Dino Bravo at Club Metronome September 25, 2014   Leave a comment

I just got back from seeing Dino Bravo VT at Club Metronome. I finished up the radio show around 11:10 then took the short walk to the club. Dino were all set up, and after a 5 minute wait, they hit the stage. A few years back I chatted with Ornan McLean at an April Wine show at Higher Ground. He was excited to hear an arena rock band in a club. That’s exactly what tonight’s show was. Dino had a huge killer rock sound and made me wish they were opening for Judas Priest at the upcoming Montreal gig, instead of Steel Panther. Dino opened with Sugar Coated Candy Sticks and rocked the small but dedicated crowd hard. Empires followed and Jeff LaBossiere‘s drumming drove it through all it’s changes. Matthew Stephen Perry played his guitar hard and sang with a snarl. Chris Farnsworth‘s leads soared all night long. Josh Shedaker‘s bass playing was locked in with the drums for each songs twists and turns. Chuck Berry was great. They tossed in a ween song. Bottleneck rocked hard and kept us dancing. They played a completely over the top This Is A Song About The Ocean and followed with the twin harmony guitars of Strawberry Blonde. They brought Lily Sickles to sing backup on Pop Music, then she let her voice soar on the closing cover of 20th Century Boy. It was a magnificent show from first note to last. I hope they recorded it. That was one for the records.

After the last note I went back to Wbkm Dot Org and grabbed my backpack. There was more music to come, but my time was short, and I caught what I could.

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