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Let the Dance Begin   Leave a comment

Soon enough it is

Time to go

To the show

Again and again


To find the voice that

Opened up your eyes

From the world so taught

And so in disguise


To see truth in the words

How we choose to live here

A floodlight of poems

To cast away our fears


You leave home and wander

To encounter like souls

To dance and to listen

To engage with the whole


To feel what you find

Past comforts of home

Cities of love

Wherever you roam


To smell the small crowd

And join in the dance

Abandon your life

Whenever the chance


The music is loud and she’s swirling

Around and inside of your mind

To the flow your body is twirling

In a place close to heaven

With no sense of time


The show has played to conclusion

Another will soon take its place

This dance of joy will continue

As long as you keep up the pace


One night the end will be final

You return to regular life

With friends met you stay connected

Engaged with your love of the fife


The words in the end are still with you

With memories of love of the road

As stories they turn into legends

Of the music that brought you the glow


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