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Wren Kitz, Appalled Eagles, and Xiu Xiu at Club Metronome September 22, 2017   Leave a comment


Xiu Xiu pic by Luke Awtry Photography

I had a great time seeing music a week ago Friday at Club Metronome. It was one of those shows where I did not know the headlining band but I took a chance since it had been way to long since I had caught up with Wren Kitz, He was joined by Lauren Costello on cello and a bass player and a drummer. They began with an oddly beautiful pop song that may have gone I see the light I see the light… They began another cool song then let it drop into one of those magical middle sections where anything could happen. I think the drummer’s name was Ron and he had a Nick Mason flow as the bass and cello drove the music onward and Wren extracted all manner of sounds from his many electronic devices. At one point he switched from electric guitar to acoustic but it was heavily amplified and the resulting sound was almost as loud and intense as when Bob Mould played an “acoustic” show at Metronome so many years ago. The music continued to drift and swirl and Wren switched back to the electric and they finished the song or started another. It was a bit hard to tell since I had such a lovely time getting lost. It started with a slow electronic beat then the drums took over and they began to rock then eased back into the slow beat then built it back again and rocked the set to a close. It was a magical experience.



Wren Kitz pic by Luke Awtry Photography

Appalled Eagles took the stage next and played a set of electronic dance music with chaotic keyboards, a guy who played keys and effects and trumpet, and an electric guitar and drums. The songs all had an infectious subtly shifting beat with keys layered over the top. The drum both complimented and diverted from the beats and the guitar threw a little fire into the sound. The songs were instrumentals and the third one had a Middle Eastern feel and the trumpet sounded nice in the musical flow. Lee Anderson left his keys at the beginning of the fourth song and spoke about how much his family has sacrificed to our country and how painful it is to see what is happening now and how we should all become soldiers for love and soldiers for art and continually create a wonderful world. They closed with a song about being angry with the news and the drummer was especially amazing.



Appalled Eagles pic by Luke Awtry Photography

Xiu Xiu was a Jamie Stewart who sang and played electric guitar and Angela Seo who played drums and other percussion instruments. They started with a quiet song with both playing some keys but from the second song on, things got pretty bombastic. While most drummers sit and play, it was like she was doing an elaborate dance and the end result of each move was a strike to the drum, or whichever instrument she chose. Stewart sang indie rock songs with a rich tone though the lyrics were tough to catch. Some were mellow and some were intense and a couple of times both launched into attacking their cymbals to create cacophony. They played a 16 song set and closed with a song that had a bit of a Veterans Of The Psychic Wars vibe. An encore was heavily demanded and they played a final song about the moonlight.

I left quickly after the last note rang out and took the lovely walk home.

Thanks Luke Awtry Photography for the pictures!!



Xiu Xiu pic by Luke Awtry Photography



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Radio Show 226 Thursday September 21, 2017 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


Cave Bees and Ryan Cohen setting up


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time Thursday September 21. You can stream it from the website link above or from the WBKM Facebook page. It will go as follows.

Song before: Cinema – YES (official)


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. A week and a half ago a gentleman came to town and played a show at Radio Bean on a Sunday night. Let’s begin with one of his songs.

1.) What We Started – ROSEDALE
2.) Echoes On – Cones
3.) Release Your Records – SWALE
4.) Falling – Xiu Xiu

Xiu will play tomorrow at Club Metronome and they sound pretty cool so I may have to check that out. I always know which new Swale song to play by checking and seeing which one has been running through my head all week. I hope that one gets stuck in yours, if you want. I had fun seeing Cones at The Monkey House and really liked that song and wanted to play it again this week. Cool song from Rosedale. OK, last week I finished playing Loose Tooth so it’s time to start a new album to play song after song week after week. This is a side project from The High Breaks called Surf Sabbath.

5.) Symptom Of The Universe – Surf Sabbath.
6.) Freeway – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
7.) Alienation – Black Rabbit
8.) Imaginary – Envy

That’s a classic from Burlington’s ’90’s and still a great song. That’s a new classic from Rabbit. Great rocker from David and the band. Recently, The High Breaks took a few Black Sabbath songs and rearranged them into a surf style then put them out on Bandcamp. I hope you enjoy hearing the album over the next few weeks. OK, let’s head over to Robot Dog Studio for an interview and live music from Cave Bees.

9.) Sister Blue – Cave Bees
10.) Queen City – Cave Bees
11.) I Don’t Need This Anymore – Cave Bees
12.) Juliet – Cave Bees

I want to thank the band for playing so hard and being so fun to talk with. Thanks also to Ryan Cohen for making us all sound so great. So, Rebekah Whitehurst and Frank from Cave Bees also play in this next band.

13.) Vestibule – Blue Button
14.) Finally Found The One – When Particles Collide
15.) Robots Improving Robots – The Tsunamibots
16.) Lift A Finger – Bag Of Panties

Panties featured Steve Tremblay before his Cave Bees days. I want to thank Tsunamibots for making me Director of Robot Propaganda last week, and for rocking so hard. Great song from Particles who play all over the US. Great rocker from Button. This next band play at Metal Monday next week at Nectar’s.

17.) Local Lore – Savage Hen
18.) Probably Wrong – Phantom Suns
19.) Creature (Of The Night) – Hellascope
20.) Purple Sorceress – KiefCatcher

I want to thank Chris Farnsworth for turning me on to Kief and Hella and lots of other bands. I’ll have to watch and see if I can catch them live sometime. There is so much music about that it always helps when people in the know clue each other in. Cool song from Ryan Cohen and company. Great rocker from Savage. OK, let’s keep rocking.

21.) Tenderness – The New Siberians
22.) Iron And Metal – The Mountain Says No
23.) Bulletproof Vest – Zola Turn
24.) Not True – Peg Tassey MUSIC

Those last two are classic gems from the ’90’s. Great rockers from Mountain and Siberians. OK, be healthy out there and make sure you get your vitamins.

25.) Vitamin Dee – Persian Claws
26.) Endless Sunkissed Lover – gneiss
27.) Ordinary Day – Milton Busker
28.) Can We Go There? – Bethany Conner Music

Bethany will be at On Tap Bar and Grill early Friday evening. Great song from Milton. I saw Gneiss do that Wednesday night at Red Square and it was just great. Super fun song from Claws. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, Shall we?


Songs after
Blind To The Beautiful – Fish
Perpetual Change – Yes
And You And I – Anderson and Wakeman
Awaken – Yes
Gong Home – Dire Straits
The Crystal Ship – The Doors
It’s Just A Ride – Bill Hicks
Aura – The Church Band
Nightmare On Elm Street – Savage Hen
Veteran Of The Psychic Wars – Blue Oyster Cult
The Art Of Giving In – 1881
I Lost My Marbles – Joshua Glass Music
regular programming.