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Jon Stewart “But, Iowa was not all Hillary all the time.”

Reporter September 15, 2014 “Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was also in Iowa this weekend, testing the waters, perhaps, for a Presidential campaign of his own in 2016.”

Reporter speaking to Sanders September 14, 2014 “Is Iowa ready for Hillary?  Are Democrats ready for Hillary?”

Stewart “Oh for bleep’s sake.  (imitates reporter) Bernie Sanders, you’re a good man filled with wisdom that comes with age, a Diogenes for this modern era, one of the few independents to earn a place at the Washington table.  What do you think of Hillary Clinton?  Well, if this is the question you’re asking the Senator, we might as well hear the answer.”

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “Well, I think the answer is that Iowa and America does not want to anoint anybody.”

Letter to my Representative and Senators   2 comments

I just sent this to Rep Peter Welch, Sen Bernie Sanders, and Sen Pat Leahy

Dear Sir,

I am writing with strong objection to the Marketplace Fairness Act. As a Vermonter who has worked for a mail order catalog company for many years, I think this legislation will be disastrous. The concept of having every company and artist who sells their goods via the mail, have to conform to every individual municipal tax code is daunting. The worst effect of this will be all of the companies that realize it will be too difficult, and they won’t even try. Do you have solid estimates about how many businesses will never start up due to the excessive difficulty in implementing this? If not, you better go back to the drawing board. Personally, I expect it will stifle small business in Vermont, and the United States of America.

I have heard the idea that there will be some sort of software that will make it easy to calculate the tax rate for each individual community in our vast country. Is that true? If so, you might be able to make the system work. That said, when was the last time you went through a major software upgrade? They are excessively painful, never go anywhere near as easy as planned, and create havoc for months and years. Are you willing to guarantee that this will work perfectly right out of the gate? What is the precise plan for updating the software, every time any community changes their tax rate? Again, if every detail is not worked out, it will be a nightmare.

By implementing such a system, it’s obvious that the larger the company, the easier it will be to adhere to this. Once again, you politicians are willing to throw the little guy under the bus, and encourage the large corporations. They will survive anyway. We may, or may not. If you implement this, remember, every job lost because of this will be your fault.

Please write back with direct answers to my concerns. A cover letter will only result in further questions and phone calls. As a citizen, I need to know the answers to these questions, and if I get the slightest hint that you have not gamed out every possible ramification, I will be forced to vote against you in the next elections. In general, I feel lucky to be represented by such intelligent and caring people. However, if you follow through on this, and vote for this, and problems arise, there will be no reason to expect that you should keep your jobs.

Very Sincerely,

Tim Lewis