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Made By Robots at Radio Bean June 8, 2016   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

I finally caught a little bit of jazz music yesterday. I’ve had to prerecord my local music radio show on WBKM lately to get the net feed and the 107.1FM feed synced up, so just before three I took a lovely walk downtown. I listed slightly to a couple of the high school jazz bands that were staged around Church st, but was mostly focused on walking forward to my goal. Still, it was a lovely ambiance. I was almost to the last block when a camera crew asked if I was a Bernie Sanders supporter and if they could interview me. I took the couple of minutes and tried to be very positive about the Presidential contender. I realized at the end of the interview that they were from Fox News, something like Water’s World, so who knows how it will be edited. Still, I got a chance to map out a general arc showing how Democratic economic practices are so much better than Republican ones. That said, it was probably a dumb thing to do.

Shortly after the interview I arrived at the station and set up tonight’s show. Hint: it begins with some Bernie and may have some jazz in it. When it was done, I walked back up Church st and noticed that the bands that were playing were a bit more tight. I enjoyed the ambiance and walked a bit more casually, since I had a bit of free time before meeting up with friends. I took a swing into Radio Bean, since I assumed there would be some high quality jazz plating and was proved correct. Made by Robots had a smooth easy flowing sound that meandered around and had a strong flowing flute riding on top. They are a five-piece band with guitar, bass, drums, flute and keys and everything I heard was instrumental. The music had a nice strength to it and I found myself fairly enchanted. I hung out for a drink’s worth of music and especially enjoyed the last song which rocked hard at the end. I definitely need to check them out again.

The walk home was a tiny bit chilly, and I was wondering what the heck I did with the street interview, but was happy that my show was all set and I got to hear some beautiful music.