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Radio Show 235 Thursday December 7, 2017 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

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Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm US Eastern Time December 7, 2017. You can stream it from the website above or our Facebook page link here: WBKM It will go as follows

Song before: Two Places At Once – The Church


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. If you’ve listened in at WBKM in the past few days you may have noticed that we shifted our format to be local music, but I’m still going to be in every Thursday to give you my take. Let’s begin with a legendary local performer who has been in Nebraska for the last couple of years, but still comes back and plays for is. Here is a song from her brand new album Where Amanda Is King.

1.) Hartford – Hana Zara
2.) Editor In Chief – Ryan Power
3.) Magenta Man – Rue M.
4.) The Sea Widow – Hana Zara

I’ve given the new album a couple of glancing listens and Widow and Hartford jumped out, but I think the whole album is pretty amazing. Thanks Hana! Classic song from Rue who always put on amazing shows. Cool new song from Ryan’s album They Sell Doomsday which came out in October. OK, let’s play the next song on Black, Blue and White.

5.) Make It Work – The New Siberians
6.) Crutch – Kelly Ravin
7.) Golden Crutch – SWALE
8.) Low Down Mid-December – Eastern Mountain Time

Such a great song about this time of year. That version was recorded at Robot Dog Studio a couple of weeks ago. I’m just getting to know Kelly Ravin’s new album Engine. I thought Crutch would sound good after the Siberians song then had to toss in the Swale song for obvious reasons. OK, here is the title song from Kelly’s album.

9.) Engine – Kelly Ravin
10.) Empress Of Ireland – Thompson Gunner
11.) The Mime – Joe Adler
12.) You Will Fall – Kelly Ravin

Some of Kelly’s songs are more country but Fall is all out rock and roll. Great song from Joe. Empress is pretty epic and was recorded live one night at Nectar’s. OK, let’s keep rocking. This is from an album coming out soon but I got an advance copy so I can play you a few songs.

13.) Signal Loss – Zeus Springsteen
14.) By Design – The Nancy Druids
15.) Above The Frequency – Invisible Homes
16.) Everything Will Be Eventual – Zeus Springsteen

That’s another cool new song from Zeus. That’s a classic from Homes. I saw an acoustic version of the Druids last week and it was cool. That’s a full rock as usual version from the Robot Dog session we did earlier this year. OK, this next song was recorded live at Nectar’s a few years back.

17.) I Think I’m Turning Into A Robot – Wave of the Future
18.) Robots Making Love – Pinhead
19.) RobotsImprovingRobots – The Tsunamibots
20.) Joey Is A Robot – Zeus Springsteen

That song is so much fun when they play live and I’m happy I have a copy now so I can share it with you. What can I say, our town just loves robots. OK, let’s keep rocking with another Burlington classic.

21.) Heartbreak Baby – Villanelles
22.) Can’t Feel It – Vetica
23.) From Here – The Red Summer Sun
24.) The Anchor – Carraway

All of those songs were from the past 4-5 years and sound so great. OK, let’s keep rocking.

25.) Full Moon Flowers – Zeus Springsteen
26.) The Mountain Carol – The Mountain Carol
27.) The Last Carol – The Cush
28.) Mary – Plan B

Plan B played around in the 80’s and that is such an epic song about searching for the good life. I want to send that out to my friend Mary Wolcott who just took off to go to France and spend a lot of time at the Louvre. Way to go. Lovely song from The Cush. I caught Mountain at Radio Bean on Monday and they were amazing. More on that soon. Thanks Zeus!! Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?

Ta ta, farewell, see you next week nudge nudge wink wink…

29.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit

Songs afterr
White Feather – Fish
Cemetery Sideroad – The Tragically Hip
Gold In California – The Red Telephone
Courage And Sorrow – Dam Kat
Devil Inside Me – Dam Kat
Dance On A Volcano/Los Endos – Genesis
Try To Love Part I – Dam Kat
Try To Love Part II – Dam Kat
Poet’s Moon – Fish
I Write A Poem – Dam Kat
Until We Sleep – David Gilmour
Edgar Allen Poe – Lou Reed
The Ghost In You – The Psychedelic Furs
No Regrets – Saga
New York My Lovely – Joshua Glass Music
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Lou Reed tribute night at the Monkey House November 9, 2013   Leave a comment

I had a good time at the Lou Reed tribute night at The Monkey House on Saturday. I met up with Nathan Curtis just before 9 and headed over. There were quite a few people there already. I ran into Paddy Reagan and he said Lowell Thompson and Swale had cancelled. Rats! Oh well, there were still two bands on the bill I wanted to see.
Charlie Messing opened the show by singing and playing a red acoustic guitar. He did a great job with Charlie’s Girl and Cool It Down.

Next up, a duo called Pours set up. The first song had a singer/keyboard player and a drummer. They played a nice version of All Tomorrow’s Parties. For the second song, the keyboardist picked up a guitar and they ripped into Venus In Furs.

After their set, Wolvings got up to play. They jammed out a nice version of Sweet Jane. The verse was pretty restrained, but they rocked the chorus hard. They followed with Oh, Sweet Nothin’ and used the same format. It was really nice that the whole end of the song was rocking over the top chorus. What a great set!
The last time I saw Sean Michael Hood he played some very delicate and gentle acoustic guitar. This time he had an electric guitar, another guitarist, bassist, and drummer. They rocked hard on Crazy Feeling and Run Run Run. This set caught me by surprise and I really liked it!

As the evening wore on, more and more people filled the Monkey House. It was pretty packed when ROUGH FRANCIS hit the stage. They opened with a restrained, for them, Rock And Roll. It sounded great, but I was a bit surprised they did not send it over the top into heavy rock and roll. They followed suit with a killer I’m Waiting For The Man. Since everyone else only got two songs, I thought that was it, but they said they were going to play a Rough Francis song in Lou Reed style. After that they just played a few of their songs at top speed and volume. It changed the mood of the night, but I did not mind. I loved that they were rocking out so hard. They wrapped it up with the usual fantastic Come To Space.

With Rough Francis and Wolvings being the bands I wanted to see, and a 9:30 start time at work the next day. we headed out after their set. I think Paddy and Tooth Ache had sets to do, probably Lou songs, but it’s hard to come back down when Rough Francis take you so high up. It ended on an unexpected note, but I had a really good time that evening.