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Stephen Colbert “Now, Senator Sanders you’re a guy who’s a rabble-rouser.  You whip people up.  That may play in Vermont, but there is talk that you may be throwing your hat into the Presidential ring.  Sir, I only have 15 more shows.  If you want the Colbert bump…  Are you ready to declare tonight? … Would you like to make some news?”

Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “The news is I’m thinking about running for President. ”

Colbert “Sir, you have a campaign manager.  Is he doing nothing?  Is that just socialist handouts?”

Sanders “We haven’t put anybody on the campaign staff yet.  What we have to ascertain is whether or not in this country there is the appetite and willingness to put together a strong grass-roots movement to take on the billionaire class.  That’s a very difficult undertaking and when you’re running against people who have unlimited sums of money the question is how you raise the twenty dollars and forty dollar contributions, the money that you need to run a serious campaign.  So, those are the issues we’re looking at.”

Colbert “OK, you believe the government can achieve things.  True?  That’s a controversial stance.  Can you name a country where that’s worked out?”

Sanders “I think, one of the sad things about American politics is that we don’t know a whole lot about what’s going on in a number of other countries.  In Denmark, for example, you have a very good health care system which provides quality care to all of its people without out of pocket expense.  At a time when our young people, by the millions, are having a hard time affording to go to college, are graduating deeply in debt, in Denmark college and graduate school is without any out of pocket expense.”

Colbert “I do want to point one thing out to you Senator.  Denmark has five and a half million people and I have more than that on my Twitter feed.  So, I’m going to tweet something here tonight, uhm, hold on, ‘suck it Denmark’.  Alright folks, please retweet that.  If I get more get more retweets than there are people in Denmark, (points at Sanders) you have to move there.”



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Jon Stewart “But, Iowa was not all Hillary all the time.”

Reporter September 15, 2014 “Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was also in Iowa this weekend, testing the waters, perhaps, for a Presidential campaign of his own in 2016.”

Reporter speaking to Sanders September 14, 2014 “Is Iowa ready for Hillary?  Are Democrats ready for Hillary?”

Stewart “Oh for bleep’s sake.  (imitates reporter) Bernie Sanders, you’re a good man filled with wisdom that comes with age, a Diogenes for this modern era, one of the few independents to earn a place at the Washington table.  What do you think of Hillary Clinton?  Well, if this is the question you’re asking the Senator, we might as well hear the answer.”

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “Well, I think the answer is that Iowa and America does not want to anoint anybody.”

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The Federal Reserve chair told Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that she shared his concerns about wealth inequality and its distorting effects on democracy, but she declined to offer any solutions.

Sanders pointed Wednesday during a Joint Economic Committee hearing to a recent study that found corporate interests dominated politics at the expense of ordinary citizens, and Fed Chair Janet Yellen said she agreed.

“All of the statistics on inequality you’re cited are ones that greatly concern me, and I think for the same reasons that you’re concerned about them,” Yellen said.

She said money was often the deciding factor in which voices were heard during the political process, but she stopped short when Sanders asked if the United States had ceased to be a capitalist democracy but had instead become an oligarchy.

“I prefer not to give labels, but there’s no question we’ve had the trend toward growing inequality, and I personally find it very worrisome trend that deserves the attention of policy makers,” Yellen said.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen won’t tell Bernie Sanders whether U.S. is democracy or oligarchy

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Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Thursday said recent revelations about the U.S. National Security Agency validated his dire concerns about the Patriot Act.

“As one of the few members of Congress who consistently voted against the Patriot Act, I expressed concern at the time of passage that it gave the government far too much power to spy on innocent Americans. Unfortunately, what I said turned out to be exactly true,” he said in a video uploaded to YouTube.

“The United States government should not be accumulating phone records on tens of millions of innocent Americans,” Sanders continued. “That is not what freedom is about. That is not what our constitution is about.”

The Patriot Act was first approved by Congress in 2001, about a month after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The controversial set of laws was reauthorized in 2006 and again 2011.