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Paddy Reagan, The Shifting Sands, and 1881 at SideBar October 17, 2016   Leave a comment

Paddy Reagan at SideBar October 17, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Paddy Reagan at SideBar October 17, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Monday at SideBar. The evening began with Padraic Reagan playing a few songs solo on an electric guitar. He began with a song that had a heavy drone then played a couple of mellower songs. He played a song that has more words than he usually sings then wrapped the short set with a heavier song about being to weak to call you.



The Shifting Sands at SideBar October 17, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Shifting Sands at SideBar October 17, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


Up next, New Zealand’s The Shifting Sands played a lush set of drone rock. They started with a heavy flowing song that had a hint of The Church and followed with a more poppy song. The third one reminded me a tiny bit of the Blue Button song How It Goes then they went back to the Shoegaze for the fourth song. A song called Water, I think I got the title right, had some nice moves and changes and was great to experience. The next couple of songs were pretty fun and they wrapped the set with a rocker that asked where do we go from here. I had a nice time seeing them.



The Shifting Sands at SideBar October 17, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

The Shifting Sands at SideBar October 17, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


1881 capped the night with a fun set of rocking pop. Their songs are catchy and it was nice to hear Winfield Holt break out a few great lead guitar parts. They played hit after hit like The Storm Has Been Weathered and Sometime Next Week from their Lights EP. I did not get the new EP, Camera, until after the show, but I’m sure they played songs from it too. They tossed in the usual cover of All Day And All Of The Night and wrapped the evening with a song called Sleepwalker, in which they count 1881 sheep. I think that was the third time I have seen them and have loved every show.



1881  at SideBar October 17, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

1881 at SideBar October 17, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

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The Blim-Blams and Lendway at Red Square and Bowie cover night at the Monkey House July 19, 2013   Leave a comment

I caught a bunch of cool music yesterday. I headed to Red Square around 6, and caught most of a set by the Blim-Blams, on the outside stage. Ryan Ober did a great job as singer, guitarist and front man. Matthew Kloss plucked the stand up bass with precision, and drummer Steve Hadeka, kept the beat rocking. I missed the name of the pedal steel player, who added shimmering leads without making the songs sound country. Their music was kind of ’50’s bluesy rock and roll, with tight phrasings and oft repeated lyrics. The songs were fun to bop along to. Good as they were, when the Blamettes (Miriam Bernardo, and I missed the name of the other woman)took the stage, the sound took an extra step. Their voices were in perfect harmony and gave the listener one extra part of the sound to enjoy. It felt like I should have known all of the songs, but I did not know any. They said one was a Ray Charles song, and another was about Lucille, but there was never an, I know this song, moment. They wrapped up just after 7, then it was time to wait for Lendway.

As we waited a storm came in. I had been chatting with photographer Matt Thorsen and Diane Sullivan whe staff rushed everyone inside as the sky became dark. The wind picked up and whipped debris everywhere. It passed quickly, then Lendway had to decide it they were playing inside or out. The weather looked like it was clear for a while, so they set up outside. They were supposed to go on at 8 but it was 9:15 by the time they got going. I was stressed, since I had hoped to catch a few songs, then head to the Bowie cover night at the Monkey House. Since I had waited for so long, I hung out for a few Lendway songs. Michael Clifford and the guys sounded iffy on the first one, as the sound man got things in balance, and got rid of the crackle in the guitar. The second, Gone Eraser sounded really good, then they locked in and sounded phenomenal as always. Kindergarten had a moody opening and really rocked, and Hollywood was just gorgeous. They said the next one was a cover and though it sounded nice, I did not know it, and my drink became empty. I sailed out the door, found a killer walking pace, and headed for Winooski. I arrived at the Monkey house at 10:20 and found I had only missed Tooth Ache. Swale were setting up. Yea. I chatted with Rebekah Whitehurst while waiting, but soon enough Swale hit the stage with Changes. They played a pretty solid version and followed with Moonage Daydream. Eric Olsen played a killer solo at the end, and I was very happy. They wrapped up the set with a rousing Suffragette City. Next up, on the stage in back, Paddy Reagan played some slow trancey electronica versions of Young Americans and Modern Love. They were cool, but very downbeat.

Blue Button set up on the main stage, and though they were missing guitarist James Belizia, they had a pretty rocking sound. They restrained the usual punk fury, but rocked hard on 5 Years, All the Young Dudes and Heroes. Dudes sounded especially Bowieish, rather than the more usual Mott the Hoople version. While the show was really good, without James, they almost needed one more instrument. It would have been cool if Amanda had just left the keys set up and played with them. Oh well, I’m a dreamer.

Up next, Chuck The Plains played a killer punk rock version of Queen Bitch. For the next song, they invited up the singer for local Doors cover band, People Are Strange” to play a killer Ziggy Stardust and a driving Rebel Rebel. They were really good. I should get to know CTP soon. After that Lee Anderson came on the back stage, and did some odd vocal stuff. I was pretty spent, so I slid out the door and took the long walk home.

Here’s a video of Chuck The Plains playing Ziggy Stardust.  Video shot by Chris Brown.