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House Of LeMay and Rue Mevlana at the Off Center For The Dramatic Arts October 19, 2018   Leave a comment


House Of LeMay pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a couple of Friday’s ago at the Off Center for the Dramatic Arts. There are not of rules in the local music scene, but one of them is to see Rue M. whenever you can. The show is different every time, but is always over the top. I had a relaxed day then took the short walk to Archibald street. I got in and settled and a couple of people spoke and sang about deer camp. A green face appeared on the screen and told tales of attempting to vanquish the The House of LeMay. Scary as he was, no success was to be had. The ladies took the stage and regaled us with stories from Beaver Pond and songs about how bigger is better and a fun reworking of Moonlight In Vermont. Their show was lots of fun.

They left the stage and Rue began to let the night go crazy. They opened with a fun song about a boogeyman then took us south for a tale of a witch queen from New Orleans. It’s hard to describe all the costumes and backing visuals but they were stunning. Everyone gathered around Ms Frankenstein for Frankenpussy then everyone ran ran ran from the devil man. The show turned very sweet when one of the characters sang Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, but took a dark turn when she was attacked with blood streaked images darkening the screen. Having sunk into such a dark place it took the power of LeMay to return sanity for a fun version of Monster Mash. Rue closed the night by getting the audience to dance along and do the Time Warp.

It was a really fun show, and it the music was a bit more dancey than I prefer, the whole show was as much fun as I prefer.

Note: I took a couple of pictures of Rue that came out excessively poorly. I swiped the pic of Rue from their Facebook page and want to thank Eva Sollberger for it.



Rue Mevlana pic by Eva Sollberger


Ouzkxqlzn at the Fringe Festival at the Off Center For Performing Arts October 13, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a fun night at the theater last night. Our community is blessed with lots of great actors and playwrights and I seldom take advantage of all that is on offer. I thought a short walk over to the Off Center for the Dramatic Arts might be fun. The night was hosted by Phinn Sonin who was amusing as always. Seth Jarvis did a nice piece on being a dad. Haley Rice and MacArthur Stine! were brilliant doing an old time comedy radio show hour. David Schein performed John O’Keefe’s The Man In The Moon in a powerful and unsettling way.

Ouzkxqlzn took the stage and wove a magical spell. She played guitar and cello and looped those instruments into a drone. Recordings of our world were mixed in and we were transported to a lovely place. Voices were mixed in which related Yoko Ono’s cutting show with women protesting the Kananaugh nomination. It was completely magical, as always.

Next, Peter Burns told a bunch of stories with an orange theme. The night was wrapped by Nathan Hartswick and Daniel Trigg acting out a story of a king, his sons, and lion taming, all done in Old English.

The whole night was fun.

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Radio Show 279 Thursday October 25, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


WBKM poster

Click here to listen




Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Thursday October 25. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) – Concrete Blonde


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. The skies are gray, the air is cold and the leaves are falling from the trees. Summer is gone and Halloween is almost upon us. Usually, Mr E. Ghoul crosses over to join us, but the veil is still too strong, being so many days away. I, alone, will guide you through the terror that is the Vermont music scene. Let’s begin with a song about the dead.

1.) Stardust For Dessert – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
2.) Ghosts Aren’t Free – Ballroom Sofa
3.) Release The Dead – Chin Ho
4.) Ghosts – Troy Millette Music

Thank you for reminding us of our mortality Troy. I dug up that ancient song from Chin. Chilling thought from Sofa and beautifully disturbing song from David and the band. OK, let’s get a little magical.

5.) I Put A Spell On You – Kat Wright and Marco Benevento
6.) Devil – farm
7.) A Monster’s Holiday – Matt the Gnat and the Gators
8.) Devil Knows My Name – Great Western

Is there anything scarier than the devil knowing your name? Hmm, apparently the gators prefer to celebrate their monsters. Nice attempt to outrun the devil Farm. That was a lovely spell concocted one night at Radio Bean by the dynamic duo. Here is another song that I found deeply buried.

9.) Vampyre – Dave Jarvis (Hipp Notix)
10.) Oh My God – Sarah Blacker & New England Groove Association
11.) Day Of The Dead – Hana Zara
12.) Graveyard Before Dark – Alice Austin

Such a scary song from Alice. Hana speaks of how the veil between the living and the dead is understood down south. Terrifying imagery from Sarah and a lovely oldie from Dave. Care to jam with some monsters?

13.) Halloween Jam – The Dead Shakers
14.) Nightmare On Elm Street – Savage Hen
15.) With The Dead – Vultures of Cult
16.) Full Moon Dark Places – Bull & Prairie

Vermont is full of dark places, and the shadows of the full moon only make them more terrifying. I fear the Vultures may have gotten too close to their song. Disturbing song from the Hen and a scary stream of monsters for the Dead. Speaking of death.

17.) Death Of A Barn Cat – Dirtminers
18.) Black Cat – Black Rabbit
19.) Hell Chicken – Swillbillie
20.) Dogs At The Door – Milton Busker

I hope you survived the terror of being alone, barely safe, wondering what lies beyond the door. Swillbillie are wise to make us aware of the terror wrought by chickens. Halloween was made for cats. OK, it’s time to panic.

21.) Panic – Miku Daza
22.) Ninjas VS Zombies – Phil Yates
23.) Ghostified – Persian Claws
24.) Raising The Dead – Carraway

Lovely song about zombies dancing. Terror filled song by the Claws. Phil sings of the battle between life and death and Miku rightly advises panic. This next soul seems to be trying to give up supernatural ways. Silly human.

25.) Giving Up The Ghost – Aaron Flinn
26.) Demon Eyes – Lake Superior
27.) One More Grave – The Contrarian
28.) Demon Moon – Crazyhearse
29.) Counting On A Ghost – Elephants of Scotland

You can always count on a ghost, even if Aaron disagrees. Lovely songs of demons from Crazy and Superior. Even one so contrary understands the power of the grave. Well, I hope you were not too scared listening to the terrifying music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after – Incubus (with graveyard intro and geezabum outro) – Fish
Thugs – The Tragically Hip
Give It Up To The Night – Bad Smell
Hell Toupee – Derek Smalls
Devil Inside Me – Dam Kat
Angels And Devils – Invisible Homes
Monsters – Cold Sweat
Heaven And Hell – Dio
Angels Of Death – Hawkwind
Killing Ghosts – Better Things
Monsters Are Due – Doom Service
Fear Of The Dark – Iron Maiden
Feel The Thunder – Blue Oyster Cult
War Pigs – Black Sabbath
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – David Bowie
Devil Eyes – Jakals
Please Mr Gravedigger – David Bowie
Heavy – Clever Girls
Time To Get Out – Deep Purple.
regular awesome programming

Loida & Lenahan at Light Club Lamp Shop, Josh Glass & Julia Beerworth & Tim Swanson at Juniper and Serena Jost, Barbacoa and Freak Dream at Radio Bean October 6, 2018   Leave a comment


Loida & Lenahan picture by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music around Burlington a couple of Saturdays ago. My friend Lisa Lavigne Tejeda was back in Vermont for the day and we made plans to meet up. She wanted to go see some music, and it was a day full of possibilities. In the last few weeks, since I do a local music radio show every Thursday and write about music a lot, several bands have contacted me about their shows in town. Three of them were playing that night.

I worked until 5, had a bit of time to hang out then headed to Light Club Lamp Shop. Loida & Lenahan were on stage and sounded enchanting as I tiptoed into the room and quietly ordered a drink. With keys and vibraphone the instrumental duo had a nice flow to their music. Julian Loida left the stage and Kelly Lenahan played a beautiful song on keys. She left after that one and Julian played a little Bach for Bachtober. He followed with a song in the style of synesthesia called Easter Trance that was magical. Kelly returned after that and they closed with a song lead by sweet keys over a quiet drone that may be called You’ll Be Missed. They were really good.


Serena Jost pic by Tim Lewis

I took the long walk over to Radio Bean and ran into Lisa and Abraham. We hung out as Serena Jost took the stage with her cello and began to sing. I think the first song was It’s A Delight, since it sounded familiar. Either way, it was really cool. Her songs had a nice strength to them as she continued on and looked for a shooting star. She sang about being in the garden then played a Molly Drake cover called Happiness. She switched to guitar and brought up Dan Macklin (sp?) to help her sing the next one. I think it was about mysteries and walking in open doors.


Tim Swanson, Julia Beerworth and Josh Glass pic by Tim Lewis

We took off after that song and headed to Juniper at Hotel Vermont. Josh Glass and Julia Beerworth were joined by Tim Swanson on fiddle, and they played some gently beautiful songs. They played a song about how you may see me tomorrow then one that went by in the blink of an eye. A cover of Dylan’s One More Cup Of Coffee had a nice dark edge then they played a Julia song about taking he dog for one last drive before putting it down. They played a great version of Josh’s song New York My Lovely then they played another Dylan cover that I think was Tomorrow Is A Long Time. They played another sweet Julia song called Wonder then Tim sang a song about Cassie. Josh sang a nice cover of Blackbird and they closed the set with Neil Young’s Helpless and the end section of LayLa. The whole set was very nice.


Barbacoa pic by Tim Lewis

We zipped out the door and headed back to the Bean and kicked it up a notch as Barbacoa were on stage ripping it up. Kirk Flanagan drove the bass hard, Bobby Hackney Jr. drove the drums hard and Bill Mullins effortlessly let loose stinging guitar chords and sang some fun songs. They were playing a ferocious surf rock jam as we settled in. They followed with a cool version of Dragonfly and followed that with Mighty Have Fallen. I think they said that was the first time Bobby ever played it and he made it sound great, since he is so amazing. They went back to the surfing for a Sergio Leone sounding song with a whip snap ending. They tossed in a fun version of Love Potion #9 then played a song about when I rule the world. They played another great instrumental then pulled out Sweet Child O’ Mine. Someone yelled pulp fiction and they launched into Misirlou. They played it into If I Was A Rich Man then a full version of I Wanna Be Sedated, then brought it back to Dick Dale. They kept the uncommon sting of covers coming with You’re So Vain and Country Roads. They played a couple more cool songs and called it a night. It’s always a great time when they play.

Lisa and Abraham left at one point, but I hung out and soon it was time for Freak Dream. With an intense swirling visual background, the electronic rocking duo played a fierce show. The songs had a power and freakishness and I really enjoyed their set. They wrapped the night with a song about getting out and I left shortly after the final note.

What a great night of music in our town.



Freak Dream pic by Tim Lewis


Jessica Rabbit Syndrome and Stonefield at The Monkey House September 30, 2018   Leave a comment


Jessica Rabbit Syndrome pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a couple of Sundays ago at The Monkey House. I caught a set by Jeremy Gilchrist earlier in the day then had some time to relax at home. I took the lovely walk to Winooski and got settled. I moved to the front as Jessica Rabbit Syndrome began to release their heavy sludgy songs. All of them went through challenging changes that were fun to try and keep up with. They sang about blood types then took us on an early winter bender. They sang about pulled pork and pulled out a cover of Hole’s Violet. A song with a Halloween vibe might have been about witchcraft or bitchcraft. Drummer Amy Wild sang backing vocals on one song and made it sound like an aaahh button. She tossed in a few bursts of chimes to add nice touches to the glorious songs. They played a slower song then closed the set with a super heavy Bacchus D. They were wonderful.

After a short set break, Stonefield, from Australia, took the stage. The quartet launched into heavy drenched psychedelic rock and had me hooked from the first note. The drummer sang all of the songs and her voice was strong and nice. I did not know any of the songs but loved them all. They had a song with a smokey groove and rolling bass and keys. They had songs with a Sabbath vibe and a Hawkwind vibe but all sounded original. I think the second song in the set was Far From Earth, and I think they played a few songs from that album. They mixed prog jams with metal and it was easy to get lost in their lovely powerhouse music. One song sounded like Genesis if they were a metal band. They wrapped the night with a heavy rocker that had hints of Rainbow and Deep Purple and left us in a happy place.

I hung out for a bit and bought a CD then took the lovely walk home. What a great day of music.



Stonefield pic by Tim Lewis

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Al Stewart and The Empty Pockets at The Double E October 20, 2018   Leave a comment


Al Stewart with The Empty Pockets pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music at The Double E on Saturday. It was a short work day, then I ran a couple of errands and had a little time to settle at home and enjoy the sun streaming through the windows. October can be a fickle month but Saturday was warm and bright and the multicolored leaves were stunning.

I hopped into the car a bit early and took the lovely drive to Essex. I had some delicious food from The Mad Taco then ran into Molly King and Loren and we hung out and chatted for a while. John from The Nancy Druids sat in for a bit, then we headed our separate ways as showtime approached. I found my comfortable seat in the T-Rex Theater and settled in as The Empty Pockets began to play. The quartet from Chicago played smooth pop rock songs with hints of jazz and country. The rhythm section kept a comfortable pace, the keys floated nicely on the songs, the voices were gentle and pure and there was a nice strength in the guitar. They sang about hearing your voice in the distance and not minding being on the road. They sang a song for their niece Hannah then sang about cliches. Their stage banter was endearing and the crowd seemed to enjoy them. They played a couple more, one about traveling on, then wrapped up their set. It was a lovely show.

I chatted with Kevin Joseph Ryan for a bit in the set break then returned to my seat as the lights went down. The Pockets returned to the stage as the backing band and were joined by Al Stewart. They opened with Sirens Of Titan and we were off. Al began telling wonderful stories right away. He talked about explorers not being able to make it to the South Pole and played a song called Antarctica. Apparently, the song needed a flute so Al introduced Marc Macisso, and he gave the song a cool edge. Throughout the night he would go on to play sax, harmonica, and various other instruments. The band followed with Time Passages and the audience was in a happy place. The large room had easy sight lines and the sound was perfect as the band launched into the Year Of The Cat album. All of the songs have held up well and sounded great in 2018. Al told stories of how English folk singers can’t just write about a subject directly. He cited a story of two airplanes taking off together and flying into a cloud bank and getting lost from one another as a conceit for human relationships. He enjoyed bringing awareness of Rhodesia and the Basques while we bopped to On The Border. Many other fun stories, and some trivia, were discussed between songs as the album played out. They ended the set with a powerhouse version of the title song and said thank you goodnight. They returned quickly and rocked out a fun song that I’m pretty sure was Almost Lucy. The band left but Al stayed and played one more song about being In Brooklyn.

I hung out for a bit after the show and said hi to my friends then ran into Eric Koval. Eric told me to hang out for a bit then took me backstage to meet Al. We spoke of writing and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn for a few moments, then I wandered on.

Most everyone had left by then, so I hopped into the car for the trip home. I took a wrong turn off 289 and ended up on a familiar road heading into Colchester. I took a left on 7 and knew what was at the top of the hill. I pulled into the parking lot for the Vermont Respite House and quietly cried for a while as I stared at the building where my mother died. After a few moments, I wiped away the tears and drove into Winooski and headed for home.




Tim and Al Stewart

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Radio Show 278 Thursday October 18, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

Swale 016


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern time Thursday October 18. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Be My Hero – October Project


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin tonight with an artist who used to play around all the time then moved west. He will be back for a show Sunday at Light Club.

1.) My Hero, The Enemy – Gregory Douglass
2.) The Badger Flies At Dawn – Adam Rabin
3.) Icon Of Ego – Arc Iris
4.) Hermaphorditus – Rue M.

Rue play fun dance songs with tons of drama and over the top stage shows. They are playing at the Off Center for the Dramatic Arts tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. That’s the title song to the new Arc album. They are from Rhode Island but play town often enough that’s it’s not cheating much to play them on my show. That’s the title song from Adam’s upcoming album. More details soon. Great song form Gregory. OK, this next artist will be at Nectar’s on Monday.

5.) My Heart – Francesca Blanchard
6.) Year Of The Cat – Al Stewart
7.) Miss Ready Blossom – Aaron Flinn
8.) She, Vampire Tamer – Dr Gasp And The Eeks

It’s closing in on Halloween, so I thought I’d get into the mood with that one. The Doctor will be at Radio Bean on Friday. Aaron will be at The Double E on Friday and Mr Stewart will play there on Saturday, though he will be in the larger T-Rex theater. Great song from Francesca. This next artist will be at 14th Star Brewery on Tuesday.

9.) Ghosts – Troy Millette Music
10.) Songbird – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
11.) Coming Over The Hill – Radio Underground
12.) Jackbooted Thugs (Have All The Best Drugs) – Anders Parker

Anders will be at Light Club on Saturday. He always puts on amazing shows. Another cool new song from Underground. That’s the last song on David’s Book Of Zoo album. If you had not noticed, I just played the whole album, one song a week, over the last couple of months. Great song from Troy. OK, let’s continue with album that I’m formally playing all the way through. It’s called MSP3 Counter Attack and is completely amazing.

13.) Meth Mouth – ROUGH FRANCIS
14.) My Red – The Lavas
15.) Heavy Psych – The Cush
16.) Windigo – Crazyhearse

Great song from the Middlebury band. Great rocker from the Cush. Lavas grew out of Queen Tangerine who grew out of Zola Turn. Such a great song. Nice rocker from Francis. OK, let’s keep rocking.

17.) Place Ov Dead Roads – Casey Merlin Rae
18.) St Patrick’s Day – Carraway
19.) Brothers And Sisters – Joe Adler
20.) Paint It Black – Silver Bridget
21.) Super Powers – The Dead Shakers

I love that song from the Shakers. Sweet version of the classic by Bridget. Nice saw from Johnnie Day Durand on the Silver and Joe songs. I want to send Brothers out to my brother Ken and all of my other brothers and sisters in our community. Carraway are rocking the The Monkey House right now. Great song from Casey. OK, Arc Iris just put out a new album, but a couple of months ago they put out an album of their reworkings of songs from Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. Here is one of those songs.

22.) California – Arc Iris
23.) Magenta Man – Rue M
24.) If You Can See – Arc Iris
25.) Exit Strategy – Rue M.

Since Rue are playing three shows, I had to play three of their songs. See is from the new Icon Of Ego album and California is from the Foggy Lullaby album. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:
The Field – Fish
Nautical Disaster – The Tragically Hip
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Faith Without Works – Cell15
Then – Yes
Past The Mission – Tori Amos
Dig Him – Andriana Chobot
The Saxophone Song – Kate Bush
I Wait – Children in Paradise
Ripples – Genesis
New Americana – Halsey
On The Air – Peter Gabriel
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker – The Ramones
Capital Radio One – The Clash
When You Were Mine – The Church
Heavy – Clever Girls
Get Me Outta Here – Deep Purple
regular awesome programming


Jeremy Gilchrist at Radio Bean September 30, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Sundays ago at Radio Bean. Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter used to play around all the time, but recently moved south. He swung back to town on a lovely day in late September. It was open streets day, so I enjoyed the lovely walk down the middle of North Winooski ave for the 2pm show at the Bean. I got in and settled and noted a few other friends of Jeremy there. He opened with the Vermont inspired Thunder From Mansfield To The Lake and followed with another song from his first album. Great Filter, like most of his songs, asks questions to evoke an understanding of our mortality and where we are taking our lives. After two from the first album, he followed with a few from his new album Threaded. Interstellar Kid was fun, while The Endless War was all too real. Faded Movie Reel was a look at the past to help better understand the future. He pulled out a fun cover of Round Here then played a song about how It’s Hard To Resist. He played the lovely title song to the new EP then followed with another cover. His version of Floyd’s The Gunner’s Dream fit in perfectly. He ended the set with another older song called The Great Escape, which floats hauntingly, but the audience wanted more. He closed with Pigs On The Wing into Wish You Were Here and left us sated.

I hung out and chatted for a bit then took the sunny middle of the day walk home. It had been a great afternoon of music and the evening looked like it had possibilities too.



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Aaron Flinn at The Double E September 29, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Saturdays ago at The Double E. It had been a while since I had caught up with Aaron Flinn. The timing was perfect, so I took a drive out to Essex. I grabbed some food from The Mad Taco then went into the former movie theater and began to listen. Aaron regaled us with fun stories, his super deep voice, and his amazing guitar playing. If he is feeling rusty at all, that night sure shook a bit off. He began by playing a fuzzy looped super cool song on a tiny electric guitar with a huge sound. He played Randy Newman’s God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind) and it was just wonderful. Scattered Birds was lovely then he let his hands dance explosively over the guitar on the instrumental Paper Tiger. It seems like he uses that one to really lock the fire into his playing and I’m always happy to hear him play it. He took us south for a visit to The House Of The Rising Sun, then played a poignant song called Love Is A Part, from his upcoming album. A very new instrumental called Stick To Your Guns was cool, as was another very new song called Insult To Injury. If you know Aaron at all, you know the next song, So Much Love, is him in a nutshell. He had switched to the acoustic guitar for several songs but moved electric with Miss Ready Blossom to end the set.

I hung out and chatted with Eric Koval for a bit, then it was time for set two. Aaron’s deep voice was perfect for a cover of Everybody Knows, then he followed with a song about dancing to a beating heart. He played Here Comes The Sun, the song that he and George wrote, then switched back to the electric for a gentle beautiful instrumental. He followed with a Neil Youngish instrumental, then played a song about how the steam that blows the whistle never turns the wheel. He dedicated a song to Eric about fractured bones and how when they heal, they still work, but they work differently now. He used his water glass and mic stand to play slide on a bluesy rock jam. He let it slip into a little bit of Let My Love Open The Door then sang about how everything makes me dizzy. He followed with the first song on his next album. I think the song was called Names and the album will be called Handsome Devil. The lyric was something about how sticks and stones will break my bones but names will only break my heart. He capped the night with a dizzying guitar pyrotechnics display as he urged us all to raise our hands.

I hung out for a bit then took the drive home. It’s always a pleasure to hear Aaron play. And, when he feels he’s shaken the rust off, watch out world.

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Radio Show 277 Thursday October 11, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

Swale 016

Click here to listen:



Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Thursday October 11. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: It’s Raining Again – Supertramp


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Last week I caught part of a set from a woman from New York. One of her songs reminded me of a local song. Let’s begin tonight with those two songs.

1.) It’s A Delight – Serena Jost
2.) This Machine – Invisible Homes
3.) Parasite – Miku Daza
4.) Golden Goose – Cave Bees

Classic from the Bees. New classic from Miku. Delight reminded me a lot of Machine. OK, here is the next song on MSP3 Counter Attack.

5.) Retrosexual – ROUGH FRANCIS
6.) Girl In My Bed – Preece
7.) Last Night – Carraway
8.) Jurassic Bark – Doom Service

Doom will be at Big Heavy World on Saturday. I thought the Preece and Carraway songs would be fun together, musically and thematically. Great rocker from Francis. OK, let’s take a fun twist.

9.) Abstraction – Binger
10.) Come Outside – The Red Telephone
11.) Star – The New Siberians
12.) Crazy – Clever Girls

Great song from the Girls. They will rock Foam Brewers on Friday. I’m definitely going to be there. Classic from the Siberians. It’s been so warm for the past couple of days, I had to play Come Outside. Stunning song from Binger. This next band is playing Friday at Half Lounge, and I’m definitely going to be there.

13.) Mystery Train – The Parts
14.) I guess I’ve Had Enough Too – Eastern Mountain Time
15.) Luminous – Michael Chorney and Hollar General
16.) When She Sleeps – Peg Tassey MUSIC

Such a lovely song from Peg. Michael is amazing and helps a lot of other musicians make great music too. Sean Hood from EMT will be at Radio Bean next Wednesday. Great song from the Parts. OK, this next artist will be at Club Metronome on Friday, and I’m definitely going to be there.

17.) Veil – Ivamae
18.) You Are Unobtrusive To The Point Of Invisibility – Ouzkxqlzn
19.) Forget It When I Said It – Wren Kitz
20.) Eucarina É Guerrero – Mal Maïz

Great song from Maiz Vargas Sandoval and the band. Great song from Wren’s new Lovebird album. Ouzkxqlzn will be at The Monkey House on Monday. She also plays Saturday at the fringe festival happening in the Old North End of Burlington Thursday through Sunday. Great song from Ivamae. Here’s a gorgeous song.

21.) Baby, Let My Money Keep You Warm – Milton Busker and the Grim Work.
22.) Pauline – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
23.) Blue Water – Radio Underground
24.) All Down Tonight – SWALE

Swale are playing Friday at the Methodist Church in Winooski and I will definitely be there. So, I guess that’s a work order for one me and three clones? Cool song from the new RU album Dark and Getting Darker. Another cool song from The Book Of Zoo. Milton is so great. OK, this song just got released.

25.) I Don’t Exist – Why Nona
26.) Climbing Slowly – Bent Muffbanger
27.) Bell Jar – When Particles Collide
28.) The Space Between – The Nancy Druids

Great rocker from the Druids. Huge rocking song from Particles. Bent is from the Lyndon area and has been making music for a while. Cool song from Nona. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we? Ta ta. Farewell. See You…..

29.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit

Songs after
Credo – Fish
So Hard Done By – The Tragically Hip
Homesick – Jakals
Images – Saga
Oh You! You’re You! – Ruckzuck
Neon Skyline – Hawkwind
Still I’m Sad – Rainbow
The Mystic And The Muse – Renaissance
Saturation Brain – Arc Iris
Falter – Julia Caesar
Heavy – Clever Girls
Get Me Outta Here = Deep Purple
regular awesome programming