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The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean November 8, 2017   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Wednesday at Radio Bean. I arrived a few minutes before the 10pm show and hung out and chatted a bit. It was not a long wait then the The Nancy Druids hit the stage with a shimmering rock haze. They settled in and rocked out a cool version of Sky. It was one of the first chilly evenings of the fall so December had a perfect feel and sounded so great. They rocked hard on Halo and Ann Mindell hammered out that massive drum part. They sang about the way things might have been then sang a luscious bucolic song about walking through a park and feeling fine. They played a brilliant version of By Design then rocked out the new song Salvation. Just Another Day had a nice stomp and some wicked feedback drenched lead guitar work. Sign had a nice bounce to it and was so catchy I found myself singing it for the the next day or two. They played another new song with a shimmering guitar over a rhythmic stomp and may have been about a bitter taste. Falling just made my heart soar then I Can’t Remember Who You Were rocked hard. Since You Left Me has a pleasant pop feel with plenty of rock muscle then they lit up the room with The Space Between. They had made a casual reference, earlier in the evening, to a well know rock song, but I thought they were just kidding. They brought up a guy named Lucas to sing a couple and as the band started the slow intro I realized that they were really going to do Sweet Emotion. They made it sound great as Sean, John, and Lucas surrounded the mic to sing the title part. They followed with Blitzkrieg Bop and it was great. I thought that was the end and Lucas left the stage but the Druids stayed for one more and played a cool version of The Ghost In You.

I said a couple of quick goodbyes, then took the cold and happy walk home. It’s so great to be able to walk such a short distance and see such great music.





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Ruckzuck at Robot Dog Studio, Miami Summer Culture, Ruckzuck , and Plastique Mammals at The Monkey Hose and Ruckzuck at Radio Bean October 22, 2017   Leave a comment


Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a week ago Sunday at Robot Dog Studio and The Monkey House and at Radio Bean. The last time Ruckzuck were in town, in May, I went to Nectar’s to check them out. They were really good so I stopped in at Radio Bean and saw them for a second time that day. That show blew me away too. The next day they were playing at The Monkey House so I asked Nathan Curtis if he wanted to go and we were both amazed.

Last Sunday they were set to play an early show at The Monkey House and a later show at the Bean. I had to work until 5 and not until 12:30 on Monday so it looked pretty promising that I could see them twice in one day again. The band checked in about doing a Robot Dog session. It turned out that Ryan Cohen had a last minute cancellation so we set it all up. After all, why stop at two if you can go to three.

I got out a little early on Sunday and headed to the studio. The band were in and set up and beginning soundcheck. It was cool to hang out and chat and even cooler when the tape started rolling and the band began to play. We chatted about evolution and gardens and fonts and things like that. They played wonderful super-heavy psychedelic rock songs like I Ruined The Moon and Alan’s Garden. Future Shock just kept rising and had me enthralled and I had to force myself out of speechlessness since i still had one more interview segment with them. They wrapped the set with Miss Candy and started the remarkably efficient tear down process so they could head to Winooski.



Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis


Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis

I drove home and parked the car and checked in with Nathan. He was good to go so we headed to Winooski and settled into The Monkey House. The show began with a gentleman sitting and playing guitar and loops. Miami Summer Culture played nicely layered instrumental indie pop. The first few sounded nice but the fourth one had a vocal track from the first moon landing and was really cool. The music had a spacey vibe and I was in a happy place. He played one more and wrapped up the set.



Miami Summer Culture pic by Tim Lewis

Ruckzuck were up next and just let loose. I should have studied their music more, so I’m not certain what they started with, but it was huge and trippy and wonderful. They veered a little more pop with Miss Candy and the next lovely song which had a dropped from the sky ripping ending. They pulled out a fun cover of Come And Get Your Love and everyone enjoyed the groove. From there things just took off and they closed with a long over the top amazing version of Oh You, You’re You and I was in heaven.



Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis

Up next Plastique Mammals took the stage and rocked out. They are a duo with bass/keys/loops and a drummer. The songs were indie prog instrumentals and were pretty cool. They rocked out six songs that had a nice flow and created a happy space. The closer had a huge prog rock end and I was pleased.



Plastique Mammals pic by Tim Lewis

Ruckzuck had loaded out their gear but were still there so Nate and I chatted with them for a bit then we headed out. It was getting late and close to the midnight show at the Bean so Nate was nice enough to give me a ride downtown, though as it turned out I would have had plenty of time to walk. He skipped the later show since he had to work earlier in the morning.

I got in and settled and said hi to my new best friends as they got everything set. At this point I was quite tired and just fell into the flow of the music. My notes are about as blurry as I felt and the first three songs just flowed with power and beauty. I’m not sure how it’s possible but I think that third show was the best of the day and certainly the longest. Extended versions of Alan’s Garden and Future Shock were incredible beyond words. They played for an hour or so and wrapped up around 1:30. I felt completely lost in the music for every note and was in complete bliss.

After they wrapped up, I said a quick goodbye then took the short and lovely walk home. What an amazing day!



Ruckzuck pic by Tim Lewis

The Mountain Carol at Radio Bean October 9, 2017   Leave a comment


The Mountain Carol pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a week ago Monday at Radio Bean. I worked until 6:30 and had plenty of time to hang out at home. I was feeling pretty awake and a little restless so around 10:15 I headed out and took the lovely walk downtown.

I got in and settled a little after the 10:30 start time and The Mountain Carol were on stage playing drifty breezey music. They have an indie pop psychedelic kind of sound that was very pleasant to be in the presence of. They sang a song about finding a cure with intentions that are pure. They played a song about slipping and sliding and the guitar player used a shot glass to play some slide. Some of the songs went through cool changes in a prog rock sort of way. Some of the songs veered towards pop, such as the one about not dancing with you. The eight songs that I caught were really cool including The Never Ending Part 2 which finished the set. I really liked them and want to check them out again in the near future


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Rosedale, Mr Doubtfire, and Grand at Radio Bean September 10, 2017   Leave a comment


Rosedale pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Sunday. I had seen a ton of music for the previous three nights and had a trip to Canada planned for Monday early morning so going out to see a show on Sunday night at 10 seemed a very silly thing to do.

I gout out of work at 2 and had the day to hang out. Around 9:30 I got myself moving and walked into Radio Bean around 10. I knew two of the bands and knew nothing about the third but assumed they would sound similar. I was a bit surprised to just see a keyboard and an acoustic guitar on the stage. After a few moments ROSEDALE sat at the keys and began to sing and play. He usually has a bit more of a monster sound system but that night he played it casual and let his voice and songs shine. His music had a nice structure and created a lovely space as he alternated between the keys and guitar. He began with a song about feeling unpersuasive then told us how he missed MySpace and CD’s and played a song called Written By The Artist. He played a song about loving music called My First Show that featured lyrics that painted portraits of a young band getting out and playing. He played a song about Branson Ontario called El Dorado Park. He tuned down one string to play a song to his father and made a dropping the D reference, you know the dad word. He played a nice cover that I did not know that went I’ll follow you into the dark. He enchanted us with a nostalgic song with bright imagery about being A Kid Again. He closed the set with a song about never giving up called What We Started. The show was nothing like I expected it would be and was just wonderful.



Rosedale pic by Tim Lewis

Up next the two singer/electric guitars, bass, drums attack of Mr. Doubtfire met my expectations for how the night would sound with their indie/punk rock. They began with a song about running away and then Cho-Cho-Chose us. The music was loud and the energy was high and I was blissfully happy. They rocked out Blank Daze with is essentially the title song from the Marionette EP. They played a cool new song. They played There’s A Problem. They closed the set with something about Virginia and left me delighted.



Mr Doubtfire pic by Tim Lewis

The set break was pretty reasonable then Grand kept the rock fury going. The singer/electric guitar, bass, drums trio play super catchy indie punk and rock hard. They said that Radio Bean was their arena tonight. The first song was a gift to us with a Queen vibe and went something like we’re that band, we are grand. They asked us if we wanted Good Times then rocked us Another Day Closer To Nothing. They sang about putting you down and coming around then played a song about how in Vermont Everybody Wants To Get You High. They played a song about the road and one about keeping me in line. They slowly began a song about his feelings that built into a huge rock song that was so good that I Just Couldn’t Say. Aaron Carr was a bit stressed as he had relatives in Florida in the path of the hurricane as the show was going on which added an edge to the song about God help you now get out of the way. They played a song about not feeling anything and closed the night with a song about going down.

It was about 1 when they wrapped up so I said a quick goodbye then took the short walk home. There was not a lot of sleep before the 6am alarm but it was still so worth it.


Grand pic by Tim Lewis


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David Rosane & The Zookeepers at Radio Bean July 30, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Sunday at Radio Bean. The band were set to go on at 10 and I made the strategically silly decision to watch Game of Thrones first then head down. I had a pretty good pace going and walked in the door about 10:20pm and David Rosane & The Zookeepers were on stage playing Going Home. I got a drink and settled in as they rocked out Urban Country. They sang Tally on tally ho on Hope In The Dark then played a song about stardust. With David Rosane‘s insightful vocals and driving acoustic guitar, and Jennifer Grossi lovely voice, percussion and keys, and Don’s electric guitar the sound was somehow very full and rich and I was in a very happy place. They played a lovely version of Paris Is For Love and the ending soared into a rocked out jam. They played a song about the Real World and their life in the west. They played a country gospel song about being able to rest your head. I was about to get a drink when they looked at me and said don’t move. I saw them a week and a half ago at American Flatbread and went in to get another drink on Break A Leg and missed most of the song. The timing was fun and I sat and listened to them rock that song out, even though going to the bar at the Bean only means moving a few feet, not going into a different building. After the song I went to the bar as they played an almost optimistic song about being on the sunny side of things. They sang a song that said to follow you don’t follow me and the next one was about fighting for your right to be different or the same or whatever you perceive to be reasonable. They asked us to tell the little children what they have done then told us how every day is a beautiful day and every day is judgement day. They sang a song about pebbles, rocks and heavy metal and asked if we ever got along. They closed the set singing today is the future and today is fine and today is mine. The small but mighty audience asked for an encore so they sang a song about peace on earth and taking me skyward.

I hung out and chatted with them for a little bit then took the short and lovely walk home. I should have gotten there earlier but I loved every moment that I caught.

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a.m. rejoice at Radio Bean July 1, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Saturday at Radio Bean. I’ve loved Joe Adler‘s music for ages and had heard that he is now playing in a duo with Marcie Hernandez Music. I had not caught up with them even though they had played around a lot so it was nice to see the show at the Bean. They call themselves a.m. rejoice and both sing and play guitar and Joe adds in a variety of percussion instruments. Marcie sings some songs in English and some in Spanish and some in both. They opened with a Marcie song that had a happy salsa feel. Joe’s Spit N Fire Blues followed and was really cool. A Marcie song called Quiet was fantastic with a nice build to it. It made me want to hear a full band version of the song. Another Marcie song mixed the languages then they played a Joe song called On The Rocks. Since it was the first of July, Marcie’s song Independence Day was quite appropriate. They found a nice groove on Joe’s Relax then Marcie rearranged a classic Mexican song. They followed with one about how fragile life can be then covered Radiohead’s Sulk. They played another Marcie song that really made me want to get to know her music. Joe’s song Little Bird was sweet then they closed the set with a Spanish Marcie song.

I really liked the way they play together and the way their voices work together and need to see them play more often.



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Forest Gray at Radio Bean June 18, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a week ago Sunday at Radio Bean. I had to work until 5:30 and the show was set to start at 6 so the timing was perfect. I did a quick turnaround at home and took the lovely walk downtown. I got in and settled just as Forest Gray got up to play. He is a solo artist and plays some songs on guitar and some on keys with lots of loops. His music is low-fi indie with elements of hip hop. On the surface he seems a bit odd and quirky but as you listen it’s easy to appreciate the structure of the songs and his endearing voice. It was a complete pleasure to stand there and let the songs, and the cool breeze coming through the doors, wash over me. He began on keys the switched to guitar for the second song. He stayed on guitar for the next one and asked what did you forget. The fourth song was on keys and was a nicely dramatic song about what the green alien lady said. After that he played a song that said I need someone to help me with myself then he opined Lord, I’ve got something to say but I have a feeling that you’re not listening. He followed with a song on guitar about having fun with his life then went into a song about praying for your funeral. He played another on keys then Andy Lugo came up and played a swinging electric guitar while Forest sang Heart Attack. Andy left then Forest closed the show with a song that asked how do I love you, let me count the ways.

It was the second time that I had seen him play and have enjoyed both shows. I’d go back anytime. I hung out for a bit then chatted with Forest Gray and Valkirie Sami for a bit, then took the lovely warm sunny walk home.





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