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Radio Show 315 Thursday August 1, 2019 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



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Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm Eastern time Thursday August 1st. You can stream it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Lined up before

Cellars – decker.
Navigate – Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms – KMGA
Today Is Mine – David Rosane & The Zookeepers

Song before: New York Groove – Ace Frehley

A Day In The Life Of James Bond – Josh Bridgman


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I’m sorry that last week’s show ran into technical difficulties, so let’s try it again. Let’s begin with a great singer who played at Deli/126 last night. .

1.) What The World Looks Like – Sabrina Comellas
2.) Round And Round – Native Harrow
3.) Don’t Leave It In Our Hands – The Essex Green
4.) Lightning Ocean – Matthew Mercury
5.) Paranoid – Surf Sabbath (The High Breaks)

I was lucky enough to represent WBKM at ArtsRiot last week as Ben & Jerry’s showed off their expanded line of plant based frozen desserts. They were really good and don’t miss the dairy. The Breaks played a couple of cool sets and fun was had by all. Last week, I finished playing the Cricket Blue album all the way through. Tonight we begin a journey through the debut album of Matthew Mercury. I’ll work my way through the whole album in the coming weeks. That’s a great song from Essex. I caught Harrow at Nectar’s on Saturday before the Blondes. I was delighted by their show and wanted to play some of their music. That’s a lovely song from Sabrina. OK, let’s head on over to Robot Dog Studio for the shredded voices version of the Dirty Blondes.

Warning, there may be some naughty language.

6.) Slut – Dirty Blondes
7.) King Pao – Dirty Blondes
8.) James Bond – Dirty Blondes
9.) Crybaby – Dirty Blondes.

That was fun, if a little rough. We may have to have them in again some night when their voices are intact. Thanks Sam Markk for doing the recording and Ryan Cohen for making it sound as good as possible. OK, let’s keep rocking.

10.) Skybot->Paydirt – Blowtorch
11.) Warmaker – Green Chapel
12.) Humble Pie – Smokestack Lightning
13.) Golden Cadillac – Happy Spangler

Spangler rocked Switchback Brewing Company last weekend Those are fun rockers from Lightning, Green, and Blowtorch. OK, this next artist played last week at Vermont Pub & Brewery of Burlington.

14.) Drivin’ All Alone – Danny & The Parts
15.) The Mime – Joe Adler
16.) Small Town Movie – The Cush
17.) Road Trip – Jesse Taylor Band

That’s such a fun song by Jesse about traveling around. She was at Radio Bean last Saturday. The Cush traveled from Texas to live with us for a while then traveled back. The Mime is about traveling around the Mississippi and driving is a great way to travel. OK, it’s the time of year when Girls Rock Vermont teaches campers about the music industry and how to get on stage and play. Here is a song by one of the many people who make that happen every year.

18.) Tell Me – Linda Bassick
19.) Manhattan – Bethany Conner Music
20.) Ace Of Spades – Jason Baker
21.) Baby – Francesca Blanchard
22.) Super Powers – The Dead Shakers

That’s such a dreamy song about our power. Thanks Francesca for that lovely new song and cool video. Jason played at Radio Bean tonight. Bethany was in St Albans and Exxex last weekend. That’s such a great song from Linda. Last Saturday folks Rambled around the Old North End of Burlington. It culminated in a cool rock show. The Shakers were there. So were these next four bands.

23.) Hands – J Bengoy
24.) Fantasma – Mal Maïz
25.) Captain 20 – Barbacoa
26.) Falter – Julia Caesar
27.) Californ-i-a – Ryan Ober and The Romans
28.) London – Tom Pearo

I caught a few songs from Tom and his band last week at Light Club Lamp Shop I caught a few songs from Ryan at Radio Bean right before that. With all four of those other bands, the Ramble round up was great. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after
3D – Fish
Sharks – The Tragically Hip
Toronto #4 – The Tragically Hip
Take Off – Bob And Doug McKenzie
Lakeside Park->Anthem – Rush
Running Hard – Renaissance
Cascade – Andriana Chobot
Son Of A Preacher Man – Joan Osborne
Empire Of The Clouds – Iron Maiden
Science Fiction Double Feature – Joan Jett
The Dog Is the King Of The Losers – Bee Bee Sea
Give It Up To The Night – Bad Smell
Jigsaw – Marillion
Dormant Magic – Jason Baker
The Surprising – Deep Purple
Heavy – Clever Girls
regular awesome programming.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the photos of the Blondes








Sad Turtle, Zeus Springsteen, and Black Rabbit at The Monkey House December 30, 2017   Leave a comment


Sad Turtle pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music a week ago Saturday at The Monkey House. I was hanging out with Mike Luoma and we both wanted to go so we bundled up and took the long walk to Winooski. We arrived just in time to settle in a bit then Sad Turtle hit the stage with a huge rock sound. I’m usually good about knowing the songs or picking out part of the lyric and figuring it out but Turtle play all instrumentals so I just went with it and rocked hard. The songs find fun grooves that you can loose yourself in and suddenly something subtle changes and it feels like you get lost, then the whole song moves into it’s next section. It’s a cool thing to experience. They played a bunch of their album Ruthless And Toothless but did play a new song called Nautical By Nature which was really fun. Singer and Keyboard played Mike Fried announced some of the song titles so they definitely played Giddyup! and The Marbled Rye. Another new song called The Aquatic Sounds of ZuZu Crew (?) was especially great. They closed the set with Detective Norman and the crowd was having a wonderful time.



Zeus Springsteen pic by Luke Awtry Photography

Up next, it was time for Zeus Springsteen to release their new album and rock us hard. They started with a full rich indie-prog vibe and sounded great for most of the night. They said the first song, the old Lobot song Lights Of Montreal, was a soundcheck but it sounded perfect all the way through. They continued on with I’ll Find You Dindone Fontaine then hit us hard with Signal Loss. Rental was amazing then they pulled out a really old song called LL Landlord (?). The next song had a huge epic 5 years of Bowie kind of sound and I loved every moment of it. Car Bomb kept us rocking and then they dropped in a cover of Madman Across The Water. Everything Will Be Eventual started well until a problem developed with the snare drum. Jeremy Gartner ran out and got his and the show went on. They played a couple of cool songs then rocked our Your Funeral. Somewhere in there the guitar pedal went and they scrambled to get the sound back. They did and closed the night with What’s Inside A Thing. The show ended a bit on the rough side but sounded so fantastic for most of it that I still had to buy a copy of the new album on a cassette with no tape and just had a swing out USB,


The Zeus Springsteen album pic by Tim Lewis

Black Rabbit came up next and eased into the show with BS Passes then rocked the new song Prime. Sayanora saw them at full punk rock fury and they stayed that way for Mark My Words. Nicky Says kept it rocking and Quiet Down didn’t quiet anything down at all. The Original Original is a full speed rocker then they eased back a little into the cool groove of Too Good. The Invisibles rocked hard and got me thinking about the X-Files and I think the next one was another new song called Jumble. Neutrino told the tale of everyone’s favorite Papa and It’s Cold was highly appropriate. They pulled out a cover of Husker Du’s Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely then played another new one maybe called The Shutout. They closed the set with the 5/4 song that everyone loves called Carnage. They were ready to go but the audience was not so they came back and rocked out Neighborhood. It was another great show from Rabbit.

At some point Mike had taken off. I did not stay late and took the long and lovely walk home.

Thanks for the pictures Luke Awtry Photography 


Black Rabbit pic by Luke Awtry Photography


Barbacoa at Foam Brewers November 24, 2017   Leave a comment


Barbacoa pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music the night after Thanksgiving at Foam Brewers. My cousin Michael Pearson was in town and wanted to go out and check out some music. We met up at the Brewery with his brother’s son Caleb Pearson and we chatted about life for a bit. Soon enough, the band took the stage and I headed to the front. Barbacoa usually play instrumental surf-rock songs so of course the opened with a countryish song that Bill Mullins sang. It was something about the whole wide world. For the second song they slipped on their usual musical style for a cool version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. They rocked hard on the next couple of songs with drummer Jeremy Frederick and bassist Kirk Flanagan completely locked in and Mullins guitar racing over the top. They mellowed out for a song with a spy vibe then unloaded a tremendous version of Paint It Black. It had the added amusement of being played on Black Friday. They played a crazy version of Delerium Tremelo then Bill sang a fun version of Country Roads. They went back to the instrumentals for songs like Green Olives, Hang Em High School and Medieval Knieval then closed the first set with a suite of classic surf songs that featured a nice Secret Agent Man part.

I went back to the table and chatted with my cousins for a bit then the band returned and I headed back to the front. They opened with a couple of fast rockers then slowed it down a bit. They played an amazing version of Strawberry Fields Forever and lots of lovely instrumentals. Late in the set they played songs like Venus In Spurs and You Only Live Twice. They wrapped up the set around 10 with another blistering rocker and fun was had by all.

After the set I hung out with the cousins for a bit more. We chatted for an hour or so then went on our ways. It was great to spend time with them and the presence of such a fantastic band like Barbacoa just made the night even more special.

Thanks to Luke Awtry Photography for the pics!





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Ivamae and Arc Iris at ArtsRiot May 20, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at ArtsRiot. I worked a long 8-4:30 day and was pretty stressed by the end. I hung out at home for a while then took the long walk to Pine st. It was a lovely day and the walk helped take me away from the work focus. I arrived a bit after 8:00pm doors opening and well before the 8:30 start time. I was about to wander in when Luke Adam called me over to the outside bar. I chatted with him and a couple of his friends for a while, then it was time to head in.

I settled in and found a nice post to stand and lean up against. The crowd was small and mellow and most of the seating area was filled. It was not long until Ivamae took the stage. Playing solo, she walked up the the mic and began singing. Though the room had filled a bit, it was pin drop silent as she mesmerized the room with her voice. She picked up an electric guitar for the second song and sang about true colors. She introduced the next song as The Reality Of It All and the room was still silent and listening. She sang a song about taking care of me and nobody else. I looked around and the standing area was filled with people quietly sitting on the floor. She followed with a cover of the Amy Winehouse song You Send Me Flying. I think the next one was about guilt and fear and she closed the set with a very new song about not being able to find the truth. Her strong voice, powerful presence and intent audience made it a stunning show.





I hung out during the set break and chatted with Joe Adler, then it was time for Arc Iris. They were set to play their reconstructed version of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. The band play a beautiful blend of pop, progressive rock, and jazz, or something like that. They played all of the songs in very unique ways that left Joni’s path intact but sounded like Arc Iris could have written them. They rearranged the order of the songs and began with A Case Of You. Jocie has a captivating voice and is a perfect front woman. Her keyboard and guitar playing just add to the mix. It’s a joy to watch Zach plays keys. He’s all over them and looks so happy doing it. Ray Belli is a tremendous drummer. When you listen to the arrangement and find the groove and swing to the beat, he’s already thrown in a few notes you weren’t anticipating. All three could likely do engaging solo shows but their power together is over the top. I tried to soak it all in as they played Carey and This Flight Tonight. My Old Man and Little Green were challenging and fun. California had a bit of madman jazz to it. They followed with The Last Time I Saw Richard and rocked River super hard. They closed the set with All I Want and Blue. They came back for an encore and I’m not sure what they played. It was jazzy and proggy and fun to listen to.

I headed out fairly quickly and ran into Luke again. We chatted until his turn off then I brought the body up to full speed for the long walk home.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the pictures















Adrian Belew Power Trio at ArtsRiot and Andriana Chobot at Red Square March 4, 2017   Leave a comment


Adrian Belew Power Trio pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music last week at ArtsRiot. An artist that I have loved for years finally came back to town and I spent the entire work day bouncing off the walls, yet still put the service level in the place it needed to be for the day. I had scheduled myself to leave at 5 and was racing out the door at 5:02. The show was to start at 8 but I knew of a cool stop I could make on the way.

I did a quick turn around at home and ferociously walked downtown. I arrived at Red Square around 5:40 and listened to some lovely music as I settled in. I got the seat at the end of the bar right by the band and let my heart soar as Andriana Chobot played some magical music. She sings and plays keys and has songs that soar and was joined by Cody Sargent on drums. I let the music wash over me and fill me with joy. She gets a huge piano sound and all of the songs have lovely twists and turns and fills and are so gorgeous. I was hoping she would play until almost 7 but her time slot was 5-6 so I only caught four songs. Three of them were new to me and the one I knew, Cascade, was completely over the top. I’m so glad I finally made it out to see her again.



Andriana Chobot pic by Tim Lewis


I was running earlier than expected so thought I would head to ArtsRiot and get some food before the doors at 7 show at 8 performance. Apparently, many others thought the same thing and the wait was very long and I just gave up. I hung out for a bit then friends started to show up. I hung out with Chris and Robin Chesebro Rielly and Joe Adler and my old boss at the New Dyemensions, Robert Fuller. It was fun catching up and being kind of social. As 8pm passed there was not much sound coming from the other room so I just hung out. After a bit I walked into the performance space and Saul Zonana was just finishing his set. I only caught a couple of songs and really liked them. It was just him solo but he had a nice sound with an Adrian vibe.



Saul Zonana pic by Tim Lewis



It wasn’t too long of a wait until the Adrian Belew power trio hit the stage. He sang and played guitar and was joined by Julie Slick on bass and Tobias Ralph on drums. Both were amazing musicians and had to be to keep up with Adrian and the intense set of music. I was a bit surprised that it was a little less song focused and more of a dive into a rhythmic jam that went through lots of pieces. They started with the instrumental jam A then let it flow into Men In Helicopters for a while before it fell into Young Lions, which has that great drum riff. The played a bit of Pretty Pink Rose then let it flow into Big Electric Cat then they went into the instrumental improv of d2 and settled into One Time. They rocked Dinosaur for a bit and let it fall into Heartbeat which slid into Writing On The Wall then settled into Frame By Frame. They wrapped set 1 with Beat Box Guitar and everyone was happy.

The set break was short then they returned for a stunning set 2. For the whole show Adrian had the hugest smile on his face and at one point even got his guitar go laugh. The band launched into an instrumental jam for Venture and B. Three Of A Perfect Pair lit up the room. It flowed into a jam called B3 then fell into Neurotica. I was in heaven. They let that flow into the delicate Walking On Air then rocked hard with Ampersand. Futurevision was super cool then they rocked the place with Bowie’s Boys Keep Swinging. It flowed into Of Bow And Drum which slid into Elephant Talk. They followed with an over the top Thela Hun Gingeet and called it a night. Well, OK, what really happened was Adrian asked if they could not actually leave the stage and come back and just stay and play one more. We were fine with that. A long instrumental jam called E wrapped the night.

I said a couple of quick goodbyes then took the long but elated walk home


The following pictures are courtesy of Luke Awtry Photography