock and they made the idea of Santa Claus coming to town something to be feared and dreaded. The set was short but nothing but fun, and I can’t believe I waited so long to make it out to see them.