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FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN HOST:  Inevitably, the crisis in Ukraine is being discussed in Washington largely through the lens of political polarization. It seems like any and every topic is fodder for partisan dispute these days, even the weather — actually, especially the weather.

Many Republicans are arguing that Vladimir Putin intervened in Crimea because of President Obama’s weakness. Putin saw that Obama didn’t want to go to war in Syria, for example, and this emboldened Putin.

Well, who knows, right? It’s tough to know what would have happened in an alternative universe. Imagine that we still had Putin around in charge of Russia but imagine he faced a different president, one who was tough, aggressive, who had no compunctions about invading countries.

Oh, wait, we ran that experiment in 2008. Putin faced George W. Bush, a president who had invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, for good measure, in the latter case, defying massive international pressure and opposition, and yet, Putin invaded Georgia.

And not as he did this time in a stealthy way with soldiers who were already there who switched their uniforms, he sent in Russian tanks roaring into Georgia, and without any referendums, simply annexed two pieces of that country.

Does this prove that Bush was a wimp after all? No, it doesn’t. You see, there has been some very good and careful scholarship by Daryl Press and Jonathan Mercer, among others, that looks at historical cases to figure out whether having a reputation for toughness actually deters your opponents from doing bad things like invading countries.

In general, the answer is no. Countries make these decisions based on many factors, but the most important ones seem to be a careful analysis of the power dynamics of the specific case.

So in Ukraine, Russia would ask, is this a vital interest of the United States? And what is Washington’s capacity to act in this particular situation? In other words, Putin would look at his cards, Washington’s cards, and the specifics of the situation in Ukraine, rather than assuming that because Bush invited Iraq he would defend Georgia, or that because Obama didn’t invade Syria he would do nothing about Ukraine.

Politicians in Washington are convinced that Putin was encouraged by Western weakness. But it’s actually quite possible that he, Putin, felt he was acting to stop the West’s growing strength.

Look at the situation from Russian eyes. In 1991, Moscow gave up its 75-year-old Soviet empire. It also gave up large parts of its 300-year-old Russian Empire, including Ukraine.

Since then, its historical rival, NATO, has expanded closer and closer to Moscow’s borders. And then the West encouraged Ukrainians to take to the streets and depose their president who had close ties to Moscow.

Now none of this excuses aggression or justifies Putin’s thuggish response, but if we’re going to find a political solution in Ukraine that will stick, we need to recognize that the issues at stake are not personal, and that they are larger than Obama’s weakness and Putin’s paranoia.


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Charles Atlas

Got strong by gardening

While many spent hours

Day after day of their lives

Doing crunches

Bending down

Over and over again

Charles Atlas

Bent down

Over and over again

Moving soil, ripping weeds

Bending and planting

Until he was ripped

Moving mounds of dirt

Sculpting his yard

Charles Atlas

Gained strength and tone

In the most grueling

Task known to man



So what do you want?

Do you want to pay

To tone your only body

Or if you do the work anyway

Do you want some reward?

Perfect food and beautiful flowers

To nourish body and soul


As always the choice is yours

To waste your strength or use it.

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