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Radio Show 202 Thursday April 6, 2017 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

Swale 016


Tonight’s local music radio show will run from 9-11pm US eastern time April 6, 2017. It will go as follows.

Song before: Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s begin tonight with a couple of songs about lion taming.

1.) Just Another Day – The Nancy Druids
2.) Lion Tamer – Carraway
3.) Black 17 – The New Siberians
4.) Parking Lot – Villanelles

Villanelles keep playing that song for us. Thanks guys. Great song from Siberians. Considering the line from the Druids song, I just had to follow it with the Carraway. OK, here is the next song on By My Side.

5.) I Do – Kat Wright
6.) Crazy – Clever Girls
7.) Trouble Come No More – Cricket Blue
8.) My Hero, The Enemy – Gregory Douglass

Gregory is coming to Higher Ground on Sunday. Thanks for sponsoring our station HG. Cricket will open that show. Great songs from Clever and Kat. Do you ever travel just for the ride?

9.) Ever Travel – The Red Telephone
10.) Drivin’ All Alone – The Parts
11.) Moving Song – Zola Turn
12.) Wally Rides The Ferry – Zoot Wilson

Great song from the ’80’s. Zola Rocked us in the ’90’s. Telephone rocked us in the 00’s and the Parts are rocking us now. So, if you like punk head to Jim’s basement on Saturday for these next two bands.

13.) Blank Daze – Mr. Doubtfire
14.) Blue Lights – Sink or Swim
15.) Blue Light Shines – Gabrielle Douglas and the Dwellers
16.) Something I Drew – farm

It was fun chatting with Brent Hallenbeck last night about our local music scene. I was on Rocket Shop on Big Heavy World last night to announce that all of my show write-ups, past and future, will be part of BHW. Brent was a great host and we both liked Farm and The Cush. We were sad that Farm went away but happy about how they morphed into The Mountain Says No.

17.) Gazerbeam – The Mountain Says No
18.) Paint It Black – Silver Bridget
19.) Every Last One Of Us – SWALE
20.) The Heart Is King – Pinhead

Pinhead helped open Burlington up to the wide variety of music that exists today. Great song from Swale. I want to send lots of love to Eric Olsen who just lost his mother. Our hearts go out to you Eric!!! Great take on the Stones song by Bridget and great rocker from Mountain. This next band was the first to really turn me on to our local music scene, so many years ago.

21.) Happy New Year – Ninja Custodian
22.) Decide – Dave Jarvis Band
23.) The Original Original – Black Rabbit
24.) Round Sum – Cave Bees

The Bees come out to rock us now and then, and have been doing so for years. Rabbit always put on fun shows. Dave rocked us back in the ’90’s and has a new band called Agent 802. I love Ninja. OK, let’s stay in the past for a bit.

25.) Hold Me Tight – The Decentz
26.) Holly Mae – The Snaz
27.) Bridge To Panda Chaos – Zeus Springsteen
28.) Six Inch Knife – Will
29.) Avalon – Split Tongue Crow

Great song from the Rutland band. They morphed out of Will who played around in the 00’s. I can’t wait to see Zeus again and hear what they are recording. Super cool song from the Snaz and fun rocker from Decentz. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after:

Dancing In Fog – Fish
Astronomer’s call/And Dream Of Sheep – Kate Bush
Not I – Andriana Chobot
I Will Follow You – Children in Paradise
Paycheck – Slingshot Dakota
The Art Of Giving In – 1881
Inner Revolution – Adrian Belew
Delirious – The Church Band
Megaphone – Joshua Glass Music
regular programming


The Ryan Ober Band, The Nancy Druids, and Gold City Ashes at The Monkey House April 1, 2017   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at The Monkey House. I met up with Nathan Curtis just before 9 and we drove to Winooski and got settled in.

It was not long before Ryan Ober picked up his electric guitar and started playing and singing. Joined by Creston Lea and Jeremy Frederick on drums, the trio rocked out some bluesy songs with a pop edge. The first song was about loving a girl for a long time and Creston kept asking what her name was. The second was a rocker called What Is Life? Ryan had a ripping solo at the end and played so powerfully that the stage could not hold him. They played a few of Ryan’s new songs and covers like Dylan’s To Be Alone With You and a rocking version of Ray Charles’ Sticks And Stones. Ryan’s song Caveman Blues was pretty fun and had a bit of an Elvis Costello vibe. They closed the nine song set with Ryan’s tale about how his friends say he can’t get away from the blues, and fun was had by all.



The Ryan Ober Band pic by Tim Lewis


During the set Nathan met and chatted with Star and we hung out close to the stage and rocked out as The Nancy Druids weaved their magical spell. Their melodic indie music rocked hard and sent shimmering vibes through the club. They opened with Sky and we were off and running. With some snow outside on an April night, December still seemed appropriate. Halo has a great bass riff from John Franklin, powerhouse drumming from Ann Mindell and Sean Toohey sent the solo into a feedback guided blissful universe. By Design was super catchy and The Space Between was gorgeous and a little extra fun considering the Facebook post I did earlier in the day that threaded the space between a secret and a lie. They pulled out the brand new song Icicles, I think that’s what it’s called, and it was pretty great. The stomp rock of Just Another Day kept us grooving and Might Have Been had a wicked guitar effect at the end. They closed the set with a song that may be called Who You are and it had more great Ann drumming and a colossal ending. The Druids always make me happy when they play.



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis


The set break was a little longer than the first one, but we hung out in the front as Canadian band GOLD CITY ASHES took the stage. They are an electric guitar/singer, bass, drums trio and had a classic rock sound. Nico had a great bounce to his drumming, Chris played a lot of leads with a slide and Lynn’s bass playing was just amazing. It was mesmerizing to watch her play. Chris was an engaging front man and was very welcoming and appreciative. His voice was nice and the songs rocked hard. The first couple had a nice stomp to them and the third song had a big bluesy feel. The next couple kept us rocking hard then they got into a jam with California Love, They tossed a little roll away the dew in the middle, then went back to the hard rock. Later in the set they played a heavy version of After The Gold Rush that made me smile. They wrapped the 15 song set with a rocker that had space for each member to do a short solo and ended with a blistering song called Big Brother which had an epic set up, a hard rocking middle and a Judas Priest ending.

We hung out and said Hi to the band then Star took off and I caught a ride home from Nathan. It was yet another wonderful night of music and was great to make some new friends.



Gold City Ashes pic by Tim Lewis

Radio Show 201 Thursday March 30, 2017 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids at Robot Dog Studio pic by Tim Lewis


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM 107.1FM will run from 9-11pm US Eastern Time and will go as follows.

Song before: Morrigan – Children in Paradise


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I’ve got lots of great new music to play tonight but let’s begin with one of Vermont’s absolute treasures.

1.) Scattered Birds – Aaron Flinn
2.) Faded Movie Reel – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter
3.) Wooden Heart – SWALE
4.) All Love – Kat Wright

That’s the next song from Kat’s album By My Side that I’m playing all the way through, song after song, week after week. That’s a brand new song from Swale from their upcoming album There’s No One Here. Wow, what a beautiful song, and what about those horns? The Jeremy song was from the interview and recording we did a few weeks back at Robot Dog Studio. Great song by Aaron, who is a great guy, a great singer, a great songwriter and a fantastic guitar player. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful person in our community. Speaking of wonderful people in our community, this next band have been playing around for a while but don’t have anything recorded. We met up last night with Ryan Cohen at Robot Dog Studio and recorded this interview and they played these four songs.

5.) Sky – The Nancy Druids
6.) Just Another Day – The Nancy Druids
7.) By Design – The Nancy Druids
8.) The Space Between – The Nancy Druids

I love the songs and the over the top guitar playing and can’t thank Ryan and the Druids enough for playing that. Also, I brought my brother Ken along and he had a great time watching it all happen. OK, let’s play some more rock and roll.

9.) East Jabib – REDadmiral
10.) Ain’t No Sunshine – Kiki’s Lost Nation
11.) Cascade – Andriana Chobot
12.) Loose Tooth – Clever Girls

Great new song from Clever. I love the huge sound of cascade. Kiki come out now and then to rock us hard, and it was cool to see Andriana play that song the other night. Great political rocker from Admiral. OK, let’s keep rocking.

13.) Give Love – 1881
14.) My Fear Of Losing You – Milton Busker
15.) Sorrow Of The Space Inside – Secret Heliotropes
16.) Every Last One Of Us – Swale

That song is so quiet and so loud and so gentle and so powerful and always blows me away when then play it live. I’m so happy I finally get to play it for you. That’s another cool song from Heliotropes album A Well Lit Room. Great song from Milton and same for 1881. OK, let’s keep rocking.

17.) Journals – Senders
18.) This Ain’t The Summer Of Love – The Contrarian
19.) Blind Pigs – ROUGH FRANCIS
20.) Burn – Dirty Blondes

I was listening to Pigs the other day and the imagery of burn and summer of love made me want to play those three together. Great song from Senders. OK, It’s my job to play local music but I just have to cheat now and then. There’s this french prog rock band called Children In Paradise who have been captivating me lately. The singer is about to release her solo album and is starting a crowdfunding campaign on April 1st. Since I play her music before and after my show all the time I thought I’d toss in one of her new songs.

21.) Who Are These Gods? – Dam Kat
22.) Be Like Ryan – The Mountain Says No
23.) Counting On A Ghost – Elephants of Scotland
24.) Freeway – David Rosane & The Zookeepers

David sometimes lives in Vermont and sometimes lives in France so I thought that would be a fun way to bookend that set. Great song from Elephants. It sounds like they have new cool music coming for us soon. If you are near Jeffersonfille on Saturday, go check out Mountain!! Also, feel free to be like Ryan. Great song from Kat. Bonne Chance. OK let’s keep rocking.

25.) Jackbooted Thugs (Get All The Best Drugs) – Anders Parker
26.) Vicarious – Alice Austin
27.) Teenage Mother Earth – The Red Telephone
28.) Time To Get Out – Aaron Flinn

Another great song from Aaron. Sean Toohey sings and plays guitar for The Nancy Druids and played in Telephone and played with Alice on that song. He and Ann Mindell used to play in Envy. Great song from Anders. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?

29.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit

Songs afte
3-D – Fish
Alone – Children In Paradise
The Revenge Of Vera Gemini – The Contrarian
Flood Of Sunshine – The Posies
The Funny Bird – Mercury Rev
Wake The Raven – Kimberly White Project
Bomb – Envy
King Of The Mountain (live) – Kate Bush
Alone In The Night – Andriana Chobot
Symmetry – jane siberry
Dying Stars – Slingshot Dakota
The Stars (Are Out Tonight) – David Bowie
When You Were Mine – The Church Band
What’s In California? – Joshua Glass Music
regular programming.


The Nancy Druids at The Monkey House February 7, 2017   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at The Monkey House. I met up with Mary Wolcott just about 9 and we hung out for a bit until The Nancy Druids hit the stage. They opened with the lovely refrain of The Sky Is All Around Me Now and the shimmering pop rock filled my soul. They followed with the steady stomp of Just An Ordinary Breakdown Day which has some lovely changes and such a nice flow to the song. Disappear has a great verse and chorus and towards the end they go into the title section and the word disappear floats happily. I did not know the name of the next one, since none are recorded yet but the lyric about life is wasted on the things you know is pretty cool. I’ve seen most of their shows but they surprised me with a brand new song that was pretty sweet. They kept rocking hard on The Space Between and Sean took off on an epic guitar workout at the end. At that point an unruly customer had to be escorted out by the bar staff so attention focused away from the band for a bit. They waited it out and as attention came back to them they played the song about January Looking For December. This brought the full attention of the audience back and the band pulled out a staggering version of The Sign. The next one was the song about the walk through the park and it was glorious. The bombastic Halo followed and featured another Sean guitar workout and killer drums from Ann Mindell. Bassist John Franklin, who’s Rickenbacker playing sounded perfect all night, introduced a story about waking up from a fevered dream to realize he was infatuated with ’80’s Olivia Newton-John. The band played a fun version of Xanadu that was more rehearsed than the impromptu version they played last time. They returned to their own songs for an amazing Remember Who You Are and Falling sounded wonderful too. They capped the night with Leonard Cohen’s Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye. There is something about the music of the Druids that works for me on almost every level and I feel very fortunate to be able to see them as often as I do.

After the show we chatted with Molly King and Lauren from Rapid Fire Magazine. Aside from the disturbance in the middle, it was another brilliant night of music.


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The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean January 18, 2017   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Wednesday at Radio Bean. I headed out the door about 9:45 and arrived at the club just before the 10pm showtime. The room was fairly empty but began to fill as The Nancy Druids lit into the set. Their sound begins with the rock solid drumming of Ann Mindell. John Franklin adds a harmonically pleasing bass line then Sean Toohey overlays some beautiful pop that gracefully flows from one section of the song to the next. His singing is warm and friendly and the songs shimmer with delight and rock you hard. They opened with The Sky Is All Around Me then rocked Just An Ordinary Breakdown Day super hard. They went off on a fun rock flight at the end of it. The song about January Looking For December sounded perfect and appropriate on a moderately cool evening. Sign had a nice bouncing bass line and Design sounded sweet. Since You Left me had a nice rock stomp then they filled the room with the shimmering The Space Between. Disappear is another gorgeous song and the one about the way things might have been is pretty great too. I missed the name of the park in the next song but the one after that, Halo, is one of my favorites. Ann has a killer drum part that adds power to the song and they ended it with another super over the top rip out the sky Sean guitar solo. They switched gears so Sean and John could express their appreciation for ’80’s Olivia Newton-John. Xanadu followed and was fun, if not actually rehearsed. Still, they made it sound like a Druids song, which was pretty cool. Falling was next and filled my heart with joy. The song about remembering who you are rocked hard, had another powerhouse drum part, and an epic over the top ending. They quieted it down a little for the closer, which was a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye.

I hung out and chatted for a bit but soon it was time for the lovely walk home. I feel so lucky to be able to take a 15 minute walk and hear music like this.



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis

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Swale at Light Club Lamp Shop and The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean May 20, 2016   Leave a comment

Swale at Light Club Lamp Shop May 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Swale at Light Club Lamp Shop May 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

I had a wonderful terrible time seeing music last night at Light Club Lamp Shop and Radio Bean. Swale were set to play 9-11 and the Nancy Druids were set to play from 10-11 so I knew I was doomed from the start. I love both bands so much. I knew a choice would have to be made. I knew I could not make a right choice and I knew I could not make a wrong choice. Oh, and there was lots of other music I’d love to have seen that night too. Sigh.

I got out of work at 7 and stopped home for dinner. I headed out around 8:30 and settled into Light Club Lamp Shop just before 9. I chatted with Lauren and Molly King about music for a bit then just before 9:30 SWALE hit the stage. The opened with a strong version of Soul Piggy Bank which filled my heart with joy. They took a moment to get settled then played the bouncy new song that I’ve been referring to as Loser. It has a delightful mix of sadness and cheeriness. They reached back to the beginning for a rocking version of Cancer then brought the full rock fury with Edible. They kept the intensity at full blast for Drug Laws, which is a new song that just keeps driving and driving. They kept the place rocking with Popular Crowd and rocked hard with Joyless. They eased up a bit with Beaten Down. The clock said 10pm but John Franklin, the bass player for the Druids chatted with me for a bit so I thought I could stay for a couple more and not miss the Druids. Swale kept things mellow for Old School, the brought the energy back up with a new song called Release Your Records. It’s a very cool song and features some excellent vocals from Eric Olsen. I was pushing the time limit so I headed out the door as the band launched into Jack Sharp. I’d love to have stayed, but will catch up with them again someday soon.

The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean May 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean May 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

I walked down two doors and entered Radio Bean. The Nancy Druids were on stage and ready to go. They launched into their set and filed my heart with their soaring melodies. John’s bass and Ann Mindell‘s pounding drums create a strong backbone as Sean Toohey lets the songs take beautiful twists and elegant turns. His vocals are cool and endearing and his guitar playing is over the moon. He puts a ton of effort into making his playing seem so effortless. All the songs have lovely melodies and when he launches into a solo he can electrify a room. Songs like Sky and Sign are really catchy and easy to sing. Ordinary Breakdown Day has a nice stomp to it. December is a beautiful fuzz pop indie rock song. Halo features some bombastic Mindell drumming. Space Between A Secret And A Lie works on an intellectual and emotional level. Falling is a great song that rocks hard. All of these song titles are approximate and all of the songs are really good and despite having to walk out on Swale (really, I actually did that?) I enjoyed every note from the Druids. They were going to wrap it up but the small yet excitable audience wanted more. They played the cover of I Am The Walrus and towards the end Sean grabbed a beer can to play some slide and ended the song by running the guitar over the mic stand in a perfectly controlled cacophonous ending. It was a stunning show, much like all of the Druids shows that I’ve seen.

The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean May 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis  2

The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean May 20, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis 2

I hung out and chatted for a bit after the show then took the short happy walk home. It was so hard to leave a band that I love but think I might possibly have made the right decision. Then again, with bands like Swale and the Nancy Druids, it’s impossible to go wrong.

Dom The Barber and The Nancy Druids at the Monkey House Monday March 20. 2016   Leave a comment

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Monday at the Monkey House. It was an early work day so I had plenty of time to get ready for the show. Christopher Larrow wanted to go so we headed out just before 8 and headed to Winooski.

We waited for a bit then Dom The Barber took the stage. He played some fun songs on the odd instrument that he created. He did some looping with that and his bass. He used a magic drum and keyboards and a theremin to bring his music to life. He has such an affable demeanor and some of his between song banter was genuinely hilarious. One song was dedicated to his father who’s birthday was coming up, and since Easter is coming up to, Dom dedicated the song to his father and Jesus. I think the one he played was the opening section from Jesus Christ Superstar, and if it was not the opener, it was one of the songs. He played a song about alien abduction and put on a really fun show. He’s the type of guy who can play some killer slide bass. Really. His set was not long but highly entertaining.

The set switch over was pretty quick and soon after his set The Nancy Druids hit the stage. I’ve been loving their songs and enjoyed the intimate show at the WRUV studio the Wednesday before. On the Monkey House stage with a pretty full audience and pretty great sound mixed through the system, they put on a fantastic show. The songs all have a bit of a quirky flow, but have great melodies and will leave you humming them for weeks. Sean played some blistering leads and used the amps to focus the reverberating feedback into devastating notes. The rhythm section of John and Ann Mindell were nicely locked in, and those beautiful songs appeared, were loved and slipped away. They played a good solid set and closed the night with I Am The Walrus. I feel luck to have seen them so many times and can’t wait until I get to see them again.

At some point Chis had wandered off. The walk home was lovely and lovely songs filled my head the whole way.

Dom The Barber video: