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Radio Show 275 Thursday September 27, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment


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Tonight’s local music radio show will run from 9-11pm Thursday September 27 on WBKM.ORG. You can steam it from the website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: Let’s Go Crazy – Prince


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Let’s dive into the rock and roll with the next song on MSP3 Counter Attack.

1.) Good Person – ROUGH FRANCIS
2.) Chop Wood Carry Water – Zola Turn
3.) Rock And Roll Is My Weapon – Ninja Custodian
4.) Destroying Everything They See – Blue Button

Cool song from the punk supergroup. Classics from Ninja and Zola and a great rocker from Francis. OK, let’s head over to Robot Dog Studio for an interview and live performance from Preece.

5.) Girl In My Bed – Preece
6.) Tomorrow Today – Preece
7.) Waste Of Time – Preece
8.) Can We Not? – Preece

I want to thank Ryan Cohen for making us sound so great and Chrusty Barnacles and Rich for helping with the filming. Thanks WBKM founder Tony Gallucci for joining in the interview and Burlington Beer Company for the libations. OK, let’s keep rocking.

9.) Sugar Coated Candy Stix – Dino Bravo VT
10.) Signal Loss – Zeus Springsteen
11.) Papertrain – Dave Jarvis Band (Hipp Notix)
12.) Flaca Daza – Miku Daza

Miku will do an acoustic performance with Ivamae at Switchback Brewing Company then Miku will rock out Light Club Lamp Shop on Sunday. Old classic from Dave and new classic from Zeus. Dino will be at Ciderfest on Saturday. OK, I caught these next two bands at Nectar’s last night.

13.) Big Starr – sleeping in
14.) Loose Tooth – Clever Girls
15.) Nightmare On Elm Street theme – Savage Hen
16.) Winter Bender – Jessica Rabbit Syndrome

Rabbit will be at The Monkey House on Sunday. Hen will be at Nectar’s on Monday. OK, let’s play a great song just because it’s great.

17.) Shy Spiders – Villanelles
18.) Falter – Julia Caesar
19.) Bucky – Aaron Flinn
20.) That Person Aside You – Milton Busker and the Grim Work

Cool song from Milton’s upcoming album. Aaron will be at The Double E on Saturday. Such great songs from Julia and Villanelles. The next performer will also do a show at 420 Pine st on Saturday with Coalescence Of Sound.

21.) Changes – Ivamae
22.) No More Goodbyes – King Margo
23.) Endless War – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter
24.) The Sunny Side Of Things – David Rosane & The Zookeepers

Another cool song from The Book Of Zoo. Jeremy will be back in town at Radio Bean on Sunday afternoon. Margo are from Nashville but will stop into the Bean on Monday night. This next artist will play a show in Williston at Nightshade fest tomorrow.

25.) Wanderer – Francesca Blanchard
26.) Prince Of Sweeden – The Smittens
27.) Always Monica – Chin Ho
28.) Lead me To Your Love – The New Siberians

Great rocker from the Siberians. Classic from Chin. Great new song from Smittens and a cool song from Francesca. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after
Perfume River – Fish
Yawning Of Snarling – The Tragically Hip
Sightless Gods – A Film In Color
Who Are These Gods? – Dam Kat
Lovely Day – gneiss
The Porpoise Song – The Church
The Revenge Of Vera Gemini – The Contrarian
Waiting For the World To End – The Depth and the Whisper
Blue Light Shines – Gabrielle Douglas and The Dwellers
Pennsylvania – The Red Telephone
Precious Things – Tori Amos
Preparing To Fly – The Waterboys
Hand Of Doom – Black Sabbath
Universal Care – Kal Marks
Heavy – Clever Girls
Get Me Outta Here – Deep Purple
regular awesome programming.

The Id and Stone Cold at Nectar’s July 5, 2013   Leave a comment

I took a chance on a couple of bands last Friday evening, or late afternoon.  Two of Tony’s, from WBKM, kids were playing in two bands at Nectar’s from 5:15 to 6:30, or so.  As a rock fan, I’ve developed some standards, so I was a bit apprehensive, but took a shot.  To be honest, both The Id, and Stone Cold were young.  The both had some chops, but will take time before they get seriously good.  That said, they are off to a great start.

The Id is a three-piece, guitar, bass, drum, combo.  Drummer Giana may need to learn the art of the flourish, and what beats don’t need to be played, but was absolutely rock solid.  She had nice timing and never missed a beat.  Guitarist Devin has some serious ability to run the frets, but needs to make each note be felt by the audience more.  Their bass player was named Gabby, and her singing and playing were quite impressive.  The one song she sang, I forgot the name, was one of their best.  Their songs were somewhere between indie and classic rock.  They have some good ideas, but I don’t think they are fully developed yet.  They did a good job with covers of Muddy Waters and Captain Beefhart songs, and have serious potential.

Devin stayed onstage and was joined by a singer/guitar player who’s name I’ve forgotten and Oscar on drums. The two guitars and drums band missed a bit without a bass player, but was pretty good.  They opened with the Sweater Song.  Their original stuff had a nice rock feel, and Oscar did a great job singing and playing drums.  The other singer/guitar player had a good voice and cool songs.  They definitely have something going.  At one point in the set, they played an indie rock version of Fearless, which was pretty cool.  Late in the set Devin picked up the bass for a couple of songs, but I think the two guitar interplay is their strong suit, so adding a bass player could make the band sing.

I’m happy I made it out to support a friend’s kid’s band.  Even though I did not leave fully musically satisfied, I left with abundant hope for the future.