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Zentauri play to The Shining at ArtsRiot October 24, 2018   Leave a comment


Zentauri pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing a band and a movie a week ago Wednesday at ArtsRiot. I worked until 7:30 and zipped down to Pine st and arrived around 8. I thought I would be late but my timing turned out well. Zentauri took the stage and lit into a heavy drone as the opening scene of The Shining began to play. Things were going great until the beginning of the interview scene and the projector turned off. The band kept playing along for a bit, then took a break when a ladder was brought out to check the connections on the projector. The issue was quickly fixed and we settled back in to the eerie movie. The band had a nice dark feel to the musical flow. They brought a heavy intensity for the blood flowing out of the elevator scene. They had a nice quick pace on the scenes where Danny was riding around the hotel. They lightened the mood when appropriate and were savage when Jack was chopping down the door. My favorite part of the performance may have been the sounds they emitted during the scenes where Jack was typing. They kept the music tense as Danny escaped the maze then brought the show to a nice conclusion. The sound from the movie was turned up for the closing shot of the old photograph and the end credits. It was another great night of music in town.




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Zentauri live score to March Of The Penguins at Club Metronome March 12, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music a couple of Mondays ago at Club Metronome. I had a nice day spending time with my cousins, then headed over to the show. I got in and settled and looked at the chairs and couch set up facing the large screen in front of the stage. I could see the drums on the left and Lauren Costello‘s cello to the right, but had to peek behind to see the guitarist and multi-instrumental musical genius Matthew Bryan Hagen. I chatted with Ryan Cohen and some other cool people, and soon enough, it was time for the movie to start The last time I saw Zentauri they performed an improvised live score to a horror movie. I wasn’t sure how it would go with the night’s movie, March Of The Penguins, but just went with it. They began a heavy Floydish tone as the opening credits rolled. The movie sound was turned down but the captions were on and it was easy to slip into the movie as the music wrapped itself around you. The music had a bit of swagger when the penguins were strutting around. The music had a bit of menace when the 100 mile per hour winds blew on the huddled creatures. It was a journey that is hard to capture with mere words, thusly echoing the travels documented in the movie. The crowd was quietly absorbed in the lush experience. When the end credits rolled it felt like coming out of a trance.

It was yet another amazing blend of art and music in our amazing town.



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Zentauri at ArtsRiot January 31, 2018   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing a movie a couple of Wednesday’s ago at ArtsRiot. I knew they were showing horror films on a semi-regular basis but I had not made it to any of them, and thought it was about time I caught one. I took the long chilly walk down to the South End and got a bite to eat. I said hi to a couple of cool people then went into the show room. A screen was set up in the back of the stage with the band’s gear in front. After a bit Zentauri took the stage and the lights went down and John Carpenter’s The Thing started. They had the sound off and captions on. Matthew Bryan Hagen played keys, guitar and Theremin, Lauren Costello played cello through cool effects, I missed the names of the guitar player and drummer. Imagine something that sounds like the first couple of songs from Obscured by Clouds rising and falling with the tension on the screen and you’ve got an idea. It was easy to follow along with the movie and the music. The movie seemed to add something extra to the movie and the music took the movie to another place. It was a fantastic experience that will likely never happen that way again.

I did not stay too long after the end credits rolled. I think they may do this now and then and I highly recommend catching any show they do. Wow.




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