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The High Breaks at Rotary Park in the middle of the traffic circle in Winooski August 2, 2017   Leave a comment


The High Breaks pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music in the middle of the traffic circle in Winooksi. I think it’s called Rotary Park and the City of Winooski has been doing free rock shows on the first Wednesday of the month this summer. The show ran from 6-8 which was perfect for me.

I got moving a little slow and could hear The High Breaks playing as I crossed traffic and walked into the park. I got a beer and got settled in front of the band as Matthew Bryan Hagen introduced their second song. The band play surf rock and he is a nimble and powerful guitarist. Kevin Lynam effortlessly plays complex bass lines and Todd Gevry is a powerhouse drummer. The music is great and Matt always tell a story that runs between the songs. Wednesday’s show begins with our hero, maybe the band, maybe me, maybe you, taking a dive into some cold water. There are chunks of ice all around and we are all Ice Divers. When in the water one has the choice to Sink Or Swim. We opted to swim until we reached the beach. It looked like it was covered with sand but was in fact The Salty Shore. While sitting on the shore a light wind blew in a Coconut Breeze. We walked around the beach humming a song about A Walk On Ballard Beach. The weather turned and we looked back over the water to see the Dark And Stormy Sea. We didn’t like the looks of it so we turned inland toward the other horizon and found a horse. It had a comfortable saddle so we rode off on Saddle Back. We rode for a long time then the horse would go no farther. Fortunately we found an old wood panel station wagon. We called it Woody and drove on. Woody got to a point where it would go no further and it stopped near a train station. We hopped on The Surf Train and took a ride. Since we had ridden a few vehicles we became Surf Riders. This ended set one.

Set two began with us sneaking through alleys and becoming the Sinister Surfer. Since we had all dropped in to the show we were regaled with Dropping In. We walked along, but not on concrete or grass. We walked on a wooden boardwalk and did the Boardwalk Boogie. We were a little too enthusiastic and broke our ankle and fell into the water and a shark came and bit us on the ankle. It was a complete Ankle Breaker. Our experience in the water left us wanting to be prepared for next time. We slept in a wet suit just in case and had a weird Wet Suit Dream. We awoke early and clear headed and since we were already in the wet suit we were the first ones to make it to the beach that next morning. As the waves came in we caught the first Pipeline. When you are in the wave it wants to conquer you and you want to conquer it and a Surf Showdown ensues. There is a lot of tension in the showdown as the water get choppy so we become the Sea Chopper. We eventually exit the water and relive old memories of a beloved bicycle with a Banana Seat.

The story ended there but they declared that they were The High Breaks, they are The High Breaks and will continue to be The High Breaks. They began a classic surf song, perhaps Apache, then Matt Said “be sure you don’t, and Todd said Wipe Out and they closed the night with the classic.

All in all it was another fun night in the circle. Craig Mitchell did sound so everything was wonderful and the crowd of people with kids was a joy. I said a quick goodbye to the band and Tony Gallucci, then took the long warm walk home.