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John Fugelsang “Some US Christians make me wonder if their Bible is just Revelation, Golden Calf & 2 lines of Leviticus duct-taped to a Left Behind book.”

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Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, a 450- mile long volcanic trench ripped open by shifting tectonic plates, is known as the cradle of mankind for the million-year- old remains of human forebears discovered there.

Oil drillers say the area also holds a string of fields that could make East Africa’s largest economy a major energy producer. The U.K.’s Tullow Oil Plc (TLW) and Canada’s Africa Oil Corp (AOI). found crude at two wells last year and now plan as many as 11 more test wells in 2013. The valley could yield 10 billion barrels, Tullow estimates, enough to supply Kenya for three centuries or the U.S. for about 18 months.

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Of Loss

and the inability to halt the slide

Of Powerlessness

and the understandings that cleanse you of power

Of Decentralization

and retreating from the way people are carved into this world

Of Expectation

and the severe losses still to come and how to bear them

Of Time

and the shifting relevance of it’s perspective

Of Space

and wondering how long we will inhabit this one

Of Connection

and the intersections we create to attach

Of Passion

and the fuel that ignites bliss and horror

Of the Day

and when loving realizations overcome us all

Of the Night

and how passion betrays rationality changing the mind

Of Me

and how I can only ever go it alone

Of you

and how you can only ever go it alone

Of Us

and how we can all go it alone together.


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