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Stewart  “Let’s begin tonight with this mornings news out of the Supreme Court, a decision regarding Arizona’s landmark immigration law sb1070.  You’ll recall, the law required Arizona police to ask anyone they stop, who they then suspect of being undocumented, for their immigration papers.  The caveat being as long as some of the time they pretend they thought the person was an illegal Canadian.  The Obama administration challenged the law.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer maintained it was Constitutional.  Let’s see who won.”

Fox reporter “It’s a victory for the Obama administration.”

Pete Williams, NBC “I think this is a victory for Arizona.”

Reporter MSNBC “Victory for Jan Brewer”

Stewart “A victory for Obama, Arizona, and Governor Brewer.  A win-win-win.  Who lost here?”

News show “Defeat for Obama.”

Another news show “This was a huge blow for Arizona.”

Fox reporter “A profound defeat for Governor Brewer.”

Stewart “Are you messing with me?  Defeat for the President, Arizona and Governor Brewer.  As always news networks, your analysis is spot on dead wrong.”


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