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Maybe You by Tim Lewis   Leave a comment

Do you remember that day
When you were born
and you became you?

You stared up at your mother
and were no longer her
She was she and you cried at the realization of being you.

Maybe another parent joined mother
as you grew into becoming you.
Maybe they added to the image of you.

Maybe they changed you
maybe they defined you
and you moved towards an image of you.

Do you remember when you met the world?
In desperation, it defined you.
So it could understand you

Maybe you let that definition identify you
to the world and to you.
Maybe you created a life with that definition of you.

Maybe you realized that definition of you
was close but not exactly true.
You were still trying to be you.

Maybe you leaned to act to create a character
That seemed so much like you
It was almost the real you.

Maybe you learned to be a character
that was nothing like you
to give you a new definition of you.

Maybe you created music and art
to define the world
contextualized from your character of you

Maybe when you put your stamp
on the character you’ve created
some real you has sneaked through.

Maybe your character makes your life work out for you
Maybe your character works poorly for you
in the daily transactions you pursue.

As you grow into your strength
as you grow into your weaknesses
where is you and where is the definition of you?

and you break down as the years pass through
Your image and body will crumple
in our shared earthly zoo

And as you die, do you return to the real you?
Do you cling to the image you’ve created of you?
Do you try to drag that image into the next incarnation of you?

Can You?
Will You?
Be You!

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The Death of Tim Lewis written by Tim Lewis October 28, 2015   1 comment

The Death of Tim Lewis
by Tim Lewis

Fanatically happy
he died like he lived
fully soul realized
’til nothing was left

The club was dark
beyond day or night
the music was loud
the band oh so tight

Pounding drums
and surging bass
caressed by singers
sweet embrace
Keys so filling
keys so strong
they together
built this song

Guitars of glory
guitars of power
Tim rode the notes
hour by hour

Follow along, follow the song
follow along, follow the song

His shoulders looked for the rhythm
his feet found the beat
his ears searched for changes
his fingers tapped his drink

His soul followed along, his heart loved the song
his soul followed along, his heart loved the song

He went to the show
night after night
no more than three venues
in one single night

And on that day
or was it night
his beautiful soul
shone a little too bright

It glowed more and more
’til he could no longer contain it
light left the body
leaving an empty container

EMT’s moved his body
a brave try to save it
but nothing could help
this empty container

And the band soldiered on
and a light lit the room
making friends wonder
if they could really feel gloom

The band ripped it up
enchanting the room
until the last note
when the light left the room

The sadness was brief
in the annals of time
since something odd happened
in a short span of time

The next time his favorite
band took the stage
a bright little light
appeared out of the way

It glowed and it pulsed
though could barely be seen
it blinked with the notes
both played and in between

It shone a bit brighter
when the music was great
then showed up more often
and always stayed late

Bands could tell by the way
the light flickered and bopped
that Tim’s body was gone
but his soul was not stopped

In many a club
year after year
when rockers would rock
Tim would appear

And so it is now
and so it was then
if you take to the stage
you’ll always have a friend
in Burlington

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Light it up   Leave a comment

Light it up

Find some warmth in life

And light it up

Set yourself on fire

Light your fire and light mine

Burn baby, baby we’re ready to burn

You’ve only got one life

Take what you learn from the legends

Apply it to you

And ignite


Don’t hurt and burn out


Burn forward

Burn hot and bright

Find everything within you

And let it light up the night



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Alive for now and always   Leave a comment

I’m alive and living now

But soon I will be going

I enjoy this corporal time

And all the seeds I’m sowing

Soon enough

This suit of flesh

Will release

A soul of fire

And while I’m still here

I will be dancing

I will be listening

To the song you sing

Oh, please do not get me wrong

I’m really in no hurry

I love this little tavern

And its many charming pints

So many flavors that can be savored

So many floors that can be danced upon

So many people to make it so fun

Life can be pleasant underneath the sun

But life can have such darkness

Leaving heaven far behind

Where people choose such harshness

I’ll not stay trapped with this kind

Our body’s souls are fire

Slowly vibrating under

The physical laws of life

That chaos runs asunder

And I know that we will go

To a home of love and light

When we have emerged from this

Garden of earthly delight

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Let the Dance Begin   Leave a comment

Soon enough it is

Time to go

To the show

Again and again


To find the voice that

Opened up your eyes

From the world so taught

And so in disguise


To see truth in the words

How we choose to live here

A floodlight of poems

To cast away our fears


You leave home and wander

To encounter like souls

To dance and to listen

To engage with the whole


To feel what you find

Past comforts of home

Cities of love

Wherever you roam


To smell the small crowd

And join in the dance

Abandon your life

Whenever the chance


The music is loud and she’s swirling

Around and inside of your mind

To the flow your body is twirling

In a place close to heaven

With no sense of time


The show has played to conclusion

Another will soon take its place

This dance of joy will continue

As long as you keep up the pace


One night the end will be final

You return to regular life

With friends met you stay connected

Engaged with your love of the fife


The words in the end are still with you

With memories of love of the road

As stories they turn into legends

Of the music that brought you the glow


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Relief of Spring   Leave a comment

Sitting in between

The steel blue sky of winter to the East

The Powder blue of spring to the West

We are in between

The seasons governed by

The angle of the sun


To our credit

We do not need

A change of seasons

To initiate

Changes to perfect

The work of our lives

We can seize any

Moment we like


From our primary

Perception of spring

Relief shrugs off the

Harsh cold of winter

Enjoying the return

Of the light and the heat

Of the sun and the return

From winter’s dormant state


It’s easy to get lost in

Joy of coming back to life

When dormancy of winter

Is just as alive as the

Lightened explosion of spring


Our inner world constantly explodes

Understanding the corporal whole

Where spring and summer live as equals

In your love that shines from deeds and words


And you encounter winter, and love it

And you encounter spring, and you love it


Love shines from inside out

Not from the outside in


The Sun is eternally there

The angle is always changing

Choosing to enjoy what is there

Frees love in winter and the spring


On such days in between

When Janus guides our thoughts

Both directions are love

As sun shines from our soul


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Walk for the Music   Leave a comment

Walk for the music

Walk as far as it takes


When someone looks so deeply at their soul

And brings it to this world

With music to accentuate their words

You just have to love the effort

You just have to love the execution

When they do it right


And some people do it right

A lot of people do it right

And if you’re gonna do it right

And if you’re gonna do it in my town

I will walk for the music

I’ll walk as far as it takes



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Kiss Me   Leave a comment

Kiss me

Kiss me if you can handle the magnet

Kiss me if you can handle the attraction

I will emit to keep drawing you close

To keep you kissing me


Turn me on

Flip my switch and let me wrap you with my love

Let me lightly touch your sensitive lips, as I

Kiss you with love and caress you gently

To keep us turning us on


Be attracted to me

As I turn myself into a magnet

And succumb to the force attracting me to you

The physical force taught by Newton, to

Keep you attracted to me


Kiss me

Not just with your soft beautiful lips

Kiss me with everything in your soul

Kiss me like the only way I can kiss you

And when we kiss just right

Let’s keep on kissing

For every moment that we can



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Hot Spots   Leave a comment

Two spots

Right in the back

Two fingers please

Any, or thumbs


Right there

On the top inner parts

Of the shoulder blades

You know the spots


Two fingers

Set so gently

You can almost feel them


Slightly more pressure

Can be applied

Then slightly more


Many minutes later

You can finally feel them

Quite clearly


A slight circle motion

If you please

Work the hot spots

Oh so gently


Then press solidly

But not hard

On the two points

With the two fingers

And when you’re


Slightly decrease the pressure


Slightly less pressure

Can be applied

Then slightly less


Many minutes later

You can still feel them

Even though

They’ve broken contact

With your hot spots


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Tension   Leave a comment

The goals we set


Cause us tension

Tightening muscles

And arteries

And thoughts

And feelings


The instilled

Desire to succeed

Causes us tension

Consuming our wonder

And our beauty

And our magnificence


To gain enough to be full

Our desire to succeed

Relieving our tension

Finally being safe

Finally being secure

Finally being home


We confuse spiritual goals

With our physical realities

Using our tension

To find out who we are

To make it who we are

To be who we are


The goal to which we strive

Riches beyond our dreams

Free from the tension

We buy the new car

We take the pilgrimage

To hide from who we are


Knowing that we’re unknowing

Is what really drives us mad

Ramping up the tension

Wanting to know why

Wanting to know how

Wanting to know who


Then look away from business and see

The magnificent you you can be

Completely at peace with the tension

Wanting just to sing

Wanting just to dance

Wanting just to play


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