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Bill Burrell and The Hutton Toohey Disaster at Radio Bean June 23, 2018   Leave a comment


Sean Toohey and Matt Hutton pic by Tim Lewis

I just got back from seeing some great music at Radio Bean. I arrived early and caught a set by Bill Burrell. He sang and played electric piano and was joined by a super relaxed spot on drummer. With a long finer reach that could hit interesting simultaneous notes, he had a bit of an Elton John sound. He sang about not being able to disarm memories and things not coming easy, and staying right here ’til this blows over. His set was strong and lovely.




Bill Burrell pic by Tim Lewis

The set break was reasonable then Sean Toohey and Matt Hutton took the stage. Armed with microphones and electric guitars they opened with Under Northern Sky. They popped back to the Warner Brothers album for Very Underground, then took a dive into the deep past. Seasons Change from the Spray 9 days was still cool today. They went back to the WB album for Mary then did another Spray 9 song called I Turn Around which filled my soul. Sean took off the guitar and sat with a six sting lap slide guitar and made Gold In California shine. He kept the slide going for Jet Pilot high, which had me singing almost all the words. They popped back to the Venus Envy days for 1,000 Lies then hit us in our love spot with Bloodboy. They stayed with the Envy theme for Falling In And Out Of Sleep and I Am Sunday. They hit us hard with Bomb and said that was going to be the last one, but previously a couple of people asked for another. The Possibility Shop filled my soul and made me sing it into the world. They called it a night after that and left us wanting to see what they would do two years from now, which seems to be their time frame. It was the kind of night that just makes you smile and fills you with joy.



Sean Toohey and Matt Hutton pic by Tim Lewis