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Bill Maher “Now, the other great story this week from overseas, my favorite Pope, the current Pope, Pope Frank.  Pope Frank fired the Bishop of bling.  Have you read about this guy?  There is this Bishop, full Bishop in the Catholic Church in Germany, who spent 42 million dollars renovating his residence.  Boy that basket adds up, you know the one they pass around.  They don’t call them the flock for nothing ’cause they get fleeced.  But OK, so 42 million dollars.  He had a 20 thousand dollar bathtub, a four million dollar private chapel with a retractable roof, this guy was out of control with the spending.  He was getting altar boys drunk on Crystal…But, I gotta say, I do love the Pope.  I love this Pope with not having it.  He is all about the humility.  This Pope made the bleeping Bishop come to Vatican City.  He marched him past the 180 marble columns in St Peter’s Square and into the 90 room gilded palace where he lives in his own country, and he says, we do not do over the top here.”