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Barbacoa at Foam Brewers November 24, 2017   Leave a comment


Barbacoa pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music the night after Thanksgiving at Foam Brewers. My cousin Michael Pearson was in town and wanted to go out and check out some music. We met up at the Brewery with his brother’s son Caleb Pearson and we chatted about life for a bit. Soon enough, the band took the stage and I headed to the front. Barbacoa usually play instrumental surf-rock songs so of course the opened with a countryish song that Bill Mullins sang. It was something about the whole wide world. For the second song they slipped on their usual musical style for a cool version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. They rocked hard on the next couple of songs with drummer Jeremy Frederick and bassist Kirk Flanagan completely locked in and Mullins guitar racing over the top. They mellowed out for a song with a spy vibe then unloaded a tremendous version of Paint It Black. It had the added amusement of being played on Black Friday. They played a crazy version of Delerium Tremelo then Bill sang a fun version of Country Roads. They went back to the instrumentals for songs like Green Olives, Hang Em High School and Medieval Knieval then closed the first set with a suite of classic surf songs that featured a nice Secret Agent Man part.

I went back to the table and chatted with my cousins for a bit then the band returned and I headed back to the front. They opened with a couple of fast rockers then slowed it down a bit. They played an amazing version of Strawberry Fields Forever and lots of lovely instrumentals. Late in the set they played songs like Venus In Spurs and You Only Live Twice. They wrapped up the set around 10 with another blistering rocker and fun was had by all.

After the set I hung out with the cousins for a bit more. We chatted for an hour or so then went on our ways. It was great to spend time with them and the presence of such a fantastic band like Barbacoa just made the night even more special.

Thanks to Luke Awtry Photography for the pics!






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Phil Yates & The Affiliates at Foam Brewers May 12, 2017   Leave a comment


Phil Yates & The Affiliates pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Friday at Foam Brewers. I began my birthday with my mother and brother at Little Red Kitchen at 10 and had a great breakfast. I ducked down the hill and was at work at 11. I usually just walk to shows but I knew the timing would be tight so I took the car. After working until 9:30 I drove straight to the waterfront and walked into Foam. Phil Yates & The Affiliates were on stage rocking out the new song Fixin’ To Die. I went to get a beer but Johnny Meli jumped in and bought it for me before I could pay. I moved to the front and let the day wash off me as Phil said Happy Birthday to me from the stage then the band jammed hard on Might As Well Settle. They kept the momentum at full blast for Little French Earthquakes and I was in heaven. Phil announced the next song would be the last one and Burn It Down, Bernadette rocked wonderfully.

I said a couple of hellos and goodbyes as I finished my beer then drove home. I had to be at work at 7:50am the next day so staying out late was not an option. In the grand scheme it wasn’t the greatest of birthdays but it was made infinitely nicer by all of the lovely Facebook posts, seeing a few great people and hearing four fantastic songs.


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The High Breaks at Foam Brewers April 15, 2017   Leave a comment


The High Breaks pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music at Foam Brewers on Friday night. I got out of work at 7, ate a little food and took the lovely walk to the waterfront. The sun was setting and lighting up Lake Champlain as I entered the room and got in the beer line.

The High Breaks jumped onto the stage, as if it was a three-man surf board, and rode a wave they call The Big One. Clad in gray suits and sunglasses, after the first song Matthew Bryan Hagen announced that they would be giving away many pairs of sunglasses between songs with the promise that we would all wear them, at least on the one featured song He reached into the box, grabbed a pair and simply held them out. We stepped forward one at a time and took a pair until that round was done. The band rocked out Woody and then handed out more glasses. They continued the theme of playing songs like Surf Train, Sink Or Swim, Banana Seat, Wet Suit Diver, and Dark And Stormy Seas and followed each with more hand outs. Matt told the usual fun stories between the songs. The surf rock music was expertly played with intense bass runs by Kevin Lynam, Matt’s super fluid guitar playing and the over the top madman drumming of Todd Gevry. They rode a Voodoo Wave and went through the swelling and receding of Ankle Breaker. They taught us how to do the Boardwalk Boogie and had us put on the glasses for Shifty. They ran that into a fun rocker and ended set one.

The set break was long enough to get another Halo Bender and chat with a couple of people. The band came back and played a couple of cool songs then acted like Hot Dogs. They pulled out a little Surf Sabbath on Hole In The Sky then took us to the Salty Shore. We all Dropped In and found ourselves going on a Whirlpool Ride. Surviving that treacherous journey we sat back on the beach and enjoyed the Coconut Breeze. The next song was fun and followed by A Walk On Ballard Beach. They ventured into a new territory for the next couple then mashed Penetration and Sweet Leaf together. We took a ride on the Sea Chopper and they capped the night with a shot of Tequila.

The band are very intense and fun at the same time. I basked in the afterglow for a moment or two, said a couple of quick goodbyes then took the long uphill walk home.





The High Breaks pic by Tim Lewis

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Barbacoa and Sad Turtle at Foam Brewer September 30, 2016   Leave a comment

Barbacoa at Foam Brewers September 30 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Barbacoa at Foam Brewers September 30 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music recently at Foam Brewers. There were a ton of great shows in town that night, but my cousin Michael Pearson was in town and wanted to hang out and see some music. I thought the show at Foam would be a cool place where we could still chat a little without me being completely absorbed in the show. We arrived around 8 and a short while later Barbacoa hit the stage. They rocked hard with their super fun surf noir instrumentals. Bobby Hackney Jr. was super solid on drums, Kirk Flanagan ripped it up on bass and Bill Mullins is super cool and calmly explosive on guitar. The played a bunch of originals and tossed in covers like Paint It Black, and maybe the theme to You Only Live Twice. They ended the hour long set with the jam that started as Misirlou then went into Secret Agent Man and the Spiderman theme and ended somewhere else. They are such a great band.

The set break was not quick, but was not too bad, then Sad Turtle took the stage to release their Ruthless and Toothless album. They played the album all the way through in order. They are an instrumental band also and play structured music with a jazzy and electronic sound. They sounded great and I especially loved Jeremy Gartner‘s drumming. We could not stay late since Mike had to drive back to Maine the next day but it was cool to hang out and catch a few of their songs.



Sad Turtle at Foam Brewers September 30 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Sad Turtle at Foam Brewers September 30 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

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Happy Abandon and Invisible Homes at Foam Brewers August 19, 2016   Leave a comment

Happy Abandon at Foam Brewers August 19 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Happy Abandon at Foam Brewers August 19 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at Foam Brewers. It was a lovely evening to walk down to Burlington’s waterfront and I had not been to the brewery bar yet. The sun was almost ready to set as I made my way past the outdoor seating and walked in the door. The stage was directly to the left and I immediately ran into Sean Witters and Shawn Connolly and chatted a little about their performance on my radio show on WBKM the night before. I got a beer from the bar, said a quick hello to Justin Ellis and soon enough it was time for his band to play.

Happy Abandon are a four-piece from Chapel Hill North Carolina and are about a third of the way into their current tour. With a singer/whistler/electric guitar player, a keyboard player/backup singer, Justin playing bass and singing backup and a drummer, they played an hour full of beautiful hard rocking songs. As they were tuning up something about the sound reminded me of Nous Sommes Du Soleil. The sound turned a little shoegaze as the song began then it added in some jangle guitar then it just rocked hard. I was in heaven from the first note. The second song started a little jazzy but rocked hard in the middle. This set the pace for the night. Each song used a various style of music then was placed into a pop context and rocked hard. The bar was mostly full of beer aficionados but the band caught the attention of several people. The third song had a little jazz feel, and with very little guitar leads, the electric piano sounding keys lead the song. After a bit it turned into an epic rock jam too. I couldn’t tell if the fourth song was really long or it was just played into the fifth, but it started by sounding like a lullaby, went into a nice hard rocking section, then went back to the lullaby. It drifted for a moment then ascended into a huge over the top epic. I think that was the point where I wished I had pushed all of my friends to see the show. So many of them would have loved it. They played a few more songs, all of them good and ended the night with Heavy Lines, the title song of their EP. I am so thrilled that I was able to hear them play.

It took a little time for Invisible Homes to get set up on the small stage but soon enough they began with the gorgeous Little Song. Sean sang and played electric guitar and keys, Shawn played electric guitar and sang, Patrick Ormiston played bass and some keys and effects, Simon Plumpton masterfully played the drums and Deva Racusin filled out the sound with bongos, various other percussion instruments, sax, and his strong voice. The sound is art rock and pop and whatever else they can weave into the mix. Early in the set they played a song I’m beginning to love called Pale Rage and followed it by the soaring Above The Frequency. They jammed out the title song from their first album, Song For My Double then turned a little Crimson for All Your Basis. Shawn’s guitar work had a lot of discipline. The next song was a Floydy prog song and they followed it with a Caroline Rose song. The newly recorded Company She Keeps followed and had a smooth rock sound and ended with a wicked Sean guitar solo. The next song was a new one about turning into animals and serving our robot overlords who have come to destroy. It ended with an instrumental breakdown that flowed into a rocking version of This Machine. They closed the night with Sean singing a great Tom Waits impression on Tango Till They’re Sore.

After they wrapped up I said a couple of quick goodbyes then took the long walk home, blissfully happy with all that I got to hear.


Invisible Homes at Foam Brewers August 19 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Invisible Homes at Foam Brewers August 19 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


Invisible Homes at Foam Brewers August 19 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Invisible Homes at Foam Brewers August 19 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

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