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Radio Show 159 Thursday May 19, 2016 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

WBKM photo by Tim Lewis Dec 17 2015

WBKM photo by Tim Lewis Dec 17 2015

Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM 107.1FM in the Champlain Valley, also streaming at our website, will go as follows:

Song before: Soul Eternal – Anderson Ponty Band


From our small city to the great big world, these are the sounds of Burlington. It’s been a beautiful week in Burlington, but something unusual happened late Monday night. A meteor with a blue trail sailed over Vermont and could be seen all around New England. Let’s begin with a brand new song that speaks of meteors.

1.) Oysters – Jane Boxall Percussion with Miriam Bernardo
2.) All The Same To You – Milton Busker
3.) Spirit Won’t Fall Down – Rachel Brown
4.) Sharktopus – Villanelles

That’s a cool new song from Villanelles cool new album Blue Heart Attack. Spirit is a song from Burlington’s ’90’s and I still remember seeing Rachel and how powerful her voice is. Great song from Milton who is at Light Club Lamp shop tonight at 8pm. Jane just put out a new album called Field Notes. Miriam’s voice just makes that song. OK, it’s time for the next song on Callisto.

5.) Look Ahead – Alpenglow
6.) Too Much – Slingshot Dakota
7.) Hallelujah – Dirty Blondes
8.) Counting On A Ghost – Elephants of Scotland

That’s a brand new song from the brand new Elephants album The Perfect Map. I had a great time seeing the Blondes at Nectar’s on Monday and while listening, I knew I wanted to play that one for you. Great new song from Slingshot. Their new album Break is still keeping me listening to it. Great new song from Alpenglow. This next band are at Light Club Lamp Shop tomorrow.

9.) Edible – SWALE
10.) Falling In And Out Of Sleep – Envy
11.) Finder – Madelines
12.) Nowhere Feels Like Home – Fire The Cannons

Cannons filled a rock void in the early 200’s and played some killer shows. Finder is a classic from the ’90’s. Sean Toohey and Ann Mindell from Envy are playing in their new band The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean on Friday at 10pm. I really enjoyed seeing this next band a little over a week ago at The Monkey House

13.) Killing Ghosts – Better Things
14.) Say It – Anachronist
15.) Speed Car – Torpedo Rodeo
16.) Paranoid – Surf Sabbath

SS are really The High Breaks when they play Sabbath covers. They did such a great job rearranging the songs into a surf style. I saw Torpedo a few times in the early 00’s and always had a rocking time. I love Say It!! Better should have lots of cool new music coming soon. OK, let’s go back to the ’80’s. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to go.

17.) Hold Me Tight – The Decentz
18.) Melt – Chin Ho
19.) East Jabib – REDadmiral
20.) The Summer Of Andy – Cancer Conspiracy

CC played some great music back in the ’90’s. That’s a pretty new song from Admiral. They are playing Sunday at Radio Bean. I played Chin Ho’s cover as an homage to the ’80’s Ladies who have the show before me on Thursday nights at 7pm on WBKM. That song from the Decentz always gets me moving. A former local musician and music writer who has been working at the Future Of Music Coalition, Casey Merlin Rae, has just moved on to a job with SiriusXM. Congratulations. Here is one of his solo songs.

21.) Purpose And Object – The Contrarian
22.) Another Life Ago – The Cush
23.) Before The Evenings Thru – THE VACANT LOTS

The lots used to play around in the early 10’s but are now touring the US and touring the world. Great song from the Cush’s first album. They played that song many times in Burlington. Yea Casey! This next song is pretty new and catchy as can be.

24.) The Feeling Is Strange – Binger
25.) Random Earth – Elephants Of Scotland
26.) For Buddy – Elephants Of Scotland

Those are the two last songs on Elephant’s new album The Perfect Map. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after: Where In The World – Fish
13th Star – Fish
New Americana – Halsey
She’ll Come Back For You Tomorrow – The Church Band



Radio Show 114 Thursday June 11, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from doing my local music radio show on internet only In honor of Jazzfest, I played a bunch of blues and jazz, then let it rock.

Song before: Now And Then – Pete Townshend



From our small city to the great big world, these are the sounds of Burlington. You likely cannot hear what I’m saying since the fire trucks are blaring sirens as I speak. It’s Jazzfest and the town is filled with music and happy people. This first artist is headlining the block party tomorrow from 5-8 on the stage at the top of Church St. This is Afterall (Glad We Made It) by Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band on WBKM and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) Afterall (Glad We Made It) – Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band
2.) Blue Lunch – Sneakers Jazz Band – Live at White Crow
3.) I’m Just A Lonely So And So – Big Joe Burrell & The Unknown Blues Band

Joe was one of the greats and put tons of music into this town. It’s cool that they just re-released the live in the studio Sneakers band album. Great stuff from some great musicians. They are reuniting for two shows at Club Metronome on Sunday. Great stuff from Kat and the band. Let’s stay with the classic Vt theme.

4.) Killer Bee Bop – Zoot Wilson
5.) Stronger – Belizbeha
6.) Fearless->Benny And The Jets->Fearless – Marco Benevento.

That was from a show Marco played at Radio Bean. Belizbeha used to play their acid jazz all over town. There’s a lot of talent in that band. Let’s keep things jazzy for just a little while longer.

7.) Breathe – Barika
8.) Mon Ange – Francesca Blanchard
9.) Burning Down The House (live) – Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger

That was from a fun show and recorded live at Nectar’s. Francesca is playing Light Club Lamp Shop this evening. I love the flow of the Barika song. Well, last week I played the last song from Swale‘s The Next Instead. It’s time to start a new album to play song after song, week after week. This album is not out yet but should be released June 27th when they play The Monkey House. The album is called JV from a band called The Mountain Says No.

10.) Come And Decide – The Mountain Says No
11.) Kill Your Idols – Steve Blair & Andy Hildebrandt
12.) Burn It Down Bernadette – Phil Yates & The Affiliates

Phil and the band are playing the Monkey House tomorrow. Classic VT musicians covering a Slush/Five Seconds Expired song from the Burlington Does Burlington disc. Great song from Mountain and a lot more great songs by Mountain on the way. If you listened to the Zoot song you may have caught the line about enjoying 6-7 daiquiris. A lot of people in Burlington like to have a few drinks and see music and have fun. One of the preferred drinks is the subject of this next set.

13.) Whiskey Man – Arc Iris
14.) Don’t Give That Guy Whiskey – Torpedo Rodeo
15.) A Bottle Of Whiskey Later – Crazyhearse
16.) The Whiskey Always Wins – When Particles Collide

Particles are heading out on the road. Check your local listings and check them out if they come to your town. Killer song by Crazyhearse. I had lots of fun seeing Torpedo when they used to do the basement shows with tons of bands. I loved seeing Iris a couple of weeks back. Hopefully I’ll get to see them again. The Crazyhearse song had Rebecca Rogers on it. So does the next one.

17.) When I’m Drunk – The Dirty Blondes
18.) Summertime – The Velvet Ovum Band
19.) Super Sexy Science Party – Wave of the Future

Great song that was recorded at Nectar’s too. Classic from Peg Tassey MUSIC and her band. I just love this next song.

20.) Say It – Anachronist
21.) Think I’ll Stay – Great Western
22.) The Banks Of Marble – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and 30 Vermont musicians

It’s great that Bernie’s message today is the same as it was back when he recorded that. It’s too bad that it still has to be the same. The Western song could have fit in the whiskey set, but works in any set of music. OK, time for a couple left. This next band was fronted by Dan Bolles who writes for Seven Days and has taught me a lot about music in our town over the years.

23.) Highway Girl – The Skamaphrodites
24.) The Blackout – The Static Age

That band spawned two great Burlington musicians. Marie Claire Johnson played keys on that and went on to front Fire The Cannons, and Bobby Hackney Jr. plays drums on that song and now sings for the mighty ROUGH FRANCIS. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Credo (live) – Fish


Radio Show 75 Thursday August 21, 2014 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from sort of doing my radio show and seeing live music. I wanted to go see the Dirty Blondes so I voice-tracked all my breaks, set the songs into the queue and went over to Club Metronome to rock.

Song before: Two Places At Once – The Church Band



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I saw a lot of rock and roll in the past week, so let’s kick off with the next song from Ninja Jane on WBKM and this is Burlington’s Kind of Music.

1.) Racecar Driver – Zola Turn
2.) Be Aggressive – BE AGGRESSIVE
3.) Scorned Woman – The Dirty Blondes

Both the Blondes and Be Aggressive are playing at Club Metronome with Dino Bravo VT at 10, so I’m recording the breaks early and will head over to the show. (Be Aggressive cancelled so Jason Cooley did a Cooleoke set). Last Saturday I saw a killer rock band play at the Fletcher Free Library.

4.) Miles From Where We Started – Tesla’s Revenge
5.) All I Want Is A Hoverboard – Wave of the Future
6.) Oklahoma Road Rage – Crazyhearse
7.) Demons – Waylon Speed

Last Saturday Waylon and ROUGH FRANCIS played a show on a ferry on Lake Champlain. The timing was too tight with work, so I went to the Fletcher Free Library to see SADG’s, Tesla’s Revenge and S.e. Ward, then headed to Nectar’s to see Wave, Burning Monk, and The Mountain Says No. Crazyhearse just took a trip across the USA and played a bunch of shows. Another killer song from the Wave ep. Saturday, Black Rabbit and Rough Francis will play at Charlie O’s in Montpelier.

8.) Black And Red – Rough Francis
9.) Carnage – Black Rabbit
10.) Weapons Factory – The Wards
11.) Forbidden Love – Pinhead

A couple of classic Burlington bands alongside two great current Burlington bands. I think the Saturday show is the debut of Jane Boxall playing with Black Rabbit, so that should be great. Up next is another song by a band who rocked the library

12.) Wrappers – SADGs
13.) Hoping That I’m Wrong – Will
14.) Wilderland – Anais Mitchell
15.) Lithuania – Hana Zara

I just love that song by Hana. Anais is playing a couple of shows on Sunday at the Wyswyg festival. I love that song from Will and both they, and SADGs are from Rutland. This next set is dedicated to Washington and Colorado.

16.) Grandma Betty – Brother Zag
17.) Seeds And Stems – The New Siberians
18.) Space Weed Zombies – Wave Of The Future

That was Wave live at Nectar’s a few months back. They played a wonderful high energy show last Saturday when they released their new EP. Great song from the Siberians. Brother Zag, the most elusive singer in town. Here’s another great Burlington song.

19.) If You Get Lost – Swale
20.) Throw Me Away – Spill
21.) Uh-Oh – Slowdim
22.) Gentleman – Plan B

Great song from Plan B. Slowdim are from Boston and have a bunch of great songs, like that one. Killer song from the ’90’s by Spill and Swale played a killer Lost at the Precipice. Here’s another of my favorite songs.

23.) Pennsylvania – The Red Telephone
24.) Naked Garden – Peg Tassey MUSIC
25.) Oscar Man – Torpedo Rodeo
26.) Sunny Side Of The Couch – The Lestons

That’s Matthew Stephen Perry‘s old band. His new one, Dino Bravo don’t have anything recorded yet, but I’ll get it to you when they do. Killer songs from Torpedeo and Peg. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Faith Healer – Fish
then it went into In The Mood (live) – Robert Plant
then regular programming

Party with lots of bands at Max’s house July 13, 2013   Leave a comment

What a great night (and morning) of music at Max’ last rock dungeon party yesterday. Nathan Curtis, his girlfriend Hillary, I and grabbed some food, went to Max’s and grilled it up. It was fun to chat with all of the cool people, but then the music started. Torpedo Rodeo started the night with a bunch of huge epic songs. Max played some intense lead guitar and it was glorious.

Torpedo Rodeo at Max's basement part July 13, 2013 pic by When Particles Collide

Torpedo Rodeo at Max’s basement part July 13, 2013 pic by When Particles Collide

Torpedo Rodeo

Torpedo Rodeo

Here’s some video

Night Slice

Night Slice

Up next, Night Slice, a bass and singer/keyboard player from Boston were pretty cool. The keyboard sound was more of an ’80’s sound and the bass was dirty and heavy. Their songs rocked nicely. Earlier, Birdie was saying she should sing in an Iron Maiden cover band and launched into the opening of Hallowed Be Thy Name. She’d be great. There was no Maiden in the set, but they closed with a rousing version of BOC’s Godzilla.  Here is a Video, I love the Oh No, Torpedo Rodeo, go go Godzilla

Nuda Veritas

Nuda Veritas

Up next, Nuda Veritas used loops to create elegant sonic backdrops, and unleashed her powerhouse voice. She is such a great singer, and her set was enchanting.  She played a lot of guitar that night.

Nuda Veritas

Nuda Veritas

Black Rabbit came on next and ripped up the joint with their heavy fast punk rock. Songs like Tibbar Tibbar and Neutrino were great, and the audience was rocking hard. Sorry there are no pics or video, but most of these are from Marc Scarano, and he was really busy playing at the time.  Oh wait, now there is video:

Aurorasaurous Rex

Aurorasaurous Rex

Kiki’s Lost Nation were supposed to be next, but apparently they have rearranged the band. The new singer is Aurora and the band is Aurorasaurus Rex. Her voice was powerful and enthusiastic. The drummer was a monster and even had a short drum solo in the middle of the set. Christopher Dorian Alley played some heavy rock guitar, and I really liked their show.

Aurora from Aurorasaurus Rex

Aurora from Aurorasaurus Rex

Rough Francis

Rough Francis

Instead of closing the night, Rough Francis played next and I loved them. I’ve only caught them once, but am now upset I have not caught them more. Maybe it was the way the sound bounces in the rock wall basement, but they sounded extra heavy and rocking. Both guitar players were blisteringly fast. The bass held it all together and the drummer was a madman. He was all over the place and just pushed the songs harder and harder. Bobby Hackney, Jr was a great singer and front man. The show was nothing but fun.  Here’s a video:

Rough Francis

Rough Francis

Wave of the Furture

Wave of the Furture

Wave of the future followed with some heavy joyous funk rock. They pounded the stage with furious energy, and kept the audience dancing. The last time I saw them, I liked them, but wasn’t amazed. Last night, they were stunning. Tim was pretty ferocious on guitar, and at the end of the set, he and the drummer kept jamming for a bit.  You can check them out here:

Tim from Wave of the Future

Tim from Wave of the Future



When they wrapped it up, the drummer stayed and Max and JLoo took the stage. Rawsome played a couple of the boy girl back an forth songs, and a couple of wicked rockers. Seeing and hearing Jessy scream into the mic like a madwoman was glorious.

When they wrapped up, I looked at the clock. It said 3:55. We said some extended goodbyes and headed for home. I dropped really quick, and now am up and ready to face another work day. Good thing I requested to go in a bit late today!

Persian Claws, Black Rabbit and Torpedo Rodeo at the Monkey House June 28, 2013   Leave a comment

I had a great night of music at the Monkey House last night. I met up with Nathan Curtis around nine, and took the short drive. We got in and settled, and Persian Claws took the stage. It took me a few songs to get into them. Their songs seem more straight forward rock, but have quite a few changes going on. It’s fun to try and find the groove, and keep rocking. The band is very talented and the songs are fun. Dee’s voice was strained a bit, but she persevered like a champ. She’s such a fun, bouncy front woman.

Persian Claws at the Monkey House June 28 2013

Persian Claws at the Monkey House June 28 2013

Next up, Black Rabbit delighted the fairly full Monkey House with loud fast fun songs. Most of the songs just built in intensity, until Marc Scarano ripped into a massive lead, and rocked the place hard. Their set was fun as always. They brought Dee up for a song in the middle of the set and had Max Krauss join in on guitar for a song at the end. Well, it would have been the end, but the audience wanted another. They obliged with a couple of minutes of furious rock, and that was that.

Black Rabbit at the Monkey House June 28 2013

Black Rabbit at the Monkey House June 28 2013


Black Rabbit at the Monkey House June 28 2013

Black Rabbit at the Monkey House June 28 2013


Black Rabbit at the Monkey House June 28 2013

Black Rabbit at the Monkey House June 28 2013

Next up, Max and Torpedo Rodeo played some funky and fun rock and roll. All of the songs had a nice complexity, but were easy enough to get lots of people dancing, for most of the set. After they wrapped up, they were asked to play another, and did.

Torpedo Rodeo at the Monkey House June 28 2013

Torpedo Rodeo at the Monkey House June 28 2013


Torpedo Rodeo at the Monkey House June 28 2013

Torpedo Rodeo at the Monkey House June 28 2013

I got to hang out and chat with some cool people, saw a lot of great music and gave the body a good shake. What a great night. Thanks everyone!

Radio Show 18 Thursday June 27, 2013 9-10pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

I just got back from show 18 on WBKM.ORG.  I learned a new studio trick, and played a bunch of fun songs.

Song Before: Xanadu – Rush



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington.  Summer is here.  It’s hot and humid and if you can dodge the downpours and lightning, it’s time to head to the beach.  This is Beach Song by Ray Fork, and this is Burlington’s kind of music.

1.) Beach Song – Ray Fork

2.) Early – Snowplow

3.) 1,000 Lies – Sean Toohey

Talked about digging through old albums and finding treasures like 1,000.  Talked about How Brad Searles brought a lot of music to town with many bands, such as Snowplow.  Beach song is fun.  Next up, we go to the next song on the Cush album.  What could it possibly sound like, a Pink Floyd song?

4.) Roll Me – The Cush

5.) Full Power – Elephants of Scotland

6.) The Down – Swale

Talked about loving Swale and getting to hear one that Amanda doesn’t sing, to show how their sound varies.  Talked about the hard work being done by Elephants, and how Dan MacDonald was the first person to ever call in during a show.  Hmmm, the Cush.

I saw some music last night, including Trapper Keeper, who I’ve been meaning to see forever.  But, before that, here is a band who are playing the Monkey House tomorrow night.  This song was chosen as one of the songs of the summer mix tape by Daniel Bolles.  This is 89 by Black Rabbit.

7.) Eighty Nine – Black Rabbit

8.) It’s Only 1,930 Miles to Austin – Trapper Keeper

9.) Best Friend – Dog Party

10.) I Bleed Rock And Roll – Kepi Ghoulie

Talked about how much fun the Kepi, Dog, Trapper show was.  I did not get any Be Aggressive to play, but will soon.  Talked about Dog Party being a duo, and Kepi joined them on bass for his set.  Trapper rocked and played really fast.  Black Rabbit play tomorrow, and so do Torpedo Rodeo.

11.) Starlust – Torpedo Rodeo

12.) Empress of Ireland – Thompson Gunner

Thompson played a killer version of Empress last Friday at Nectar’s.  Yea, more music tomorrow with Torpedo.  Well that does it for me.  I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town.  Maybe just one more drink before I go.

13.) One More Drink – Will



Song After: Big Wedge – Fish

Torpedo Rodeo, When Particles Collide, Black Rabbit at the Monkey House April 13, 2013   1 comment

I checked in with Nathan, who was going to the show, but he had a few people to meet up with first. I donned the black and took the walk to the Monkey House. I got in and settled, and soon after Black Rabbit hit the stage. They played a killer set of short, fast, loud rock songs. Having seen them a few times, I have a sense of where the songs are going, but they still kept me guessing a bit. Halfway through the set, there was a song I recognized. It was a fantastic cover of Chinese Rock by the Ramones. They came back with a bunch more of their songs, then wrapped it up with a Damned cover. It was a great set and they had me dancing the whole time.

When Particles Collide took the stage next. The Duo from Maine kept the music at a furious pace. Sasha played a killer guitar, and seemed to be hitting the upper sting to play the bass part as the rest of her hand played the guitar part. Their set was mostly pulled from their Pop Pop Bang Bang album. Moles really stood out, but really, everything was good.

Nathan had showed up at the end of the Rabbit set, so we chatted a bit in the breaks. Soon enough, Torpedo Rodeo took the stage and kept the rock going. A couple of their songs have a surf-rock feel, but most was just rock and roll. One song about Captain Beefhart was exceptional, but their whole set was nothing but fun.

I had to work the next day, and Nathan was off. He hung out for a bit and I took the long walk home. I was delightfully sated with music.

Radio Show 8 Thursday April 18, 2013 9-10pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

I just got home from local music Internet Radio show number 8 on WBKM.ORG. It was a lovely walk down and the wind was blowing warm air on my face. I set a song in the queue to get set, then started.

Song before: More than This – Roxy Music


From our small city to the great big world, these are the sounds of Burlington. Here is the last band I saw Live. This is Torpedo Rodeo on WBKM, Burlington’s Kind of Music

1.) The Mole – Torpedo Rodeo

2.) Neutrino – Black Rabbit

3.) Moles – When Particles Collide

Talked about seeing all three play a high energy show at the Monkey House last Saturday. Talked about Particles being from Maine and being on tour and stopping by and playing a great show. Said there might be a quiz on the lyrics, but did not follow through. Talked about seeing Black Rabbit a few times and enjoying them and being happy to have a CD. Talked about Max Krauss giving me a CD so I listened and played a song I liked. Talked about receiving the MusicSpeak CD and listening to it and finding a song I liked.

4.) A Hundred Thousand Million Steps (Without You) – MusicSpeak

5.) Jump Back = Vedora

6.) Bloodboy – Barbacoa

7.) Hotel Manners – Farm

Talked about how the Farm song speaks to the eclectic weather in Vermont. Talked about how great Envy were and how a new version of Barbacoa is still going strong, and promised to play more of the Burlington does Burlington CD in the future. Talked about the strong Matthew Hastings vocal on Jump Back, and a bit about Vedora being part of the upcoming Waking Windows event in Winooski. Mentioned MusicSpeak Again. Said I wanted to keep the show about music, but after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the next day Sarah Emily Blacker went in to do music therapy, and how much I admired her for that.

8.) Knocked the Winds – Sarah Blacker

9.) Spirit Won’t Fall Down – Rachel Brown

10.) Small Town Movie – The Cush

Talked about loving the song and the Cush. Wished them well in Texas and hope they will be back. Wished the people of West, Texas well too. Talked abut finding the Rachel Brown disc and remembering how much I loved her voice. Was happy to play this song, and thanked Sarah again. I said the next set was for people who have been in Burlington for a long time

11.) October Days Club – The Cancer Conspiracy

12.) Christmas in Afghanistan – The Wards

13.) That’s When I reach For My Revolver – Ninja Custodian

14.) 2 Sleepy Arms – Lendway

Said I don’t know what the Lendway song is about, but always love hearing it. They are playing Sunday at the Monkey House. Talked about loving Ninja, and if you thought the drumming was intense, remember, the guy is singing too. Talked about the Wards being the first Burlington punk band, and how they are still kicking. Asked, if we got Osama, why are we still in Afghanistan. Mentioned how good CC were and said goodnight.



I popped back on the mic and expressed my great pleasure that the fans just got a vote for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and this year Rush was chosen. I queued up the following as I walked out the door

Closer to the Heart – Rush

Cygnus X-1 – Rush

Xanadu – Rush

Then the station went into the next regularly scheduled Jethro Tull song

The walk home had the wind at my back. It was so furious, I felt like a reverse comet.

Radio Show 4 Thursday March 21, 2013 9-10pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

I just got home from radio show number 4 on WBKM. It was a little rough, but I got to play a bunch of cool music.

Song Before: Rockaway Beach – The Ramones


From our small city to the great big world, these are the sounds of Burlington. I talked about Wide Wail opening for Juliana Hatfield in 2000

1.) All My Life – Wide Wail

2.) 10 Speed Car – Torpedo Rodeo

3.) Sharp Side of the Knife – Alice Austin

4.) Jan Michael Vincent – Chin Ho!

Talked about how catchy a riff there is in the Chin Ho! song (and had it in my head for the walk home), talked about how great Alice is when she growls out Sharp Side. I talked about seeing Torpedo at JP’s and Manhattan Pizza and talked about how Max Krauss sometimes has bands at parties in his basement. I talked a bit more about Wide Wail, then talked about Emily and how good a violin player she is.

5.) Medula Mamblongata – Strung Out

6.) Maria – Vedora

7.) Yayo – The Dirty Blondes

Talked about how the Blondes song mentions Maple st, Elm st, Pitkin st, Church st and how very Burlington it is. I talked about seeing Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band on Saturday and Sunday. I talked about how Maria sounded like it would go great out of the Strung Out song, and that they are playing at 10, next Thursday at Nectar’s. I talked about seeing Strung Out at the Chickenbone, and several other places. I talked about how music exists in the moment they is gone, but recordings can be played forever. I talked about David L. Jarviswriting great songs in town then joining the Army, then being in El Paso and starting a psychedelic rock band.

8.) Paper Train – D. Jarvis Band (it played for a few seconds, then I hit something wrong and the next song started playing. Sorry Dave!! Sorry everyone else too!)

8.) Grounded – Invisible Jet

9.) Paper Train – D. Jarvis Band (in it’s entirety!!)

10.) Lights of Montreal – Lobot

Talked about how good Lobot were and that they play a reunion show every year. Talked about Chris Farnsworth playing guitar with Lobot and Dino Bravo. I apologized for cutting Paper Train, then talked about how cool it would be to walk into a club and hear something that sounds like Peter Gabriel, but it turns out to be a local band called Invisible Jet. I talked about the wonderful melody of Paper Train. I talked about playing one of my favorite Farm Songs

11.) Bad Oasis – Farm

12.) Time to Get Out – Aaron Flinn and Salad Days

Talked about how it was time to get out, and that Aaron would be playing on the 30th in Hinesburg. Talked about if Farm played Bad Oais at a festival, Robbie Williams would probably toss the I’ve got soul in the worst of places line into one of his medleys.


Song after: Gloria (live from Red Rocks) – U2

Black Rabbit, Vedora, Rawsome, Spirit Animal and Torpedo Rodeo in Max’s basement September 21, 2012   Leave a comment

It was a Friday, so my Monday, and Nathan said Max was having a party with bands playing in his basement. I was not excited to go out, but he said Vedora were playing, so I just had to. Max is a really good guy and plays guitar in a couple of bands and often does sound at the Monkey House. Despite having to work early the next morning, I went over to Nathans and we headed for the party. We made a pact to stay for the the first song of the third band, Vedora were on second, grabbed some beer and off we went.

Max lives in town, not far from Winooski, so it took no time to get there. We arrived, chatted a bit, but someone said Black Rabbit were about to go on, so down to the basement we went. It was a pretty small room, with lots of concrete and natural rock formations. That worked well, as you could sit on the rocks, if you are the kind of person who can sit with live music playing.

Black Rabbit were ferocious. Their songs are loud, fast, heavy, catchy and fun. They played with a searing intensity. The room made for a nice full rock sound. Everything about their set was great. The last time I saw them, it took a few songs for me to get into them. Not this night. I was hooked from the first note and rocked their whole set away. I really like these guys and must see them more!

After the set we wandered upstairs for some air, and another beer. There were lost of fascinating people hanging out. Soon enough, Max came around and said Vedora were ready to play. Back we went, and Vedora kicked off their show. While they may have lost of bit of of subtlety in their sound, due to the small cement room, they made up for it by rocking hard. They sounded great and the set was wonderful as always. Dragnet stands out as one of the songs that unleashed the wow factor from the audience, but really, the whole set was lots of fun. They played like crazy, had the small but committed audience loving them at every moment. They always do a great job, and Friday was no exception. They wrapped the night with In the Pines/Chain and everyone had a great time.  You can check out the video someone shot of Terrarium.

After their set it was time for another beer and a bit of air. It was a warm night and really nice to just walk around after being in a crampt space. That did not last long since Rawsome came on to play. We headed back down as Max picked up the guitar, Jessie-Lou, grabbed a mic and they were joined by a drummer who’s name I did not catch. Rawsome were raw, loud and fun. The music was pretty punk. The lyrics were a little buried in the mix, but what I caught was fun and sassy. Their last song was a nice back and forth between Max and Jessie-Lou that was brilliant. I’m sure they will bring it to a wider stage soon. I’ve seen Rawsome twice and really enjoyed both shows.

Again, after the set it was time to head upstairs. Nathan and I hung out with some cool people on the patio and chatted about life, the universe and everything. At one point I could hear Spirit Animal start to play. I hung out for a bit, but then had to head down. I only caught a couple of songs, but they were catchy. They had nice hooks and were loud and fast. They rocked hard. I should have caught more of their set, but was glad I at least caught a couple.

Having stayed so late anyway, we just hung out for a bit until Torpedo Rodeo took the stage. They rocked hard, and were just tremendous. I sometimes forget just how good they are, and really need to catch them again sometime soon. They playing is tight and it’s very easy to get into their songs. I’m so glad I stayed.

When they wrapped up, Nathan and I said some goodbyes, and headed out. I was kind of tired the next day at work, but also filled with a warm glow. Thanks guys!