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Radio Show 120 Thursday July 23, 2015 9-11pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only I started out with a couple of local highlights from the Neil Young show, then played some great local music.

Song before: Hymnalayas – Gong



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. It’s been a beautiful day in Burlington and lots of people are out and about tonight. It was also a beautiful night last Sunday when Neil Young and The Promise Of The Real came to Essex. He came to Vermont to support our GMO labeling law, which is the subject of his new album The Monsanto Years. This is one of the songs from the album that heavily mentions Vermont and the importance of knowing what we are eating, This is A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop by Neil Young on WBKM, and this is Burlington’s kind of music.

1.) A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop – Neil Young
2.) Moonlight In Vermont – Willie Nelson
3.) Threaded – Jeremy Gilchrist
4.) Dead Summer – Thompson Gunner

It’s summer in Burlington and that was a band from Rutland and that was recorded at Nectar’s. Great new song from Jeremy. At the Neil Young show, Lucas and Micah Nelson were part of the Promise Of The Real. They are the sons of Willie and Lucas sang a great version of Moonlight In Vermont last Sunday in Essex. Oh, yea, it’s summer. Let’s head to the beach.

5.) Beach Song – Mr. Ray Fork
6.) I Wanna Be A Lifeguard – Blotto
7.) Theme Song – Shark Victim
8.) Rising Suns – Mammal Dap
9.) Rise – Barika

Such a nice cool breezy song. If you like that song, head to Radio Bean tomorrow. Mammal just played Summervale earlier this evening. When you go to the beach, obey the lifeguard and watch out for sharks, especially when surfing. So, on Saturday there is a celebration of the Old North End of Burlington. People get together and walk around the ONE and check out art and music and food and what businesses are doing and all sorts of fun things. It’s called The Ramble and this next set of music is dedicated to Burlington’s Old North End.

10.) Old North Ender – James Kochalka
11.) The North – Hana Zara
12.) North Street – Death World Wide

Killer rocker from Death. I love the imagery of the north end in Hana’s song. Loud and Proud nicely describes the ONE, thanks James. OK, it’s time for the next song on JV, the killer new album from The Mountain Says No.

13.) JC And The Beast – The Mountain Says No
14.) Getting High – Heavy Plains
15.) Lean In – When Particles Collide
16.) Nowhere Feels Like Home – Fire The Cannons

I still remember that time when there were not a lot of cool rock bands around for a few months and then came Cannons. Oh, how they rocked so many great shows. Killer song from Particles who are touring all over the US and just played Toronto too. I’m still in awe of Plains from that Nectar’s show. Hmm, Signs And Wonders. Hmmm Mountain. When I put tonight’s show together the beginning just flowed then I hit a wall after Nowhere. I just wasn’t sure where to go next, for a moment.

17.) Where Do We Go? – Black Rabbit
18.) Always Monica – Chin Ho
19.) The Day I Met You – Dirtminers
20.) Mirror Mirror – Joe Adler

Killer song from Joe’s album. He’s done so much for the local music scene, especially writing and playing songs like that. Nice rocker form Raph Worrick and the gang. Classic VT song from Chin. Yet another great song from Rabbit’s new album Red Flannel Hash. Recently, there was a band who played a bunch of shows then just stopped. I’m missing them and feeling a little lacking, like maybe i need to take some vitamins or something.

21.) Vitamin Dee – Persian Claws
22.) Medula Mamblongata – Strung Out
23.) Scattered Birds – Aaron Flinn
24.) The Feeling – Vedora

Killer new song from the second Vedora album. If you liked the whistling on Birds, go check out Aaron next Wednesday at Red Square. Killer song form the classic VT band. I feel a bit better after that shot of Vitamin Dee, I hope you do too. I saw this next band twice last Thursday. They played Summervale, I left then did the show and walked into Light Club Lamp Shop just as they were about to go on. Both shows were great but the later one was out of this world. Here’s a couple of their songs.

25.) Honor Of The Rainbows part 1 & 2 – Arc Iris
26.) Somewhere Far – The Red Telephone
27.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. I might be off next week seeing the Decemberists but we can to it the week after that, and the week after that…..



Song after: The Great Unraveling – Fish




Joe Adler And The Rangers of Danger and Mammal Dap at Radio Bean January 17, 2014   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


As a music fan I’m pretty sated tonight. As a rocker I had to wait until the second Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger set at Radio Bean, but when it came it was magnificent. Burning Down the House was fun to start the Rangers second set, but the one two punch of The Mime into Brothers And Sisters was all the rock and roll glory I could ever want. Since Johnnie Day Durand was not there to play the saw I assumed Mammal Dap’s keyboard player would take the part, but it ended up going to Gnomedad’s sax player and he played it majestically. The slowburn ending with a bit of Horse Latitudes was pretty sweet. They lightened it up a little after that with Shoreline In Jersey, but mostly brought the rock. A Quiet Pun was great and Spit ‘N Fire Blues just rocked. They ended the night with a huge jammed out rocking ending.
The show started around 10:45 with Mammal Dap playing some powerful and precise jazz fusion, but I always have a hard time with that. I loved their sound and their playing was really intense, it’s just that none of the pieces made sense to me as songs. Consider that a comment about myself and not the band. They played 45 minutes or so then called for Joe. He was not there so they tossed in a Jeff Beck song that kept the audience dancing. Joe, Eric and Samara Lark Brown showed up after and joined them to be the Mammals Of Danger, and played most, if not all, of Joe’s album Many Things & Many Scenes. They opened with Mirror Mirror, then rocked out a fun Hungry Like The Wolf. Aya Inoue joined Samara on backing vocals for a bunch of songs like Many A Girl, Cloudy Mind, Relax and the title song. They wrapped the set with Walk On The Wild side then Mammal Dap took over for another set. It was cool but did not amaze me, again that’s my bias speaking, the band were hot. They played a few songs then brought it back to Ranger level to rock the night away.
Thanks everyone!!!