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Andriana Chobot at Red Square, Clever Girls and Rough Francis at Speaking Volumes, and Ouzkxqlzn at Art Hop September 7, 2018   Leave a comment


Andriana Chobot

I had a great time seeing music last Friday at the South End Art Hop, ArtsRiot, and Red Square. Every year, artists have a weekend to show how amazing they are and fill the South End of Burlington with art. There are tons of galleries with paintings, sculpture, and other creative endeavors. There are lots of bands playing around and it’s always a good time. This year, I looked and did not see much music listed. The one show that caught my eye was Clever Girls at 8 with Rough Francis to follow.

I had a relaxing day off and was focused on the show, when I looked at 7 Days and saw a cool show listed at 4pm. I was a little slow out the door and walked into Red Square about 4:15. Andriana Chobot was onstage singing and playing keys and Cody Sargent played drums. He added a nice rhythm to the songs and his cymbal work was lovely. Andriana has a gorgeous powerful voice and plays keys in a way that keeps my heart rising. She sang about manifest destiny and dropped in a cover of Regina Spektor’s Ode To Divorce. My Old House had some nice keyboard flourishes and Another Day was magical. She sang about Galaxy Eyes and Coffee then said all she wanted is a bit of your heartbeat. She sang about how winter is coming then took a short set break. They returned with a song about The Cure then continued with a playful song about see saws. Dig Him rocked, Cascade soared then we took a ride into the wilds of Vermont. She sang a Carole King inspired song about changing my mind then dropped a cool cover of Ain’t No Sunshine. Neon had an appropriately dark glow and Not I melted my heart. They kept driving on then closed the set with Alone In The Night. Wow, I had not made it to Art Hop yet and had already heard 19 great songs.



The Ramparts

I left quickly and walked south. I caught a couple of songs by a band in a parking lot that may have been The Ramparts. They sounded cool but said there was music happening at the Green Door, and that is always one of the best Art Hop shows. I ran into Charlie Messing and we headed to a nearby gallery filled with rooms and lovely works of art. We ran into Frank DeAngelis and I was dazzled by his work. We then headed over to the space up behind ArtsRiot but no one was on. Danny LeFrancois said The Parts would be playing later but the timing conflicted with my primary objective. Oh well. Charlie wandered off and I remembered a building on the corner of Pine and Howard that seemed to have a lot of galleries. I walked up stairs and through doors and each one had more and more fantastic paintings. I followed hallways and found cool little rooms, I followed corridors and found more rooms full of art. I took one turn and found a room where music was about to be played. It was close to 8 but I had to hang and check some of it out. A dark video began and Ouzkxqlzn began to play. I grabbed a seat in awe as she worked the wrench over the guitar. I love the sounds she finds and weaves into a spell. About 10 of 8 I ripped myself away and went in search of Clever Girls. They were setting up and Diane Jean said they would go on around 8:30. I raced back to the building and back through the maze and somehow found the show room again then settled in for the end of Lauren’s set. I hung out as Adrienne Cooper Smith spoke about the mixture of the video she made and the sound of the music. A band got up to play and I think they did their own improvisation to the same video. I’m guessing Adrienne did the same at some point on her electric banjo. I’ve just got to figure out how to be in two, or more, places at once.



I listened to the bands cool sound for a bit then headed back to Speaking Volumes and ran into Peg Tassey. We chatted a bit with Dan Davine, then Clever Girls began to play. They opened with a hard hitting blues rock jam then dropped it into Catch And Release. Dumb Smile was pretty intense for a slower song then Diane screamed out the 1 2 3 4 opening to Loose Tooth. They sang about tilting your head back and waiting for this to pass, playing hide and seek, and rocked Junior nice and hard. Loom was heavy and powerful and Hannah Wants To See You soared. The closed with a blistering version of Heavy and we were in a happy place.


Clever Girls

I ducked out to see what was happening at ArtsRiot. Barbacoa were onstage, so I grabbed a drink and went to the front. They played a surf rock instrumental western then dropped a cool Paint It Black. They played a song with lyrics about how you are my dreamy girl then rocked out Love Takes It’s Toll On Me. They surfed through Venus In Spurs and my internal alarm went off and I headed back to SV.



I ran into Charlie again and chatted with a bit then the next band were about to hit. I almost made it past the merch table clean, but caught the edge of the cloth and sent a couple of things flying. I turned to help but Nicole Hackney was already on it. Sorry about that. Thanks for cleaning up my klutziness. I found a spot near Matthew Kloss and ROUGH FRANCIS began to play. They opened hard with I-90 East and followed with a song about coming together called Ruffians. They sang about werewolves on MSP2, then lit into Big Box Law Enforcement. A short way in, the power blew out leaving nothing but Urian Hackney‘s drums. Bobby Hackney Jr. had a fun chat with the crowd and quickly, the power came back. They launched back into Box and the power blew again on the first note. It quickly came back, and with an amazing boldness of spirit, they launched into it again. The power stayed on and the show continued. Julian Hackney played some ripping guitar leads, Paul rocked his guitar and danced hard, while Dan stood back and used his bass to anchor the songs. They rocked us with Geese and Pandas then went back to the first album for Home Invasion. They slowed things down with the anti-fascist Walk On By, then rocked out Retrosexual. They kept the fury going with Methmouth then let it fall into a jam. A guy from the audience stepped up a bit and began dancing, maybe break dancing, and delighted the crowd and the band. The jam amped up and they ripped through Earthquake then rocked out Procession 1. They lit into the familiar notes of Comm To Space as we rocked out “in the midnight hour”. They brought it to its thunderous conclusion, and as they were about to ramp up into the ending section, the power blew again. Undaunted, when it quickly returned they quickly ripped out the ending and called it a night. They are always great.

I headed out quickly in search of one more band, but it was after 10 and everything was shutting down. I let the exhaustion of the day wash over me, then took the lovely walk home.



Rough Francis


Dino Bravo, The Ramparts, and Black Rabbit at the South End Art Hop and The High Breaks at ArtsRiot September 8, 2017   Leave a comment


Dino Bravo pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music last Friday at Art Hop though it could have been a lot better if Mother Nature had cooperated a bit more, or if an indoor backup had been set up. I took the long lovely walk downtown but the weather looked iffy so I brought the umbrella along. I made it through the growing crowd, past all of the food trucks and packed galleries, and found the alley way out back where the Green Door stage was set. The rain had passed and the sky was blue when Dino Bravo VT took the stage. They played heavy loud rock music and opened with Sugar Coated Candy Stix. They brought out the harmony guitars for Strawberry Blonde and rocked Pop Music hard. A cover of 20th Century Boy got the crowd engaged and they closed with Past The Mark.

During the set break I got a chance to see Dino’s rehearsal space and was amazed at how small it was. I guess it does not take much room to launch a great band.


The Rampats pic by Tim Lewis

I heard music and headed back out as The Ramparts began their set. They had a mellower sound with an almost jam feel but the songs were more tightly constructed. They opened with a song with a bluesy rock feel about a drop in the bucket. They followed with a bouncy song called Spaceship that was stuck in my head for weeks after seeing them play it last year. I can still hear it now. They played a song with a nice groove that was cool, mellow and slow and was about one more night. They played a new song that was strong and rocking maybe called Night Light. They kept the trajectory heading harder and had a Sabbath vibe while taking the long way home. I was happily impressed by the music and unhappily impressed by the light raindrops with a similar trajectory. They began another new one that was really good but the light rain became a bit more steady and the show was stopped. All the equipment was quickly moved into the nearest gallery.

I wandered through the gallery and let my eyes feast on the brilliant art. I thought I could get a chance to see more galleries and make it back when the rain passed so I unfurled the umbrella and wandered in and out of galleries as I headed toward the back of ArtsRiot. I knew there was music at Speaking Volumes and Big Heavy World and cruised around but both were outside stages that were sadly quiet. The steady rain became a deluge and I found shelter at Green State Gardener and checked out a couple of plants and all the growing supplies. Once the rain eased to a reasonable level I wandered around several galleries and was happy to realize that there is as much art in our town as there is music.


The rain had almost stopped so I headed back to the Green Door. I chatted with many cool people and it began to look like Black Rabbit were going to play. They quickly got all the equipment set up with only occasional raindrops. They began playing The Original Original and the rain began again. They rocked their way through the song then said thank you goodnight. Everyone rushed to the stage and tore it down again as the rain became steady again. I was bummed that I would not get to see a full Rabbit set or Zeus Springsteen, Eastern Mountain Time, or The Parts.



Black Rabbit pic by Tim Lewis

I headed over to ArtsRiot and waited in the short and slow moving line. I got in and waited to get a drink but it went quickly when the bartender saw me and recognized me from the night before. The High Breaks had played Boardwalk Boogie, Surf Train, and The Big One as I waited then got settled. I moved to the front as they lit into a song dedicated to the downpour called Dark And Stormy Sea. They rocked out Surf Showdown and Sink Or Swim. They dedicated the next one to the 4th anniversary of ArtsRiot and the 25th edition of the South End Art Hop and played a killer surf rock version of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Up next was Hot Dog then they played a song about putting on your wet suit before going to bed so you are ready for anything when you wake up. It was called Wet Suit Dream. Matt said that whatever you do we care about you and don’t, then Todd said Wipe Out. They closed the show with that classic rocker that everyone knew.

At that point I headed out and walked around to more galleries and crammed my psyche with art. I did not stay too much later and was elated to experience a small slice of the wonder that is created in our town every day.


The High Breaks pic by Tim Lewis

The Ramparts, Sad Turtle, Caroline O’Connor, The Canteens, The Mountain Says No, Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band, Zeus Springsteen, and Heavy Plains at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016   Leave a comment

South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I had great time seeing music Friday night at the Art Hop. There were a ton of great bands playing, and I knew I could not catch them all, but had a few that I thought I really wanted to see. Most ended up playing in the same place. I knew where most of the bands would play but was not sure when they would go on, despite putting a little effort into researching times. I knew I wanted to catch Sad Turtle and they were playing around 6 at the Green Door showcase, but most of the rest of the times were a mystery.

I got out of work, did a quick stop at home, grabbed a half of a sandwich to eat and took the long fast walk to the south end of Burlington. The show location was listed as 4 Howard St and it only took a bit of walking around, and listening, to find the alley behind the building where the show happened. I walked in and The Ramparts were on and playing a groovy tune. I think I completely missed the first song and walked in on the end of the song that mentions without warning. As I settled in they began Spaceship and I recognized it immediately from last Wednesday. I happily settled into the groove and loved it much more than before. The next song had a nice refrain of always be giving and seemed to be about destiny. Since there were lots of bands playing all the sets were short. They wrapped up their fun dancey grooving rock set by being joined by Sareet Rosenstein for a fun cover of Your Love by The Outfield.



The Ramparts at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Ramparts at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



During the set break I chatted with some friends and noted the board that listed the bands who would play and their set times. Almost every band that I wanted to see would be right in that alley, so that made it easy.

The set break was fairly quick and soon Sad Turtle took the stage. I had never seen the band but knew most of the players. They play all instrumentals and have some cool grooves punctuated by some rocking guitar and sharp drumming. Lead by the keyboard player, who’s name eludes me, they have an indie rock jam jazz sort of sound and have a nice flow to the music. Jake Styles bass keeps a nice groove while the keys flow along and Justus Gaston rocks out a bit on guitar and the super fun to watch Jeremy Gartner hits each drum beat with dramatic flair. The songs all have fun titles such as The Words Are Colliding And George Is Getting Upset and Detective Norman, and Bidets And Confused. A couple of the songs had some solid rock and roll moments and I enjoyed the six songs that they played. I will have to check them out again soon.



Sad Turtle at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Sad Turtle at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



During the set break I wandered through some of the nearby buildings and saw a ton of fantastic paintings and other forms of art. We have a lot of talent in our town.

Up next, Caroline Marie took the stage and played a solo set of electric guitar, her lovely voice, and looped songs. Her music has an elegant style and a beautiful flow. The songs tend to start a bit simple and get more complex as she adds the earlier parts of the song into the loop. By the end of the first song, True, she had such a full sounding song going she put down the guitar and played a gorgeous sax solo into the mix. It sounded fantastic. The second song was similar without the sax and had a refrain of feel my strength. Since the whole show was running 30 minutes late she was going to stop there but they said she could play another one. She triggered a backing track with her on bass and Jane Boxall Percussion on drums and played guitar and sang over it. Fly is such a cool song and sounded great.




Caroline O'Connor  at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Caroline O’Connor at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



During the set break I saw even more art and was even more impressed by the talent in this town.

The Canteens were up next and played some ethereal soft rock songs about whiskey and other things. With Justine Poole on acoustic guitar & vocals & drums, Kelsey Ackerman on violin & vocals, and Michael Sheerin on cello their sound was almost country or Americana but not quite either. Soft rock does not quite describe it either since the sound is mellow and quiet but the songs have a huge strength to them. I really enjoyed listening to the five songs they played. The third song opened with Ackerman playing something in a box that sounded like chimes before the song went into a heavy rocking section and they added a little bit of Chim Chim Cher-ee towards the end. They finished the set with a song about following the rain which had a driving rock ending. I definitely need to check into them soon.



The Canteens  at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Canteens at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



In the next break I ventured into the bar area and said hi to Matthew Stephen Perry. I got a small easy to drink beverage and headed back to the alley quickly.

With a nice dark alley and eerie lighting The Mountain Says No took the stage with a roar. They opened with a killer version of The Bomb. They shifted into the moody and intense Be Like Ryan then went back to full on rock for Restaurant. They rocked another newer one that I don’t fully know yet, but really like, then kept it hard and heavy with You Say You’re Alive. Ricky The Rider kept the party going then they eased up a bit for Blanket’s Fine. They came back at full force for I Know Right and called it a night. They are such a fantastic band and that was another legendary show.



The Mountain Says No  at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Mountain Says No at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I knew Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band were on behind the Maltex building so I ducked out of the alley, walked down Howard and across Pine st, which had been turned into a pedestrian zone, and without entering the packed tent, caught a song and a half from the band. I was pretty close to the stage and the sound was surprisingly good considering the speakers were not facing me. The band sounded great as they played a smooth easy song that had the refrain of who’s your fool. The song had a long couple of endings and was expertly played.



Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I headed back to the alley, thinking I had plenty of time. Apparently the set break was super short and I walked in on the last note of the first Zeus Springsteen song. Rats. I settled in as the rock trio made up of singer drummer David Evan, guitarist Chris Farnsworth and bassist Josh Shedaker rocked as hard as Mountain. All of the songs are well written and have a unique flow and are really good. I’m just getting to know them. I loved the first fours songs I saw and loved the fifth, Lights Of Montreal, even more. They wrapped the set with TV On The Radio’s Wolf Like Me and I was happy.




Zeus Springsteen at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Zeus Springsteen at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I knew Heavy Plains were playing at Speaking Volumes at some point but did not know when. After Zeus I raced over, and they were on the stage. I walked up fairly close as the band, who were playing in a garage door, looked out at the audience that was shrouded in the darkness of the night. With a brand new rhythm section they had a bit of a different sound, but still brought some rock and roll firepower. I did not recognize any of the 5 songs that I caught but there was some blistering rock and roll and it was so great to see Luke Awtry play some super lead guitar. Hopefully, they will start playing a bunch of shows soon and I’ll really begin to catch their new vibe.




Heavy Plains  at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Heavy Plains at the South End Art Hop September 9, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



It wasn’t super late at that point, but I had to be at work super early the next day, so I took the long walk home. Despite all the intense rock and roll that I heard all evening, the super bouncy Spaceship ran through my head as I bounded home. That sound is surprisingly addictive.




The Ramparts and Zeus Springsteen at The Monkey House September 7, 2016   Leave a comment

Zeus Springsteen at The Monkey House September 7 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Zeus Springsteen at The Monkey House September 7 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


The Ramparts at The Monkey House September 7 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Ramparts at The Monkey House September 7 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



I had a great time seeing music last Wednesday at The Monkey House. Earlier in the day I walked downtown to WBKM and set up my radio show for that Thursday. I walked back home, hung out for a while and just before 8 walked to Winooski. I got in and settled and chatted a bit, but soon it was time for The Ramparts to play. They opened with a slow searing stomping song and we were off. They moved to a dance rock sound for a song about Heaven then played a fun song called Spaceship. It sounded nice enough, and had a nice groove, but didn’t really blow me away. More on that later. They kept up the fun party rock with songs about a drop in the bucket and a son of a gun. They played their version of a country song that had a bit of a Walk On The Wild Side vibe. Another slow searing rocker came without warning. They asked for a volunteer from the audience, and skipped over Chris Farnsworth who had his hand up first, and wisely chose the woman who had been standing near the stage for the whole show who looked like she was anticipating something and coincidentally knew all the lyrics. The band played a fun version of The Outfield’s Your Love and she sounded great singing with them. The Straw Man followed and had a Floyd vibe, think Time or Breathe. They played an old song that said it all rolls on and had a bit of a Tragically Hip vibe, then played a rocker that had a bit of a Hip vibe too. They brought the woman back to the stage for a fun version of Head Over Heels and called it a night. They were a fun band and I enjoyed them.




The Ramparts at The Monkey House September 7 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Ramparts at The Monkey House September 7 2016 pic by Tim Lewis



The set break was not long and soon it was time for my second time seeing Zeus Springsteen. They opened with a song that started slow then blasted into the stratosphere then eased off at the end. They played a super heavy version of Lights Of Montreal then Josh Shedaker sang a fun indie rocker cover that I did not know. They kept the show rocking hard and fast with Your Funeral and David Evan was just a madman playing the drums, and singing. They said things were going to get weird for a bit and played a super heavy Tomorrow Never Knows. They played another original rocker that mixed slow and fast parts expertly and followed with the super fun Jody Is A Robot. They brought all of their power and glory to a ripping Madman Across The Water then rocked hard on Rental. They capped the night with a blistering cover of TV On The Radio’s Wolf Like Me.

I said a couple of quick goodbyes and took the long walk home. It was my second time seeing Zeus and now have them in the see whenever you can file.



Zeus Springsteen at The Monkey House September 7 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Zeus Springsteen at The Monkey House September 7 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

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Radio Bean Birthday party part 1 Dino Bravo and The Ramparts November 7, 2015   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

There’s nothing like being in a bar at 8:30am with everyone heartily singing We’re All Alright, We’re All Alright. The Radio Bean birthday party is underway.

Despite setting my alarm for 7:20p,, I woke up just in time to throw myself together and catch a ride from Mike Luoma down to the Bean. Around 8:15 Dino Bravo VT cranked out some loud heavy rock. They opened with Chuck Berry and followed with Sugar Coated Candy Stix. A ripping version of Past the Mark featured some sweet Chris Farnsworth lead guitar playing and the band wrapped the set with a cover of Surrender.

The Ramparts followed with a blues rock stomp song that was kind of cool. The four-piece, two guitars, bass, drums band rocked a more bluesy pop song and finished up with a cover of Head Over Heels.

Knowing it’s going to be a long day, I headed home and will check the lineup, and likely pop in and out all day long. I’m psyched for Swale around 4pm and Blue Button at 10:30 but need to check the lineup to make sure I don’t miss anything, or at least not much!