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Radio Show 239 Thursday January 4, 2018 9-11pm Eastern US Time on WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment

Swale 016

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Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM.ORG will run from 9-11pm US Eastern Time Thursday January 4th. It can be streamed from our website or here: WBKM It will go as follows.

Song before: A Dark Light – Aram Bedrosian


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. It’s winter time and the cold and snow are here. We just cruised past New Year’s Day and are diving into 2018. Let’s fill it with art and compassion and music. Let’s begin with an artist who just released a new song for the new year.

1.) Maria – Francesca Blanchard
2.) Mama – Ivamae
3.) Stormy Day – Robin Gottfried
4.) Cascade – Andriana Chobot

Andriana played a lovely show last Friday at Radio Bean and closed with that one. Robin Gottfried played a recent Thursday and I missed it but hopefully they will be back for a show I can attend soon. Ivamae played after Andriana last Friday. It was a great night. Great new song from Francesca. OK, here is the next song on Black, Blue, and White.

5.) Lead Me To Your Love – The New Siberians
6.) Raise Your Head – Gang of Thieves
7.) Happy New Year – Ninja Custodian
8.) Safe To Say – SWALE

I spent New Year’s Eve at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and Swale put on a wonderful show. Thieves closed the night by rocking hard. Great songs from Ninja and the Siberians. So, last night was a new episode of The X-Files and this song has been running though my head all week.

9.) The Invixibles – Black Rabbit
10.) You Will Fall – Kelly Ravin
11.) Boys Club – Peg Tassey MUSIC
12.) Dragged Around The Universe – Queen Tangerine

QT were Alice and Julia Austin‘s band after Zola Turn. They worked with Jeff Moxley who is now working with Peg to produce the upcoming album from Miriam Bernardo. I wanted to play the Peg song to remind us all that abuse of and predatory behavior are not just issues that effect large companies but also exist in our community. The local punk community is currently struggling to figure out the best way to deal with this and it’s great that they are trying. You want to encourage people who behave badly to improve but at what point will someone not change and you just have to cut ties. It’s a challenge that will hopefully create new spaces of acceptance and power for women. OK, great songs from Kelly and Rabbit. I saw Rabbit last Saturday with this next band.

13.) The Art Of Vandalay – Sad Turtle
14.) Better Half – Abbie Morin
15.) The Meanest Thing I’ll Ever Write – Milton Busker
16.) Pauses – Lowell Thompson and Crown Pilot

That’s Lowell with Bill Mullins, Kirk Flanagan, and Steve Hadeka and it’s such a cool song. Great song from Milton. He played a great version of it last week at Light Club Lamp Shop with his band The Grim Work. Great song from Abbie who is now in the band Hammydown. Turtle are so cool. OK, I’ve been watching X-Files and just got the new Twin Peaks so let’s play this song.

17.) Doppelganger – Lendway
18.) Judgment Day – David Rosane & The Zookeepers
19.) Fool That I Am – Eastern Mountain Time
20.) Think I’ll Stay – Great Western

Western used to play rocking shows around town. Fun song from Eastern. Great new song from David and the band. Cool song form Lendway. This next band are at The Monkey House on Saturday.

21.) Let The Cold In – Mr. Doubtfire
22.) Heavy Winter Heavy Snow – My First Days On Junk
23.) Mush – Phantom Suns
24.) You’re The Target – Casey Merlin Rae

Nice rocker from Casey. Cool song from Ryan Cohen and his band. Great songs from Junk and Doubtfire. This was one of my first favorite prog bands who would come to town now and then.

25.) Hey Ernie – Cold Sweat
26.) Errol McSquisitor – Elephants of Scotland
27.) The Road – Anders Parker
28.) Mr Reed – Seth Yacovone Band

Great rocker from Seth. Anders and Cloud Badge are on the road this weekend. Classics from Elephants and Sweat. Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week shall we?

29.) It’s cold – Black Rabbit

Songs after
Long cold Day – Fish
Blow At High Dough – The Tragically Hip
Dark Reprise – Arom Bedrosian
Courage And Sorrow – Dam Kat
Mimi On The Beach – Jane Siberry
Hurricane Jane – Haley Jane And The Primates
Block – The Church
Traveler – Lir
Man On The Silver Mountain medley – Rainbow
New Americana – Halsey
I Love The Night – The Contrarian
Summer’s Gone – The Cush
Every Last One Of Us – Swale
Oh You! – You’re You! – Ruckzuck
New York My Lovely – Joshua Glass Music
regular programming

Radio Show 31 Thursday October 3 , 2013 9-10pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   2 comments



I just got back from tonight’s local music show on WBKM.ORG. I got in early and started playing tunes at 8:20, with the full show from 9-10ish.

Song Before: Southside – Anderson and Wakeman



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I’m sorry about missing last weeks show, but had a good time going to Albany to see The Waterboys Official. The leaves were turning and it was a beautiful day. Tonight we are going to start a bit to the south, in Middlebury. This is Girl In My Head by Jer Coons and this is Burlington’s kind of music on WBKM

1.) Girl In My Head – Jer Coons
2.) Even Cowgirls Get The Blues – The Mockingbirds
3.) Hey Ernie – Cold Sweat

Today is James Curley’s birthday, so I had to play some Sweat. I remember seeing them play at Texas so many times. We used to travel to see them in Glens Falls and Clifton Park, NY, so it was cool to drive by there on the way to see the Waterboys. Scott Fultz from Sweat went to the Egg a couple of days after the Waterboys and he got to see Steve Hackett play some Genesis songs. That must have been cool. Before that was a band from Rhode Island that played town once but made a huge mark on me. Great stuff! Next is the next song from Swale’s A Small Arrival.

4.) Electable – Swale
5.) The Low Lights – Sian Alice Group
6.) Traveler – Lir

Back in the early ’90’s Lir came over from Ireland, set up base in Boston and played Burlington a bunch of times. I loved all of those shows. Once night I went to The Monkey House, saw a couple of cool local bands, and Sian Alice Group from London played and blew me away. Go see music, you never know what that mysterious band in the listings might sound like. Hmmm Swale. New album soon? Next up, Linda Bassick plays with Tickle Belly at Radio Bean Friday mornings, plays with Steady Betty, and plays on most of the Moody Blues cruises.

7.) All I Need – Linda Bassick and Tickle Belly
8.) Wedding Song – Anais Mitchell
9.) Until The Day I Die – Slingshot Dakota

Tom Patterson and Carly Commando, aka Slingshot Dakota, just got married. Congratulations! Now they have to love each other until the day they die, they made vows. Wedding song is dedicated to them. Now, let’s go classic Burlington

10.) The Spy Song – Pinhead
11.) Opium Spy Thriller – Ninja Custodian
12.) Mary – Plan B

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town, Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



My brother Ken and I are going to see Hawkwind next week so I’m going to play some of them soon, but here is the first song on the new Fish album

Song After: Perfume River – Fish