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Father Figuer at Radio Bean April 9, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a few Monday’s ago at Radio Bean. It was one of those nights where I got out of work, had time to grab a bite to eat, then took the walk down to see the show.

I had heard good things about Father Figuer and wanted to check them out. I got in settled and showtime was upon us. They lit into the first song with a stark solo guitar that slid into a moody dirge before it began to rock. They built it up for a bit, then eased off for a bit, then built it into a nice rock freakout. As it played through, it eased off into a quiet ending. I was hooked. The rest of the set stayed in that wonderful heavy zone. The second song was slow and sludgy. The third was mellow and ended with a lush haze. The packed room was pleased as they alternated between slow and medium paced rock songs with occasional over the top guitar work. They closed the set with a nice rocker that had a rip out the sky solo towards the end.

I didn’t stay long after they finished, and took the lovely walk home. It’s so great to know that there are new bands starting up in our town all the time. I cant wait to see where they go from here.


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The Mountain Carol at Radio Bean March 9, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a week ago Friday at Radio Bean. I had been running errand after errand after errand and was a bit worn out and called out of work. I got in a nice visit with mom and caught a long later afternoon early/evening nap. I woke up a little fuzzy, got myself out the door and took the lovely walk down to the 10pm show. I had been studying some of The Mountain Carol‘s music and smiled as they began with their namesake song. It flowed into something else and I was lost in the usual dreamy trance they create. The third song was something about how I’ve got to know you and I was in a happy place. They played a great version of Shadow Puppets and the usual stranger began stalking the room. A new song had a bit of an upbeat big band sound, while still in the confines of the dreamy whispy elegant music they purvey. I’m not sure if it was Essex Fair or Essex Ferry but it was cool. They kept the room filled with their gorgeous sound on a song I did not catch anything about, and one in which their intentions were pure. They played a fun version of Dino, played another cool one that I will have to learn soon and wrapped the night with The Never Ending.

I wordlessly said hello to Bruce, the singer/keyboard player, then slipped out the door and into the lovely walk home. Their music fills my heart and the show left me smiling for days.



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Ouzkxqlzn at Radio Bean February 26, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Mondays ago at Radio Bean, even if it did not as expected. It was one of those nicely lined up shows where I wanted to see one band at the Bean at 8:30 and one at 10 at the Lamp Shop. It was a lovely walk down and I got in and settled and Ouzkxqlzn began to play. She used tons of prerecorded sounds and storytellers, then played various instruments over them. She used a wrench on the guitar, metal on the ridges of a bowl, a violin, a cello and occasionally her voice. The substance of the show was the concept of running for election as a third party candidate. I listened intently to the narrative as the sound wrapped me in a cocoon. The experience came to a close with appropriate words from Bernie Sanders.

I hung out for a bit then headed over to the Lamp Shop for night four of the Maryse Smith residency but learned that she caught that cold that was going around and had to cancel. Oh well. I’m so glad that I was there for the previous three weeks and was so glad to have seen Lauren play. The walk home was quick and as lovely as the walk down.



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Hana Zara and Cricket Blue at Radio Bean February 11, 2018   Leave a comment


Cricket Blue pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Sundays ago at Radio Bean. It was one of those shows where I was super-excited to see the headliner return to town and knew the opening band would be amazing too.

Mike Luoma and I took the lovely walk to the Bean and arrived a little early to be sure we could get in and find a place to listen. Cricket Blue opened the show with their somewhat haunting gorgeous powerful music. They opened with a new song about driving away, then told the familiar tale of the Milkman. Eleanor sounded especially sweet as did Oh My Rose. Taylor Smith played a solo song about seasons and stars then Laura Heaberlin played a solo song about her favorite pair of scissors escaping a fire undamaged. They reunited into the band and closed with a song that may have been about pillows and house plants disappearing. Cricket have a lovely magic about their music and were amazing as always that night.

By the time Hana Zara took the stage several chairs were set up on the floor and the room was filled and it looked like a mini-theater. She opened with the gorgeous Cats then played The Toy. I missed the name of the next song but it was about little fires and the road coming back to meet you. Someone from the audience asked if she would play Womb Of Amanda and she acquiesced . The lines about mothers and brothers brought quiet tears to my eyes. All of her lyrics take you on a journey and her guitar playing invokes a sacred space. The lines about remember me right and remember me true from the song Snow spoke nicely of how far away she lives and how memory can keep us intertwined. She celebrated with Hooray Hoorah then invoked the new album title in Hartford. She said that was the end of the songs she prepared for the set and asked for requests. Science Fiction was the first one and the story magically filled the room. She played a song in Spanish then dropped it into Santa Anna, which is one of my favorite songs about auras. She closed the night with Murcia and left us elated.

It’s always a special time when Hana plays and it was so wonderful to be in her lovely presence.




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Happy Spangler and The Nancy Druids at The Monkey House and Julia Caesar and Clever Girls at Radio Bean January 27, 2018   Leave a comment


Happy Spangler pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music on Saturday January 27th. It was one of those days where there were six or ten great shows in town and decisions had to be made.

I got out of work and hung out for a bit then took the long walk to Winooski. I got in and settled at The Monkey House and realized that the first band on was one that I knew nothing about and really wanted to see. Happy Spangler took the stage for their debut show. With Barbara Richmond on bass, Kirk Flanagan on guitar and vocals and Michael Bradshaw on drums and backing vocals, they had a pop punk sound that brought me back through the history of Burlington’s music scene while firmly planting me in 2018. Kirk was a great front man and introduced most of the songs and they opened with one called Dave Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. They played a song about bringing you flowers when you wanted drugs. They played a song called Baby Please and one about breaking the night. They played the brand newest of the new songs called Never Let Me Go then played another love song. They sang about a sweet bit of honey and told the true story of having never seen it coming. They played a fun song called Hawks and closed the set with Elvis Costello’s Waiting for the end of the world. It was a great beginning and I can’t wait to see them again.

Up next The Nancy Druids began playing their gorgeous rock and roll music. They opened with the Sky all around them then brought us back to December. They played a powerhouse version of By Design and followed with the newish song Salvation. Just another day had that heavy rock stomp and Halo featured Ann Mindell‘s explosive drumming. They played a cool new song called Bitter Days (?) then took us on a walk through Vondle Park (?). I Can’t Remember Who You Were was epic and Sean went way off on The Space Between to close the night. They are an amazing band.



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis

There was one more band at the Monkey House but I decided to try and make it to a second show. I walked back into Burlington and waited in line for a bit at Radio Bean. I had heard a lot about, but had never seen, Julia Caesar. I was still outside when they began but I could hear reasonably well and my first thought was Zola Turn. Their songs had nice melodies and rocked hard. I made it inside after a couple of songs and found a place to enjoy the rest of the show. The songs had a great strength to them and I reveled in their power. They played a song about the ground and a new one about a holy ghost. They played a song about being down below the ground and closed with one about hearing me now. I definitely need to see them again and get to know their music. They are amazing.



Julia Caesar pic by Tim Lewis

Up next Clever Girls took the stage and kept it rocking. They opened with Tell Me No then shouted out the 1 2 3 4 intro to Loose Tooth. They played a new song I did not know but really liked then played an intense version of 45. They played more songs from their upcoming album such as Catch And Release and Loom. They closed the set with a heavy rocker that always gets me going. They are such a great band. I can’t wait for a new album so I can get to know their songs even better.

I didn’t hang out too long but did chat with a couple of cool people. The walk home was short and easy and I was in a blissfully happy place.



Clever Girls pic by Tim Lewis


Ouzkxqlzn at Radio Bean January 8, 2018   Leave a comment


I had a great time being encapsulated in sound and stories last night at Radio Bean. I’d been meaning to catch up with Lauren Costello‘s solo project Ouzkxqlzn for a while and the timing was perfect for the show, though it was David Bowie’s birthday so she created an experience for us to celebrate. She spent the night alternating between guitar and cello and used a large variety of pedals to create loops and trigger recordings of people speaking about the man and some of Bowie himself. The show began with a gentle swirling sound and a man’s voice came on and spoke about how bold David was and how he empowered people to know that it was OK to be weird and freaky and to be themselves and to let that out into the world. It segued into a story from a woman who was a hairdresser and who had a client who was proud of her son who was in a band. As the story progressed she realized that Mrs Jones son was David Bowie and the hairdresser had heard Major Tom on the radio and thought he was a folk act. She eventually saw the Spiders and realized it was something more. Mrs Jones had the hairdresser do David’s hair for a show then she got asked to go on the road with the band and did everyone’ hair except for Mick Ronson who didn’t want to look like Bowie. She later married Mick. It was riveting. Lauren dropped in a clip of Bowie saying this is the last show we’ll ever do from the last Ziggy show then shifted into a completely deconstructed Ashes To Ashes. She made it sound very different and completely great. A recording of Bowie doing The Man Who sold The World followed for a while then shifted into an interview with David. This flowed for a while then Lauren played a gentle version of Modern Love. She moved back to the ambient sound and used a wrench on the guitar strings to evoke lovely sounds as Bowie confessed to many fun things on Sea Friends (?). It was really fun then slid into an interview where Bowie sang Conan O’Brien’s song about what a good host Conan was. It was quite amusing. This segued into a person speaking about David’s passing and not being sad because he could go home and listen to Heroes 10 times in a row anytime he wanted. Bowie’s song Heroes began to play and Lauren said goodnight.

I hung out until the last note of Heroes finished and took the lovely walk home in awe of the sheer talent that people in out town let loose into the world.



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Andriana Chobot and Ivamae at Radio Bean December 29, 2017   Leave a comment


Andriana Chobot pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music on Friday at Radio Bean. It had been a long week and I was hoping for a quiet night since I had to work early on Saturday. My Facebook feed showed no shows that I was invited to but something was nagging somewhere. I went to Radio Bean’s site and looked at the calendar and there it was.

I got bundled up and took the lovely walk downtown. I got in and settled in time for the 8:30 show Andriana Chobot sometimes plays with a band and sometimes plays solo but either way her songs are amazing and she plays them so well. She was solo that night and opened by just singing and tapping out a beat on the microphone. It was a cool song about the day that I die that somehow made me smile happily. She fired up the keyboard for a song about going in for the kill and going in for the kiss and we were off. She sang about saying what love is and played a bouncy and appropriate song called Stay Warm. My Old House has a riff that has been stuck in my head every day since the show. Not I is just a gorgeous piece of music. She sang a song about driving your daddy’s T-Bird and spending the night on a hill overlooking the city. Dig Him rocked nicely then she sang that there is nowhere to go but here. She took a quick break then came back with a lovely version of Another Day. She played a song about a heart beating then jammed a bit on Neon. She closed the night with a gentle Cascade and my heart was just filled. Her songs and playing are so great that I always want to be in the room when she is on.

Of course, when I checked outt the Radio Bean calendar earlier I looked to see who was on after. Wow. I hung out for the long set break and chatted with Andriana for a while then Ivamae took the stage with her lovely voice and electric guitar. Usually, I get lucky when I see her as the audience gets quiet when she plays but at 10:30 on a Friday there were people who were chatting in the audience. She turned up the guitar a bit and nicely made her way through the din. She opened with a cover of a song called Plastic and alternated covers and originals throughout the show. She played a song about seeing sunshine and rain. She played a song that will have a video soon called Reality Of It All. She sang a song called Tender Me and one about how every day feels like a holiday. She tossed in another cool cover then played Mama and Homecoming. She played a song called Sober, one called Alone then played a Feist cover. Just Like A Star sounded nice as did Just The Two of Us. She played a song called Nope and closed the 15 song set with a song about how you shall be fine.

I headed out pretty quickly and took the lovely walk home. It was a lot of effort to get out the door but I was heavily rewarded for it.



Ivamae pic by Tim Lewis

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