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Fleetwood Mac cover night at the Monkey House, May 17, 2013   Leave a comment

I just got back from the Fleetwood Mac cover night at the Monkey House. The show took forever to start, and I heard that Blue Button canceled. The first guy on played Xylophone with a pre-recorded cassette. He played Caroline. It was ok, but not great. Just for the record, I checked online to be sure of the song title, and the version from Tango in the Night, sounded kind of like what he played. For his next song, his cassette died. It started to sound slow, and when he pulled it out, you could see the tape hanging. He wound it tight but it looked creased. For the next song it was just him and the mallets for Oh Daddy. Loosing the beat brought the sound of his instrument to the forefront, and it sounded great.

After that, there was a 30 minute switchover for Tooth Ache to play her electronic songs. The first guy sat in back, and triggered e-drums, but her voice was low in the mix and the two songs she played lacked a bit. Her second song, Say You Love Me, got the audience moving, but needed a bit more of her voice in the mix.

Swale followed with a reasonably quick set up, but it took a bit of time to get Amanda’s mic on. When ready, they did a very mellow Landslide, then upped the energy for Rhinnon and Gypsy. I think that was Tyler Bolleson bass, for the last two.

Vedora’s drummer Jeff LaBossierewas celebrating a birthday in the worst possible way, by being quite ill. Eric Olsen sat in on drums for Vedora’s first song and Jeremy Fredricks sat in for the other two. They played Dreams, Hypnotized, and finally, the full version of the Chain. I kind of knew they were going to do that, but wasn’t certain, until they did. Jeremy did a great job, but it didn’t pop like it does, when Jeff plays.

All in all it was a pretty good night. I don’t know who was on after, if anyone, but after Vedora, I was set. It wasn’t too cold, and a nice night for walking.

Darkness on the Edge of Winooski Friday January 25, 2013 at the Monkey House   Leave a comment

Whoo hoo, I’m not a big Bruce Springsteen fan, but with Swale, Blue Button and Vedora playing his songs, I was very psyched to go. I got out of work at 6:30 and Rich was hanging out when I got home. He was heading somewhere else, but just after 9 he gave me a ride to Winooski.

I walked in and a woman was playing acoustic guitar and singing a song I did not know. I think it was Sarah Stickle. By the time I settled in, she had wrapped up her set. I found a place close to the stage in the crowded Monkey House and soon Joe Adler and Eric Segalstad took the stage. Joe played acoustic guitar and sang and Eric played some pretty aggressive lead guitarish mandolin. They jammed out Adam Raised a Cain and had the enthusiastic audience shout out each time they sang that line. Joe’s deep voice and rocking guitar made it pretty fun. Next up was a song I did not know from Nebraska, then they brought up Aya Inoue for Atlantic City. Her voice is beautiful and blended wonderfully with Joe’s. They did a great job and I was having lots of fun.

I did not catch the name of the next artist who played. It was a guy with acoustic guitar and harmonica. I did not know either of the two songs, but his playing was subtle and beautiful.

Lowell Thompson took the stage next and opened with Atlantic City. I was a bit put off at first, having just heard the song, but his version was different and his playing very intimate. He’s such a solid musician, that I really liked his version. He followed with two more that I did not know, but were fun to listen to.

Nest, Tooth Ache set up her keyboard and array of effects. She was joined by a guy on xylophone with tubes on the bottom of the rig, and a keyboard that he also hit with the mallets. They used an electronic beat and played ’80’s pop versions of I’m on Fire and Dancing in the Dark. They did not amaze me, but they sounded pretty nice, and I was happy to listen.

At some point I heard that Swale or Blue Button were not able to make the show. Later I heard it was both. Rats! At least I had seen Vedora, and knew that they were there. I heard later that one of the other bands had to cancel. I think it was Parmaga. At one point, I ran into Dan Bolles and chatted for a moment or two.

Following Tooth Ache, Paddy Reagan took the stage. He sang to pre-recorded music, a la Ryan Power, and did a sweet electronic version of Philadelphia. He followed with yet another version of Atlantic City. It was good, but not as good as the two previous ones.

Vedora took the stage next and opened with I’m on Fire. Despite it’s redundancy, it was the first time in a long time that I was lucky enough to hear Caroline play sax. She blew the room away. Matt’s deep voice sounded great singing Bruce’s song, and Jeff kept things propelled on drums. They followed with Caroline singing Dancing in the Dark. It sounded good, but the number of repeats was starting to get to me. In the second half of the song, she picked the sax back up, and drove the tune home.

With no Swale or Blue Button to follow, I settled up and headed out, for the long and quiet walk home. I had a long workday Saturday and more music to see that night. I really wish there had been a bit more coordination in the songs. It might have been cool to see Vedora jam out Rosalita or Jungleland, but it is what it was. Despite some disappointment, I’m really glad I went out. That’s the thing about live music. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes not, but you will never know unless you go. And, if the show as a whole was a bit of a letdown, there were parts of pure beauty.