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Bill Maher “Of course, the other big news this week, good news for the people who need it the most, our downtrodden millionaires and billionaires.  You know, the tough thing about being rich in America folks, is that you may have money and yachts, and gold toilet handles, but what you don’t really have is a voice.  Nobody listens to you.  It’s like you don’t exist.  It’s like you’re homeless except you have many large homes.  Well, luckily we have a Supreme Court that is giving voice to our millionaires and billionaires.  This week they struck down the aggregate limits they have on individuals giving to candidates and parties.  You know, you used to be only able to buy your Congressman, now you can buy your Congressman, and everybody else’s too.  Donald Trump can drive a pickup truck to the Capital steps and say who speaks English, I need eight of you, hop in.  No, those five Jurassic bleepholes that make the conservative wing, they all voted together and Clarence Thomas, always worse than any of them, Clarence Thomas says he wants no campaign finance rules at all.  Clarence Thomas, I always say to myself how can a guy that never talks always makes me want to go oh shut up.”


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“The court left intact how much any person can give to a single federal candidate, but it did away with the limit on how much anybody can give to all candidates put together. “

Jon Stewart “Victory.  Finally we’re rid of the corrosive influence of not enough money in politics.”

Pundit “Basically, it gives people who have a lot of money at their disposal the chance to spread their influence even more widely.  If you have a million dollars now, think how many chunks of $5,200 that makes.  You can write a lot of checks.”

Stewart “Yup, lots and lots of $5,200 checks.  The last great hope of preserving our democracy from the corrupting influence of money, is carpal tunnel syndrome.  All right, what rationale did the court use to justify this 5-4 split decision.  Let’s hear some dissent from liberal justice Kagan.”

Justice Kagan “If you take off the aggregate limits, people will be allowed, if you put together the national committees and all the state committees and all the candidates in the House and Senate, it comes to over $3.5 million.”

Stewart “OK, here’s the conservative rebuttal, first Antonin Scalia speaks from the bench in his hot tub full of money.”

Justice Scalia “Just to put that in perspective how much money is spent by political parties and PACs in all elections throughout the country?  When you add that up, I don’t think $3.5 million is a heck of a lot of money.”

Stewart “Antonin Scalia, the strict constructionist justice, his argument seems to be OK sure, $3.5 million sounds like a donor is making it rain, until you compare that to the monsoon season of money that we unleashed in our previous Citizens United decision allowing corporations and unions to donate to Super PACs, I believe the limit there was, whatever the bleep they want.  Now, you may think even though there are billions of dollars in politics, surely millions can still have some corrupting effect, no?  And, aren’t we, by attempting to limit contributions just trying to limit the corrupting influence money, or at least the appearance of the corrupting influence of money?  You shouldn’t have said that, because it turns out you were bleeping wrong.  ‘Cause according to this Supreme Court the only kind of corruption that matters is the narrowest possible Thomas Nast like monocled, top hatted man who hands a bag of money, labeled money for bribes to a literal fat cat while the American public stands behind them wearing a barrel, known as quid pro quo corruption.”

Justice Alito “Unless the money is transferred to, you have to get it to the person who wants to corrupt to the person who is going to be corrupted, and unless the money can make it from A to B I don’t see where the quid pro quo argument is.”

Stewart “So, let me get this straight.  Justice Alito doesn’t see how money corrupts politics unless you can draw a straight line from I am giving you this money to do this thing for me.  Well, let’s see if we can find Justice Alito a broader, non-literal, quid pro quo, like an historical example of the corrupting influence of money in politics.  What if we reached back in history to like, this weekend.”

Pundit “The Republican governors are heading west to Las Vegas.  They’re speaking at the spring meeting of the Republican Jewish coalition, but more important, their private talks with one man, Republican super donor Sheldon Adelson.”

Stewart “I would respectfully like to approach the bench, and remind the court that when the media refers to Sheldon Adelson as a super donor, they’re not talking sperm, I hope.  So, A pack of Republican presidential hopefuls just flew all the way to Las Vegas just to kiss the scooter riding ass of one 80 year old billionaire.  It doesn’t prove anything though, right?  I mean people on Fear Factor speed eat a plate of bull testicles for $50,000, it doesn’t mean the two are connected.  It doesn’t mean that money changes their behavior. “

Pundit “Later, according to NBC news, Christie did apologize to Adelson.”

Pundit “He ended up having to apologize for referring to the West Bank as quote occupied territories.”

Stewart “Still don’t think money has a more general corrupting influence on politics?  ‘Cause I can tell you this, my family is full of 80 year old Jews, who would very much like to tell politicians what words they can and cannot use to describe Israel.  But, as of this taping, no presidential hopefuls have flown to their house to solicit that opinion…In who’s delusional mind is democracy made better by letting wealthier people control more of it?”

Sen Mitch McConnell “I can understand why the political left doesn’t like decisions like Citizens United and McCutcheon because they expand the playing field.  They enable more citizens to be involved.  More citizens to contribute to the candidates and causes they believe in.  That’s good for America.”

Stewart “Bullsh*t.  How the bleep does this decision enable more citizens to contribute?  According to the AP, in 2012, 646 individuals bumped up against the campaign contribution limit that this case just struck down. McCutcheon doesn’t get more people involved, it lets those 646 individuals get themselves more involved.  You know, how did the Supreme Court handle voter ID laws?”

Pundit in 2008 “The Supreme Court said that states can require a voter ID at the polls to prevent voter fraud.”

Stewart “So, the Court conveniently ignores the real effects of the donor lobbyist industrial complex under the guise of making our democracy more inclusive, yet they’re perfectly OK with voter ID laws which, under the guise or protecting us from mostly nonexistent in person voter fraud, actually makes our democracy less inclusive.  Corruption that actually happened (holds hands over eyes), voter fraud that doesn’t happen (moves hand away from one eye to peek out).  Justice is blind, but only in one eye.”

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If I had money

I’d buy a birthday present

on my birthday

for everyone I know


If I had money

I’d buy a club

and hire all the bands I like

for way too much money

and make it worthwhile

for an exuberant audience to show


If I had money

I’d hire every artist in town

for way too much money

to create experiences

of music and art

and give it to the people


If I had money

I’d create a place

where wonderful people could go

and be taken care of

and encouraged

to do great things

where souls would be engaged

with their potential

and their expenses would be covered

and they’d be paid for it


If I had money

I’d waste it any way I could

any way that I thought

would encourage people who care

here there and everywhere

to be magnificent

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The Sunlight Foundation on Friday published a useful and thorough group of charts breaking down the latest tallies of dark money spending this election cycle.

The top-line numbers: Through Nov. 1, at least $213 million had been spent on the presidential, Senate, and congressional races by groups that do not disclose their donors. Of that total, $172.4 million (81 percent) was spent to support Republican candidates, while $35.7 million (19 percent) was spent to support Democratic candidates.

There are 34 races (12 Senate and 22 House) where dark money groups have spent more than $1 million, and four Senate races where more than $10 million have been spent: Virginia ($19 million), Ohio ($13.1 million), Nevada ($11.7 million), and Wisconsin ($10.4 million).

In four House races where dark money tops $1 million and accounts for at least half of the outside money spent — NY-28, CO-3, NY-22, and NY-23 — 99.9 percent of the dark money has gone to support Republicans.

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Mitt Romney suggested Saturday in Virginia Beach that President Obama wants to remove God from coins, provoking a fierce retort from the president’s campaign.

“I will not take God out of our platform,” the Republican nominee said after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. “I will not take God off our coins, and I will not take God out of my heart.”

In response, Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith called the insinsuation false and an act of desperation.

“It’s disappointing to see Mitt Romney try to throw a Hail Mary by launching extreme and untrue attacks against the President and associating with some of the most strident and divisive voices in the Republican Party, including Rep. Steve King and Pat Robertson,” she said in a statement. “This isn’t a recipe for making America stronger, it’s a recipe for division and taking us backward.”

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