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Swale, Ryan Miller, And The Kids at Radio Bean September 26, 2014   2 comments

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Friday night. The show was set from 9-midnight, so just after 8:30 I took the short walk to Radio Bean. I got in and settled around 9, and soon after, the stage began to fill with instruments. Around 9:30 the lights dimmed and Swale’s tuning coalesced into a powerfully gentle version of Soft Fireworks. The quiet power of the song held the full crowd in silent awe. When the magic of the song faded to smoke, they let it slip into a sweet version of Dimedrop. Who else but Swale would celebrate the release of their new album by starting with two songs from their first EP? The first set stayed pretty mellow, with killer sweet versions of Overcoat and Soul Piggy Bank. They said something about Tyler Bolles saying the next one was pretty depressing, and played a sweet version of Beaten Down. Old School kept things pretty mellow, then they let loose a killer version of If You Get Lost to wrap up the first set.
After a five minute break Ryan Miller took the stage solo, with a mic and an electric guitar. He played a sincere version of Moon River then rocked out with a fun indie rock song I did not know. He then moved to the Keys for a new Guster song. It was pretty sweet. He then picked up an acoustic guitar and brought up Joe Adler (‘I don’t play drums”) to play drums and trolled the audience to find a keyboard player. No one jumped up, so he had Amanda Gustafson sit in and taught her the song. They played a pretty good version of Guster’s Satellite. It was a bit rough but fun to watch professionals learn the song on the spot. For the next song he kept them on stage and asked for a bass player. Tyler stepped up and they rocked out a fun version of Rhiannon.
Next it was time for Swale’s second set. Ryan and Joe left the stage, then Jeremy Frederick headed back to the drum kit and Eric Olsen grabbed his guitar. They kicked things off with You Are Not The Photograph and got the audience rocking. Joyless started slow and ended heavy. Jack Sharp rocked hard and fast. Edible suffered from some guitar technical difficulties, but they held it together pretty well and it was neat to hear the clarity of the other instruments on the song, at least until the guitar came back and rocked us hard. Amanda took lead vocals on the next one and stood on her keyboard seat to belt it out. I’m not sure what song it was, I think Rebel Girl was the overall theme, but it was stunning. She has such a powerful voice and really let loose on that one. Golden Crutch slowed things down a tiny amount then they finished off with the heavy rocking one two punch of Popular Crowd into Everyone Likes To. Wow, that was a wonderfully large amount of Swale.
The evening was not done as some people headed out, and some of the younger people that had been hanging outside, headed in. After a 20 minute changeover And The Kids hit the stage with a beautiful version of The Victory. They are great musicians, it’s fun to be in the audience when they play, and I love the lyric saying ‘maybe we’re not crazy we just have lots of ideas’. Several members of the audience had similar face glitter to the band and on the second song, Cats Were Born, when it hit the Ah-eeeee, Ah-eeeee, ha, ha, ha part, the audience drowned out the band. It felt like a movement was in progress, and that the band really have something going on. They kept us dancing through the 40 minute set with great versions of No Countries, Wiser and a few others. They wrapped the night at 12:30 with Secret Makeup Factory and that was that.
I headed out soon after and took the blissful walk home with a heart full of the joy that was expressed all night long.


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John Oliver “There is something strange about the fact that we launched deadly drone strikes in two sovereign nations that almost no one here heard about.  But then again, why would it make the news?  We use drones all the time.  Hard numbers are very difficult to come by for reasons that we’ll get into but by one estimate, the Obama administration we’ve launched eight times the number of drone strikes than his predecessor.  And, while they’ve declined a bit recently, drone strikes will be as much of a characteristic of the Obama presidency as Obamacare or receiving racist e-mail forwards from distant relatives.”



Radio Show 80 Thursday September 25, 2014 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment




I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only Wbkm Dot Org. I had a fun idea for a theme and pulled it off nicely.

Second song before: A Glimmer – Queen Tangerine

Song before: Heroes (live) – King Crimson



From our small city to the great big word, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Tonight I will speak a bit about the expanding and contracting nature of music, but on this cool autumn night, if you want to go for a walk, it would be good to put on your overcoat. This is Swale on Wbkm, and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) Overcoat – Swale
2.) Megaphone – Joshua Glass
3.) The Victory – And The Kids

And The Kids played a killer set at The Monkey House last Monday. Lots of Burlington’s finest musicians were there in the audience, including Josh. I really liked that song that I got from his page. This time of the year always makes me think of the Swale song. Last week, I finished the last song from Zola Turn’s Ninja Jane. The next album I will play all the way through, one song per week, is the EP Row from Anachronist.

4.) Big Enough – Anachronist
5.) Happy New Year – Ninja Custodian
6.) Could You Be The One? – Phil Yates & The Affiliates

Phil and the band are playing two sets at the 4 Quarters brewery, in Winooski, tomorrow. The second set could be “interesting”. They start at 7. Swale’s 12th birthday party with And The Kids at Radio Bean is tomorrow at 9. It will be tough to make both with that timing. Also Gregory Douglas and Josh Glass are playing tomorrow in Winooski at Oak 45. Great song from Ninja! I caught this next singer last Saturday at Radio Bean. He did a great version of this.

7.) All The Same To You – Milton Busker
8.) Tell me – Linda Bassick
9.) Abiline – The Lonestar Chain
10.) Time In Space – The Cush

Lonestar just announced a show in November at Radio Bean! Yea. I hope that means a Cush show and a Dwellers show if Burette Douglas and Gabrielle Douglas are in town. Friend of the show, Linda is a great musician and a super person. Yesterday, I listened to the end or a radio show from Soho England where THE VACANT LOTS spent a lot of time with the host and played some cool songs including some of their own. This was one they played.

11.) Never Satisfied – The Vacant Lots
12.) Madrid Spain – The Lestons
13.) Paper Train – David L. Jarvis

Dave used to play all around town and is back in the neighborhood and just played a show in Wilmington with Mark Crowther as ‘Nuther Mother Brothers. It’s great to have them back rocking and I hope they come to town soon. I had to play that song from the Lestons because guitarist Matthew Stephen Perry‘s new band Dino Bravo is playing at Club Metronome at 11, and the Lots started their European tour in Spain. Up next is a suite of songs from a new album I’m trying to wrap my head around.

14.) Sequoia 1 – Binger
15.) Sequoia 2 – Binger
16.) Sequoia 3 – Binger

Nice lyrics about starting from roots and growing. Nice ability to be comfortable with almost any musical style. It’s autumn in Vermont. We don’t have Sequoia’s but we have apple trees and it’s harvest season.

17.) Green Apple Girl – Dave Jarvis Band
18.) 2 Hot 2 Be A Prostitute – The Lestons
19.) 6 AM – The Vacant Lots

I think I saw something saying the Lots might play town at the BCA center in October. They are out touring Europe, having songs mixed by Sonic Boom and putting out singles with Alan Vega. Way to live the dream Lots. I did not know the Lestons back in the day, but Matt’s next band, Party Star, used to play that song all the time. If the Cush come back to town, they should have a new album. Here’s one from their last.

20.) We Are The Beautiful Sunsets – The Cush
21..) Make Me See Stars – The Lonestar Chain
22.) One From Two – Linda Bassick
23.) Dogs At The Door – Milton Busker

Milton played a killer version of that last Saturday at Radio Bean. He used a foot pedal to fill out the sound and his voice and guitar to drive the song. Great song from Linda, who also plays trumpet on some of the Phil Yates songs.

24.) Might As Well Settle – Phil Yates and the Affiliates
25.) Cinnamon Girl – Ninja Custodian
26.) Nothing’s Here To Stay – Anachronist

Great song from Static and Light the new Anachronist album. When they sent me the CD I bought, they tossed in a had written note with a couple of cool drawings. Thanks guys! Back in the ’80’s Ninja had some original songs but played a lot of covers. I love their version of that one. Well, if you’ve paying attention, you know the next song is another from And The Kids.

27.) Wiser – And The Kids
28.) What’s In California? – Joshua Glass Music
29.) The Next Instead – Swale

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town, let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Internal Exile – Fish

Second song after – Margaret (live) – Marillion


Dino Bravo at Club Metronome September 25, 2014   Leave a comment

I just got back from seeing Dino Bravo VT at Club Metronome. I finished up the radio show around 11:10 then took the short walk to the club. Dino were all set up, and after a 5 minute wait, they hit the stage. A few years back I chatted with Ornan McLean at an April Wine show at Higher Ground. He was excited to hear an arena rock band in a club. That’s exactly what tonight’s show was. Dino had a huge killer rock sound and made me wish they were opening for Judas Priest at the upcoming Montreal gig, instead of Steel Panther. Dino opened with Sugar Coated Candy Sticks and rocked the small but dedicated crowd hard. Empires followed and Jeff LaBossiere‘s drumming drove it through all it’s changes. Matthew Stephen Perry played his guitar hard and sang with a snarl. Chris Farnsworth‘s leads soared all night long. Josh Shedaker‘s bass playing was locked in with the drums for each songs twists and turns. Chuck Berry was great. They tossed in a ween song. Bottleneck rocked hard and kept us dancing. They played a completely over the top This Is A Song About The Ocean and followed with the twin harmony guitars of Strawberry Blonde. They brought Lily Sickles to sing backup on Pop Music, then she let her voice soar on the closing cover of 20th Century Boy. It was a magnificent show from first note to last. I hope they recorded it. That was one for the records.

After the last note I went back to Wbkm Dot Org and grabbed my backpack. There was more music to come, but my time was short, and I caught what I could.

Joey Pizza Slice, PC Worship, Guerrilla Toss, and And The Kids at The Monkey House September 22, 2014   Leave a comment

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis


I had a good time seeing music Monday night at The Monkey House. I was on the fence about going, but love the music of And The Kids, so around 8:30 I took the long walk to Winooski. The show was set to start at 8:30, but it was 9:10 when the musicians began to arrive, and turn the empty stage into a rock zone. It was 9:42 when Joey Pizza Slice took the stage and began to croon Moon River. He followed with a set of low-fi indie oddness that has been his trademark for years. A heavily distorted guitar and mic loosed his songs on the appreciative audience. He returned to the crooning for a bit with You Only Live Twice, but most of the show was his own stuff. He wrapped it up at 10:05 and DJ L’Enfant Sauvage played some obscure songs on LP’s and 45’s.

At 10:25 PC Worship hit the stage with a steady barrage of of sludgy metal. The two electric guitars, bass, drum band started with a swirl of chaos but settled into a groove. They stayed locked in on each song, and the only change in melody was brought out in the vocal lines. The music was heavy, rhythmic, and primal. The was almost no cymbal playing or lead guitar playing, just a river of heavy rock. The woman on drums pounded them with an elated fury. One of the guitar players picked up the sax for the last song, and they wrapped up about 11:00. I had a good time rocking in the groove they made.

The DJ came back for a few more songs, and I though And The Kids would follow, but Guerrilla Toss set up next. They hit the stage at 11:25 and played an intense 25 minute set. The singer shouted the lyrics and both she and the bass player spent the show in front of the stage. The guitar, drum, and keyboard players held fort on the stage as glowsticks were thrown to the audience. Their sound was kind of like a heavy fast Beastie Boys. They rocked us hard and we had a great time.

After they wrapped up, DJ Disco Phantom laid down some songs as the final band set their stage. And The Kids went on at 12:20 and the majority of the audience had stayed and were happily rocking out. They played great versions of Wiser and Cats Were Born and their songs were like a shimmering light after all of the heaviness. The singer, Hannah, dropped a great line about being honored to open for Guerilla Toss who just played before us. Their 33 minute set was pure bliss and made every effort that I put in to get there, completely worth it. As the last note faded, so did I. The walk home was quick and filled with joy.


Milton Busker at Radio Bean September 20, 2014   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing Music on Saturday night. I got out at 5:30, hung out at home for a bit, then took the happy walk to Radio Bean. I arrived just before 7 and got in and settled. Milton Busker already had his acoustic guitar and mic set up, and he took the stage exactly on time. He opened with Ordinary Day and the small but dedicated audience was quiet with appreciation. His next song was a gentle instrumental, and it took a moment to realize the extra keyboardish sound was coming from a foot pedal. He brought the pace up a little with Jesus In Chains, then pulled out the playful All The Same To You. An intense version of Dogs At The Door put me into a state of pure bliss. He followed with a great cover, that I did not know, then pulled out a couple of new songs. I think the first was something about the Devil’s hand, and the second was called Ode To Apathy. Both were quite good. As the set progressed he moved from some very quiet songs, through some nicely mid-tempo ones then pulled out one that was completely over the top. By listening closely to the quiet parts, I was able to soar when he brought guitar and voice through the roof. After that, he played a couple more to wrap up the set, including a sappy song for his wife. His songs are catchy, well written and fun to be around when he is playing them. I’m so glad I put in the effort to go.


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Rep Larry Bucshon (R-IN) member of the United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology “It’s not about effecting the global temperature and climate change…There’s public comments out there that that question has been asked and answered saying no.”

Dr John Holdren White House Science adviser “You should look at the scientific literature rather than the public comments.”

Hana Zara at Radio Bean September 17, 2014   Leave a comment


Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


I had a good time seeing music last Wednesday when Hana Zara played at Radio Bean. Wednesday is a day off, so when I saw the show listed in the club’s calender, I was psyched. She was set to go on at 5:30, so a little after 5 I took the easy walk down to the Bean. I got in and settled as she adjusted her acoustic guitar and microphone. She started playing and singing and weaving us into her spell. There is something about the pacing of her songs and how enchanting her voice is, that just quietens the room. Her lyrics are so visceral that it’s like listening to a movie unfold before your ears. She played a few songs that she wrote while in Spain earlier this year, including one that was sung in Spanish. She played a few of the songs she has written since her last album Tatterhood, that she had in her set before Spain, but most of the set was newer than that. I loved every note of the show, and now have a bunch of new favorite songs. She played for about an hour. She told a couple of stories, but mostly let the music speak for her. I was riveted from the opening strains of Dylan’s One More Cup Of Coffee to the final notes of The North. When the last note faded, I took the short walk home in a state of quiet bliss.


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Bill Maher “New rule, when it comes to being baited into going to war, America has to try a little harder to not be so bleeping easy!  Just a few months ago, polls showed Americans were sick of war.  They’d had enough.  They were anxious to stay out of the Middle-East.  Then they saw two beheadings and overnight they were like, oh war, we can’t stay mad at you.  You know, conservatives love to vilify anyone who doesn’t want to immediately throw down as appeasers, but when you’re dealing with terrorists who’s aim is to bait us into overreaction, and you oblige them, aren’t you the appeaser?”



Black Rabbit, Cave Bees, and Shepard’s Pie at the Monkey House September 12, 2014   Leave a comment

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Friday at The Monkey House. I took a bus to Shelburne in the early evening and picked up my brother and a car. Ken and I arrived at the club a bit early and just hung out and chatted with Marc Scarano and Darlene Scarano. After a bit Eric and Nathan Curtis, from work, showed up. It was just after 9:30 when Black Rabbit hit the stage. They came out swinging with a heavy fast version of Mark My Words. I thought Jane Boxall would add a lot to the sound, but her drumming just blew me away. It was like she gave every note it’s own weight and used that to add an extra dimension to the songs. It was almost like seeing them for the first time. They ran through most of Lipstick And Dynamite, and played a few songs from the first EP. They played a couple that are not recorded yet, but are usually in the set. They played a couple that I dd not know, and think were new. They tossed in a Buzzcocks cover just for fun. Darlene’s bass was locked in with Jane for the whole night, and Marc played wicked riffs and solos. They were in top form and I was in heaven. They wrapped the night with Tibbar Tibbar, then a rousing version of Carnage. What can you say when one of your favorite bands just keeps getting better and better?
After a moderate set break, Cave Bees hit the stage with a growl. They were heavy, fast, and loud, and played some classic punk rock. The sound was not great, with vocals and lead guitar mixed down a bit, but there was enough to go along for the ride. They tossed in a couple of new songs, but stuck mostly to their album. It sounds like they will be sticking around for the winter, so I hope to get to see them again in the near future, hopefully with a better sound mix.
After another moderate set break, Shepard’s Pie hit the stage with classic sounding punk rock. The set was all original songs, a couple of which had some fun sing along parts. Lily Sickles attacked her guitar and the band were nimble, fast, and fun. Their set was fairly short, maybe 30 minutes or so, but was nothing but a good time.
After they wrapped up, we said our goodbyes and I drove Ken back to Shelburne. I’m so glad he wanted to come out and see some of the great music we have in our clubs. I will have to put in an effort to get him out to more in the near future.