Jeremy Gilchrist at Light Club Lamp Shop May 18, 2017   Leave a comment


Jeremy Gilchrist at Light Club Lamp Shop pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Thursday night at Light Club Lamp Shop. The show was set to start at 7 and Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter usually does not play super long shows. I thought I could duck down and catch the show and be back in time to do the radio show write-up and get it out before my show started at 9.

I headed downtown about quarter of seven and it was bright and sunny and in the ’80’s. I made good time then slid into the shop and settled in. Jeremy picked up his acoustic guitar at 7:15 and played a beautiful 45 minute set. There is something about the way his songs sound and the lyrics spark ideas and the way his voice flows that keeps me coming back. He opened with Great Filter and followed with Thunder From Mansfield To The Lake. He told the story about that one being the first song he wrote after moving to Vermont and it raining continuously for weeks. He played a Floyd sounding cover of Down By The River and tossed in a little bit of Breathe in the late middle and at the end. He played one of his newer songs called Threaded and it kept me in a very happy place. Another new song, Faded Movie Reel, was up next and he tossed in a bit of Hunger Strike at the end to honor the life of Chris Cornell. He returned to Floyd for Two Suns In The Sunset then went back to his songs with The Time Traveler. The Endless War sounded as great as it always does and he wrapped the night with his unique cover of Round Here.

I let the last note fade out before ducking out the door and taking the quick walk home. There was one song of his that I still really wanted to hear but luckily enough, I had it set to play as part of my show that night. The timing was tight to get the write-up done, but I finished just in time and am so happy I put in the effort




Jeremy Gilchrist at Light Club Lamp Shop pic by Tim Lewis



Jeremy Gilchrist at Light Club Lamp Shop pic by Tim Lewis



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