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The Dead Shakers and Cones at The Monkey House September 13, 2017   Leave a comment


The Dead Shakers pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Wednesday at The Monkey House. I saw music the previous Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday then went to Ottawa for the mosaiculture on Monday then over to Montreal to the botanical gardens on Tuesday. I took it pretty easy during my Wednesday off but by the evening was up and ready to go. I took the long walk to Winooski and got in and settled as the band got ready to play. Featuring Kevin Bloom on vocals and electric guitar, Walker on electric guitar, Chris Shar on drums, Josh Shedaker on bass, Lauren Costello on electrified bass cello and a couple of sax players The Dead Shakers had a huge psychedelic rock sound. The cello and saxes filled the background of the songs and Kevin’s guitar and the bass and drums filled out the rhythm while Walker’s guitar alternated between the two. The songs are long and fun and rock hard and take you to fun places. They began with a long slow jam that built into rock heights. They played a mellower song with a sweet groove and a refrain of take me back. The next song also had a nice flow to it and the one after was about a mental institution in Medford. The next couple of songs had odd fun changes and I just let them flow over me and was in a lovely place. The seventh song of the set had a nice groove with rippling waves of psychedelia and they closed the set with their first single The Field. They only have a couple of songs recorded so far so hopefully someone will get those long lovely jams on tape soon.



The Dead Shakers pic by Tim Lewis


The Dead Shakers pic by Tim Lewis

Up next was a band from Los Angeles called Cones. They played a set of shimmering off kilter pop with fun and challenging changes. They had a nice mix of indie pop and Southern California rock. They sang about being back in the rain and waiting for a sign. They covered a breezy pop song that I did not know then played a super cool song called Echoes On. They sang a song about being crazy and one that had a bit of a Quarterflash vibe. They closed with a song about the first time and left me in a happy place.

I did not hang out long then took the lovely walk home. It’s so cool to be able to just go out for a walk and get to hear such lovely music


Cones pic by Tim Lewis


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Savage Hen at Robot Dog Studio and When Particles Collide at The Monkey House August 30, 2017   Leave a comment


When Particles Collide pic by Tim Lewis



Savage Hen pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a week ago Wednesday. I woke up and wrote up three shows that I hand seen in the last week then took a short nap. I met up with Mary Wolcott around 6:30 and we headed over to Robot Dog Studio. Ryan Cohen spent some time getting the sound right then I began my interview with Savage Hen that I played the next day on my local music radio show on WBKM. They played four heavy songs. Voodoo Revenge, The Wrong List, Clever Girl, and Local Lore are all powerful songs and we chatted about life in between. After we wrapped up the interview They played one more song that I will use for my annual Halloween show. The jump rope theme from Nightmare On Elm St was creepy and perfect. After that was wrapped up Mary and I headed out and went to Winooski



Savage Hen pic by Tim Lewis

We arrived at The Monkey House and had missed Dino Bravo but were just in time to catch the set from When Particles Collide. Their set was short and sweet and loud and fast and hard. They opened with Ego then played a song about the base of the mountain. They rocked out Fight and Chris Viner sang the bass line at one point. Storm Cloud rocked hard and Sasha Alcott‘s voice and guitar playing were in fine form. They sang about pink and laying one’s body down and being my home. They closed the set with Constant Disaster and that was that. We hung out and chatted for a bit and I had to get one of the vampire giraffe with the cool sneakers shirts.

After that we headed out and Mary dropped me off then headed home. It was indeed a lovely day.



When Particles Collide pic by Tim Lewis


Eastern Mountain time show and video shoot for There’s A Gary Stewart Song About This at The Monkey House August 22, 2017   Leave a comment


Eastern Mountain Time pic by Tim Lewis

I had a really good time seeing music Tuesday at The Monkey House even if it was repetitive and the band seemed as if they were just playing to a studio version of the song.

The show was set to begin around 7 and I had to work until 6:30. It was a rainy day with tornado warnings and a huge band of rain came in a little after 5. The radar showed green bands and yellow bands and red bands and there was a massive downpour around 6. I wondered if it would be more sensible to just go home after work but by 6:20 it had cleared and as soon as I got out of work I walked over to Winooski. I got in and settled. Eastern Mountain Time was set up on the well lit stage but not much was happening so I got a seat by the window and watched the world go by for a bit. Soon it was time for it to begin so I headed towards the front but hung back a little farther than usual. A couple of video cameras were set in front of the stage and the band coordinated with the sound man who started the song playback as they began to “play”. The song was called There’s A Gary Stewart Song About This and it looked like they did a nice job playing along. They went through the song then got set up and did it again. There was a little break as the camera crew moved around and got set up with different angles. They went through a couple more run throughs and hopefully got all the shots that they needed. At that point they moved the cameras and asked the audience to more forward and not crowd the stage but be where you wanted to be. I got reasonably close and acted naturally. They did three takes of the song with the camera crew moving through the audience and through the bar and catching the stage and all of it’s surroundings.

After that the crew began to pack up and the band started to play for real. Sean Hood has a nice voice and stage presence and played a poignant acoustic guitar. Jason Pappas played the bass with a quiet strength and Danny LeFrancois filled in the beat nicely. I missed the name of the gentleman on pedal steel but did note that Ryan Osswald sat in on electric guitar. He fit nicely into the sound and broke out on a couple of leads late in the short set. They closed the set with Stewart only playing it for real and it was fun to listen to the subtle differences. That was going to be it but they brought Danny up to the front to sing and play acoustic guitar for Jolene to close the night.

I hung out for a little bit then took the long and only slightly rainy walk home. Being part of history can be fun.




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Clever Girls, Looms, and Hammydown at The Monkey House August 5, 2017   Leave a comment


Hammydown pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at The Monkey House. Christopher Larrow came over from New York and we drove to Winooski and met up with Mary Wolcott. We chatted for a bit then it was time for the first band.

Clever Girls opened a little on the quiet side but their songs have a tendency to build into a rock and roll maelstrom and Catch And Release certainly did that. They stayed at full pace for a rocking Loose Tooth then played a new song. It missed the title but it might have been Doomed. They went back to their EP for 45 and We Tried and continued the trend of wrapping gentle music with rock. They closed the night with three songs that are not yet recorded. I recognized Hannah from the last time I saw them and everyone seemed to love the closing song, which might have been Heavy. It was a brilliant show and they are on my list of bands to never miss if I can help it.



Clever Girls pic by Tim Lewis


Looms pic by Tim Lewis

Up next was a band from New York City called Looms. They began playing some nice breezy pop that moved through unexpected chord progressions which made it a fun challenge to follow along with. The first part of the set was filled with jazzy pop but a few songs in signaled a change. The singer switched from guitar to keys and the sound had a bit of a prog rock feel with the jazzy changes. Towards the end of the 13 song set the guitar came back in force and the last few songs rocked hard and were so much fun. I really enjoyed them and am so glad I got to hear them play.



Looms pic by Tim Lewis

I had seen Abbie Gail (Abbie Morin) before but had not caught up with her new band. Hammydown were a trio with her on guitar and vocals with a bassist and drummer. The songs were hard and fast indie rock. They opened a little slow with Pizzaface but were at full speed by the end. That is the title of the EP they released that night and they played most, if not all of it. I did not recognize most of the songs but loved every moment of all of them Migraine was great and Automatic Sweetheart was lots of fun. They played a song about what you do when waiting for your dreams to come true called Wayside. They ended the set with a song about walking away but a heavy encore demand from the mostly full room kept them on the stage. They closed with a revved up You’re Still the One and that was that. I went in not realizing the set was going to rock that hard and was blissfully happy for every moment.

Chris had left earlier and Mary headed home and I took the happy and exhausted walk home.



Hammydown pic by Tim Lewis

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Dirty Blondes, Swillbillie, and Crazyhearse at The Monkey House July 21, 2017   Leave a comment


The Dirty Blondes pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Friday at The Monkey House. I got out of work at 7 and had a bit of time to hang out at home before taking the long walk to Winooski. I arrived a little after the 8:30 show time and the stage was being slowly set up. I hung out for a bit then it was time for Dirty Blondes. With both John M Whyte and Jesse Azarian on guitar the sound was a bit larger than usual. Jesse mostly plays lead so having John on rhythm brought out the glory of the music. Chris Clark‘s driving bass and Ornan McLean powerhouse drumming kept the rock at full throttle as Becky Rodgers and Diane Sullivan screamed out the lyrics. Diane had just lost her brother so she had some of his ashes in a small urn and the room was filled with friends and family. While there was the smallest hint of melancholy in the air, for the most part it was just a blistering rock show. They set the tone with a ripping version of Burn. Someone said John should play the next one a little fast. He lit into the guitar licks at top speed and the rest of the band kept up nicely as they unleashed Crybaby. They eased back to the usual fast pace for Kung Pao and we all did the dance move. Drunk and Slut rocked hard then they eased back a bit for Oh Dirty Blondes. That New Guy Is Not James Bond was as fun as always and John played the Bond theme perfectly. They rocked out the ending with a long jam and closed the night with a blistering Yayo that also had a jammed out ending. It was a short show but was as powerful and beautiful as you could hope for.


The Dirty Blondes pic by Tim Lewis


The Dirty Blondes pic by Tim Lewis


Up next Swillbillie regaled us with their high speed punkabilly rock. They began with a manifesto then sang a song about when the rooster crows. They played a couple of new ones and I think they were about the devil or chickens or whiskey or all three. They played a song that had the devil in the details. They played a song that rolled on. They played Sin Is Funner and Whiskey High and closed the 13 song set with Hell Chicken. It’s always a delight to see them play.


Swillbillie pic by Tim Lewis



Crazyhearse pic by Tim Lewis

Crazyhearse closed the night and featured Shan from Swillbillie on bass. They began with a gypsy rock song then played one about farm crimes. They played a slower countryish song about when I kissed her good night then David switched from guitar to electric banjo. They played a song about tears on my sweater and as time goes by feeling so much better. They played another gypsy rock song then David switched back to guitar for a song about having a good night tonight. They played the epic Demon Moon then pulled out a cover of The Old Man Down The Road. The Mobius Strip was catchy and fun then they pulled out the epic Windigo. They were done but the audience wanted one more and they came back for a song about being a pirate. Crazyhearse just rock and always put on a fun show and I’m so glad I got to see them.

I headed out shortly after the last song and took the long and lovely walk home.



Crazyhearse pic by Tim Lewis


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Cave Bees, Modern Trigger, Bearchild, Better Things at The Monkey House July 15, 2017   Leave a comment


Cave Bees pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music Saturday night at The Monkey House. It was one of those classic shows with two bands that I knew and loved and two that I new nothing about. It was a slightly warm lovely evening and the walk to Winooski went smoothly.

I got in and settled and around 8:45 Cave Bees hit the stage with a roar. With blistering volume and punk rock drive they opened with a song about a car and it’s 22R. Up next was a “new” one about rocking the Queen City tonight. They went back to their album for a powerhouse version of The Lunacy. They slowed down a little for the grinding I Need A Raise then ramped back to full speed for Round Sum. We in the crowd sang Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh on Flight Of the Alligator. Sweet Pussy rocked hard and Mine All Mine was fast and nimble. They closed the night with another “new” song called Juliet. It was a wonderful rocking set.

Up next was a band from New York called Modern Trigger. They played as a four-piece with singer/guitar player, rhythm guitar, bass, and drums. The songs had a nice indie punk sound and moved in fun directions. They opened with a song about the only one left to blame then played a song about feeling great about moving out of the futon in your basement. They played a song that said never again and may have been about Pee Wee Herman. They played a song called Time from their EP Forgiveness Is Divine but Never Pay Full Price For Late Pizza. The song about never asking for any of it had a nice sweep. They closed the eight song set with a song about outer space. The whole show was fun, rocking, full of harrowing changes, and I really liked them.



Modern Trigger pic by Tim Lewis

Up next was another band from New York called Bearchild. They are a trio with a singer who alternates between keys and guitar, bass and drums. Their sound is smooth and powerful and still kind of indie rock. They began with a recorded piano intro and sang a song about who should be the ones. The next song was another rocker then Justin Williams switched to keys for a bit. He sang a song about what’s yours is mine and a nicely dramatic song called Fire And Smoke. He switched back to guitar and the band rocked out Rift. They closed the seven song set with and epic keyboard sound for Time Travel. I’m so lucky to have seen them.



Bearchild pic by Tim Lewis

After a short break Better Things hit the stage fast and loud for 25 Miles Per Hour Blues. They played an intense and beautiful indie rock set. I didn’t catch the titles of the next two, but they had a huge sound and were played at maximum volume. They eased up a tiny amount for the gorgeous Ex-Files then played an instrumental version of a new song. It was pretty col. They closed the six song set with Stick That In Your Juicebox and Sip It then I started moving forward on the long walk home.



Better Things pic by Tim Lewis

Eric George, Sean Hood, and Dino Bravo at The Monkey House June 25, 2017   Leave a comment


Dino Bravo pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Sunday at The Monkey House. It was the fourth in the The Show Up Shows series that raises money for different worthy organizations. This one benefited 1% For the Planet and was set to run from 7-10 to make it an early night so people would show up. I had missed two of the shows but did catch one a few months back and was expecting the same format of an emcee hosting the show and four bands playing 4-6 of their songs. Sunday’s show had a different format with no emcee and only three bands.

A little after 7 Eric George took the stage with an acoustic guitar and played a dozen songs. He sang about believing in science and being a stranger to people. He sang about how there is always a map and played one that had a Hana Zara vibe. He sang about crossing the river and about letters never sent. He played a cover of a White Stripes song then closed with songs about good friends and mountain top removal in Kentucky. He has a nice voice and is a pretty good guitar player and the small crowd appreciated the performance.



Eric George pic by Tim Lewis

Up next, Sean Hood from Eastern Mountain Time took the stage with an acoustic guitar. He spoke a little about how 1% is doing good work to help our planet then lit into his set. He opened with Birds of Park Slope and his playing was slower than Eric’s but much more intense. His lyrics paint stark portraits of what it feels like to live through this life. He sang a song about drinking all alone and how his friends have had enough and how he guessed that he had enough too. He sang about how things were headed for trouble and how he should leave, but instead ordered a double. He sang about low down mid-December. He pulled out a cover of Tom Petty’s Walls. He sang about drawing the line tomorrow at nine and wrapped the seven song set with a new positive song about how he lives. It was a captivating performance and I loved every note.



Sean Hood pic by Tim Lewis

The potential fourth band never showed so after a bit of a break Dino Bravo VT set up and played a wonderfully loud blistering rock show. They opened with Matthew Stephen Perry just singing while the rest of the band rocked like usual. Stone Temple Pilot’s Creep was a fun way to begin the show. Matt then picked up his guitar and the band let loose a tremendous version of Song About The Ocean. Jeff LaBossiere is a steady and powerful drummer who keeps the songs interesting. Chris Farnsworth has that great sense of melody that makes his guitar playing so wonderful to hear. Josh Shedaker rips it up on bass and sings backing vocals and lead as needed and always sounds great. Ocean is an epic song with huge builds and I loved riding every note. They kept rocking hard as they played Sugar Coated Candy Stix, Pop Music and Two Car Garage. They eased up a little for Crime Scene then pulled out the harmony guitars for Strawberry Blonde. A cover of 20th Century Boy was fun and rocked hard. The room was half full and everyone seemed really into Dino as they kept rocking hard on Chuck Berry. A cover of Ween’s Birthday Boy was fun. I think they played an instrumental next then closed with Past The Mark. As the song careened to an end it fell into a distorted mass of music then gelled back into a few bars of Creep before it finally faded away.

It was a bit late at that point, so I headed out quickly and took the long happy walk home.



Dino Bravo pic by Tim Lewis

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