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Relief of Spring   Leave a comment

Sitting in between

The steel blue sky of winter to the East

The Powder blue of spring to the West

We are in between

The seasons governed by

The angle of the sun


To our credit

We do not need

A change of seasons

To initiate

Changes to perfect

The work of our lives

We can seize any

Moment we like


From our primary

Perception of spring

Relief shrugs off the

Harsh cold of winter

Enjoying the return

Of the light and the heat

Of the sun and the return

From winter’s dormant state


It’s easy to get lost in

Joy of coming back to life

When dormancy of winter

Is just as alive as the

Lightened explosion of spring


Our inner world constantly explodes

Understanding the corporal whole

Where spring and summer live as equals

In your love that shines from deeds and words


And you encounter winter, and love it

And you encounter spring, and you love it


Love shines from inside out

Not from the outside in


The Sun is eternally there

The angle is always changing

Choosing to enjoy what is there

Frees love in winter and the spring


On such days in between

When Janus guides our thoughts

Both directions are love

As sun shines from our soul


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