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Ivamae and Arc Iris at ArtsRiot May 20, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at ArtsRiot. I worked a long 8-4:30 day and was pretty stressed by the end. I hung out at home for a while then took the long walk to Pine st. It was a lovely day and the walk helped take me away from the work focus. I arrived a bit after 8:00pm doors opening and well before the 8:30 start time. I was about to wander in when Luke Adam called me over to the outside bar. I chatted with him and a couple of his friends for a while, then it was time to head in.

I settled in and found a nice post to stand and lean up against. The crowd was small and mellow and most of the seating area was filled. It was not long until Ivamae took the stage. Playing solo, she walked up the the mic and began singing. Though the room had filled a bit, it was pin drop silent as she mesmerized the room with her voice. She picked up an electric guitar for the second song and sang about true colors. She introduced the next song as The Reality Of It All and the room was still silent and listening. She sang a song about taking care of me and nobody else. I looked around and the standing area was filled with people quietly sitting on the floor. She followed with a cover of the Amy Winehouse song You Send Me Flying. I think the next one was about guilt and fear and she closed the set with a very new song about not being able to find the truth. Her strong voice, powerful presence and intent audience made it a stunning show.





I hung out during the set break and chatted with Joe Adler, then it was time for Arc Iris. They were set to play their reconstructed version of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. The band play a beautiful blend of pop, progressive rock, and jazz, or something like that. They played all of the songs in very unique ways that left Joni’s path intact but sounded like Arc Iris could have written them. They rearranged the order of the songs and began with A Case Of You. Jocie has a captivating voice and is a perfect front woman. Her keyboard and guitar playing just add to the mix. It’s a joy to watch Zach plays keys. He’s all over them and looks so happy doing it. Ray Belli is a tremendous drummer. When you listen to the arrangement and find the groove and swing to the beat, he’s already thrown in a few notes you weren’t anticipating. All three could likely do engaging solo shows but their power together is over the top. I tried to soak it all in as they played Carey and This Flight Tonight. My Old Man and Little Green were challenging and fun. California had a bit of madman jazz to it. They followed with The Last Time I Saw Richard and rocked River super hard. They closed the set with All I Want and Blue. They came back for an encore and I’m not sure what they played. It was jazzy and proggy and fun to listen to.

I headed out fairly quickly and ran into Luke again. We chatted until his turn off then I brought the body up to full speed for the long walk home.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the pictures















Adrian Belew Power Trio at ArtsRiot and Andriana Chobot at Red Square March 4, 2017   Leave a comment


Adrian Belew Power Trio pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music last week at ArtsRiot. An artist that I have loved for years finally came back to town and I spent the entire work day bouncing off the walls, yet still put the service level in the place it needed to be for the day. I had scheduled myself to leave at 5 and was racing out the door at 5:02. The show was to start at 8 but I knew of a cool stop I could make on the way.

I did a quick turn around at home and ferociously walked downtown. I arrived at Red Square around 5:40 and listened to some lovely music as I settled in. I got the seat at the end of the bar right by the band and let my heart soar as Andriana Chobot played some magical music. She sings and plays keys and has songs that soar and was joined by Cody Sargent on drums. I let the music wash over me and fill me with joy. She gets a huge piano sound and all of the songs have lovely twists and turns and fills and are so gorgeous. I was hoping she would play until almost 7 but her time slot was 5-6 so I only caught four songs. Three of them were new to me and the one I knew, Cascade, was completely over the top. I’m so glad I finally made it out to see her again.



Andriana Chobot pic by Tim Lewis


I was running earlier than expected so thought I would head to ArtsRiot and get some food before the doors at 7 show at 8 performance. Apparently, many others thought the same thing and the wait was very long and I just gave up. I hung out for a bit then friends started to show up. I hung out with Chris and Robin Chesebro Rielly and Joe Adler and my old boss at the New Dyemensions, Robert Fuller. It was fun catching up and being kind of social. As 8pm passed there was not much sound coming from the other room so I just hung out. After a bit I walked into the performance space and Saul Zonana was just finishing his set. I only caught a couple of songs and really liked them. It was just him solo but he had a nice sound with an Adrian vibe.



Saul Zonana pic by Tim Lewis



It wasn’t too long of a wait until the Adrian Belew power trio hit the stage. He sang and played guitar and was joined by Julie Slick on bass and Tobias Ralph on drums. Both were amazing musicians and had to be to keep up with Adrian and the intense set of music. I was a bit surprised that it was a little less song focused and more of a dive into a rhythmic jam that went through lots of pieces. They started with the instrumental jam A then let it flow into Men In Helicopters for a while before it fell into Young Lions, which has that great drum riff. The played a bit of Pretty Pink Rose then let it flow into Big Electric Cat then they went into the instrumental improv of d2 and settled into One Time. They rocked Dinosaur for a bit and let it fall into Heartbeat which slid into Writing On The Wall then settled into Frame By Frame. They wrapped set 1 with Beat Box Guitar and everyone was happy.

The set break was short then they returned for a stunning set 2. For the whole show Adrian had the hugest smile on his face and at one point even got his guitar go laugh. The band launched into an instrumental jam for Venture and B. Three Of A Perfect Pair lit up the room. It flowed into a jam called B3 then fell into Neurotica. I was in heaven. They let that flow into the delicate Walking On Air then rocked hard with Ampersand. Futurevision was super cool then they rocked the place with Bowie’s Boys Keep Swinging. It flowed into Of Bow And Drum which slid into Elephant Talk. They followed with an over the top Thela Hun Gingeet and called it a night. Well, OK, what really happened was Adrian asked if they could not actually leave the stage and come back and just stay and play one more. We were fine with that. A long instrumental jam called E wrapped the night.

I said a couple of quick goodbyes then took the long but elated walk home


The following pictures are courtesy of Luke Awtry Photography










Cooie DeFrancesco at Radio Bean and Sad Turtle, Invisible Homes, The Mountain Says No and Villanelles at ArtsRiot February 17, 2017   Leave a comment


Ben Maddox of The Mountain Says No pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music on Friday night. I had intended to go to Switchback to see Phil Yates and the Affiliates at 6pm, then head to the main show but another opportunity presented itself that I could not miss.

I’ve been Facebook friends with Cooie DeFrancesco for a while and met her once at a show, but had never heard her sing. She was set to play at Radio Bean at 7pm which lined up perfectly. I arrived close to showtime and she was already on stage singing and playing acoustic guitar. I settled in and listened and was taken by the warmth and fullness of her voice. It had a lot of power in it and just sounded lovely. She was singing a song in French when I arrived so I missed the title of it but she talked about most of the songs before she played them so I was able to get a good sense of the old cover songs that she pulled out. Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right was fun and I really appreciated the Don Gibson song Sweet Dreams. She told the origin story of Love Me Tender and sang it beautifully. She highlighted the sadly still relevant People Get Ready. Delbert McClinton’s Two More Bottles Of Wine was rocking and fun. She went to Hank Williams for Hey Good Looking then asked the audience which Patsy Cline song to sing. One person in the audience said both so she played Crazy and Walking After Midnight. She went back to Hank for Your Cheating Heart then followed with The Tennessee Waltz. She moved to a bit of a bluesy sound for Johnny Winter’s Mother Earth and followed it with The Same Old Blues. She capped the night with All Of Me and added a couple of extra lyrics for her husband Sal L. DeFrancesco. It was a lovely show and a great learning experience. Considering the detailed explanations of the songs I think she and Charlie Messing should get together and play a show sometime. Everyone in the audience would walk out with a masters in early 20th century music.


Cooie DeFrancesco pic by Tim Lewis

I headed out quickly and walked to ArtsRiot and got settled in just before Sad Turtle took the stage. Their sound is a mix of jazz and rock and prog and sounds pretty cool. The songs are all instrumental and it’s fun to just listen and get into the flow. Feats Of Strength sounded great and the brand new song, Nautical By Nature, may have been the best one of their set. The rocking flow of their sound and the swirling nature of the light show from Heavy Light VT made the set a wonderful experience.

After a short set break the mighty Invisible Homes took the stage. They lit in with the heavy rocking This Machine and we were off. They mixed up the sound a little with the Crimsonesque All Your Basis, which viscerally reminded me that Adrian Belew will be playing that room in early March. The set had new songs from their upcoming album and classics, like Little Song, from Song For My Double. The new song about robots taking over the world was as fun as always. They capped the set with a huge version of Above The Frequency and an over the top Pale Rage. I loved every moment of the show.

Another short set break followed then The Mountain Says No took the stage to release their new album Golden Landfill. It’s a fantastic album full of heavy rock and intense drama and they played the whole thing, though in a slightly different order. They opened hard and heavy with Machu Picchu then eased up a tiny amount for You Say You’re Alive. The new single Nothing In This sounded great then they played the easy to sing Game Of Thrones. They rocked hard on Eggshell then played the moody and eerie Be Like Ryan. They stayed slow and searing for Blanket’s Fine then started slow and ended hard on Gazerbeam. They capped the set with the blistering I Know Right. With enchanting light show and enchanting music, I was in heaven.

After another short set break Villanelles took the stage and kept the attentive audience rocking. With intense drumming and intense bass playing and intense guitar playing and a keyboard which smooths out the sound, their quirky indie rock sounded great. Tristan Baribeau‘s singing was strong and the light show was as intense as it had been for the whole evening. They mixed songs from Blue Heart Attack, like opener Gray Goo, and Parking Lot from the Kiss My Grits EP. They tossed in a cover of They Boys Are Back In Town and had a nice guitar/keys harmony effect going on. Shy Spiders was full and over the top and kept me at peak happiness. The rest of the set was a bit of a beautiful blur since I was getting tired. They rocked hard and were lots of fun and are a band that should be seen whenever possible.

Soon after they wrapped up, I took the long and happy walk home.


Sad Turtle pic by Tim Lewis


Sad Turtle pic by Tim Lewis


Sad Turtle pic by Tim Lewis


Invisible Homes pic by Tim Lewis


Invisible Homes pic by Tim Lewis


Invisible Homes pic by Tim Lewis


Invisible Homes pic by Tim Lewis


The Mountain Says No pic by Tim Lewis


The Mountain Says No pic by Tim Lewis


Villanelles pic by Tim Lewis


Villanelles pic by Tim Lewis

The Welterweights and Anders Parker & Cloud Badge at ArtsRiot January 6, 2017   Leave a comment


The Welterweights photo by Luke Awtry photography


I had a great time seeing music a couple of weeks ago at ArtsRiot. I had seen Anders Parker Cloud Badge a couple of times before and have always been amazed. When I saw the show announced I put it right on the calendar.

I arrived just before doors opened and chatted with Luke Adam for a bit. It was not long until the opening band, The Welterweights, took the stage. With bass, drums, Lowell Thompson on guitar and vocals and Kelly Ravin on guitar and vocals, talent just oozed from the stage. Most of the songs had a bit of a country feel but many of them rocked nicely. The night was filled with some serious lead guitar interplay. They opened with something that might have been called Git Lost then followed with a familiar Lowell song Shoulda Known Better. They played a song about a little girl then one about someone to light my cigarettes for me. That one had a cool section about when the alcohol sets in. They played a song with the line I’ve been looking around then rocked nicely on Pretend. I think the next one was a cover that I did not know then they rocked hard on I want you to know. Up next was a song from Kelly’s Bonneville album that later prompted me to buy the album. They played a song about visions and conversations and rocked the night to a close with a Rockpile’s Teacher Teacher. They were pretty tremendous and it was only their second show.

The set break was not long then Anders Parker & Cloud Badge took the stage. With Anders on guitar and vocals, Creston Lea on Bass, Mark Spencer on pedal steel, and Steve Hadeka on drums, the band rocked hard through many twists and turns and were just staggeringly good. I did not know most of the songs but loved following along and seeing where they took me. They played a song about the way you feel inside and one about how it’s gotta be the wind drifting through the trees. That one was kind of drifty and dreamy. They played a song with a blues stomp then played the only song of the night that I knew. Don’t Let The Darkness In was featured on the second Live From The Fort album so I had heard it a few times. It’s a pretty cool song. They played a song that was beautiful and searing and followed it with a pretty country song. Anders told a story about driving to Newport and how the road takes many twists and turns. The song they played, The Road, started with a country feel then started to rock a little. It rocked a little more then even more and built into a giant epic rocker with an over the top guitar solo. It was magnificent. They played a slower song that was nice then an off kilter mid tempo rocker. Anders told a story about writing the next song for the George W Bush years and lamented that it was appropriate again. They closed the night with a heavy rocking Jackbooted Thugs (Have All The Best Drugs). It was pretty epic and a great way to close the night. It was a brilliant show and I hope they play again soon!!

All photos by Luke Awtry Photography Thanks Luke!!

luke-awtry-photograpy-anders-parker-and-cloud-badge-artsriot-01062017-012Anders Parker & Cloud Badge photo by Luke Awtry photography


Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, We Are The Asteroid, and Cave Bees at ArtsRiot October 19, 2016   Leave a comment

Cave Bees at ArtsRiot October 19 2016 Pic by Tim Lewis

Cave Bees at ArtsRiot October 19 2016 Pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at ArtsRiot. The show began loud, fast, and rocking with one of my favorite bands, Cave Bees. They opened with everyone’s favorite I Need A Raise and rocked into full gear with Lunacy. Round Some rocked hard and Sweet Pussy had a nice grind to it. They wrapped up the first album portion of the show with Mine All Mine and a blistering version of Golden Goose. They played four newer songs including Josephine and closed with the song about a remedy that is rock and roll. They sounded fantastic and I was in heaven for every moment.



We Are The Asteroid at ArtsRiot October 19, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

We Are The Asteroid at ArtsRiot October 19, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


Up next WE Are The Asteroid from Austin Texas took the stage with a roar. They opened with a rocking instrumental then dropped it into a song that is likely called Future Gods. The guitar player and bass player traded lead vocals and the drummer, who was pretty stunning all night long, added some nice backing vocals. Most of the songs had a nice groove to them and were punctuated my metal heaviness and some killer guitar work. They played a song about a walk through the Desert and closed the 10 song set with a rocker that had a nice whoa whoa whoa chant that reminded me a bit of Iron Maiden. They were lots of fun.



Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re  at ArtsRiot October 19, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re at ArtsRiot October 19, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re capped the night with a heavy rocking set. The songs had an indie rock or punk or metal or some twisted combination of the three feel to them. The guitar player sang most of the songs, the bass player was excellent and the drummer played hard and had a great voice when she sang. They told a story about being on the road with Asteroid and about doing an EP where they each covered each others song. They played a version of Desert that sounded quite different from Asteroid’s which was fantastic on a few levels. They had the audience dancing hard for the nine song set and finished the night with a well demanded encore. I love it when I see bands I know little about and have them rock me so hard.


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Coming Up   Leave a comment

I was really expecting to make it downtown on July 3rd to see Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul band but after a crushing day at work, I just had no energy left.  I did not realize what it was until the fireworks started and I started crying.  My dad loved fireworks and he passed away last September.  This was my first independence day celebration where I could not just walk to the waterfront and hang out with him and watch the spectacular show.  I can see most of the fireworks from my living room window and it was a better place to let my sadness flow, rather than in a large crowd.

Monday was the holiday and I worked 8 hours and there was nothing on the music calendar that attracted my attention.  Same for today, Tuesday July 5th.  Tomorrow, well tomorrow could go a couple of ways.

Aspero Saicos are pretty cool and are playing at ArtsRiot.  The write up says “Aspero Saicos: Peruvian Teen Angst featuring members of ROUGH FRANCIS and special guest; Brian Wilson (on bass)
The Soaks: Garage-Pop from San Diego CA
Disco Phantom: Spinning tunes and saving your life.

That sounds like the way to go, except there is a potentially great show happening at Nectar’s.

Villanelles • Every Wednesday in July w/ special guests

w/ Invisible Homes

Villanelles • Every Wednesday in July w/ special guests

I love Invisible Homes and really like Villanelles.  I was sure I was going to this show before finding about the Saicos show.  I’m not sure which way I will end up going, but I will have a show to write up on Thursday morning.  Stay Tuned.

Apartment 3, Vundabar, And The Kids at Arts Riot July 2, 2016   Leave a comment

Apartment 3 at Arts Riot July 2, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Apartment 3 at Arts Riot July 2, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at ArtsRiot. It was one of those classic nights where I got to check out a band I was curios to see, there was one band I knew nothing about and one band that I knew I would love. They even played in that order.

I got out of work at 7:30, stopped at home quickly, then headed out a little after 8 and arrived just before 8:30. I had enough time to get a beer an Apartment 3 hit the stage and rocked it hard. With two singer/guitar players, bass and drums they unleashed a catchy maelstrom of indie punk. Some of the songs were a little sludgy and heavy, some were were fast punk, but all of them had a nice flow and moved through their changes with ease. The only one I recognized was Winter Is Gone and they played it very well. They played a solid 40 minute set that ended with an off kilter eighties pop sounding song that evolved into a heavy rock ending. I really loved their set and will definitely check them out again soon.


Vundabar at Arts Riot July 2, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Vundabar at Arts Riot July 2, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


About 15 minutes after they left the stage, Vundabar started playing. They are a guitar/singer, bass, drums band and their songs seem to be about laying out some riffs, pausing for a bit then charging back into them. The packed audience loved them and were bouncing along and lightly moshing for their hour long show. They played a dozen songs and the audience sang along heartily on the second to last. They reminded me a bit of Ten Years After but with some more modern indie rock sounds. They put on a solid rock show that was enjoyed by all.


And The Kids  at Arts Riot July 2, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

And The Kids at Arts Riot July 2, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


There was another short set break, then And The Kids hit the stage. If the previous band was all about riffs to get people to bounce, Kids are all about well crafted songs that are fun to dance to. They treated us to several songs off the new Friends Share Lovers album, including the title song, and played plenty of the classics. They are guitar/singer, bass, drums trio though the drummer adds backing vocals and tons of effects. The audience loved them and had a great time singing the AAA-EEE sections of Cats Were Born. Their 14 song set spanned an hour and they wrapped the night with a stellar All Day All Night.

I headed out shortly after the last song faded out and was really glad I put the effort in. We are so lucky to be able to get such lovely music in Burlington.