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Even if the rest of the world sees Russian President Vladimir Putin fully as a “semi-delustional autocrat” who has bought too far into his own propaganda, Daily Show host Jon Stewart observed on Thursday, Fox News is all too willing to treat him as a legitimate world leader.

But while conservatives trip over themselves to praise Putin for acting unilaterally, Stewart said, they immediately cry “imperial president” when U.S. President Barack Obama does the same.

“What the hell is wrong with these people?” Stewart asked. “What happened to these people as children that has enabled this love-hate relationship with authoritarian figures and the inherent cognitive dissonance that goes along with such a schism?”

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R) joke about Obama wearing “mom jeans,” Stewart noted, had become a right-wing talking point, even if it tied in to overblown stories about Putin, like the story about him shooting a tiger — which turned out to have been tranquilized and trapped beforehand.—semi-delusional-autocrats



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Bill Maher “New Rule: If seeing this nice lady on TV (Michelle Obama) saying she likes the movies, or nutrition, or exercise, fills you with rage, get help.  The appropriate response to seeing Michelle Obama on TV isn’t who does she think she is.  Being on TV is for people who have done something, like Ice Road Truckers, or the Amish Mafia, or small people.  You think because your husband is the leader of the free world it makes you all that?  Come back when he runs a pawn shop.”

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Bill Maher “Yes pink slime, because you can’t spell ammonia without mmm.  Now, I bring up pink slime, because it’s typical of the strange pathology that we see on the right.  When most Americans found out that there was pink slime in their hamburgers, they were repulsed.  And Republicans should have been too.  But once they found out that liberals were against pink slime, then by God, they had to save it.  Which may be why this month three Republican Governors went to a pink slime factory and ate it on purpose.  Take that book learnin’… Now you might say, but Bill, I’m sure those Governors had a perfectly good reason to eat pink slime.  Maybe they lost a bet with Mitt Romney…but I think the answer is worse than that.  I think the Republican party is at war with common sense.  I think if the Democrats came out against eating yellow snow, Rick Perry would eat yellow snow.  I do.  I think Republicans live in a world, now, where whatever a liberal says, no matter how sensible, is automatically evil, wrong and needs to be fought with the fervor of a starving raccoon on crystal meth.  If Michelle Obama says it’s good to eat vegetables and take a walk, then I’m going to sit in my garage with the car running and eat bacon grease out of a coffee can.  When the Pennsylvania board of Education last year, tried to serve less candy to students, in a good faith effort to stop our children from becoming completely spherical, Sarah Palin literally rushed to Pennsylvania with a plate of sugar cookies.  Here you go fat kids, have a big ole face full of freedom.  Oh yes, Sarah Palin, the Rosa Parks of dessert.  I mean, why, why?  Because not having diabetes is a liberal plot?  If you can see your shoes, then you hate America?

What is it with the pushing back on the formerly unpushbackable?  Newt Gingrich attacking child labor laws, Ron Paul saying it’s socialist to help people after tornadoes, arguing about paying our bills, and college?  Santorum called Obama a snob for wanting kids to go to college, and Romney said he spent too much time at Harvard.  Right, ’cause what America needs is a President who dropped out of massage school.  And, as it is Earth Day Sunday, let me add this to the list, the environment, another area that didn’t used to be partisan.  When Richard Nixon created the EPA, yea, both parties agreed.that rivers shouldn’t catch on fire, and the air shouldn’t make pigeons cough.  But then Al Gore embraced it, and now when the EPA wants to reduce the level of arsenic in the drinking water, you half expect to see Mich McConnell making appearances with Archie the Arsenic Molecule.  You don’t have to make everything political.”

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