Milton Busker at Radio Bean December 27, 2013   Leave a comment

Radio Bean

Radio Bean

I finally got myself out the door to see some original live local music. I worked until 6:30, quickly stopped at home, and took a beeline for the Radio Bean. Milton Busker was on, when I walked in the door, and sang a very strong song with his acoustic guitar. After a song or two, I found a steady groove and was able to deeply listen. His voice is great, whether he is whispering or belting it out. His guitar playing is enchantingly nimble and his sense or where to take the songs is pretty special. The full house was chatty but applauded sincerely after each song. He had the best singer/songwriter line ever when he said “this is a song call the Inquisitor. Sing along if you know the words. You won’t know the words.” After the ominous setup, the song was an early Beatles poppy thing, with some challenging rhythms. It’s the second time I’ve seen him, and it’s striking me that I really need to get to know his music. I’ll work on it soon.

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