The Mountain Says No at Manhattan Pizza May 13, 2017   Leave a comment


The Mountain Says No pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at Manhattan Pizza and Pub. It was a long work day and the next day was another long one but I thought I might be able to see a band play from 10-11 then scurry home and get some sleep. I almost just skipped it but one of my favorite bands was playing.

I pushed myself out the door and took the misty rainy walk downtown. I got in and settled and said hi to some cool musicians as The Mountain Says No got set up. A repeated recorded voice started up and the band lit into Ricky The Rider and rocked it hard. They kept the pace nice and solid for Machu Picchu. At some point there was a huge amount of feedback between songs and they worked to make it stop but unfortunately, had to keep the microphones low and that took out most of the vocals for most of the show. I was close so I could hear a bit. Nevertheless, the band soldiered on and the music sounded great and they seemed to focus their intensity on it and I was in a happy place. They played a cool version of Nothing In This. They slowed it down for the eerie 3,000 Incubators then revved up to full throttle for Restaurant. Eggshell rocked nicely then they eased back a bit for Game Of Thrones. They played a song they said was new that had a metal grind, a spaced out middle section and a rocking end. It was really cool. They mellowed way out for Blanket’s Fine and the quietness of the song let the vocals come through reasonably. They switched back to full rock mode for I Know Right, The Bomb then capped the night with Long Term Sermon.

I headed out the door quickly. The spirit wanted to stay for Near North but the body said no. It wasn’t the greatest of their shows, but musically it was tremendous. It would have been so easy to miss but I’m glad I put in the effort.


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