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Savage Hen and Ghastly Sound at Nectar’s September 25, 2017   Leave a comment


Savage Hen pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Monday at Nectar’s. I was off my normal work week and oddly had the day off. I did a couple of show write-ups and caught a late afternoon nap. I had to be up early on Tuesday but had the song Local Lore running through my head all day so I thought I could go out and at least catch their set.

The walk downtown was easy and lovely. I got in and settled a little after 9 and chatted with Ryan Cohen for a bit. Around 10 Savage Hen took the stage and rocked hard. With Jeremy Gartner ripping it up on drums and Matthew Bryan Hagen ripping it up on bass the band have an open and very melodic metal sound. Jaq Tothephuture almost screams and really sings and the songs have a lovely dark tone. They opened with Lore and I was elated. They followed with Alabama Swamp Skin and rocked it hard. Clever Girl and Voodoo Revenge are both quickly becoming favorites. They sailed us to The Edge on the next one and the space in the songs let the lyrics paint vivid pictures. Fuck The Bullshit was a powerhouse and then Jack told us why the show started a little late. His friend Pete passed away over the weekend and he came right from the funeral to play the show. He said Pete was more of a lion but they played their song The Wolf for him to close the set.

I really should have left but I was just short of my cutoff time so I got a drink and hung out for a few songs by Ghastly Sound. They had the same bass, drums singer lineup. They opened with some heavy Sabbath like riffs then played a song about Cape Buffalo. They had a huge sound and it was played at a stunning volume. They were really good but after the fourth song it was getting late and I headed out. I will have to check into them for real soon.

It was another fantastic night of music in Burlington.



Ghastly Sound pic by Tim Lewis


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The High Breaks and Vultures Of Cult at Club Metronome October 5, 2015   Leave a comment

Nectar's photo by Tim Lewis

Nectar’s photo by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music on Monday at Club Metronome. I had been a bit antsy all day, so after work, I thought going out would be a great idea. I knew The High Breaks were kicking off Metal Monday, so I thought I’d go check them out and see how long I could make it when the metal started for real. I grew up loving Heavy Metal, but once bands started with the cookie monster vocal, I moved away. It’s such a waste to have powerful music then to not be able to catch any lyrics, since well intertwined lyrics and music can be over the top great. It was a nice walk down to Metronome and I arrived just about at the 9:30 start time. The stage was set and I got a chance to chat with each of the HB’s. After a bit they headed to the stage, but did a sound check instead of starting right off. It took a while to get through, but when done, they hit the stage for real and rocked hard. I was not sure how a surf-rock band would go over to the metal crowd, but the music was heavy enough and the band skilled enough, that everyone had a good time. They played classics like Ankle Breaker and Banana Seat. Each original song had a story before it which added to the fun. All of the songs are instrumental and have a fun dark rocking vibe. Tood’s drumming is super strong and fast. Kevin’s bass playing drives the songs perfectly and gives plenty of space for Matt to rip it up on guitar. Their set was not long, but every note was fun. They closed with a classic surf song, but it was really the originals that made the set so fun.

I hung out for the set break, and another quick sound check, then Vultures of Cult hit the stage. They opened with a long slow building moody doom sounding piece that just built and built until it was at full metal fury. The four piece, two singer/guitar players, bass, drums, had one singer doing the doom and gloom vocal but the other one really sang and kept me glued to the stage. Their set was short, maybe four or five songs, but each one took it’s time and the molten music just filled the soul. I hung back a little, not sure if the medium sized crowd would mosh, but everyone was more just listening to the music and having a good time. I really liked all the songs, but as the last note rang out, I slipped down the stairs and took the long walk home. The antsy feeling was gone and I was left in the cool afterglow from the heavy rock music.


Elephants Of Scotland and Brave the Vertigo at Nectar’s for Metal Monday March 30, 2015   Leave a comment

Nectar's photo by Tim Lewis

Nectar’s photo by Tim Lewis


It was a cool and misty evening when I walked home just after 8. I settled in restlessly and never got the boots off the feet. I slid out the door and trudged downtown. The rain had stopped but the air was full of moisture as I walked into Nectar’s and said Hello to Matthew Bryan Hagen. The lightly full room of metal heads freely gave their attention to Elephants of Scotland as the opening keyboard salvo of Endless (pt1) announced the arrival of the heavy progressive rock the Elephants do so well. The song rolled through it’s changes, and there were huge cheers as the first part concluded and eased up into the beginning of part 2. Mousetrap followed with it’s stomping verses and bright chorus. It always takes me a few listens to get to know an Elephants song, so I had a bit of a better handle on The Sun Dripped Orphans And The Wizard’s Teapot, having seen them play it last Thursday. Its dense multi-sectional runs became more of whole as I began to understand how all the pieces fit together. As much as I love their past, I’m really excited for their future. They followed with a killer super heavy A Different Machine, then scared us with another new one called Counting On A Ghost. Like Teapot, I liked it a lot more the second time around, and liked it a lot the first time I saw it. As they were the opening band, they only had a short time, so they kicked the night with the beautiful and powerful interstellar cruise that is Starboard. It was stellar and the crowd was very appreciative.

Elephants Of Scotland at Nectar's March 30 2015 pic by John M Whyte

Elephants Of Scotland at Nectar’s March 30 2015 pic by John M Whyte

Having not eaten since lunch, I grabbed some food in the break, which kept me there for the beginning of the next band, Brave the Vertigo. With two guitars, one of them singing, bass and drums, they lit into some heavy metal riffs. They had a bit of an Opeth feel when they varied songs from heavy to a more open acousticish sound, but after the Elephants careened through dozens of sections per song, Vertigo sounded a bit too straight forward. I hung out for four or five songs then took the long walk home. Puddles on the ground said it had recently rained, but I found a nice clear window for the walk. What a great night.


Elephants of Scotland at Nectar’s February 17, 2014   Leave a comment

I had a good time seeing new music from Elephants of Scotland Monday night at Nectar’s. It had been a long week of working in the day and seeing music at night. I put in a long day Monday, but did not have to work until Tuesday afternoon. I was pretty tired, but thought I had a 9-9:45 rock show left in me.
Rich Haskell stopped by and we headed out just before 9. We arrived on time for the show, but even though the stage was set, not a lot was happening. We chatted with the band for a bit, then the sound man showed up. They sound checked the drums, then the rest of the band, and maybe around 10, they were set to go.
The Elephants played 45 minutes of mostly new songs. I had heard a couple of them live a while ago, but the rest ware new. I never seem to be able to grasp their songs the first time through. They are large and move through a lot of changes. I had a really good time listening to them, but with my body so exhausted, I don’t think I caught as much of what was happening as I usually can. It seemed like Amber Waves had a bit more punch to it from the last time I saw it. They ended with a suite of songs, that I think are Endless and Endless pt 2. I really liked those two, but the rest of the night was left in the room.
They will be playing a couple of shows in March, so I will have to go see them again and really start to learn the new songs. It’s probably just as well, that I was so tired the first time through. It gave me the chance to just listen and experience the songs. From past experience, that should give me the basis to really explore them the next few times through.
After they finished up, there were two more bands on the bill. The second sounded like prog-metal, which could be interesting, but the late start made sure I was done the moment Elephants let the last note ring. I should probably not try the 5 nights in a row thing for a while.

Elephants of Scotland at Nectar’s February 11, 2013   Leave a comment

Elephants at Nectars Feb 11 2012 pic 2

I was a little tired from a short night of sleep, but worked 11-7:30, so I did not have to be up too early. Before work, I popped in the Doll Fight! EP and had their songs going through my head all day. After work, I checked in with a couple of friends, but Rich’s 9pm MRI, and the rainy icy weather made it a tough night to go out. Undaunted, I strapped on the ice treads and walked securely to Nectar’s. I got settled in, and the Elephants of Scotland were set up and sound checking. I waited a bit, and it was not long until the ’80’s keyboard opening riff of Geograph began. Previously, when I had seen them, I was just trying to follow along with the music, and had not been able to get a full grasp of their sprawling songs. After to listening to their wonderful CD for a while, I was right there with them. For the first time, it felt like I knew what the songs were doing and would be able to fully experience them live. Full Power followed and it became obvious that they were playing the album straight through. I like the way it rocks through a few moods then settles into the title line. They followed by donning the viking hats and taking a drive through space and time with Starboard. That song just builds and rips and rocks and is a complete joy to be in the presence of.

Elephants at Nectars Feb 11 2012 pic 1

Being Metal Monday, he mostly metal head crowd heartily cheered each song and seemed to be impressed. Some of the music was a bit slow for them, but for the most part, it was an attentive crowd. People seemed to really like the harder rocking parts and the various changes.

Making it obvious that they were not playing the album all the way through, they skipped the Seed and went straight to Home Away From Home. It rocked hard and the chorus was familiar and inviting. They followed with Errol McSquisitor, and I was in heaven. I jumped on board the slow beginning and just rode the song as each successive section rocked just a little bit more. By the time they ripped into the end section, I was ecstatic. They tore the song apart with a classic metal ending and got shouts of joy from the crowd. I thought that would be it, but Adam strapped on the mobile keyboard and they played a fun version of Subdivisions. That was great, and indeed wrapped up the show.

Elephants at Nectars Feb 11 2012 pic 3

I wanted to check out the next band, so I hung around for a bit. I said a brief Hello to Matt Hagen, who was the DJ for the night. I did not realize that Dan interviewed him for the article, and he did not say a thing.  I was amused when he spun the opening section of Heart of the Sunrise shortly after the Elephants set.

I don’t remember the name of the next band, but they started with a nice heavy rock groove. When the cookie monster vocal kicked in, I headed for the door. The walk home was only slightly treacherous and the ice treads held me well. It was an effort to go out that night, but so worth it.